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Sooo, not sure if you caught this little "gem" on Twitter (many thanks for sharing it @dr_jfprice), but it's actually something known to New Testament scholarship as "The 'Hybrid Riddle'", and I'm happy to explain it here in this #thread on #EasterSunday . Let's do thiiiiis. /1
The term "Hybrid Riddle" was coined by my teacher and mentor, Dr. Michael Cook (z"l) and results when the following two mutually exclusive propositions are simultaneously affirmed: "benefit" and "blame": /2
The "Benefit" =
If it was indispensable for the world's redemption that Jesus die, and if the Jews were a vital cog in effecting that "benefit," /3
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There's been a flury of stories lately about how church membership in the US has dropped below 50% for the first time in history. And while they warm my little atheist heart, these stories don't make a clean enough distinction between church attendance and religiosity. 1/
The two are not equivalent. While a majority of millennials and Gen Z are not active members of an organized church, clear majorities of both remain people of one faith or another. They aren't turning away from God, they're turning away from men claiming to speak for Them. 2/
Faith remains an important trapping of a majority of all Americans, even the youth. But the dogmatic, intolerant, inflexible, old-time religion of their parents has drifted so far from what an all-loving God would mean to their lived experiences, the two are irreconcilable. 3/
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1/ So, for #EasterSunday we will look today, on #Archaeology_Online at some archaeological remains relating to the story of #JesusChrist. We will start the (LONG!) #thread at the site of Magdala on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. >>
@nickfshort @nidgethompson
2/ >> The site of Magdala is the settlement of Migdal where Jesus lived according to the NT, & from which Mary Magdalene came (the name Magdelene comes from Magdala). It is also one of the settlements that rebelled against the Romans during the Great Revolt of 67-73 AD. >>
3/ >> In 2008, following a Vatican plan to build a hotel on the site, archeological salvage excavations began at the site. Remains of a settlement of people of high society, from the 1st century AD, were found. >>
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There was this story about a man who boarded a ship from Europe to America. This was in the olden days hence, flights were not affordable then.... 1/9
Naturally, the ship journey would take a period of months and travellers would usually take on with them clothing and a few provision incase one should get hungry at odd hours, but there was this guy... 2/9
This guy had on him only a pack of cabin biscuits and would sneakily hide and eat them whenever a meal was presented before the travellers... 3/9
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@RealVision Decided to terrify me going into this weekend.

Great interview between @vol_christopher and @profplum99

A few terrifying moments in the interview:

Mike: 'You alluded to this earlier. We saw high yield and IG CDS, are the spreads between rates and corporate credit, collapse much more quickly than we saw on the equity side...

...We obviously know the Fed played a direct role in that by stepping forward and as you pointed out, supporting it, but what are the implications of that dynamic? How does that create opportunity, or does that push us further towards the ultimate Minsky moment?"

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@thewiz0915 @Freyja1987 Day 167: Agnes Obel - Myopia
Have yet too hear this but enjoyed the previous three records quite a bit. #AlbumOfTheDay @KyleSnell81 Image
@thewiz0915 @Freyja1987 @KyleSnell81 Day 168: Elizabeth Cotten - Live! #AlbumOfTheDay Image
@thewiz0915 @Freyja1987 @KyleSnell81 Day 169: Sergei Rachmaninoff (Artur Rubinstein) - Piano Concerto No. 2 #AlbumOfTheDay Image
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good day here is my brothers dog scooby falling in actual love with a bearded dragon named carrie fisher

