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“Where Did Today Go?”
A Workday in the Life of ADHD (thread):

DISCLAIMER: No unsolicited advice, please. I am not looking to be told what I “should” be doing. I *know* what I should be doing, but I can’t get myself to do it consistently. That’s what makes #ADHD so frustrating.
1: Wake up to first alarm. Snooze. Wake up to second alarm. Snooze first alarm again. Snooze second alarm again. Wake up, scroll phone.

Continue until last possible minute, when “I will get fired if I don’t get out of bed right now” starts to sink in.
2: Get packed up and ready to head out door. Oh no, forgot my water bottle. Okay, ready to go. Wait, where did I leave my cell phone? Ah, got it. Cool. Shit, I almost forgot my laptop charger. Got it. Phew.

Walk out door, realize I forgot to take my meds, go back inside.
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For once, I’ll bring a topic which is important to me but everything except funny: Let’s talk about #MentalHealth. As some of you may know, I have (among other things) #ADHD. Most of the time, I would say that it is something I like about myself. But today, I’m exhausted.
I’m exhausted because of a brain which does not know how to slow down, how to stop doing things constantly, how to organise everything and how to maintain contact with people in an healthy and sane way.
I’m exhausted because when I have emotions, I cannot moderates these. It’s all or nothing, it’s either looping for hours or days, or just not existing at all. I’m also exhausted because I cannot stop my work. I’m passionate, so my work is in my brain 24h per day, all week long.
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#ADHD thread on self-acceptance. Buckle up!

For the longest time, I couldn’t imagine a world where I would ever actually find purpose.

To make a living doing things I love: illustration, design, writing, comedy, AND helping people? It seemed impossible.

I never thought I'd get to spend my days talking about my feelings, being genuinely honest, having important conversations, becoming a positive influence, and make an impact in the mental health community.
How could I ever reach those big aspirations, when I was always feeling so overwhelmed, misunderstood, down on myself, undisciplined, unproductive, and guilty for even existing?

How was I ever gonna be able to help anyone when I couldn’t even help myself?
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I’ve struggled with the idea of posting this. But after 6 months of watching countless bastardized versions of my original #ADHD flowchart go viral, it was clear it resonated with a wider audience than I’d intended.

So I’ve made an additional version.
And here’s why. (1/4)
While this will likely never reach the viral status of all the stolen rip-offs, I’m hoping it might reach a wider audience (and in turn, bring awareness to my other ADHD comics)

Most of all, I vehemently dislike the phrasing of “how NORMAL people tell a story.” (2/4)
I have ZERO intention of watering down future comics or changing my intention to shine a spotlight on ADHD.

But this is a weird, specific instance that I want to amend because it hurts my heart reading “normal” where it once said “non-ADHD.”

It does more harm than good. (3/4)
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Emotional dysregulation is something you really need to watch out for when you have #ADHD. It's interesting to stand outside of an emotionally volatile event and watch your own reactions. I can actually *feel* my nervous system pumping adrenaline. I know I don't have to react.
When something dramatic, upsetting or angering happens and I DONT react, it's like someone is shining a big bright lightbulb in my face. I put down things and immediately forget where I put them. I forget where I'm going and what I'm doing in the middle of doing it.
The physiological reaction to drama is so distracting to my brain that I'm liable to make dumb mistakes so remembering to take it slow and lower my expectations of myself for the next few hours is key. It's almost like being in shock in a way.
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Thread: I wrote this back in October for #ADHDawarenessmonth , and thought I’d share here with the new #NeurodiverseSquad I’ve found. I spent October looking for any inspiration I could find, as I was so frustrated with hating my disability and thinking so negatively about myself
I needed some inspiration after all the time spent researching the symptoms of my weirdly wired brain please share this moment with me. 🙃 Life with ADHD is a struggle in many ways, but it can also be a gift.
💡 Impulsivity can become spontaneity, sparking creativity and out-of-the-box solutions. It can also mean planning to go to Disney World for the weekend TONIGHT because you’re bored, and everything will be packed in 5 hours. I can go from 0-100 real quick when given motivation!
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To those of you who say people with autism don't feel emotions I say this:
The past few days have been very difficult for me. My mam has been very upset and although I know why, I have no idea how to correct it. This has a consequence of making me more upset. I know that it's
not my responsibility to make her happy, but when the only person I have ever known that would do anything for me is upset, it bothers me greatly. Added to this that I am unable to express or even understand my feelings makes me even more frustrated. I get angry at myself for not
being able to help my mam. I spent a long time with my mam and emotion cards as a boy, so when my mam is sat on her sofa crying because of something someone has said, I know that she has been deeply hurt. Yet the only way I know how to help her is by making her a cup of tea,
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Hey, I’ve asked this before but wanted to do another round. #ADHD #AskingAutistics #Neurodiversity folks in online communities:

