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Thread: This week, we’re talking about disability-related minority stress and highlighting the disabled academics advancing this area of research.

What is minority stress?

Minority stress is defined as chronic stress experienced by members of stigmatized minority groups due to marginalization, objectification, discrimination, and internalized stigma among others.

2/ Graphic titled Minority Str...
Minority stress has been linked to both mental and physical health disparities, including hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, substance abuse, depression, suicidality, and adverse birth outcomes.

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there's a lot of big talk about dopamine and ADHD, especially on TikTok. I wanna talk about some of the common misconceptions that I see about the role of dopamine in #ADHD - WITH THE CAVEAT THAT - I am not a scientist or a doctor, so if I get things wrong, someone plz correct me
First off, let's start out with what dopamine is. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter or "chemical messenger", one of several implicated in ADHD. It's associated with a feeling of anticipation of pleasure or reward. It does various things in the role of movement, learning etc
Here are some common misconceptions or not-quite-right things I've heard on ND tiktok and twitter about dopamine:
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(@manijadegarcia) #Compassion thread here, discussing ideas for survival, stress management, joy & healing using the acronym ACCESS to organize the ideas.

Be back after a break to dig in! 🥰


(@manijadegarcia) #Compassion to me is like creating welcoming, gentle internal space for the things I am #accepting—so I can be curious instead of judgemental about them. I'm reminded of indigenous views of trauma as "wisdom" & a "teacher," that can lead us to healing.

(@manijadegarcia) #compassion & #acceptance are closely related in my experience, like a bi-directional positive correlation, (increasing either can increase the other—try not to get hung up on stats "rules.") & #SelfCompassion is super powerful for general #MentalWellness.

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A few years ago my husband @benblair and my brother @floodstreet set out to create the most affordable, accredited, U.S.-based online university, and make it available to students all over the world. And they've succeeded. It's called Newlane University.
Each @NewlaneU degree is $1500, paid at $40/month. If you want to earn an Associates Degree & Bachelors Degree, that’s $3000 total. If you already have an Associates Degree, and want to earn a Bachelors Degree, it would be $1500. (The cheapest degree I've seen elsewhere is $5k.)
When you sign up, there's a one-time $249 registration fee. Try the program for 30 days and if it's not a good fit, no worries, they'll refund the fee. And you can pause the $40/mo at any time — like if there's a family matter that prevents you from studying for a few months.
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Let’s talk about the core wounds that trauma survivors with #ADHD often struggle with. 💬
Many folks with #ADHD have also experienced some kind of developmental trauma. We often see neglect and emotional abandonment especially when caregivers are unable (or unwilling) to offer competent support for their neurodivergent child.
The impact of this is so real. And as a coach and as someone who has lived with both, I’ve seen some common challenges that surface for #ADHD survivors of trauma.
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Als je opgroeit in een familie waar - met de wijsheid van nu - aan de ene kant #adhd voorkomt en aan de andere kant #ass, dan is dat voor jou je hele leven al "de lat".
Pas op latere leeftijd leer je dat jouw lat niet heel normaal is, maar je hebt er wel al mee leren omgaan. 1>
Dat betekent dus, zoals in het GIFje :-) dat je best al heftige belemmeringen hebt overwonnen.
Maar ook kan het zo zijn dat je zelf geneigd bent de lat hoog te leggen...
Daar ben je je niet zo van bewust, maar het heeft je in je leven ongemerkt wel meer energie gekost 2>
En dan kom je soms in de situatie dat de oplaadbaarheid van je batterijen over het algemeen genomen al slechter is.
Te vaak leeggelopen of te vaak opnieuw te snel opgeladen... maar om genoegen te nemen met halfbakken batterijen is geen optie.
Terug naar het ontwerp dus... 3>
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It's #ADHDAwarenessMonth. This 🧵 is about #ADHD and #nicotine. Nicotine is a stimulant. Prescription stimulants help many people with ADHD. Smoking is twice as common in people with ADHD than the general population. #SaferNicotine #ADHDAcceptanceMonth
...findings have led to the hypothesis that individuals with ADHD may smoke in order to alleviate requisite symptoms of the disorder and further suggest nicotine can be used to improve aspects of cognitive function in these patients…

Some support for this hypothesis has been provided by studies which have shown positive effects of nicotine on ADHD symptoms and cognitive performance in non-smokers with ADHD.…
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I found #ADHDTwitter through a screenshot on FB. It was during #ADHDAwarenessMonth 2020 and some of those threads were filled with great info.

