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Sep 28, 2020 β€’ 12 tweets β€’ 5 min read

Having a self owned home is a dream come true for the majority of us . We still equate it with prosperity & being settled .
But with the alarming cost of reality (especially in Metro's) when does this make sense?
My viewpoint on the same.
(So called)Pro's :
*Having your own place - Pride of possession.
*An investment .
*Having liberty to decorate as per choice { provided the wife permits πŸ˜‰ }
*No need to shift often.
*Loan available at low interest rate.
Easy way to #leverage in markets (Common blunder!)
Are these really as good as they sound?

*The pride of owning a house comes with buckets of stress ,for most of the properties are purchased taking huge #loans spread across 2-3 decades of repayment.
So are we actually owning a house or is the bank possessing us ? πŸ€”
Another point :
A huge loan makes us #RiskAverse. Instead of improving skillsets we end up bound to the same job out of fear. Sure, increments shall happen but what about opportunity cost?
Focus should be on career & if needed one must be ready to move as per opportunity.

*No shifting of houses*
Very subjective.
What is the point of travelling hrs each day to reach work ? Half the life is spent such with no time for anything else!!
Buying your dream house only to stay in it on a Sunday too exhausted to do anything! 🀷
* Decorate the house *
Many claim this to be important!
I really think this is just emotions. A house becomes a home when people residing in it are happy & stress free. Even rental places can be done up nicely !! 🀷
Financially feasible & better.
Using #leverage & investing loan amt in equities whilst extending tenure of home loan can backfire big time . An acquaintance lost most of his capital trading whilst sitting on a loan as well.
What if something happens to us meanwhile ?
RISK REWARD ratio seems skewed .
To sum it up.
*Purchasing a house is ONE of the MOST important financial decisions. MUST be done PRACTICALLY.

*Stay WITHIN MEANS .Don't get carried away to own that DREAM property shown by the realtor for the cost paid for such dreams can BURN your pockets completely !
* Take a #TERMLOAN while purchasing the property to ensure nothing untoward happens to the house in the event of untimely death .

*Save up 60-70% atleast towards down payment.
Take min loan & plan repayment in a short duration. (Calculate beforehand) .
9/ 10
*#JointLoan helps immensely. Both for tax benefits & the burden becomes considerably less.

*Stay WELL WITHIN MEANS while purchasing first property. One can always buy a BIGGER,BETTER one if earnings improve drastically!

*Stay on #rent as per HRA & claim tax exemption.
Let's not over estimate our income /under estimate our expenses in the quest to own our home & pile up #debt upon us in the quest to wow the society .

@dmuthuk based on your tweet today.
Pls note : It is a Term Insurance and NOT Term loan . πŸ™
Noticed my mistake after posting it and sadly Twitter doesn't have an edit option yet ! πŸ™„

Clarified it thrice but it got lost in the sea of messages! 😟

β€’ β€’ β€’

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Jun 12

Do you know why most of us are majorly unhappy with our lives ?

Why do we constantly feel anxious or secretly envy others' life ?

Why do we feel unhappy despite having quite a few things going for us?

The answer is actually simple.... πŸ™‚


It's because we humans constantly COMPARE ourselves to others.

Comparison gives birth majorly to all our emotions, especially the negative ones.

So why do we compare our lives with those of others' we (think) we know of?

Why do we benchmark our happiness to theirs' ?
Ever wondered why we constantly crave to equal or better our peers ?

What purpose does it truly serve ?
Isn't everything in life fleeting ?
Be it fame , beauty , money , laurels ....

So does it really matter ?
And if so, then how much ?

And at the cost of what ?
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Mar 12

One of the first books I read on investing in 2009 was this πŸ’Žof a book on Warren Buffett called


A great read for investors, given current stock market conditions.

A 🧡


Buy an easy to understand business run by honest & capable management with MINIMAL VARIABLE PARAMETERS( Avoid Complex Bus.)

Pay less for your share than what it is actually worth in terms of future earning potential.
Hold onto it patiently !

πŸ”ΈGain basic knowledge of accounting & financial markets.
πŸ”ΈRead business Magazines , Periodicals, Annual Reports & Concalls
πŸ”ΈGet going !

A basic checklist that shall help you figure if you are actually a Long Term Investor or not.
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Feb 5

We keep reading or hearing folks saying
" Unlearning is the new Learning."

But what exactly do they mean by this ? πŸ€”

A 🧡 based on my limited understanding & implementation of
Learning, Unlearning & Relearning.

*Pics are from the Internet.

Our learning process begins the day we are born & continues till the day we decay and die.

However consciously our learning is restricted to just a few quality years.
The rest is mostly sub(un)conscious.

Now therein lies the problem & the solution !
Interesting #Trivia

The subconscious mind goes beyond learning new skills. It basically stores our beliefs & determines and monitors when & what information must be sent to the conscious mind.

Ever observed how a child is not afraid of anything including πŸ”₯ initially?πŸ€”
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Dec 30, 2021

2021 has been one crazy year for me.

Recently took a break from twitter as I needed to think & reflect in solitude.

My biggest learnings / relearnings of 2021 - A thread as random as my thoughts. :))

#Life is fragile.

We never know when it shall be our last breath. Covid just reinforced this.

Do good. Be good. Expect nothing.
Make mistakes but have no regrets.
Forgive . Make peace often .
Live life each day to the best of your abilities.

That's all that can be done!

Always ensure you have a nominee to all your investments. Don't take on unnecessary loans.

Make a WILL !

Inform your spouse / family.
Document everything correctly &

Else, this becomes an added pain later on for the bereaved family !
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Dec 24, 2021
Good books are a smooth read.
The great ones aren't.

Why so? πŸ€”

They force you to pause,to reflect & think hard.
They make you question yourself.

Sharing few of my takeaways from one such exceptional book of 2021.

Thank you @naval & @EricJorgenson for this ! :))

A 🧡
πŸ”ΉProductize Yourself

Leverage specific knowledge -> Scale it -> Get wealthy.

Takes decades as one needs time to figure out what they can UNIQUELY provide.

But FIND & BUILD SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE for it can't be taught & can only be learnt.

More here
"The best jobs are neither decreed or degreed.They are creative expressions of continuous learners in free markets."

Be a perpetual learner.
Know HOW to learn.

Foundations are the key.
They help learn HOW & HOW MUCH.
Club this with Authenticity to create something unique.
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Nov 21, 2021
I first read this book in 2009 after losing 80% of my monies on Penny stocks as a student when the 2008 drawdown happened.

Thought it was too simple !

Now in 2021, I think this is one of the best books to absorb & implement.

A 🧡

Investing means different things to different people - Be it health/ career/external assets with an intent to reap benefits in future.

So then is everyone an Investor ?
When people do different things with even same investment products we give it a different name.
Investing is a PERSONAL Plan .
It's NOT a product . NOT a procedure.

One needs to have a clear picture of one's financials BEFORE making an investment plan.

Investment products comprise of items with distinct characteristics DESIGNED to satisfy a particular need.
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