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Election activists: Take a moment, breathe, and look around.

🧵 1/25

#ElectionFraud #ForeignInterference

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As with @Thaleresq, all of the discussion I see is focused on who delivered the message & how it was delivered.

Based on discussions last night, @CannConActual & @realjoeoltmann saw more info & are justifiably frustrated that it wasn’t all put in the public sphere. 2/25
I agree with them. No one should be allowed to sequester information about our elections.

The public deserves to know everything.

But why aren’t we talking AT ALL about the information that was presented?

Why are we always so focused on the messenger? 3/25
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#Nashville revisited - #Carlyle Group funds.
- Both Osama bin Laden alias Tim Osman and Barak Obama alias Barry Soetoro are documented #CIA creatures. Image
The #CIA Creature '#OsamaBinLaden'
Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman was #CIA and Died in 2001 - Bush Laden CIA Connections
- #BBC: #AlQaeda never existed... It was invented by CIA
- The #Bush-Laden Network (#Carlyle)… ImageImageImage
- After his election, Obama quickly moved to seal off his records via an executive order
- Is 'Obama' a real-life “#ManchurianCandidate?”
- The Family of Obama and the CIA
- Muhammad Subuh #Sumohadiwidjojo… Image
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#Dominion-#Scytl #Italy revisited.
- Swiss-American author and researcher Neal #Sutz has revealed that not just #Switzerland but also Italy played a major role in stealing #votes.
'All Roads Lead To #Rome.'
- #Italy interfered with the #US #Elections. Let's first look at the possible players involved. #Obama and former PM of Italy #Renzi. The Story is developing. ImageImageImage
#SCOTUS declines longshot 2020 #electionFraud challenge | -4h
Supreme Court declines to hear another longshot 2020 election fraud challenge.…
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“It’s not my job as a voter to prove voter fraud. It’s the government’s job to prove they’re doing transparent elections I can trust. So none of this even matters. They’re ILLEGAL ELECTIONS!”

#Rigged #RiggedElections #ElectionFraud #USelections #Midterms #MidtermElections
11.18.2022 Clark County in Las Vegas, Nevada American Patriot Mindy Robinson speaks regarding the 2022 Election Corruption.

#Rigged #RiggedElections #ElectionFraud #Stolen #StolenElections #USelections #Midterms #Midterms2022 #MidtermElections #MidtermElections2022
3. “It’s not my job as a voter to prove voter fraud. It’s the government’s job to prove they’re doing transparent elections I can trust. So none of this even matters. They’re ILLEGAL ELECTIONS!”

11.18.2022 Clark County in Las Vegas, Nevada

#Rigged #ElectionFraud
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MAJ Turner's a warrior on two fronts. As the guy who conceived the AT4 anti-tank weapon, he’s supporting the people of Ukraine. And as an African-American voter who’s had his ballot challenged under Georgia’s #SB202 anti-voting law, he’s fighting to save democracy at home.
Due to the war in #Ukraine, MAJ Turner was assigned to a base in California. Because of this, he applied for an absentee ballot, which was challenged under #SB202, which allows any #Georgia citizen to challenge an unlimited number of voters.…
The only reason MAJ Turner even knew that his vote had been challenged was because the county made a mistake and didn't send him his ballot. #SB202
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***FLASHBACK** 2020


I. How did the state of Georgia handle the 2020 Presidential Election....?

1. Appears they had an answer for everything

2. If no answer, or unclear, they proclaimed they would "look into the allegation".…
Georgia, a one-party system?

So, why did Lindsay Graham call Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the first place? To instruct?
Is this one of those movie gigs where it "snowballs" into a chaotic mini-series in order to confuse the public?…
FACTUAL SUMMARY: p 3/31 PDF below:…
Georgia law authorizes any eligible voter to cast his or her absentee ballot by mail. With the exception of a slight change to the oath requirement,1 the procedures governing how county registrars verify absentee ballot.
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RIGGED #electionfraud in #France. This is what would of happened if the WEF/Globalists were in control.

There’s a 17% DIFFERENCE on the PREDICTED votes….White hats are in control.

#Macron 58% and #LePen 41% = 17% Difference.
President Trump said in his rally yesterday at his Delaware OH Rally….They have found millions and millions and millions of fake votes and it’s going to be announced next week!
C19 narrative kill date: Election Day +1 [25th April]?
Prepare for zero-day [massive CYBER-power] attacks [attempts] on 11.4. [LAW OF WAR MANUAL] THE ONLY WAY IS THE MILITARY!
I have a very strong feeling next week is going to be wild🔥🔥
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Whatever happened to…..? Since so much truth NOW coming to light! All the evidence previously called conspiracy theories or disinformation and we were censored - now it’s time to revisit the #DifficultTruths to refresh stories that died on vine. THIS was the Jan 6 backstory ⬇️
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An effort by Trump’s campaign legal team to get Republicans in key swing states to send alternate slates of electors to Washington ahead of the Jan. 6, 2021, election certification hit a snag in Pennsylvania when GOP leaders here balked
Republican electors in two other states — Pennsylvania and Nevada — hedged the language on their certificates to say they’d cast their votes for Trump only if his election challenges succeeded in the courts.
That small distinction could spare Trump electors in those two states the legal trouble potentially facing their counterparts in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin.

