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Here is my take. #China DID release a virus that killed alot of ppl. Remember all the riots the #CCPChina could not contain? GONE The crematorium seen in space? #Democrats took advantage of this w many other countries following suit to try to instill communism.
Remember, #Birx said on national TV the #flu is gone. Remember #Pompeo said this was a drill. @POTUS mumbled something along the line of thx forvtelling me.. Remember #Gates had a mtg in early November re a pandemic. .
#CDC revised deaths n said 6% of ppl w #COVID19 died w/out underlying disease. Remember #Democrats and #FakeNews are not saying a word re the revised #CDC %. What did #FakeNews #AOC and other ppl say re how to beat @POTUS was to destroy the economy. You isolate or quarantine sick
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How humble is Jesus, fam. His name, Emmanuel, God with us, reminds us he understands even this quarantine. And that he chose it!
When he could have been chilling in virus-free Heaven, he chose to camp out with the knuckleheads whom you and I both know were such a handful.
Thomas? He has maskhole written all over him. Like Lord Ima need to see how this virus spreads in the droplet pattern you describe?

And Peter. Try to get him in for contact tracing. “Me? At a party with Jesus? I don’t even know dude.”
Judas. I think we know how he would roll. Is my stock in bleach going to go up? Sure well then I’ll totally play along with this rouse where people get hurt.
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Walking out these doors @UMassIALS @UMassChemEng @UMassAmherst is a weirdly feeling! I left home 13 years ago for the pursuit of happiness. Over the years, I have seen that some people move out of academia neutral 😐, some bitter 😕, and some happy 😀..... contd. @AcademicChatter
However, almost all the time you have to leave for bigger and better things in life.
One thing I’m absolutely sure about is that almost all people move out with a sense of ‘pride’. #phdlife
Pride of witnessing a phenomenon that noone ever had before!
Pride of seeing things develop that sounded utterly crazy as a child!
Pride of developing things that will be enabling for eternity!
Pride of being among that elite group of people on earth 🌎! #pridephd
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There appears to be a lot of confusion between #ISOLATION and #QUARANTINE.

These are two distinct and crucial public health measures required to prevent the spread of #COVID19.

However, they are triggered by different things and the guidance differs for both... Here's why 1/n
Firstly a few important definitions
#ISOLATION (or self-isolation) is used for people with confirmed/suspected COVID-19.

#QUARANTINE (or restricted movements) is used for people who were potentially exposed to the virus, via a close contact or travel, but who are NOT sick.
The current Irish guidance recommends that you can end #ISOLATION If your test comes back negative (e.g. if you had symptoms).

If your test is positive, you can only end #ISOLATION if:
No fever for 5 days and
14 days since first developed symptoms.…
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Finally done with two weeks in #quarantine. Time well spent (?) making some #SciArt. Here's a series/thread based on our research work on #wildcanids and #stripedhyenas, in #India as part of @wcip_in.
#SciComm #AcademicChatter
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NOW HIRING| #CDC hiring #Quarantine #Coronavirus Enforcement Officers?? *must wear a uniform.

Are YOU WILLING to Quarantine Humans Despite THEIR WILL?


Quarantine Coronavirus Enforcement Officers CDC

"Fact check: #Quarantine 'camps' are real, but #COVID19 camp claim stretches the truth"

"Currently, there are quarantine stations at 20 ports of entry and land-border crossings where international travelers arrive," #CDC.…

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More pieces of the #Ohio #FirstEnergy scandal.... #RINO #GovMikeDewine has denied that he knew anything about this.... #DarkMoney Biggest scandal in Ohio history...… ImageImage
#Ohio #RINO #MikeDewine appoints Kristy Wilkin, the wife of #HB6 co-sponsor Shane Wilkin, to the Fourth District Court of Appeals.“The sponsors of HB6, Wilkin and Callender, received from #FirstEnergy $10,000 and $18,700, for their respective campaigns. Image
2019 Former #Battelle Energy Alliance employee suing the government contractor & nuclear reactor design co. owned by #BillGates saId he was forced out when he complained Gates’ company #TerraPower broke agreement w/ the U.S. government
#Ohio #GovMikeDewine
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I just discovered Operation Lockstep thanks to other Patriots on Twitter. It’s 🔥 SHOCKING🔥.
Published in 2010, it’s 1 of 5 scenarios used by Rockefeller Foundation in their push for globalization.
#OperationLockstep #COVID19 Image
Just read the first page of the #OperationLockstep section. #Pandemic? #COVID19 perhaps? #Quarantine? Economic collapse? Sound familiar? Image
Face masks...#MaskUp Control, Power... Remember this was written 10 years ago! #FutureProvesPast Image
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How New Zealand could keep eliminating coronavirus at its border for months to come, even as the global pandemic worsens…

#NewZealand 🇳🇿 #coronavirus 😷 #COVID
"Since New Zealand closed its borders on March 19, the rate of COVID-19 infections globally has increased 50-fold, to more than 13 million confirmed cases worldwide.