What are some obstacles you encounter in online spaces? What practices feel exclusionary or difficult to navigate? What would you like to see change?
DMs are open if you’d like to remain anonymous and I love unfiltered text walls of info-dumping, so don’t worry about masking for my benefit if that’s holding you back in any way. 💜
I’m thinking in terms of online social justice spaces, and digital organizing spaces, particularly those which are largely text-based.

I run one of these spaces and I’m ADHD but I’d like to hear more people’s stories to better guide our work towards being more inclusive.
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I was first diagnosed with #ADHD 46 years ago and #bipolar 20 years after that… here are some of the things I have learned along the way.

It’s not a competition with other folks so blessed to see who “has it worse”, the only one we are competing with is ourselves.

There are endless combinations of symptoms, so just because someone doesn’t have your particular flavor of ADHD does not make them any less authentic. (See #1)

The secret to success is mastery of coping skills, NOT mastery of ADHD. That shit ain’t going away, but it can be tamed.

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I have to be the dissenting voice in this #ADHD discussion. I know that "ADHD type" people exist -- I'm one of them -- but I think it is a category error to say that we have a mental disorder. This error has led to the diseasifying and drugging of millions of healthy children.
The medicalization of normal dispositions and personality types is very advantageous to drug companies, but it is harmful to people and especially children
The whole "ADHD exists vs ADHD doesn't exist" paradigm is faulty. No on denies that there are people -- again, like myself -- who fall into the category we have labeled ADHD. The question, which is more philosophical than anything, is whether that category is disordered.
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Thanks to @yashar and @danidonovan and countless others sharing our stories, #ADHD is trending. One facet I haven't yet seen discussion of (or I've just missed) is how difficult it is to jump through the federal regulations hoops to access medication. 1/
I've written about this before, particularly during the 6 months I had to go without healthcare last year because that's how long it took the state I'm in to enroll me--a full-time graduate student--in its Medicaid program (story for another time). 2/
First, there are the logistical difficulties. Everyone is different--I have narcolepsy in addition to ADHD, so Vyvanse works to treat both, but I have to take it every day. That means every 30 days, I have to get a refill. 3/
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I have spent the last few years trying to rethink #mhealth. As we work to lessen #stigma and fear I ask everyone to keep an open mind, give feedback, and join me as I delve into some unique hypotheses. 1/
This started with my sphere of mental health. (Pinned) . I don’t believe true “normal” exists and feel everyone has issues that fit within the sphere. A dx comes because of observations that are inherently flawed & variable due to relative perceptions. 2/
I use the word “flawed” because none of us can read minds, therefore, there is no objective way to truly know exactly what someone is going through or how extreme their suffering is. This is one reasons #mhealth pros have such a difficult job. 3/
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Here's a short thread (20 tweets Ha!) on why I ended up in Keith, Moray from #Norwich in Norfolk & why I wouldn't live in any other nation. This is about about how #Scotland became my home because of love & how this led to support for independence & #SNPOrganiser for Keith 1/20
For context - towards the end of 2014 I came out of a mentally & emotionally exhausting long distance relationship w/ an American, I had just started a degree in Computer Science @uniofeastanglia & found myself content in my own company & 'aloneness' .. 2/20
Scrolling my @tumblr blog, I came across a blog that I found interesting. in 1 post Mr McDonald had written about jumping some stairs in his flat, smashing his head on a door frame, and coming too on his floor w/ blood pouring out his skull. I thought it was funny. 3/20
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Fellow #ADHD kids, what elaborate new planning/organization systems and rituals are we going to embrace enthusiastically for the first half of January?
If we can crowdsource data about price, fiddliness, cult following, # of dedicated subreddits, # of naturally organized people who swore it would change our lives or said “if I can do it anyone can!”, etc, then I can get a jump start on shame spiral trajectory calculations!
My poor therapists (all): Have you tried to-do lists?

