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Offensiva contro al Shabaab. “Elimineremo il terrorismo dalla #Somalia "
Questa volta andiamo in Somalia, per seguire quello che sta accadendo da due settimane.
Nelle ultime due settimane il governo, attraverso l’esercito nazionale somalo (Sna) ha avviato nelle regioni centrali del Paese la più vasta offensiva contro #AlShabaab di sempre. Le milizie legate alla jihad hanno lasciato sul campo centinaia di corpi di militanti ma alla fine
hanno ripreso il controllo di #Booco, nella regione di #Hiran. Il fatto eclatante consta nel fatto che per la prima volta in 13 anni, la loro roccaforte è stata violata. Il governo, attraverso le parole affidate all’agenzia “Sonna”, afferma di aver ripreso il controllo della
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We all know who is behind #NordStreamSabotage.
While underwater, Nord Stream was out of air. In the attempt to surface fast, after a long time at depth & w/o respecting safety stops, embolus was formed & burst causing rupture. Self-suicide. Case closed.
Because the Brits are offering their support in the investigation, it could be that #NordStream 1 and 2 hang themselves.

All options are valid.
Nord Stream explosions are a ‘tremendous opportunity’: #Washington can now step in as #Europe’s top supplier of LNG, the Biden administration explained Antony Blinken speaks during a news conference with Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly in Washington…
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NEW: #Russia|n oligarch, 3 associates charged w/sanctions evasion & obstruction of justice

Per @TheJusticeDept, indictment vs oligarch Oleg Deripaska, Natalia Bardakova, Olga Shriki & Ekaterina Lobanova was unsealed today

Shriki -a naturalized US citizen- was arrested this AM ImageImageImageImage
Per @TheJusticeDept, Shriki deleted electronic records after getting a grand jury subpoena

Lobanova, 33, is charged w/making false statements to @DHSgov agents when she tried to enter the US "for the purpose of giving birth to Deripaska’s child"
"The Justice Department will not stop working to identify, find, and bring to justice those who evade US sanctions in order to enable the #Russia|n regime" per US Atty Gen Merrick Garland, in statement
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Meine Reise zu #LNG und #Fracking durch die #USA geht zu Ende. Hier auf den Stufen des Lincoln Memorials hat Martin Luther King Jr. seine „I have a dream“-Rede gehalten. Ein guter Ort, um über die Erkenntnisse dieser Reise nachzudenken. Denn auch Rassismus ist ein Thema. (1/14) ImageImage
An der Ostküste habe ich in #Chester eine Community von People of Color getroffen, die einem Umwelt-Rassismus ausgesetzt sind. Hier soll ein #LNG-Terminal für den Export von #Fracking-Gas gebaut werden, nicht in den reicheren und weißen Vororten von #Philadelphia neben an. (2/x)
Dies ist, was Zulene von der Bürgerinitiative #Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living unserem @Bundeskanzler dazu zu sagen hat. (3/x)
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(1/5) Der zynische Idealzustand vollständiger Erpressbarkeit - das russ. günstige #Gas war pures Gift in #US-Augen, es garantierte wirtschaftl. #Konkurrenzfähigkeit & relative Unabhängigkeit von #NATO/#US-Interessen - #Putin, wie war der Name? ...
(2/5) .... #Sanktionen gg #China, sind jederzeit willkommen, sonst ist der #Flüssiggas/#LNG-Hahn schneller abgedreht, als man sich das vorzustellen vermag.

Im Klartext: würde D jetzt versuchen ins Gespräch mit #Putin zu kommen, hieße das für #Washington u.U....
(3/5) ... erweiterte (nach #NS1 & #NS2 Sabotage) feindselige Aktionen gg D via #Ukraine und innerdeutschen öko-(+/-)rechtsradik. #Terrorismus, #Polen|s (dann #US)-unterstützte #Reparationsforderung, neue #Migrationsströme und - natürlich - ausbleibende #Gaslieferungen. ...
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#US government, wishing to change the regime, asked and obtained from @elonmusk to activate Starlink internet in #Iran. #Washington will never give up on its old-usual practice to promote riots under the pretext of supporting "human rights" against those who reject its hegemony.
"In response to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's tweet" that the United States took action "to advance internet freedom and the free flow of information" to Iranians.…
Not only in #Iran so spear your hypocrisy and #DoubleStandards.