Let's start a thread of what #ADHD looks like in everyday life. The info you can't find on Google...what does it really look like?
I'll start.

I didn't know that this was not normal until #ADHDTwitter: I don't always notice when I have to use the bathroom. I will unwittingly hold it for an hour or more sometimes before it occurs to me that I should go.
My conversation style: I am an empathetic listener, meaning I tell relatable stories to show that I am listening AND that I see and hear you. Turns out, many people with ADHD communicate in this way.

Apparently it's frowned on by NTs, but I'm done apologizing for it.
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Had a lovely quick chat with someone on Friday about #ADHD; it was at the end of a work meeting; and they asked if they could ask me a personal question. Turned out they suspected they had ADHD and wondered about my opinions on medication etc. (1/3)
They didn’t know many adults with ADHD and had spotted I talked openly about it on my blog. So we had a good chat. This is why being transparent and visible about neurodiversity matters. We need to destigmatise and demystify it. (2/3)
We need to prove you can be senior and successful; especially in things like the public sector; when you’re neurodiverse. Diversity is key. It allows for us to work together to consider multiple different ways to solve problems. We’re all unique and wonderful. (3/3)
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I've been thinking about this a lot tonight. So, as someone who is autistic, ADHD, & generally neurodivergent/neurodiverse, I heavily struggle with executive functioning. Executive dysfunctioning might be my biggest barrier in life 🧵#DEHEM21 #DisInHigherEd
In college, I noticed that I really struggled in my classes when I was taking classes that had no relation to one another. For instance, if I took biology & English together, it was a nightmare. I had trouble switching topics & even thinking styles. (2/) #DEHEM21
After a few semesters, I started trying to plan my semesters so that I took similar courses & courses with similar cognitive styles together because task-switching became a nightmare for me. I got an accommodation to register early for classes (3/) #DEHEM21 #DisInHigherEd
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How embarrassing, to work in the office of graduate studies, and insist someone with ADHD can't have an accommodation because "we only give this to people with chronic conditions"... shouldn't people who assess accommodations have an iota of knowledge about conditions?🧵#ADHD
This just occurred to me today. The people assessing whether they are going to give out accommodations or not, to students with disabilities, literally don't even understand said disabilities let alone their impacts on students...but someone thought it smart 2/x
To put them in charge of whether students are granted support or not? Like they'll literally tell you, as a student, after you've jumped through a bunch of hoops "actually sorry I don't think you need this, I've determined your needs are being met" when they know nothing 3/x
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Our #ADHD brains are wired for context.

We do well when we know our role.
When we know where we stand.
When we know how the other person feels.

A funny thing happens when we don't have enough context. We fill in the context ourselves, like a game of Contextual Mad-Libs. /1
To illustrate my point, let's look at the client of mine who coined the term "Contextual Mad-Libs" in a session yesterday.

Some relevant context (see what I did there?):

The project management tool that this client's employer uses allows for comment threads under posts. /2
This client arrived to our session this week curious about his reaction to a comment a coworker made on a post of his.

