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Ungarn, Polen, Russland, das sind nur die Länder,die aktuell dabei sind, Menschen wie mir wieder Rechte zu entziehen,Menschen wie mich wieder zu behandeln, wie Menschen zweiter Klasse,als seien wir ein Übel,als
seien wir eine ansteckende Krankheit.
Viele andere Länder behandeln Menschen, wie mich noch immer wie Menschen zweiter Klasse, entrechtet und bestraft, auch zum Tode verurteilt, weil wir lieben, wie du!

Als ich klein war, spürte ich bereits, dass ich irgendwie anders war. Ich
hatte lange Zeit keine Begrifflichkeit für das, was in meiner Brust, in meinem Kopf und in meinem Hals hämmerte und keine Ruhe gab, egal wie sehr ich auch versuchte, es zu unterdrücken oder zu ignorieren.
Ich mochte mich noch nie besonders gut leiden, denn ich schämte mich.
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Few days back I was accused of being an attention seeker for my display name. Its also the same thing in school, and from so claimed well meaning people who feel that queer people should shut up & hide. I can not see it as anything other than the desire to shut us up & hide us.
You don't care about queer people if you go around calling people who are openly queer attention seekers. Not because it's false — I am indeed an attention seeker(more on this later) — but because you say it in a way that shames queer people for being visible in non queer spaces.
You make it a question of if we should comfortably be there, & in the same vein pass culpability of homophobic violence onto us.
I wasn't attacked because I refused to ‘stay one place’. I was attacked because homophobes are violent & will use violence to threaten me into silence.
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1/Fear & Loathing, Hope & Belonging - Why is it important to support a ban on the practise of conversion therapy? Because it is a recognized harmful practice that serves to make a segment of our citizens feel like they are not “right”, like their identity is not “right”.
2/Conversion therapy practices are designed to make individuals feel that society & God do not love them for who they are. We must be better than that. On Monday, Council will debate the proposed bylaw banning conversion therapy in Calgary (reviewed by committee May 13 & 14).
3/At that committee meeting, we heard from 121 members of the public over about an 18 hour period. We also received over 1,800 written submissions. Some were in favour and some were opposed. Many had clearly not read the proposed bylaw, particularly Schedule A.
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L’Italia resta l’unica grande democrazia occidentale che continua a prevedere la discriminazione legale delle persone #lgbt. Questo Paese ha bisogno di una legge contro l’#omofobia. Basta guardarsi intorno. In questo thread spiego perché⬇️
#17maggio #loveislove 🌈
La Legge contro l’#omofobia Zan interviene sulla Legge Mancino che punisce i reati e i discorsi d’odio fondati su caratteristiche personali come origine etnica e confessione religiosa. Zan inserisce l’orientamento sessuale e l’identità di genere tra queste caratteristiche cioè⬇️
Riconosce gay, lesbiche e transessuali come “vittime vulnerabili nell'Italia di oggi”.
Come già raccontato qui #omofobia #lgbt…
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Hey guys I wrote a little something and I drew a little something. Hope you guys enjoy it.
14 days of quarantine: Love in the time of Corona
#extendlockdown #COVIDー19 #Covid_19 #mentalhealth #loveinthetimeofcorona Image
I have come back. into chaos. Just returned from the Holi holidays. First day into work after seven days. And they put me in quarantine. I hang my white coat.

It doesn’t feel the same

#lockdowneffect #Quarantine #spreadloveinthetimeofcorona
2/When I went home there was only one suspected case.

The Pandemic was mostly in Italy and US.

We were laughing how HOD have the most to fear before the holiday

Older age group.

#covid19nfld #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona
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"The Christianity of my youth didn't prepare me to love well."

(A long & rambling steam-of-consciousness thread reflecting on love and Christianity...)
The Christianity of my youth didn't prepare me to love well.

It SPOKE of love a lot - in several beautifully compelling ways.

But intermixed I heard hints that self-love is selfish & real love MUST hurt & cost me. I needed to nail myself to a cross for my love to be real.
You've heard it said "There's no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends."

That may be true, but hear me out.

Sometimes, love requires you to lay down your "right" to lay down your life for someone who never asked you to be their savior in the 1st place.
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I am proud of the Abaddon team. Here’s why. We have managed to put together a wonderful team of veteran sci fi rockstars as well as incredibly powerhouse women and people of colour. Pete and I didn’t have agents when all this began.
I’d long given up trying to
“Break through” as they say, and had committed myself to education, but education kept pushing me away and I didn’t understand.
But it was a sign all along.
Now I know why I am here.
My purpose has never felt so clear.
I am in the world to change the world.
I’m here to inspire 7 billion people to become the best version of themselves possible by creating things that truly matter, giving back, loving and encouraging others to do the same.
#leavenormalbehind with me.
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Hi everyone, it’s @jessetyler - advocate, actor and star of @ModernFam. I’m doing an #HRCTwitterTakeover to celebrate the finale of #ModernFamily and share how you can help keep moving the needle forward on LGBTQ issues!
Over the last 11 seasons, @ModernFam has transformed people’s perceptions of the LGBTQ community through the characters of Mitchell and Cam, showing Americans that queer people have the same hopes and ambitions in life as everyone else. - @jessetyler #HRCTwitterTakeover
We stood at the forefront of the fight for marriage equality both on and off screen, joining @HRC in advocating for the eventual #SCOTUS decision that established #LoveIsLove. - @jessetyler #HRCTwitterTakeover @ModernFam…
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Last year on #NationalComingOutDay, a young man I know had a life altering effect on me when he became a statistic.

