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Ok #Patriots let’s think about this..numbers for #Covid_19 are low in our #Hospitals . What would we #Quarantine and clear out hospitals for ? Especially in a #shutdown ? If all “legit” business operations will get #stimulus then what happens to the “non-legit”?...
...well they are in suspense! Running low on drugs and money. #mercy and #comfort are what would be needed to help #withdrawal victims. Right ? Why else send them to the largest #drug areas in the #USA ? Where else would the most unfortunate section of humanity...
...go? What if all drugs (illegal) run out ? Because the plan is to hold out on them. Then not stimulate anything that can’t be verified through the #Fed ? #TrustThePlan #Q has told us #WWG1WGA . #Addicts are part of us all and we know they have been sunk into darkness...
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Does @POTUS have legal power, as he claims, to #Quarantine NY, NJ & CT? This thread explains who has that power, whether a ban on travel between states is a good ph strategy for #Covid_19, & how such a mass cordon sanitaire could be enforced. 1/5
Re #Quarantining NY, NJ, CT is legal, effective & enforceable. 2/5


@POTUS & governors both lack legal power to shutter a state
★ Mass quarantines are ineffective ph strategy
★ Patrolling state borders not feasible, contrary to US const'l & ethical values
3/5 Congress has exclusive power to reg interstate commerce (Art 1, s8, cl 3) Cong could restrict travel among states, but @POTUS cannot w/o statutory authority. @CDCgov (42 CFR § 70.2) can't ban interstate travel. Governors also have no power to stop exit/entry from their state
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MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: #Italy now more cases than #China .. but see 101 yo man #Recovered and sent home. 5MIN Test now available from @ABBOTT Runs on #IDNOW Machines .. @CDCgov CHANGES MIND advises everyone wear masks. @maddow @ursulafaw56
MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: The man, identified as “Mr. P,” was admitted to hospital last week and was released on Thursday, Gloria Lisi, the deputy mayor of the city of Rimini, told local media.
Mr. P was born in 1919 amid the that year’s historic flu pandemic,
MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: @CDCgov NOW SAYS TO WEAR MASKS. @maddow @CNN @MartyMakary @drsanjaygupta @RepAOC @RepJeffries AND 5 min TEST Now available (ships next week. Runs on #ABBOTT #IDNOW machines Get em tested and get em #QUARANTINED #NYC #Chicago
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Every night I wake up, heart racing.
It's always three hours since I fell asleep. Sometimes less. Ocassionally almost four.
I want a different tune in my head than Imagine Dragons' Radioactive.
Welcome to the new age...
"I'm waking up/I feel it in my bones
This is the apolcalypse/
Welcome to the new age, to the new age..."
It's day 1,329 of MY #quarantine. Since I was paralyzed. Same view out the same window every day since they brought me back from the hospital.
They roll you into your newly-set-up hospital bed in your house on a sheet like some magic trick. And then you are on your own.
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In #Bhilwara 1,06,856 households & 5,33,786 people have been surveyed. 149 are high risk cases Of Influenza Like Illness(ILI) and 3317 are normal ILI symptoms. Out of these 133 are people who travelled from abroad. #Covid19 #Rajasthan #Lockdown21
Over the next two days 1948 teams of medical & other departments will reach 4,22,358 rural households in #Bhilwara & survey 21,64,311 covering 88.15% people. #COVID19 #Rajasthan @rohitksingh
So far hotels, hostels and resorts I #Bhilwara have been taken over and 1511 number of #Quarantine rooms have been established and total number of 14,411 beds are available at the moment. In govt hospitals there are arrangements of 200 isolation beds and 35 in Pvt hosp. #COVID19
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Hi 👋🏽- I have #COVID19.

Isolated at 🏠 away from my healthy & unexposed family.

Seeking ways to help as a research subject (take my serum!) & hope to be back on front lines soon w/my #ICU & #anesthesia colleagues as an🤞🏽immune #COVIDー19 fighter.