The tl;dr was this: Coworker wanted to make sure that my client was considering the impact of his proposed plan of action on her area of work. /3
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Thread on #GNC & identity in #autism #Aspergers #adhd from @AspienWoman @AspiengirlVIP the assessment & diagnosis or self-diagnosis is full of dangers inherent in the vulnerability of many autistic female experiences, as they discover their authentic GNC selves/identity
From early on they don’t fit in, feel ‘different’, ‘alien’, ‘wierd’, from their peers. They are intent on following the rules perfectly, often devoid of context, correctly following the rules in black and white ways. They have intense intellectual & philosophical curiosity
About getting it “right”. They ask multiple questions from as early as they can talk. They use their intelligence to use strategies through imitation, echolalia, masking, personas of other people, overthinking, strong emotions perfectionism, social camouflaging, mimicking copying
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@TaniaAMarshall es experta en autismo y escritora. En este hilo recoge testimonios anónimos de profesionales de la medicina de diferentes países.
El denominador común es el culto queer, el daño a la infancia y/o el miedo a perder el trabajo si se quejan

Voy a publicar las preocupaciones anónimas de profesionales de la salud de todo el mundo RE: protección de los niños, medicalización, ética, terapia, dilemas éticos y morales, acoso en el lugar de trabajo, acoso de la junta ejecutiva y otro asuntos relacionados con el tema.
Hablo con #HealthCareWorkers en Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Canadá, Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Suecia, Finlandia, entre otros. Sus historias, puntos de vista y voces merecen ser escuchadas y este es su espacio. Solo tuitearé el comentario, el campo de trabajo y el país.
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Thinking about a reply I wrote. Signs you were #autistic as a kid.

I realized whenever I answer that question, I instinctively leave out the ugly bits. The socially unacceptable bits. Fear, I suppose?

Keep reading if you want the *whole* picture. (1/7)

I was obsessed w Legos as a kid. Beyond being toys or a hobby. Beyond a "special interest" even.

I'd get lost in building for DAYS on end. I was none too happy about having to stop for annoying things like eating, sleeping or school.

I used to scream at being made to stop. 2/
Legos lived in buckets in my closet. When I got them out, I'd gleefully dump them out on the floor in great big piles, scattered around.

I realize now that was the "chaos" #ADHD side of my brain.

And the #autism side reveled in "sorting" and "organizing" the mess. 3/
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Just a heads up i'm gonna do a mini rant on here -
There could be some touchy subjects in it, and i'll thread the whole thing -so if you're a bit on the sensitive end (valid btw.) - try not to read it unless you like being poked in the brain. CONTINUE ON DEAR READERS!
Ok this has to do with #plural #osdd #ActuallyAutistic and #ADHD - (Plural/OSDD and Autism are self diagnoses, though both have been semi recognized under the table by professionals - my ADHD still isn't entirely recognized)
Ok now that we have those two things out of the way let's go to the core of it. *Pun intended btw.* - It's been two months. Two months since we started being slowly more open about everything. Two months since the anxiety seizures have MOSTLY gone away.
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Time for another #ADHD 🧵.

There's so much talk about the cons of ADHD that I'm now writing about the PROS it has for me. I want to emphasize these are my personal experiences and every ADHDer is different. #adhdtwitter 1/23
Also, I know people may think "how can you be sure that's ADHD and not just some random trait?" No, I can't be sure but these are traits that are common in other ADHDers (self-reported strengths)... 2/23
... and moreover these are traits I've been complimented for on several occasions as being way over "the normal" OR many people have commented (not always in admiration) how I can do something in a way that is clearly unperceivable to them, indicating that it's not normal. 3/23
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🧵Hi, I’m Sergio and I have ADHD. I didn’t know about my #ADHD growing up because going to the doctor was not a norm at home or encouraged tbh. My symptoms started spiraling during my masters and that’s when I reached out and got some help. My psychologist was shocked & asked (1)
(2) why I never went to the doctor… #privilege 🙈. Once I got diagnosed & started taking medicine, yes I take medicine & I’m not ashamed, nor do I care to be shamed by folx, things started clicking for me. Habits & ways of doing things finally made sense & I didn’t feel crazy.
(3) Since 2016, I’ve been learning to understand what it means to have #adhd & #generalanxiety, all while navigating #cacademia as a first gen doc student. The struggle is real & some days are better than others tbh. I see this as a process of reclaiming love & grace for myself
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I'm having way too much fine with a time converter website. Boggles my mind that later today, it will be tomorrow in Australia. I wonder if there's ever a time when it's yesterday, today, and tomorrow all at once?

