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The Bank for International Settlement #BIS's annual economic report (june22 of 138 pages) proves every single word in the #Bitcoin white paper ⚡️…

If you think the fiat world is ugly now.
It's only getting uglier.


🧵My views👇🏽
The number of times these words were mentioned (order per #) within 138 pages.
#Web3 1
#binance 6
#leverage 6
#Coinbase 10
#ethereum 12
#Tether 15
#luna 27
#bitcoin 28
#decentralised 30
#terra 37
#centralised 53
#DeFi 63
#stablecoin 71
#cbdc 110
#crypto 214
OK info about this report:
+ Highlighted some of the risks within the shitcoinery world (stable coins, crypto, Defi)
+ Confirmed that all shitcoins are copying #Bitcoin and following its behavior
+ Attacking lack of regulations leading to rug pulls like Terra Luna
+ USDT risk
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دراین رشتو میخوایم در مورد اهرم یا لوریج در فیوچرز صحبت کنیم. شاید سوال خیلی ها این باشه که لوریج رو چند بذاریم؟ چطوری تنظیمش کنیم؟ آیا اهرم بالاتر یعنی ریسک بیشتر ؟
میخوایم واقعیت رو موردش بدونیم.
1-اول از همه پیشنهاد میدم این رشتو رو بخونید تا با کلیات موضوع آشنا بشید و نحوه تعیین پوزیشن سایز یا حجم معامله و مطالب دیگه رو مرور کنید . خب اما الان میخوایم دیگه دل و روده اهرم رو بریزیم با هم بیرون.
2-اهرم به معنی پولی هست که شما از صرافی برای معامله قرض میگیرید. اول با مفهوم سرمایه درگیر یا initial margin
یا cost با هم اشنا بشیم. سرمایه درگیر مبلغی هست که شما میخواید در معامله در گیر کنید. فرض کنید کل حساب شما 1000 دلار هست...
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One word @CaitlinLong_: GREED.

You’ve been spot on. I struggled w/ noticing the same issue of #derivative and #TradFi games infecting #bitcoin & #Crypto over the last 1.5yrs or so.

Structurally it was quite easy to see. But...

/1 👉🧵 on a few thoughts.
you have to know how these things have played out in other markets as well as how intermarket relationships work within markets in general. And, you never really know how the change will play out. Especially, in new asset classes like #DigitalAssets.

It felt like most in the space chose not to acknowledge the changes & continue to pump the narrative of NGU and BTFD with little regard for what’s *actually* happening w/ the fundamental picture. Time horizon matters. All participants have different goals.
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Time for a 🧵 on two charts (at the end) that seem to tell an interesting #Bitcoin story.

For several yrs @CaitlinLong_ has openly discussed the potential negative impact of #rehypothecation of #bitcoin by banks, wall street, hedge funds & the broader #tradfi community.
@saylor has discussed and shown the need for sound money and the value that having a savings mechanism brings to the system.

@JeffBooth has shed light on the fact that #deflation isn’t such a bad thing when #technology is actually making our lives better and costs cheaper.
@saifedean taught the 🌏 the importance of time, effort, and energy & the value that living by the #Bitcoin Standard can bring to individuals and countries across the globe.

@FossGregfoss has done a phenomenal job helping to #educate on the benefits of owning #volatile #assets.
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According to a @FastCompany #article & an @indeed #poll, in the #techindustry, I'm old.

And not just a little old, a LOT old. I've been in #tech longer than many of my colleagues have been alive!

But that's OK & here's why (🧵):

1. You can't gain experience from a book (or website or app or ...)

The only way you gain #experience is by doing things over time.

That's it!

No shortcuts!

No cheat codes!

And I've had the time to gain the experience which shows on my #resume & portfolio.
2. I grew up before the Internet!

The Internet's biggest #advantage can also be its biggest failure. "Just Google it!" has become the modern mantra because it's easier to find a #solution than to figure it out.

My ability to problem solve is becoming rare! And marketable!
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I've been studying Alberta political culture & public opinion for over a decade. I've learned that a lot of Albertans feel personally & collectively "left behind" by their governments, and by the pace of economic & social change that is challenging the "Alberta way of life." +
Acknowledegment is important. The continual airing of grievances by politicians who claim to be "standing up for Albertans" may feel good at the time. +
So, too, might spending billions of dollars on failed pipeline bets, war rooms, and public inquiries to identify and target "the bad guys."+
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🧵I love #football

Have done since the 1980's ⚽️

Nowadays though, the off-field stuff seems to get as much coverage & column inches as the game itself 🗞️📺📱

Competition isn't just about trophies - it's about eyeballs, soft power, geo-politics, PR and #money

Quick tale...
Did you see that news report from the #US this week about the #billionaire financier #TomBarrack being arrested? ($250m bail)

In the weird (but fun) world we live in, that incident ties to #NewcastleUnited & the #PremierLeague

Say what?! 🧐

#FollowTheMoney #Networks #Power 💸
We have;