#HappyEaster2020 #QuarantineLife #DogsofTwittter #dog #loveislove #reptiles #HappyEaster #Quarantine
(Also, we didn’t learn till later that apparently dogs can get salmonella for licking lizards 🦎 but the chance of it is especially low for bearded dragons and also if you have ever eaten cake batter you don’t have a leg to stand on so DON’T HATE love is love
) (the number of tweets I have had to post containing one parenthesis to close out a parenthetical I have left open the tweet before is EMBARASSINGLY HIGH) <—-see how good I am at not making the same mistake twice in a row?
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You're going to see a lot of #ResurrectionSunday posts today (as you should!), so I won't be long here: The thing that sticks out the most to me as I reflect on our #RisenKing today is His enduring humility. #HappyEaster Image
Jesus, the death conqueror, had every right to boast in what He just accomplished (in communion with His Father and Spirit), but scripture told us that early on Sunday morning, the two Mary's went saw an empty tomb. They were told by an angel that He was risen-He was already out!
As they ran back to tell the disciples what they had been told, Matthew 28 tells us that Christ "met them and greeted them." No fanfare, no Hollywood entrance...He just met them. The book of John says that Mary Magdalene thought He was a gardener....A GARDENER!
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#HappyEaster Sir @realDonaldTrump #TheArtOfWar , You Must Have 1. A Clear Political Objectives ie : Save Lives , Secure the Country / Supply Chain , Contain Virus , Mitigate Virus , Provide Logistic :#PPE #T3 TEST Test Test . See First Understand First Act First
2 . Strategy , Contain and Eliminate #coronavirus by Federally Resourced, State Led actions : Contain , Mitigate , Recover . Sustain Logistics . Optimize #defenseproductionact
3 .Tactics :#T3 (Test Test Test ) . contain , mitigate , every County / City /State Will prioritized the most Vulnerable, , 4. See First Understand First Act First . @SpeakerPelosi @senatemajldr @TeamCavuto @AliVelshi @TheLeadCNN @MSNBC @DavidBegnaud DavidBegnaud @RepRichmond
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Did you know the earliest Arab Christians worshipped Mary as ‘mother goddess’?

Don’t believe me—Check out the influence of Collyridians through HB, church fathers & Qur’an below!
The cult of the Mother goddess was a staple of Near Eastern antiquity & native to early Semitic churches, prior to Greco-Roman supremacy. It left an indelible mark on all churches through the veneration of the virgin Mary & medieval Mariolatry & Mariology
Mary was incrementally added to a long list of Mother goddesses, including al-‘Uzza, Atargatis, Asherah, Ishtar and Inanna whose cults thrived mainly in Syro-Arabia. Her cult flourished throughout late antiquity.
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12 April 2020 - #MAGAAnalysis #Coronavirus



Good Easter Morning, Everyone. Before we dive into today's analysis, do allow me to share that my name comes from the Italian word for Easter. That basically makes me the Easter Boy. How about that?
2) And as you can see, I have a wonderful pot of freshly roasted coffee, and we can take our time to work through some difficult factors in this ongoing #Coronavirus crisis we're suffering under. Our first place to linger is a small discussion of theory itself.
3) I've shared the story of how I gave up my radical libertarianism - I am naturally both a radical and the worst of idealists - to embrace Candidate Trump's pragmatic realism. No ideology with him, we truly do know that. The Art of the Deal is what drives everything he does.
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If Coronavirus Existed During the Times of Jesus Christ...

Imagine if there was an outbreak of the COVID-19 during the first coming of Jesus Christ...


#HappyEaster #Easter Image
Delivery companies like @GokadaNG and @DeliveryKwik would have had hard times delivering 2 fishes and 5 loaves to the homes of the 5,000 masses

#HappyEaster #Easter Image
The Centurion whose servant was healed by Jesus would have headed a COVID-19 task force after insisting Jesus didn't need to come to his house to heal his servant.

#HappyEaster #Easter Image
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If you’re not Catholic, you might not know how dramatic the Catholic Mass is, how theatrical, how just plain spectacular it is (like, SPECTACLE). The Easter Vigil is like the operatic, histrionic form of all of that, the most insane thing I do all year. Here’s why. (a thread: 1/)
We start the night with an actual bonfire. Which we chant over. Then we take this MASSIVE, HUGE, UNNECESSARILY LARGE candle with the date carved into it and pierce it, chant over it, anoint it, and then solemnly light its unlit wick for the first time. (2/)
Please note: This all happens in like the first FIVE minutes. This is the OVERTURE to this insane night. Wagner didn’t even include fire until at least the fourth act. Catholics break it out FIRST THING. That’s how you know this evening is going to get weird, fast. (3/)
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Lord, as I put on my eye protection, I pray that You open my eyes to see Your face in each patient I care for. As I put on my mask, I ask that Your words are on my tongue, to speak Your wisdom and comfort.
As I put on my gown, please wrap Your arms around me and give me strength to strengthen others.
As I put on my gloves, I ask that You steady my hands to do Your work.
As I remove my protective equipment, I implore You to remove any traces of my selfishness and pride.
And when I wash my hands, please wash away my fears and doubts.
Protect me, Lord, so that I may protect others. Grant me courage; I am here to do Your will.
In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.
Shared with me from @aubreyjl RN and NP student
#HappyEaster #PrayTogether #PrayfortheWorld
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Vegan Sourdough Hot cross buns, step-by-step!