25% of youth who come out to their family immediately become homeless. If you’re POC, the statistic is higher.

Here’s Jack’s story from #NationalComingOutDay 2018
Last Sunday— October 6, 1998 was the 21st anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepherd. He was driven to a remote, rural area in WY, robbed, pistol-whipped, tied to a fence, tortured & left to die all because he was gay.

He would’ve been 42 years old.

Had the world had not known Matthew Shepherd & seen how hate let him be beaten, bruised & forgotten to die on a fence post—or Jack become homeless— days like #NationalComingOutDay or #Pride month wouldn’t need to exist.

I long for the day when there is no need to declare this.
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Hoy es el #ComingOutDay y pues creo que nunca he contado mi historia públicamente porque parece que nunca he estado en el clóset, pero todos lo hemos estado en algún momento.
Pues fue así: (abro hilo 🧶 larguito)
Yo trabajaba en la SRE, todavía no acababa la universidad. Mis papas me habían conocido novias y yo también les había llevado novios, presentados como amigos.
Vivía aún con ellos, así que me fui a trabajar y dejé un beeper en mi cuarto. Empezó a sonar y vibrar.
Mi mamá entró al cuarto a apagar el aparato. No resistió la tentación (abuso de privacidad, no lo hagan, padres y madres de familia).
Mi madre leyó el mensaje que decía:
Genaro, no me dejes. Te amo mas que nunca: Gerardo.
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When I first took on the job for Nada salon with the ad, I will admit, I was naive to believe in the concept laid out to me. I was told that our shoot would be the first of several representations of diversity. It was a massive platform and an opportunity for someone who looked -
- like myself to feel represented. I took it selfishly. When the shoot came out, I felt shot at. The term diversity was plastered lazily on it, and "androgynous" was a term sloppily slapped along with my photo like it was a cool, hip trend.
It failed to understand or represent what that means in terms of the consequences I face for looking a certain way. How I appear isn't a fashion statement; not when I live in constant fear for that simple fact.
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Os puedo asegurar que me depilo genial y sin irritaciones con la cuchilla incluso las ingles. Cabe mencionar que soy alérgica a la cera así que es lo único con lo que me depilo.
Bien, la clave está en preparar la piel:
Yo me exfolio las piernas a consciencia y a lo barato con una mezcla de miel y café (también vale azúcar) pero normalmente no me exfolio ingles ni axilas.
Una vez exfoliada y aclarada la zona, embadurnais el área con aceite (de oliva o de coco, da igual).

Si son las piernas podéis depilar directamente, si son las ingles o las axilas recomiendo que dejéis el aceite ahí unos minutos.
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Introducing our #WallForACause installation by Brooklyn based queer artist Shanée Benjamin.

The artwork is both a memorial and a celebration of how far the LGBTQ+ community has come, and serves as a reminder of how much more work there is to do. #SeeUsHearUs
1924 - The Society for Human Rights in Chicago is the first recognized gay rights organization in the US. @HRC, @ILGAWORLD and @glaad are at the forefront of the community today.
1925 - "Ma" Rainey, "Mother of Blues," is arrested in her home in Harlem for organizing a lesbian salon. Bessie Smith bails her out of jail the following day.
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No me han matado físicamente, no. Es aún peor: me han robado el alma.

Tras haber respondido tantas preguntas, ahora me asalta la más importante: ¿por qué yo?

Me llamo…
… y esta es mi historia.

#EnHebrasMatemáticas #Orgullo2019 #Pride2019

Dentro HILO ⬇️⬇️
Hace unos días, Robin [Gandy] y yo estuvimos en Hollymeade.