- Billionaires acting as back-channel diplomats (💰)
- Political actors orchestrating things but pretending they're not
- Qatar buy rights to #EPL for region
- Saudi pirate them #AJ #BeIn #BeOut
- SA try to buy NUFC
- Qatar say "No Way"

#Rights ✍️/👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
#Value (s) 💸🙏⚽️
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1/ I produce a lot of content. It's difficult for some to keep up with at times. Below, a list of some of my threads & important tweets for $EGLD & $CEL The Crypto Industry & Banking/Federal Reserve & Investing. Education is Freedom & Crypto is Financial Freedom. #cryptocurrency
3/ “Is @ElrondNetwork The Future Smart Contract Blockchain Market Leader?” (44 Page Research & Investment Thesis) $EGLD ⚡️
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(1\13) The next time someone says #crypto is the one with #leverage tell them they have ZERO understanding of the existing legacy banking & financial system. Historically banks were required to hold 10-13% in reserves. Federal Reserve moved it to 0% on March 15, 2020 $EGLD $CEL Image
(2\13)… When I used to teach banking I would have my students perform #UBPR which are essentially an analytical tool for assessing banks health & performance. NEVER has the banking system allowed 0% reserve. Let me
(3\13) give you a mathematical example of how #FractionalReserves are essentially implicit leverage. If banks historically had to hold say 10% than the way you would understand how much leverage is by 1*1/R. You deposit $100 *(1/R) R=10% = $1,000, so they can lend out $900 for
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Lots of people asking me to provide a summary of yesterdays Wigglesworth Memorial Lecture. In the lecture I discussed 10 lessons that I have learned about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) through 20 years of applied #humanfactors research. Here they are!
Lesson 1. A human error lens is useless and can be dangerous. I talked here about how using the term in OHS can be misleading and prevent learning. Errors are a consequence of systemic issues, not a cause of anything!
Lesson 2. All accidents/safety compromising incidents are caused by multiple interacting contributory factors. There is no such thing as a root cause
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1) I think this is a prudent moment to talk about leverage and #BTC ;

Most new traders use leverage to increase their position size,

Experienced traders use leverage to increase their buying power.

Here's a breakdown;
2) When planning a trade, one of the first steps is deciding how much to risk.

The most widely accepted method for determining risk is to use a % of your total account balance,

eg. $10,000 account, risk less than <3% per trade = <$300 max loss per trade;
3) Most new traders ignore this, and go straight to "how much can I buy with the leverage at 10x?, 20x?, 100x?, etc.

Where as experienced traders use an amount where the max loss on that position represents their predetermined risk per trade amount;
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#Fed Put & Financial Conditions Index (#FCI):

#Powell: “…would be concerned by…persistent tightening in financial conditions…”

🚩Just-for-fun graphic: Fed Put - Market’s search for Put’s Strike Price = Fed’s intervention threshold

🚩#DiveIn: FCI & Macro

1/12 Image
So why learn about FCI?
#1 Fed tracks FCI
#2 FCI affects GDP/Output

Traditional Keynesian => s/t Interest Rates affect GDP

Goldman’s Hatzius/Stehn argue (2018 paper) Interest Rates first affect FCI (empirically mild relationship) & FCI then strongly affects GDP (Graphic)

2/12 Image
Financial Conditions Index (FCI)?
▶️One # to capture state of conditions in financial/banking system
▶️weighted average of indicators of interest rates, exchange rate, credit spreads & equity valuations
▶️each indicator expressed relative to its avrg & scaled by its stdev

3/12 Image
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Financial spread betting might be a tax efficient and the right instrument to use in the UK and Ireland but witiout knowledge it can be disasterous.
Spread betting for beginners is a good start and then the learning curve.
#spreadbetting #trading… Image
Did you know that financial spread betting is tax free? It means you've got to pay no tax... no Capital Gains Tax, No Stamp Duty, No tax at all.
#tax #trade…
Financial spread betting envolves trading on leverage.
Yes, it could be good and benefit you but once you lose control of the leverage you might run into serious troubles. Make sure you treat leverage with respect and remember... it can hurt.
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This thread is to cover one of the most important topics for those involved in financial spread betting or any other form of trading.
Let's be honest and see 3 most common reasons why many lose and what part spread betting plays there.
#spreadbetting… Image
1. Over-leveraging.
Probably the most common mistake out-there - don't over leverage; yes, potential returns might be tempting but you want to use spread betting as a trading platform rather than a gambling one so keep your leverage in check.
2. Over-trading.
Over-trading is another common mistake novice spread bettors make. Don't trade just for the sake of trading but spend more time learning and analysing your potential positions. More learning = more profit.
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* Some practical tips on #PersonalFinance & #Investment *

Met someone who lost heavily in markets( sizeable amt) which makes me write this thread .

DISCLAIMER : There are exceptions always.However the chances of us being in that exception is rare !🤷 Hence the thread.

Pls DON'T ENTER markets without ensuring you have
- An Emergency Fund in place
- A good comprehensive Life & Health insurance policy for all .
- Term Insurance ( especially if taken a house on loan)

More details given in the old tweet.