Republican Committee Chairman and Trump elector Sam DeMarco “We were not going to sign unless the
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6 November 2021 #MAGAanalysis #1AMinuteMen

#SupportDaveShestokas for IL AG


How Does Corruption Work?

We’ve established a theory. Our theory is that dead people, on the voter roll, empower #TheMachine to vote. Our question is…HOW?

@shestokas @KateScopelliti
2) General Flynn has famously called for an army of Citizen Journalists. The Q Movement (which was NO conspiracy) unleashed millions of patriot researchers. Those of you following here are needed. How, exactly, does this corruption occur?
3) So here's a voter roll. It has thousands, 100s of thousands, maybe even millions of of dead citizens still registered. How, exactly, are those votes voted? Is it in specific, by name? Such-and-so dead person's vote is..? Or, ...
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5 November 2021 #MAGAanalysis #1AMinuteMen

#SupportDaveShestokas for IL AG


You'll surely want to read yesterday's thread, if you haven't yet. It's a pivotal analysis, I promise.

@shestokas @KateScopelliti
2) To very briefly summarize and review, Dave has found one of the greatest bulwarks of the corrupt Democrat Machine in Illinois. Removing that safeguard will decimate its evil power. That safeguard is a completely corrupted voter roll.

3) Turn with me towards DC, now. As Americans, and as the MAGA Movement, we decided to #DrainTheSwamp in 2016. The very fact of 2020's stolen election indicates we failed, for the time being. We did NOT drain the Swamp. Not yet.
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31 October 2021 #MAGAanalysis #1AMinuteMen

Election Fraud Data & Math

Having completed the full first draft of my Victory Vision 2022 - 2024, I realized I had to go back and work on the data and the math. It's demanding work. Here's where my work has been focused.
2) I'll share the small problem I've been working to solve - again! - in a little bit. First, though, I have to heap further praise of Seth Keshel and his incredible contributions here at his amazing website:
3) I cannot too strongly emphasize the importance of checking Seth's website out, and bopping around there. Do just go and glance and leave, please. Start working to get to know the website and all the information it has so powerfully organized.
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28 October 2021 #MAGAanalysis #1AMinuteMen

Victory Vision: 2022 – 2024 and Beyond – Math Update

Who remembers that, in math class, we show our work and we find our errors? Before we turn to our Victory Vision work, we must do the same, right now. An error has been found!
2) Here's where the error occured. I failed to account for percentages in my math. I'll show you the corrected math, next...

3) In these two images you'll find the correct numbers. Check them out, carefully...
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27 October 2021 #MAGAanalysis #1AMinuteMen

Victory Vision: 2022 – 2024 and Beyond

We begin with the same reference, from, that we looked at earlier in this Victory Vision's Prelude this morning. You definitely want to get to know these people!
2) Funny thing, when I posted this morning's meme, I had some questions that their front page answers. Yeah, I hadn't gone there yet. I did just now, though, and snagged this screenshot. It's important.
3) I don't know about you, but I have to use my calculator when comprehending numbers such as the above. Here's what I just did. I divided 42,918/.027 which = 1,589,556. So, for now, I have to guess that that's the tally from the 3 states combined. Yes?
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Thread 🧵
1/ Congressman Bill Posey is getting a free pass from @January6thCmte, @TheJusticeDept, and the public in general, but he shouldn't be. His lies about the election, and his attempts to overturn the results are documented at length here.

Enjoy ☕

#OperationAvalanche ImageImage
2/ Bill Posey is the U.S. Representative for all of Brevard County, FL. We are known for being home to the Kennedy Space Center and for having the most capitol rioters. But there's so much more...…
3/ Before Bill Posey was a Congressman, he was a State Senator in Florida, and after the 2000 election debacle here, he was one of the key architects of Florida's election reform laws which opened the state to electronic machine voting.… Image
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22 October 2021 #MAGAanalysis #1AMinuteMen

Social Media Might

Trump might be right. Ever since 2016, I've been using that as my theoretical starting point again and again. One of the reasons I love it is that everyone seems to almost always start from the opposite perspective.
2) He has once again stolen the spotlight and is dominating with his new social media enterprise. It appeas that 100 million plus followers, and complete news cycle domination has a market value. How about that?
3) But, what about China? Not only is he doing business here - and who can follow all the details? - with a Chinese outfit, it's actually based in Wuhan. I'm laughing out loud over here. Based in Wuhan. Instantly, Wuhan is back in the news. How about that?
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Thread 1. Where has Tracy Campbell documented #ElectionFraud in the US? I made a list of a few places.
Page numbers are from "Deliver the Vote"