Oh & anosmia= 100% REAL. 1/
My #covid19 symptom timeline were:
Day 1: myalgia
Day 2: chills, coughing, malaise
Day 3: coughing continues, exhausted, intermittent nausea, myalgias
Day 4:myalgia, cough, nausea, decreased taste, fatigue
Day 5: myalgia, cough, malaise, ANOSMIA

Symptoms come & go in 🌊 2/
Anosmia. The strangest & most fascinating symptom of all. Discovered it when the brand new diffuser wasn’t working despite dumping several drops of strong scented oil in. Then a friend asked “so is that anosmia thing real?” Then it hit me. 3/
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327,969,000 people (at of now) do not have a documented case of #coronavirus in the #UnitedStates . The fact that you know ANY celebrities with this virus is like win ning the lottery! Yet many celebs and politicians are sick. That simply is NOT POSSIBLE #COVIDー19 #WakeUp
Here is what appears to the deal.
Major Hollywood Celebrities, are into.
Pedophilla, Human Trafficking, and a Drug Called Andrenochrome.
A major Sting operation has been taken place. And the hammer is being dropped.
Around 10 high profile celebrities appear to have been
indicted, under house arrest, ankle trackers and have been told to say it's because of Corona as it's in the early stages of the sting operation.
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Tonight I'm going to share highlights from the 2010 "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & Int'l Development" report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation & Global Business Network. Not just the "Lock Step" scenario, but all 4 scenarios. [54 page report]
Following Event 201 (Oct 18 2019), we must concede that the ruling class has been gifted with phenomenal and prophetic intuitions & insights. (They truly are the chosen ones.) Thus it is worthwhile, even mandatory, to study their scenario exercises & simulations.
"We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions... scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively." [p 4]
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📚10 books to understand data and computational journalism, a thread💻

I have been studying data journalism for the past four years, and, so far, I have collected books and papers that may be very useful to comprehend this topic. #ddj #books #quarantine #AcademicChatter
This time, I will present books, and, to save space, only the title and the name of the author. Except for Precision Journalism, all of them were released recently. Obviously, I did not follow any hierarchy - all these books are equally essential.
Unfortunately, there are only a few women here. There are a lot of incredible girls working with #ddj in newsrooms and independent projects, but I don’t think it works the same way at the university.
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Boarded flight today from #NewYork to #Beijing via #Incheon, here's a thread about my experience so far (in context of the #Covid19 #outbreak and measures that #countries, #airlines and #airports are taking for it).
Was surprised that there were no temperature checks or any other #Covid19-related tests for outbound passengers at @JFKairport (drastic contrast with airports in #Asia that have been checking temperature of every OUTBOUND passenger since ~2 months now).
One would expect a country like #USA to take its leadership role in the world more seriously. Shocked to see this lack of responsibility towards what is now a GLOBAL threat. (Also, no hand sanitizers at checkin counters like #Phuket airport had >1 month ago)
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Thread: Mr @KagutaMuseveni here is a list I was asked to share with you from wanainchi yesterday.
1. Tell @NWSCMD and @UmemeLtd issue water& electricity amnesty.
2. Banks and lenders amnesty.
3. Landlords / Rent amnesty
4. Announce that state will pay for Quarantine costs.
5. People live hand to mouth, buy and distribute food so people can stay in their houses. It's impossible to stay in house when children are crying. Desperate people do desperate things. Let @UPDFspokespersn
work with local government LC system on this. @KagutaMuseveni
6. Don't just suggest stop public transport and Bodas. Ban all non essential movts for a month.
7. Announce and demonstrate that the state will treat and pay for everyone sick or isolated due to #COVID19UG . That way they will NOT hide when called upon.
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We're doing a thread of ten recommendations for awesome sci-fi, fantasy, and WTF eBooks you can get from @angryrobotbooks for half off during the #Quarantine. Let's get started. In no particular order... #amreading #amwriting.
STEAL THE SKY. @MeganEOKeefe's steampunk airship heist.

SIXTEEN WATCH. @MykeCole's US Coast Guard in space military sci-fi.