All new arrivals to New Zealand have to spend 14 days in quarantine at government-managed hotels."

"Each person has to have a #COVID-19 swab test on the third and 12th day of their quarantine period and cannot leave without a negative test result.

A shorter #quarantine period would significantly increase the risk of an infectious person being released. The swab tests...
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एक कहानी मुझे भी अपनी जाबांज dr बहन की सुनानी है..
वो दिल्ली के #हेडगेवार अस्पताल में कार्यरत हैं ओर हम सभी चिंतित थे कि वो छोटी सी बच्ची केसे कर पाएगी अपनी ड्यूटी #कोरोना संकट में वो भी रात दिन जागकर
कई परिवारवालों ने सलाह दी कि छोड़ दें नौकरी,जिंदगी रहेगी तो प्राइवेट अस्पताल१/१
में कर लेना मगर उसके जवाब ने सबको चुप कर दिया।
उसने कहा कि"सारे डॉक्टर के परिवावालेे अगर ऐसा ही सोचेंगे तो मेरे देश को कौन बचाएगा?"
ओर तो ओर उसके बाद उसे बुखार आया तो उसने अपने आपको #Quarantine करके खुद अपना इलाज किया ओर दोबारा ड्यूटी ज्वाइन कर ली।
एक महीने बाद उसे सर्दी खासी१/२
ओर सांस लेने में तकलीफ हुई तो एडमिट कर #कोरोना की जांच हुई जो कि नेगेटिव अाई ओर उसने१२वे दिन कमजोरी होते हुवेभी अपनी ड्यूटी दुबारा ज्वाइन की
जबकि #लॉकडाऊन में उसकी बाईं भी चली गई ओर खाना भी कभी बना पाती थी ओर कभी थकान ज्यादा होने पर भूखी ही सो जाया करती,ओर तो ओर१/३
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The #Falklands have had a 14 day #quarantine (a quattordictine?) for some time ... but, initially, it was not legally binding and, latterly, it has been imposed by means of notices issued to individuals under other legislation (equivalent to Sch 21 of the UK Coronavirus Act)
#Quarantine is seen very much as the #Falklands' main line of defence against #COVID19 and military personnel coming to the #FalklandIslands now pre-quarantine in the UK before travelling - everyone else travels on a separate flight and isolates on arrival
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/02/2020-2…

Nathaniel Cline and Nathan Tankus: Fiscal Systems, Organizational Capacity, and Crisis: A Political Balance of Payments Approach…

#crisis #payments #balance #systems #capitalism #capacity
We might finally know why the coronavirus spread is out of control again…

#coronavirus #spread
Did protests drive more Covid-19 cases? New research reveals a surprising answer…

#COVID19Cases #research #protests
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As I embark on a month-long journey, some 6000 km back and forth, to get my wife and and daughter, I hope my journey is as stodgy as my life has been of late.
#lockdown #travel #QuarantineLife
First Stage completed with ease, good wok ethics as always at @BLRAirport
#Quarantine #travel
South Indian breakfast, for which I can give my left arm, at @BLRAirport , the service and arrangements at the domestic lounge is exemplary, even at these #covid times
#QurantineLife #travel
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A quick lesson in medical statistics for those of you who believe the current "second wave" scare story out of #Victoria.

It starts with the concepts of sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive value.

Even doctors struggle with this..
Each medical test that you have has a built-in level of accuracy (and therefore inaccuracy). Most tests will identify most people with a disease correctly and also without a disease correctly. But no tests are perfect.

The #Theranos story for example (but I digress)...
Sensitivity is the probability that the test will be positive in people with a disease.

The "pick up rate" if you will. Usually this is high. Expect 100% but we are seeing reports of 50-70% in #covid19

So, of 100 people with Covid, 30 could test negative.
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My experience: #Covid_19 ICU rotation at #SGPGI #Lucknow

1. All patients were >35 years of age with majority being males

2. Apart from the usual comorbidities, central #obesity without over #diabetes or #hypertension also predisposed to #SARI
3. #Lymphopenia was a great marker of severity and a rising trend predicted clinical recovery

4. #recoverytrial further reiterated the use of steroids for patients with severe disease which many centers including ours was already practising
5. Although initially we had a guarded approach towards it, but #NIV with low pressures worked wonders avoiding intubation