Rioting leads to #UK Prime Minister Cameron's call for social media clampdown (2011)…
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1. Un articolo di "The American Conservative" inserisce la guerra in #Ucraina nella giusta prospettiva
#Zelensky dovrebbe scordarsi della #Crimea e accettare la perdita dei territori del #Donbass
Vediamone alcuni passaggi…
2. #Zelensky e il popolo ucraino hanno il diritto di volere ciò che vogliono. Ma questo non è un motivo per #Washington di subordinare gli interessi degli americani a tali obiettivi.
3. Non ci sono prove convincenti che la maggioranza dei circa 2,4 milioni di abitanti della Crimea voglia essere "liberata". L'annessione russa della Crimea è stata un atto illegale, ma probabilmente riflette il sentimento della maggioranza della penisola.
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Sources told @trtworld, that #Washington is working on a plan to deposit $3.5 billion, of #AFG’s #frozen_assets, with the #Bank of International Settlements, based in Basel, #Switzerland & have the money distributed under a third-party monitoring system.…
Followin @trtworld's report, #Taliban govt reportedly dismissed the #Biden administration's planned transfer of #frozen_Afghan_assets to a Switzerland-based bank, asking the US to send the seized money directly to the Afghan central bank (@AFGCentralbank).…
In September, the Fund for the AFG People was established in Geneva with the support of the US& Switzerland. The purpose of the foundation is to receive, protect, preserve for the future& partially disburse part of the Afghan central bank's frozen assets.…
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What are the prospects for reviving the #IranNuclearDeal?

Tune in this live discussion with #JCPOA experts @AliVaez @EllieGeranmayeh & Naysan Rafati 🎙️

Questions can be sent through DMs for the Q&A.
Don't miss our latest report on the current state of the #JCPOA negotiations, and where they are headed, in available online as of this morning!…
“The process is now really bordering on the absurd", says as @AliVaez to open our live Twitter Space discussion on the #JCPOA negotiations.

Join us and ask your questions for the Q&A through our DMs!…
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Some thoughts about the military perspective about what just happened in #Izyum / #Kharkov.
First let's talk about Kharkov in general. This region was very poorly defended by #Ukraine|ians the last few months. #Russia took the initiative and started a pinning operation.
This was executed with very few troops as well, because more wasn't needed for the degree of resistance in this place. The goal of a pinning and holding operation is, to draw #Ukraine|ian troops away from other important frontline section, just to defend this "unimportant"
area. This was very successful. A nice side effect of this pinning operation was, that #Russia gained ever more ground around #Kharkov city itself, which is a good starting point for future offensive operations. Since #Ukraine was forced to split its forces between Kharkov
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La neo-con Liz #Truss premier #UK portano quasi a zero le possibilità di salvezza per #Assange…
Liz #Truss e il giudice senior Lady #Arbuthnot ,che sovrintende al procedimento estradizione di Assange, hanno ricevuto vantaggi finanziari da org partner Min Esteri #UK legate a intelligence militare #Tertulias (Spa)-#Tatlidil (Tur)
Liz #Truss ha partecipato nel 2019 al forum American Enterprise Inst #AEI, meeting altamente riservato organizzato dal più influente think tank neocon di #Washington, popolato da alti funzionari dell'esercito e dell'intelligence #USA che ha una posizione fortemente anti-#Assange
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Clausewitz said, in his famous work “On War” (as often cited as it is little read), that war is the continuation of diplomacy by other means, well it says a lot more things, but i will keep just a few as i do not wanna write too long.
In his chapter 1, Clausewitz refers that "war constitutes... an act of force that is carried out to force the adversary to comply with our will." War, therefore, is a duel of wills, which, in itself, is not enough, since wanting is one thing and power is another.
Does not intervene who wants but who can, as it is said in #InternationalLaw

To impose our will, we need resources, in an amount that exceeds what our adversary can muster, first of all energy.
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#DariaDugin, daughter of #AlexanderDugin, has been #Assassinated via #CarBomb near #Moscow.