A pesar de todo no me he encontrado mal y me alegró ver cómo ha crecido la vieja enredadera. Aquella casa, que compré con tanta alegría, me ha transportado, sin embargo, a los hogares que dejé olvidados en la memoria.
Nada me aturde más como viajar a mi más tierna infancia. La oscuridad en el recuerdo es suplida por el frío más gélido, y por la soledad de la casa de los Ward, que nos acogieron a John y a mí, mientras nuestros padres seguían en Madrás.
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🏳️‍🌈#LGBTVoices Celebrates🏳️‍🌈

Today: Homeless LGBT youth

In this thread, I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to share a couple of personal stories on LGBT youth, followed by resources for LGBT youth facing homelessness/are homeless

Jack’s story from #NationalComingOutDay 2018—

Jack had a life altering impact on me. As an ally, it wasn’t even a hesitation to NOT take him in.
Jack didn’t have a support system & would’ve been homeless w/out help for coming out to his mother.
I am happy to report that Jack’s story had a good outcome. Jack has moved to another state into his accepting father’s home. He is in college and currently pursuing his passion in architecture.
I’m proud to this amazing kid’s surrogate, bonus mom.

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Six years ago, when I was Equalities Minister, I was due to attend a celebration of #IDAHOBIT with Ministers from a dozen EU countries (THREAD) #FlashbackFriday IDAHOBIT
My colleague @lfeatherstone , who was leading the efforts on the Same Sex Marriage Bill, had initiated a document that called for action on LGBT+ rights, which was to be signed by the Ministers at this event. Copy of signed pledge for LGBT+ rights
The Conservatives were copied in all along as the doc was drafted & didn’t bat an eyelid. Then, suddenly just 3 days before I was due to travel…
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On International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia. (#IDAHOBIT), we're looking back at some pieces we're very proud to have published on Platform at @MetroUK. A THREAD.

1. LGBT+ role models are needed more than ever, writes @SarahGarrettSPM…
2. I was bullied at school for being gay, so I returned as a teacher to give LGBT students a voice, writes Chris Woodley…
3. Finally you can watch TV and see we – as black gay men – are worthy of love, write @Dom_and_Nick…
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Happy #StarWarsDay everyone!

I am one with the force and the force is with me. #MayThe4thBeWithYou
The fact that I am the only one in my family doing anything at all to celebrate #StarWarsDay makes me want to sit alone in my #StarWars room and contemplate my relationships. #MayTheFourthBeWithYou #MayThe4thBeWithYou
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A lot of you know I’m a fierce ally to my LGBTQ friends & community.

I’ve been offline today because I had both a heartbreaking and life altering experience I want to share about someone near & dear to me who came out today.

Thread 🏳️‍🌈
Today, I received a frantic call from a family member from out of town who told me one of his best friends who lives in my town had been kicked out of his house. “What? Why?” I asked. “He came out to his mom. She kicked him out, he has no where to go…”

“…He doesn’t know what he’s going to do. It was really bad. She wants nothing to do with him ever again…”

“Tell him to call me,” I said. “Tell him to come over here. He can stay as long as he needs to.”

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I LOVE that #Section377Verdict starts with a quote from Goethe (also Schopenhauer and Stuart Mills but GOETHE):…

#loveislove #lovewins
"...the sustenance of identity is filament of life. It is equivalent to authoring one's own life script where freedom broadens everyday. Identity is equivalent to divinity."

"Denial of self-expression is inviting death."

This!!!! This.
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When I was 12, I kissed a girl for the first time. I didn’t know what it meant.
When I was 14, I self-harmed for the first time. I didn’t understand why I felt so alone and so different.
When I was 16, I held a girl’s hand for the first time. I wasn’t sure why my heart was beating so fast.
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#Section377: Judgment by Supreme Court of India today post 11 am. Second pronouncement in less than five years. #GaySex
#Section377: Full court reference in honour of Justice Bharucha and Justice VA Mohta still in progress.

Judgment will be delivered after that.
#Section377: Full court reference concludes.

Court will re-assemble at 11.30 when the judgment will be pronounced.
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I’m not a tiny bit surprised by what this includes. I am quite a bit surprised by how blatant it has become.

This is the one of the first solid, self-driven nails in the coffin of Evangelical Christianity‘s irrelevance.
The #SocialJusticeStatement is a hard line in the sand for any progressive, justice-oriented Christian who has attempted to work with evangelicals in the past. They will no longer accept your work. They will no longer accept your driving beliefs.
In the #SocialJusticeStatement evangelicals have successfully severed any practical ties to mainstream Christianity and their version of this religion will die with them. I’m flabbergasted and, in a way, a little relieved.
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Sessions announces 'religious liberty task force'. The DOJ has rolled back institutional support for protecting rights for LGBTQ Americans while increasing support for Christains (let's be real, the admin isnt protecting anyone's right to say allahu akbar)…
The DOJ defending Christains instead of the #LGBTQ Americans is a farce. Show me the young Christian children bullied to suicide bc of his religion, the reverend denied service, the church choir group denied housing, the Christain mother fired bc she loves Jesus. #LoveIsLove
Im done giving family & friends a pass. There is one party which believes I deserve all of the same rights, protections, dignity, and respect straight Americans are entitled too and another party which believes the bible says I am a sinner. There are no other issues. #LoveIsLove
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