Consider investing in markets as money locked in ( like in a PPF account) for a few years atleast & THEN decide how much money you CAN AFFORD TO LOCK IN.
Else we may have to sell ( even a good)stock at lower price BECAUSE we need money urgently .
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Having a self owned home is a dream come true for the majority of us . We still equate it with prosperity & being settled .
But with the alarming cost of reality (especially in Metro's) when does this make sense?
My viewpoint on the same.
(So called)Pro's :
*Having your own place - Pride of possession.
*An investment .
*Having liberty to decorate as per choice { provided the wife permits 😉 }
*No need to shift often.
*Loan available at low interest rate.
Easy way to #leverage in markets (Common blunder!)
Are these really as good as they sound?

*The pride of owning a house comes with buckets of stress ,for most of the properties are purchased taking huge #loans spread across 2-3 decades of repayment.
So are we actually owning a house or is the bank possessing us ? 🤔
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Are you already trading in CFD or a beginner? CFD is a popular derivative trading product. It allows you to speculate on the financial markets, which include shares, forex, commodities, etc.
This thread show the advantages of CFDs.
#cfd #cfdtrading… Image
Trading In Rising & Falling Market
When you can trade in both directions, it opens up more trading opportunities for you. For example, if you buy shares, you only make money when the price goes up. With CFD trading, you can also profit by selling shares when the price go down.
Invest In Range Of Markets
Traders get a chance to invest in various financial markets through one singular online trading platform. With CFD, trading in forex, shares, commodities, bonds, and others are possible from a single account.
#market #StockMarket…
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Let us take a closer look at a level playing field in #Banking, and why regulatory clarity is so important.

The information used here comes directly from the @BIS_org

#Ripple #XRP #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
While crises often span borders, the pain is always domestic. At the political level, therefore, the temptation is for a narrow, national policy response that tends to make the playing field uneven - the very opposite of what we should be aspiring to.
When the Great Financial Crisis hit in 2007-09, for example, national approaches prevailed - notably in the form of ad hoc ring-fencing and recapitalisation of domestic banks by governments. Cross-border #Banking receded significantly.
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When it comes to CFD or forex trading, it's important that you deal only with reputable and regulated brokers; there's no need to cut corners and hope for the best, just go with the best.
Where's what you're looking for:
#CFD #cfdbroker #forexbroker Image
1. How are the spreads? are you satisfied? Shop around as there are so many brokers to choose from. A bit of leg work will save you time and money.
2. Happy with the range of markets? That's where you really have to dig in and investigate. If your CFD or forex broker does not provide the markets you trade then what's the point even if they have low spreads?
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#Traders path #Futures & #Options

1: Understanding the game

Trading is not much different from playing poker game or betting on various other things.

It’s just a structured game where rules are not made by anyone, but needs to be followed by everyone in game.
Understanding those rules and adjusting yourself is a continuous process which will never end. As #SEBI would keep on changing rules.

The important thing to understand is any thing in life if we want to succeed we need patience and dedication.
A 2 hour webinar or 2 day course can’t teach you about #CapitalMarkets or #Trading it’s impossible.

Personally i feel have around 40-50% knowledge about capital markets after more than 12years of trading experience.
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Despite the fact that over 70% of the financial spread betting traders lose money, it is still a popular form of trading for retail traders.
In this thread, there are a few tips to become a bit more successful spread bettor.…
#spreadbetting #trading212 Image
Importance of discipline. Whenever you trade you need to make sure you follow your strategies and stick to your trading plan. Too after short term positions become long term, in the hope the financial market will move in the way you hope it will.
#market #strategy
Keep leverage under control and don't over leverage. Recent ESMA margin requirement changes made it much more difficult to over leverage but it's still possible. Ideally, you shouldn't put more than 1%-2% of capital at risk per trade.
#Leverage #trading #margin
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Forex trading... not again :)
Just saw 3 questions so decided to answer them here.
1. Should I use leverage?
2. Should I have multiple forex accounts with different brokers?
3. What is the best forex strategy?
So let's answer these 3 questions in this thread.
#forex #fx Image
Should I use leverage?
Just because it's there it doesn't mean you have to use it up. Leverage has its benefits and risks but you have to use it wisely. Don't use it to the max just because it's there as it'll end up in bad way.
Should I have multiple forex accounts with different brokers?
It depends on the amount of money you have and your trading style. You might want to trade on a few platforms to check them out. But if you're happy with your FX broker then NO.
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Financial spread betting might sound something of the past but they do offer their benefits in the modern trading and particularly for the UK and Irish traders.
This thread will cover some of the main benefits.
#spreadbetting #spreadbettingbrokers…
1. No taxes. This is the main and the vital benefit of financial spread betting as you get to pay no tax (no tax, no CGT, no stamp duty) on any profits you make from the financial markets.
It means you get to keep all your profits but can't offset it against your tax.
2. Leverage. It played an essential role in the growth of financial spread betting. No more you need all the money to trade the markets but you can use the leverage and benefit.
#leverage #spreadbet…
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