THE BURIED LIFE. @Carrie_Patel's post-apocalyptic underground Victorian murder mystery.

OUTRIDERS. @HiJayPosey's A-Team in space spec-ops spectacular.
AN ACCIDENT OF STARS. @fozmeadows awesome queer portal fantasy.

UNITED STATES OF JAPAN. @TieryasXu's ode to The Man in the High Castle with mecha

NECROTECH. @kacealexander's cyberpunk opus.

HUNGER MAKES THE WOLF: @katsudonburi's corporate-smashing extrasolar witch biker gang.
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What the hell is up with #Hollywood celebs having hideous meltdowns on social media right now? Anons know. Almost certainly #adrenochrome withdrawals. These people are sick.
Then of course she went full #occult in this desperate bathtub rital like show of #withdrawls commenting that "if the ship goes down we all go down together."
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As of this minute, I've been sequestered at a "#quarantine camp" by the Hong Kong government for 24 hours. I was made to come here because I had brief contact with a positive case over a week ago. I have so far had no contact whatsoever with any health professional ...
(no monitoring, not so much as a temperature check), I have still not been tested for #Covid_19 -- and was told that they don't know when I am likely to be, and earlier today I waited almost three hours (THREE HOURS!) for drinking water after repeatedly calling the "helpline" ...
to explain that I was extremely thirsty.
Don't believe everything you read about Hong Kong's laudable or competent response to the #coronavirus outbreak. Confusion reigns at this particular "quarantine camp", and the inmates here are being treated horrendously
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During the #Covid_19, While we are all #SelfIsolating, finding ways to connect with others & make a difference is still important.

This thread includes ways to volunteer some of which you can do without ever leaving your home (or writing a check).

Share your ideas, please.
Hospitals across the nation are actively reaching out to people asking them to make fabric face masks for their staff. If you sew you can make masks and send them to your area hospitals.

Links to patterns here:……
During the #COVID_19 pandemic, when we are all in #Isolation & #Quarantine it’s important than ever to fight loneliness. You can help by writing a letter(s) to those in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospices & senior centers.
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Language re #covid law, ethics, policy is wooly/confusing. What is #SocialDistancing Mass #Quarantine #Lockdown? We can't possibly balance PH & HRs w/o knowing exactly the intervention. This thread explains what policies are ethical & lawful, & those that are troublesome.
I've worked in PH Law since #AIDS…

Following is lawful/ethical w/ individualized risk assess based on sci:
❖ Isolation: positive #SARSCoV2 test
❖ Quarantine: known exposed
❖ Close venues posing sig risk of spread (schools, businesses, mass gatherings)
These actions stretch law/ethics, no clear precedent in modern con law:
❖Cordon sanitaire of large area (incorrectly termed "lockdown")
❖So-called "Mass Quarantine" of large venue (nursing home, cruise ship, apartment block)
❖Draconian enforcement: armed guards, intrusive surv
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MAR 19 #WWIII #COVID19 MD THREAD 1: Most stories from WaPo: Siobhán O'Grady, Rick Noack, Marisa Iati, Alex Horton, Miriam Berger and Katie Mettler
March 20 at 7:31 AM PT .. skip all TRUMP lies, JUST FACTS HERE FRONTLINE TROOPS @AMSA_News @ANANursingWorld
MAR 19 #WWIII vs #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: Way too late for #Fresno #McCarthy THIS IS #WWIII on our #AmericanSoil. Against tiny but vicious Enemy #COVID19 ...AND OUR #FRONTLINTROOPS Need #N95 masks #ProtectiveEquipment (Like #China has) HERE is a 60 page PDF #HANDBOOK @usairforce
MAR 19 #WWIII vs #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: FIRST the toll to date. 250,000 Reported CASES (Remember MANY Countries do not report..including #Turkey #Russia ) 11,000 DEATHS #Italy passed #China #Spain up 30% @WHO @maddow @CNN @JohnsHopkinsSPH @UCSF @BuzzFeed @SCMPNews @guardian
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This week has seen us working 100% remotely and assisting our clients with business continuity. Here are some tips for #RemoteWorking during these unprecedented times...