6. Once intubated, outcomes aren’t great. Multiple reasons: severity of disease, nursing care and feeding becomes suboptimal, bradycardia associated with
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Let me tell you a bit about #COVID19 in #Maine. First, you may think of Maine as a rural state, and largely it is, but not entirely. We have a good-size city with an international airport in #Portland, and the southern tip (where I live) is considered part of greater #Boston 1/
Seriously, lots of people in town commute home and back daily. So.... not the sticks. Our #COVID19 case count is still considered "falling". Currently, businesses strictly regulate how many customers can be inside at any one time (number varies w/ business size). 2/
There is literally a person with a counter sitting outside every door keeping track. You wait in line outside until it is your turn if they are at capacity. There is colored or reflective tape at six foot intervals to facilitate safely waiting in line. The same is true inside. 3/
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It’s all starting to add up. Talking of getting rid of the police? Smells like #NewWorldOrder is in the works.
Here's the #TRUTH of what's happening in the world! Create a #VIRUS to scare people. Place them in #quarantine.
Count the number of dead every second of every day in every news #headline. Close all #businesses. 40,000,000 out of jobs. Peak #unemployment. Remove entertainment: parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, sports. No dating. No touching. Mask people. Dehumanize them.
Close temples and churches. Create a vacuum. Let depression and anxiety and desperation set in.
Then ignite hatred and civil war. Civil unrest. Empty the prisons because of the #virus and fill the streets with criminals.
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Moving average of new cases of #COVID19 and new deaths in #India

#Gujarat has a way higher case fatality ratio than the national value, followed by #WestBengal and #MadhyaPradesh.

We need the CFR to fall to 0!


@aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @nebuer42 @oommen
In the next 12 states, #Telangana has the worst CFR followed by #Punjab - though the latter is lower than the national CFR.

#Uttarakhand has seen a sudden spike in deaths over the last few days, though luckily the base is low

Deaths due to #COVID19 in #India is yet to really slowdown, we need this to happen.

Early #detection, #quarantine, #treatment & #Masks4All is crucial for this.

Given that we have to live with this for a while, we need to reduce the #deaths to zero!

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1/n This is an important question. The *main* answer is, median age of those infected in Germany. There are lots of factors hidden behind that, but that's the main factor.
The next main factor: quality of Germany's healthcare.
2/n As you point out, @AminTheReader, #Germany has a relatively higher #COVID19 infection rate. In fact it was *officially* higher than #Britain's, till April 28.
(officially only; the UK was way under-testing).
3/Like many places, #COVID19 started in Germany w/ the relatively well-off; people returning from skiing holidays in Italy. But actions Germany undertook *after* that were crucial. They meant median age of infected stayed lower than in many other countries
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141. From Kerala With Love!! 😊 Image
143. ভাপা ইলিশ আর বাসমতি চালের ভাত।। এটা বৌ এর বানানো।। Bhapa Ilish & Basmati Rice by Wife. The Bong Thing!! 😋😋😋 #Cooking #CookTogether Image
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President @BarackObama has had to speak to us twice in the last 2 weeks. Don’t MAKE him come downstairs.
#BlackPeopleKnowWhatIMean #SaidInMyMamasVoice
Post your favorite “mama” phrases below 👇🏽
Standing in his robe, hand on his hip, just FED UP with us.
@BarackObama is treating America like you parents were treating your kids on week 2 of #Quarantine... “what we NOT gone do is...”
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Are you awake yet?

Who will you listen to?
⛔️ Are there instruments of propaganda active in the world?
💠 If so, what are they?
🈶 Why should you care?

Ignorance is a choice. #FreedomIsntFree

The Gist 1

➡️ 2.1 Million in Nursing Homes (0.62% of US pop.)
➡️ 42% of #Covid19 deaths in US occured in Nursing Homes

% of all US COVID deaths happening in Nursing Homes:
Ohio 70%
Minnesota 81%
Pennsylvania 69%
The Gist 2:

New York, New Jersey, Michigan (Democrat) governors made regulation REQUIRING nursing homes accept patients with Active COVID infections.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Why? Coincidence? Reasons? Justification? Ignorance?…
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1. Background: An ongoing outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (#COVID19) has spread around the world. It is debatable whether asymptomatic COVID-19 virus carriers are contagious.
2. We report here a case of the #asymptomatic patient and present clinical characteristics of 455 contacts, which aims to study the infectivity of asymptomatic carriers. (link at the end)
3. Material and methods: 455 contacts who were exposed to the asymptomatic #COVID19 virus carrier became the subjects of our research. They were divided into three groups: 35 patients, 196 family members and 224 hospital staffs.
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A covid age travel story. I’ll be sharing my experience of traveling in a repatriation flight from Dublin Bangalore. Flight date 26 May ‘20. Can’t wait to be home with mom and play board games n cards ❤️ #familytime #COVID #indiainireland #VandeBharat #home #Flythenewnormal Image
Landed in Delhi. Waited for ~3 hours in the flight afterwhich we were told there is another aircraft been arranged due to a tech fault. Waiting since ~6 hours now. It’s very tough to wear the shield and the mask all thru out. Very suffocating. No ventilation / AC in the airport
After ~9 hours of wait, we were asked to board another AI ✈️ at the delhi airport. Walking from one gate to another with shields and masks amidst high security felt abnormal. There was tension in the air. Image
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