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Hillary Clinton had 2.9 million more votes, yet 6.5 million ballots were misdirected or unaccounted for by the state. For every vote Hillary won over the president nationally, more than twice as many mail ballots disappeared or went to the wrong addresses.
@HvonSpakovsky For every vote that Hillary won over the eventual president nationally, more than twice as many #MailBallots disappeared or went to the wrong addresses.
The data demonstrate the danger of putting the presidential election into the hands of the U.S. Postal Service, as well as the problems with inaccurate and out-of-date voter registration lists. #DeadVoters #DoubleVoters #UnknownVoters #RejectedVoters
An analysis by @PILFoundation of federal election survey data draws a startling picture for any policymaker or stressed bureaucrat daring to look: 32 million #MailBallots effectively disappeared, went to the wrong house, or were rejected since 2012.
32 million mail ballots effectively disappeared, went to the wrong house, or were rejected since 2012. This includes all-mail voting states like #Oregon and #Washington, as well as #AbsenteeBallots in other states. #2020Election #ElectionIntegrity
Taking into account the 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 federal general elections, 28.3 million #MailBallots disappeared after officials gave them to the U.S. Postal Service. @realDonaldTrump @RepMattGaetz @DRUDGE
There are numerous problems to point fingers at and many explanations as to what happened to these ballots, but the bottom line is simple: tens of millions of ballots were lost in the #MailVoting system on a scale not seen at polling places. #VoterFraud
Federal data show that 2.7 million ballots were sent to the wrong addresses. As states try to automate the mail process by mailing ballots to all registered voters, they become increasingly reliant on voter registration rolls that are highly inaccurate.
If a state is not staying on top of registrants who die or move elsewhere, they are likely sending ballots to outdated addresses by default. #DeadVoters #DoubleVoters #VoterFraud
And to the extent that individuals are mistakenly registered more than once in the same state — and there is plenty of evidence that such errors occur — certain voters may be receiving multiple ballots. #DoubleVoters #DeadVoters
An alarming trend is the rise in #MailBallot rejections. Ballots were rejected for various reasons, most commonly because the signature on the absentee ballot envelope does not match the signature of the voter on his or her registration form.
If you vote by mail, in contrast to polling places, there is no one to help you and fix a mistake. #MailVoting mistakes are fatal to your vote.
Why do officials decline to complete survey? Hiding something about #MailBallots? Why?

The @EACgov survey figures are, unfortunately, limited. Many local election officials simply ignore the questions posed to them and decline to fill out the survey.
The @ChicagoElection officials have been silent about #MailBallot failures for eight years. So was the state of #Oregon, which withheld data for “unknown” (the category where a state doesn’t know what happened to a ballot) for the 2014 and 2016 elections.
#Oregon Approximate according to @EACgov data:

2018 mailed out over 2.8 million ballots.

60,200 were “undeliverable”
870,000 ballots “unknown”

The failure rate of Oregon’s mail balloting system was more than 32 percent.
The most recent 2018 election data show counties in #California and #Arizona tipping the scales in terms of missing and undeliverable ballots. Eight of the top 10 counties in terms of missing ballots are in California alone.
#Phoenix #Arizona area comes in second, while #Seattle ranks fourth. #MaricopaCounty dominated the nation in #UndeliverableBallots in 2018 with more than 87,000. #HillsboroughCounty #Florida also had nearly 12,000 ballots sent to undeliverable addresses.
#California’s millions of #MissingBallots show why #BallotHarvesters had an abundant harvest. Unsupervised mail ballots encourage #VoteBuying, intimidation and #AbsenteeBallotFraud as previously seen in #NorthCarolina, #Mississippi and #Texas.
The few states that have adopted full vote-by-mail, despite its drawbacks, spent years developing systems. America does not have the time or resources to attempt to undertake such a systematic, thought-through, massive effort between now and November.

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Jan 28, 2021
#Virginia .@townhallcom

The legal challenge was filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation .@PILFoundation, who called the decision a big win for the rule of law (via .@DailyCaller):
#Virginia .@townhallcom

The @vaELECT rule allowing officials to count ballots that arrived without a postmark up to three days after the election was illegal, a state judge ruled.

#MailBallots #ElectionIntegrity
#Virginia Circuit Court Judge William Eldridge ruled the state’s late #MailBallot law violated state statute and permanently banned the law in future Virginia elections, the .@PILFoundation (PILF) announced.

#MailBallots #ElectionIntegrity
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Jan 27, 2021
.@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams

Critics Warn Democrats’ HR1 Is ‘Attack on American Liberties’…

.@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams couldn’t believe what he was reading as he poured over the text of #HR1, the “For the People Act” -- the first piece of proposed legislation introduced by congressional Democrats in the 117th Congress.

.@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams
“We have been collecting over the years non-citizen maintenance data [for state #VoterRegistration rolls], and here’s how it works.”

#ElectionIntegrity #HR1
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Jan 13, 2021

.@PILFoundation Commends Texas #BallotHarvesting Arrest

RIGGED ELECTION: TX 'Ballot Chaser' Illegally Pressures Voters To Change... via @YouTube
“Many continue to claim that there’s no such thing as #ElectionFraud. We’ve always known that such a claim is false and misleading, and today we have additional hard evidence." .@KenPaxtonTX
'Ballot Chaser' Illegally Pressures Voters To Change...
#Texas .@PILFoundation

This is a victory for #ElectionIntegrity and a strong signal that anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice. .@KenPaxtonTX

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Jan 11, 2021
.@PILFoundation applauds the .@USSupremeCourt
for taking an important case involving #California’s donor disclosure laws. The Foundation previously filed an amicus curiae brief in support of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s .@AFPhq petition. Image
.@PILFoundation applauds the .@USSupremeCourt

“Donor anonymity is a bedrock American value and its protection is timelier than ever." J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr Image
.@PILFoundation applauds the .@USSupremeCourt

“If a season of #PoliticalPayback is indeed upon us, #California’s donor disclosure requirement is an ideal weapon." J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr Image
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Jan 6, 2021
Full statement from @ElectionLawCtr / PILF regarding the rioting at the U.S. Capitol Image
“All violence and trespassing at the U.S. Capitol must cease and law enforcement authority should use all appropriate means to quell the lawlessness. .@PILFoundation President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr

@uscapitol Image
"Rioters demanding ‘#Electionntegrity’ have in some cases been misled by individuals who know very little about election administration.".@PILFoundation President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr

@uscapitol Image
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Jan 5, 2021
.@IngrahamAngle .@VDHanson

Watch .@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr on the Ingraham Angle:

#ElectionIntegrity - the process - has never been high on the list of Republican Senate priorities.

.@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr on the .@IngrahamAngle:

[#ElectionManipulation] has always been high on the list of Democratic party priorities. That is why you saw HR1, which would make everything you saw in this election legal.
@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr on the .@IngrahamAngle:

This has just been a priority of the left. It has not been a priority of Republicans.

#MailBallots #DeadVoters #DoubleVoters #ElectionManipulation
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