#AleksandrDugin is a prominent #Russian strategist sometimes called #PutinsBrain. He’s thought to have inspired #Putin to pursue the annexation of #Crimea, the... [1/2]
...#SpecialMilitaryOperation in #Ukraine, as well as the concepts of #Novorossiya and the #FairWorldOrder.

The #Assassination of the #FWO strategist’s daughter #DariaDugina is comparable to elimination of #NWO strategist #HenryKissinger’s daughter. [2/2]
The elimination of #DariaDugin represents a potential #Escalation between #NewWorldOrder and #FairWorldOrder. If #Russia assesses that #NWO actors are involved, the #Russians are likely to pursue #TitForTat. If #Washington’s proxy in #Kiev is determined the perpetrator... [1/2]
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#America deployed four #B52 strategic #Nuclear bombers to #Europe. En route to #Fairford airbase in #Britain, the #Bombers participated in exercises with #F35 fighters of #Norway and #JAS39 fighters of #Sweden. Amid the joint exercises, these #Stratofortress also... [1/2]
...#Bombed simulated targets at the #Swedish #VidselTestRange using #GBU31 #JDAM conventional #Bombs.

#Norwegians are members of #Washington’s alliance #NATO while #Swedes aspire to be, alongside #Finland, though #Turkey may obstruct. [2/2]
#Russia deployed three #MiG31 supersonic interceptors to the #Russian exclave of #Kaliningrad. These fighters, called “#FoxHound” by #NATO, are equipped with #Nuclear-capable #Kh47M2 #Kinzhal air-to-ground missiles, which NATO calls “#KillJoy.” When the... [1/2]
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Sergey Shoigu's statements at the X #Moscow Conference on International Security (11 points):
1- #MLRS #HIMARS during the special operation is ground in battles, they did not have a significant impact on the situation;
2- #Russia is carefully studying captured Western weapons, taking into account its features in its tactics;
3- The #Russian Federation does not need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to achieve its goals;
4- No one in #NATO has any doubts that the goals of the special operation set by the Russian Federation will be achieved
5- The unconditional dominance of the United States and its allies remains in the past, the special operation in #Ukraine marked the end of the unipolar world;
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The #US illegal occupation of #Syria is clearly still ongoing due to how profitable it is for #Washington with its troops looting the country's natural resources and lining their pockets.…
A leading Chinese newspaper has lambasted the continued plundering of the Syrian oil by the US illegal occupation forces across the Arab country, saying that the looting is a “disgrace and a shame to Washington.”…
🗣️📢 US illegal occupation loots 100 tankers of Syrian oil – heading to northern Iraq

US illegal occupation intensified the operations of stealing the resources of the Syrian people & transferring them to their bases in Iraqi lands,
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1- Son zamanlarda attığı twitlerle savcıları harekete geçirmese de toplum vicdanı harekete geçiren #SedatPeker son paylaşımları ile Yeşildağ ailesini adeta duman etti.
2- Akşam, Güneş, Star, 24 TV, 360, TV 4, Alem, Platin, Alem Fm ,Lig Radyo, #Star Matbaacılık, TürkMedya Dijital elinde bulunduran Türk Medya’nın sahibi Yeşildağ ailesini sırları sadece Sedat Peker’in anlattıklarından ibaret değil.
3-Hakkında yakalama kararı bulunan #SedatPeker , kendisine ait Twitter hesaplarından biri olan “Deli Çavuş” hesabından yaptığı paylaşımlarda Hasan Yeşildağ adından ilk olarak bir ay önce bahsetmişti.
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Quién podría imaginarse que la gran democracia occidental que es aún los #EEUU 🇺🇸 tenga en su agenda dominar al Departamento de Justicia y al FBI?
Qué ellos “importen los pañuelos verdes” un invento de #Arge🇦🇷?
Qué @CFK y #Fernández lo llamen “Juan Domingo”?
Que en su agenda principal en los #EEUU 🇺🇸 también se discutiera firmemente la apertura de las Escuelas públicas cerradas por #Biden?
Que llamen “racista” a los candidatos afroamericanos cuando son del partido republicano?
Que se discuta idioma inclusivo?
Que hayan votado algunos muertos en 2020 y antes, como en los países bananeros?
Una desilusión!
Que en las escuelas se adoctrine?
Que #Disney de 50% de contenido trans?
Si, y hasta le quitaron el apoyo ($) al @GovRonDeSantis!
Pero esto no lo dicen los medios acá?
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Ok, ci siamo #Cina
#Pelosi a #Taiwan domani 02/08 sera
Sarebbe anche stato confermato dal China Times
Si prepara la guerra a #Taiwan
«Le forze armate statunitensi si stanno avvicinando a Taiwan, anche con portaerei e diversi Stratotanker - Nikei Asia.»
«Numerosi aerei #USA sono arrivati a Okinawa»
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The announcement by #Russian Defence Ministry on Tuesday on Vostok-22 strategic command post exercises during August 30-September 5 gives a big message to the West in political and military terms.