#EasyRemoteWorking #covid19 #covid19uk #coronavirus #workingfromhome #stayathome #quarantine #staypositive
1. Take regular breaks
Screen sharing & conference calls can be much more tiring than being face to face. There's more load on your brain filling in the blanks created by not seeing the people you're interacting with. Tip: try the #PomodoroTechnique
2. Use Video in your conference calls
Non-verbal cues are used in face to face communication. We gesture to indicate a desire to speak, we nod, we shake our head or look confused. People adapt communication from these, so we're better placed to leave with a shared understanding.
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I began my career as an @HCPSS educator 15 years ago. I’ll never forget our principal asking, “what is your most important job as an educator?” At that first staff meeting. In my mind, it was educating kids to be critical thinkers (among many other things).
I was surprised (along with my colleagues) when he said, “your most important role as an educator, is to keep these kids safe.” Now more than ever, those words ring true. I don’t think that there’s an educator out there that isn’t concerned about the welfare of their students.
So, while school is on “hold” for now... there’s plenty of time to reach out and make make meaningful connections with kids. The teachers that I love and remember the most, weren’t the ones that were the smartest or the strictest.
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By @EpochTimes Editorial Board

There has been controversy recently about what to call the #Virus that has unleashed a #GlobalPandemic.

The Epoch Times suggests the “#CCPVirus,” and calls upon others to join us in adopting this name. (Thread👇)…
The name holds the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP) accountable for its wanton disregard of human life and consequent spawning of a #GlobalPandemic that has put untold numbers in countries around the world at risk.
#CCP officials knew in early December that the #Coronavirus had appeared in #Wuhan, but they sat on the information for 6 weeks, arresting those who tried to warn of the danger.

What might have been contained was allowed silently to spread.…
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#AlbertCamus's 1947 novel "The Plague" is now a bestseller. Penguin is reprinting it to meet demand. But YOU can #StayHome & read the 1957 Nobel laureate's masterpiece for free online! / thread #Covid19 #quarantine…
Algerian-born #AlbertCamus sets his novel in Oran, Algeria, which had 95 cases of the bubonic plague in 1944. He ends "The Plague" by reminding readers the bacillus never dies. He might've been surprised to learn it reemerged only 50 years later, in 2003.…
#AlbertCamus was editor-in-chief of the French-resistance newspaper, "Combat," from 1944-47, and his 1947 novel "The Plague" reads simultaneously as an exploration of #quarantine & of the Nazi occupation of France.…
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Who exactly is Gilead Biosciences? Gilead is partnered w/Wuxi Pharmaceuticals (Wuxi AppTec) owned by New World Order philanthropist & mass manipulator himself, George Soros!
Don't stop digging on this suject while we stay at home living the quarantine life!
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ATTN: Some #quarantine reading for you!

It’s one of the most notorious “Terrorgram” neo-Nazi @Telegram channels, devoted to praising the Christchurch shooter

A year to the day after its first post, we learned the identity of one of the men behind it…
@telegram This Telegram channel continues to publish and sell translations of the #Christchurch shooter’s manifesto

This caused Zealand PM @jacindaardern to call for action and refer to it as “disgusting” when we broke the news in August 2019:…
@telegram @jacindaardern It’s a channel we know all too well (we won't name it).

The administrators of this channel have threatened Bellingcat staff on multiple occasions, including posting a video showing photos of our staff being shot with a shotgun.

Good times (not really)

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1. So recently, I've seen a lot of people and business looking for #remote solutions during the #COVID19 pandemic. I have been doing remote work in broadcasting for years now, and I'd like to share some of the information/products I've used and learned about. A thread:
2. Iphone cameras are great, but the mics sound like crap. Attach and existing mic with the IRig Pre. Your video or conferencing calling will no longer sound like garbage, but rather quite good… via @amazon
@amazon 3. Another option for a mic, if you don't have one already, is the AT 2005 USB. It has a built in audio interface, and it can be used with regular XLR hookups:…
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