Off to look at a map! LOL Because I really need to know this.
I really don't do math. Or I should say my brain doesn't. If there's 1 day difference when you cross the international date line and there's 24 time zones then I'm going to guess there is no yesterday, today, and tomorrow at the same time. Correct me if I'm wrong. 2/
I found a flower that's called Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow because it's 3 shades of purple at once. HA! I did prove to myself that YTT do exist at one time, it just wasn't in the way I expected. Life's great!
This is my #ADHD brain having fun. IDK why I confuse people! LOL 3/3
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The real reason accepting my #ADHD diagnosis was so difficult is because I already have very severe #endometriosis causing nerve issues eg mobility is affected, and also depression and anxiety. I guess I pushed it aside because I don't want to be seen as even more disabled.
And that's a product of living in an ableist society. People make it hard for us because they stigmatise us. Because of my severe endometriosis and nerve issues, my last employer tried to declare me "incapacitated" and tried to keep others from hiring me based on my health.
People push disabled people out of society because they don't see us as valuable when societies main thing is being a capitalist society. Disabled people to the world seem like liabilities. Like we can't provide the same kinda labour to the world. And that's ridiculous.
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Another thing I forgot. I may not understand abstract instructions. So pls be clear & don't attack my comprehension/ communication skills. I knew someone who mocked me and it hurt me deep. She said "you're a post grad communications major but you don't understand instructions"
I actually am brilliant at my majors. I passed cum laude. I don't comprehend how neurotypical people do. Neurotypical people tend to be abstract, they leave lots of hints, or comprehend unclearly. And expect others to fill in the blanks. Which, in response neurotypical people
Are able to fill in the blanks. I can't. If you want me to cook you a tamatie bredie. You have to say. "hey can you cook tamatie bredie for me on Wednesday?"
You can't say "I'd really like tamatie bredie". I don't know if you mean from me, when you want it, if you're making it
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Ugh. Honestly #ADHD therapy sessions with my therapist is a lot. I was bawling about teachers beating me for being distracted, or doodling, fidgeting, or being talkative. No one realised I wasn't neurotypical. They branded me as being disruptive or constantly distracted.
It created a lot of anxiety and depression because it enforced the idea that I was a bad child, or disrespectful. It was hard because I was being beaten for something I genuinely couldn't control. It's a struggle. My brain never stops, it's idea after idea, thought after thought
Often not putting pen to paper not because I'm lazy and procrastinating on purpose but because my brain is wired differently. Sitting down for long periods of time and working on one thing is next to impossible. It's hard to not get distracted.
No one talks about how hard it is
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Them: It's super easy, why don't you just--

Me, a neurodivergent human with #ADHD: Lisa Simpson crying meme
Saying "just" to someone with ADHD is like saying "calm down" to someone who is upset. Lisa Simpson sipping her co...
JUST call? JUST send an email? JUST follow up on that call from a referral?

Ma'am, this requires hours, if not days/months of crippling anxiety, rumination, and shame 🥲😳😭💊 twere it that easy. lolz ⚰️🪦 Lisa Simpson at a computer ...
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When I was blaming myself for not eating enough ("I have failed to eat enough today") not only was I weakened by hunger, I was weakened by self-hate.

Once I looked at -why- it was so hard for me to eat (mostly "food sets off sensory trigger") I could find accomodations. I eat 1/
SO much more now. Real good food. Because I stopped seeing my inability to just go to town on a plate of whatever's put in front of me as a deficit, and started seeing it as the reaction to a process happening in my brain. Then traced the process, learned about myself, 2/
And now I'm not wasting away so badly anymore or wasting my time dragging myself.

Once I found *and let myself have* samefoods I could stop feeling trapped by textures and sounds that made eating totally inhospitable to me.

I do not think I should've had to teach Myself 3/
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