The announcement said, “In addition to the troops (forces) of the Eastern Military District, units of the Airborne Troops, Long Range Aviation and Military Transport Aviation, as well as military contingents from other states, will be involved in these manoeuvres.”

If there is going to be participation by #China, it will be highly significant in the present context of global politics, especially in the Far East.

#Vostok2022 #Russianarmy
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Coupism, totalitarianism and figurehead of #NATO

Thus can be synthesized the journey followed by #Ukraine, since that month of February 2014 when, supported by Western powers in the political, communicational and financial spheres,
the pro-European and #NATO forces of this Eastern European country, overthrew President Viktor Yanukovych.!!

This, with an essential and distinguishable vector: an anti-Russian policy, which fits perfectly into the traditional #colonial & neo-colonial policies of this "divide and rule"-loving West practiced in Latin America, Asia and Africa and that today, in the Eastern part of Europe,
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So I posted yesterday the video of the shooting done by #Vogue with #Zelensky. It had thousands of views & many outraged reactions. I've read #ZelenskyVogue so you don't have to. A thread. Basically in social psychology, it's called #brand affiliation. We are talking about an/1
elaborate set up done by people like me #spindoctors #profilers #PR #stratcom experts. #Zelensky himself is an actor, so nothing is left unattended neglected in shaping his image, from clothes to his unshaven look, set up of the photo sessions. His metamorphosis from the nice/2
entertainer for #Ukraine television to #wartime #president is a deliberate, crafted process. Experts are continuously looking for ways to adjust his image to new circumstances, by affiliation, linking it to other symbols, because at the end of the day people get tired of every/3
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Tay, my brother & I are getting ready to help mend the broken hearts between Dad & His mom.

It’s important/NEEDED for Dad to fix what has been broken for A long time, Dad fears facing that demon. He fears not being able to close A door within him that eats him alive every
Day that goes by not saying the things he has to say to my Grandmother.

She doesn’t have much longer, she is holding on specifically for that day to come—If it doesn’t happen it messes up a lot of shyt for us in the future. My brother & I will make it happen, we talked
About it tonight …

In the mean time, U N i continue on with one another as we have too in order for all of this to work.

DJT is playing the role of me & my family.
DJT’s son married Laura, My brother married Laura—They have two daughters Amber & Haley.
311 Amber
M & M’s
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#China slams #Washington's 'banditry' and 'terrorism' in #Syria. U.S. actions in Syria 'disqualify' it from any platform to do with maintaining human rights and law.
Jul. 23: A convoy of 35 U.S. controlled tankers loaded with stolen #Syrian oil left Saturday through the illegitimate al-Mahmoudiya crossing into #Iraq, which was set up by US occupation forces in order to loot Syrian oil. SANA
#NATO backed terrorists in #Idlib attack the opening of a church in #Hama - NW #Syria - their missile hit a religious celebration marking the opening of the Hagia Sophia Church in Suqaylabiyah City.
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