Me: Yes! I love making them, but I constantly forget to check. Also putting a task on the list can “solve” its urgency & I forget. Whereas if I DON’T write it, the terror of forgetting might keep it in focus!

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Made this flowchart today to explain why it takes so long for me to tell stories. My brain can have a hard time distinguishing which thoughts/ideas are more important than others. It gets complicated. 🧠 #ADHD
Joined @HowtoADHD on Discord chat after becoming a Patreon subscriber today, which inspired me to draw this. It’s really nice to talk to other people who just... get it. 💕
Another drawing I made to help visually explain how #ADHD feels:
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Hello fellow #ADHD-ers!! An election is coming up and I know how tedious and hard it is for us to research our ballots and get motivated. Your brain is literally fighting you. But guess what! Still not an excuse to not vote! Here are some things that will help:
LET'S BREAK DOWN THE STEPS. I'll tackle practical logistics first, ballot research second. The second thing will probably be the hardest for us, honestly.

Are you voting in person?

1. locate your polling place! Google has an easy form to enter your address.

2. Use google maps to find out how long it will take to get there from where you are coming from that day.
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What it's like, and what it costs, to go through a (complicated) pregnancy in the Canadian health care system: a thread.

This is very personal, but also political. And it's especially for anyone trying to gaslight Americans into thinking that socialized health care is bad. #m4a
In early January, my partner and I started trying for our first baby. On January 15, I took a pregnancy test and was shocked and delighted to have a doctor confirm it. Holy shit, it was happening! And so quickly! 

I surprised my partner with a cake I decorated myself on the bus:
We were SO excited. I registered with an amazing midwifery clinic in Vancouver. Had initial appointments, blood tests and genetic screenings. Ultrasound at 10 weeks showed a healthy, wiggly little peanut. Everything was looking good.

Total medical costs so far: $0.
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#TuesdayThoughts on #ADHD. Today – ADHD and #Anxiety. Anxiety is a major problem for many kids with #ADHD. Kids with ADHD often seem fearless, but many kids with ADHD struggle with anxiety. THREAD 1/
There is actually a lot of overlap between ADHD and anxiety – both can lead to inattention, restlessness, and irritability. 2/
About 30% of kids with #ADHD also qualify for an anxiety disorder. But even kids without anxiety disorders often have problems with anxiety and worrying. But why do kids with ADHD have problems with anxiety? 3/
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I did the most #ADHD thing the other day. I took one pill then got distracted + took another, so ended up wired when one dose makes me like a "normal" person. I'm coming out as ADHD now after building a record of hard work bc there's stigma. Lmk if you have qs about pros and cons
I'm in good company with Michael Phelps and Einstein 🙂. Basically even without meds I'm able to hyperfocus on what I'm interested in accomplishing but if you ask me to do something boring I'll be incredibly inept.…
Also #ADHD is linked with higher sensitivity to things like bright lights, sounds and textures. I was only diagnosed a few years ago and just thought before that knit turtlenecks were a medieval torture device.
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Y'all know I have a lot of feelings so today is a lot. I've never been suicidal but it's all important to talk about. My diagnosis journey has been long and I've always been compelled to try lots of options and STILL felt a sense of defeat when I did find the answer (thread)
Like damn, how many years could I have had back I'd known earlier. I've always been intense. I like to perform, have a mouth on me, and enjoy making people laugh but have crippling anxiety and have experienced waves of depression before I even knew that's what they were.
I hit the worst wall after college and a breakup, cranking wayyyyy too hard through school not realizing what was going on. I am extremely fortunate that I had to capacity to tell my boss something was wrong with me when I could barely get myself to work, much less go an
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Hey I’ve just read this and not only is it every moment of my working life it’s also the time I tried to write a novel. Brief #adhd thread
So I got a partial pitch accepted to a small press. I was excited about it. I liked my idea. Off to the races. Except now I had to finish it
I tried every day to do a little bit and my brain would just slide off it. I desperately dreaded not finishing it. I wanted to so badly.
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