Adapted from @izyhossack’s recipe!

#HappyEaster #vegan #easter #hotcrossbuns #SaturdayMorning
50g (1/4 cup) water
2 tbsp plain flour

170g (2/3 cup + 1 tbsp) water
60g (1/4 cup) vegetable oil, +extra for bowl
50g (1/4 cup) granulated sugar
2 tbsp mixed spice
90g sourdough starter
250g (3 2/3 cup) plain flour
+extra for kneading
1 tsp salt
150g dried fruit
75g plain flour
15g vegetable oil
65g water

1 tsp golden/maple syrup
2 tbsp oat milk/soy milk
a pinch of baking soda
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People are still having birthdays during this whole thing so I’ve decided to make cards for people to send to their friends. I’ll draw them and put them in this thread.
Birthday antics card Image
Birthday baking card #coronavirus Image
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Matthew 28
In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre. And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven...
And came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.
His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:
And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.
And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.
[6]He is not here: for He is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the LORD lay.
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❤️🇺🇸 Good Morning Mr President #HappyEaster to all 🐰💞
💞🐰#Easter 2017
✝️Happy Easter to all
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With Jesus joy we welcome Pastor Henry Ojei as he shares God's word with us this morning.

Topic: The Resurrection Power

The resurrection is not something we celebrate once in a year but rather a daily celebration.

John 11:20-25

Jesus is the resurrection and life. because Jesus is alive, every dead thing in your life shall be restored. Death is no longer permitted to reside around you.

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😳Pretty sure @FoxNews’ Jeannine Pirro just called Robert Mueller a “whore” and the #MuellerReport a work of “whoremanship”👀

#HappyEaster #HappyPassover
😳Calling the #MuellerReport a work of “whoremanship,” FoxNews’ Pirro proclaimed it’s part of the “coup” to frame Trump, showing a pic of the usual coup plotters. (🕯RIP The “Total and Complete Exoneration” Propaganda. You were good & so profitable while you lasted😉)
☠️Giuliani Propaganda Level= Zombie Desperation
❌Russia’s interference isn’t new, so no big deal
❌MuellerReport has a ton of stuff—not evidence
❌OK to take info from Russia
❌Trump never tried firing Mueller
❌SCO hitmen tortured ppl
❌WhatABOUT Romney, Obama, Clinton-Ukraine
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❤️🇺🇸 #1600Daily — The White House • April 18, 2019

A 2-year, $35 million witch hunt ends
This morning, after two years and $35 million of taxpayer money wasted, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report concluded what President Donald J. Trump has told the American people from day one: There has been no collusion or obstruction of justice.
Attorney General William Barr addressed reporters this morning from the Department of Justice, explaining that he would transmit copies of a public version of the Special Counsel’s report to Congress at 11 a.m. today.
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Game 1: Opening Day!! #NYYHRTracker #PinstripePride

Luke Voit (1): 4⃣2⃣8⃣ ft
Greg Bird (1):3⃣9⃣7⃣ ft

#NYY Total: 2⃣
MLB Record: 2⃣6⃣7⃣
Game 2: No longer undefeated #NYYHRTracker #PinstripePride

Troy Tulowitzki (1): 3⃣5⃣8⃣ ft

#NYY Total: 3⃣
MLB Record: 2⃣6⃣7⃣
Game 3: not great. Not good #NYYHRTracker #PinstripePride⁠ ⁠

Gary Sanchez (1): 3⃣8️⃣4️⃣ ft

#NYY Total: 4️⃣
MLB Record: 2⃣6⃣7⃣
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