San Francisco
MA (Constitution)
New York (p. 64) multiple listings
Arkansas (p. 65)
Mississippi (p. 88)
“Venal” Indiana (p. 95)W. Virginina (p. 95)
Alabama (p. 100, 158)
Louisiana (p. 103)
Wilmington Riots (p. 105)
Louisville KY (p. 106) multiple listings
North Carolina (p. 104)
3. Rhode Island “a state for sale” “bribery of voters with cash at the polls.”
(p. 136)
Adams County OH, (p. 143)
Terre Haute IN (P. 147- 149)
10th Congressional District of PA “wholesale fraud” (1918) (p. 154)
Iowa (p. 157)
Texas (p. 223)
Georgia (p. 282) “extensive fraud”
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.@PILFoundation Commends Texas #BallotHarvesting Arrest

RIGGED ELECTION: TX 'Ballot Chaser' Illegally Pressures Voters To Change... via @YouTube
“Many continue to claim that there’s no such thing as #ElectionFraud. We’ve always known that such a claim is false and misleading, and today we have additional hard evidence." .@KenPaxtonTX
'Ballot Chaser' Illegally Pressures Voters To Change...
#Texas .@PILFoundation

This is a victory for #ElectionIntegrity and a strong signal that anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice. .@KenPaxtonTX

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Funny thing happened on the way to the Gulag: UNITY.

So, they staged a Riot (predicted) in the Capital. Both sides UNIFY around the need for Domestic Terrorism Legislation (they'll pass it). They did nothing over the summer to (Antifa/BLM) but will now call MAGA terrorists.
They will be "Unified" in crushing the decent. While MAGA folks (like the Tea Party before them) clean up after themselves, Antifa/BLM burned, looted, & murdered. This instantiated "Domestic Terrorism" as an issue in the minds of Everyone. Now, both sides will UNIFY to stop it.
Listen closely to this Marxist: She means exactly what she says.

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Pizza Inn Takes Bold Stand For Election Reform
Widespread concerns over fraud demand commonsense changes to rebuild unity and confidence
#ElectionFraud #WashingtonDC #January6th #Censorship #ElectoralCollege
DALLAS (Jan. 5, 2021) – Pizza Inn is known as America’s Hometown Pizza Place because the brand stays squarely focused on creating a close-knit community centered on traditional American values.
These values include the preservation of American democracy, which millions of brave men and women have fought to protect. And our democracy’s very foundation relies on fair and transparent elections.
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Exceptional analysis performed by @justinmealey, @DaveLobue, & @LyndaMcGlaughlin regarding how 17,650 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in GA. It combines time stamped vote tally increments with explanations of specific features of Dominion software.
It yields irrefutable evidence of election fraud in GA. Same software was used in 28 states including 47 out of 83 counties in MI...including Antrim County where 6,000 votes were flipped. Only thing impeding this analysis in other states such as MI is ACCESS TO DATA.
Those who falsely assert "there is no election fraud" should have no problem giving us access to this data. Instead, they have been engaged in promoting the deletion of data...which is itself indicative of #electionfraud.
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Sure, @dananessel, YOU make it personal, YOU hide behind false (old, tired) misogyny smears as @realDonaldTrump criticizes your PROFESSIONAL (mis)behavior.

You've ignored the law, constitution & people of #Michigan in pursuing an overtly partisan, aggressively political agenda.
#Michigan AG @dananessel is doing the bidding of the Governor, the Democrat Party, & George Soros (who helped elect her)- instead of defending the PEOPLE of Michigan's interest. She flouts laws, ignores the Constitution & abuses the power of her office.…
Respondingvto valid #ElectionFraud accusations backed by evidence & sworn affidavits, she threatens to use a Govt Hammer on anyone daring to point out her malfeasance, mis-administration & ignorance of the law. #ImpeachNessel & #ImpeachWhitmer before there's another 'lost decade.
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Voter fraud was used in the 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, & 2020 elections. We saw “found” ballots for one candidate in non-approved locations. We saw unexplained data anomalies. Evidence was substantial, but no investigations?! Time to end this... #MerryChristmas #Thread
#Election2020 Massive Voter Fraud & Election Fraud Orchestrated by Democrats & Conspirators, with Cover-Up Co-Conspirators in Media & Social Media platforms. This means #RICO , #Coup , #Sedition , & #Treason.
When you have this many election officials crying foul, data scientists crying foul over voting system data, voter crying foul over votes cast fraudulently in their name, dead voters, senile nursing home residents targeted, & people hiding machines & evidence, it is malevolent.
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