(1) It's election day in New Zealand. I'd love to tell you all about my political views on NZ but I'm legally not allowed to during the next 8 hours, before polls close at 7pm.

I think I'm free to say I think this law is super dumb, though. #nzpol

(2) I'm free to say to my wonderful American friends that your system of government is far better than New Zealand's... your government doesn't constrain your God-given free speech rights on election day.

Over half of eligible NZ voters voted early, too.

It's a dumb law.
(3) After 7pm I'll add to this thread with my views on the NZ election and what might happen next.

Election results here are often not clear for hours, and sometimes the overseas mail-in votes make enough of a difference that we have to wait 10 days for the official result.
(4) Initial NZ election results look good for the thinly-veiled Communist parties, good for the libertarian-ish ACT party & not great for the main oppo party, National.

Nats rubber stamped the insane "gun buyback" law in 2019 & bled voters to ACT, the only party to oppose it.
(5) The Communist party PM, Jacinda Ardern, used her office to blatantly campaign on a daily basis. I worked in govt for years and no one ever did that to this extent. People still had some values, some ethics. Rules & laws were respected.

I look forward to Election 2023.
(6) Communists will infiltrate your institutions and gradually take over your country by stealth, if you let them.

The RKBA is crucial but, outside the US it is rare to have that right. It's too late.

America is the last stand for freedom. You're our Shining City on a Hill.
(7) We the opponents of the NZ Communist parties (Labour + Greens) did our best to limit the damage this time.

We're not giving up. Did the Allies give up in WWI and WWII when things looked grim? Of course not.

Never surrender.

• • •

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8 Oct
(1) Thread: Domestic abuse in celebrity couples

I saw #IStandWithMelissa trending so clicked on the tag to see what it's about.

I don't watch TV shows or movies much these days so I didn't know who Melissa Benoist (31) or Blake Jenner (28) are.

Here's why I write about it.
(2) I write about celebrities' private matters that they make public for several reasons. Mostly because we seldom get to see inside an abusive relationship, unless we are in it. So, there are lessons for everyone; You can help protect your adult child, friend etc.
(3) I'm a survivor of domestic abuse (several times) and I happen to have worked in the field of public policy analysis that includes this topic.

I can share some of what I know, in the hope that it raises awareness and even spares a few people some pain.
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8 Oct
(1) So I found some memes and images I kept from the 2016 #VPdebate...
(2) Man it was hilarious the way Pence dealt with Kaine.
(3) The Democrats have learned precisely nothing from 2016.
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5 Oct
(1) Our opponents are exploiting the young age of 16 year old Claudia Conway because no bar is too low for them when it comes to politics these days.

The Conway family is affected by domestic abuse at the hands of George Conway.

Hear me out...
(2) The term "domestic abuse" includes psychological, emotional, & spiritual abuse.

I've survived all three, & law enforcement including these forms in their definition was a big help to me.

Kellyanne Conway is a devout Catholic, trying to keep her family together.
(3) I have a lot of regard for Kellyanne Conway, so I've understood what she's trying to do & have never said divorce would be preferable. At this point, her personal dilemma has reached breaking point, bc her kids are being used.
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3 Oct
(1) Historic. One of his best messages ever. If he was reading some of it, that didn't show. Authentic, warm, heartfelt.

Some context below re "...there's never been a great leader that would've done that."

#Courage #MAGA🇺🇸
(2) When he said those words I had to re-listen a few times to be sure of what he meant. No doubt, our opponents will exploit the ambiguity.

He means: I had the option of hiding away, or moving to my offices here, and I moved here because (many reasons, including:)
(3) That his decisions are always based on what is best for the USA and the world. Those two audiences could really do with an optimism boost right now.

Think about the character of the Chinese regime, and want they wanted out of this pandemic. (Whether LIHOP or planned.)
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3 Oct
(1) In one of the photos from today Trump looks rather overweight, and he doesn't normally look that way. Recent photos of him from a range of events showed him looking fairly normal, or at best, only slightly overweight.

I think he slouched on purpose.
(2) As someone who is a bit overweight, I've studied this issue closely in relation to covid.

The very-overweight (which Trump has never been) are at high risk of complications and death from covid.

I think he deliberately slouched, to bait the haters.
(3) Those of us who engage our brain before speaking, know that Trump is at low risk of death from covid because his symptoms are very mild, he is remarkably fit for his age, and he has the best medical care in the world.

The left are competing to be the most vile about him.
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2 Oct
(1) I just decided, to hell with it. I want to listen to 80s music and think about how we won the Cold War.

If you're with me, reply with your Gen-X tidbits, even if you weren't born between 1964 and 1980.)

Our time has come. #GenXWillSaveTheWorld
(2) See, I'm 99% certain it's Gen-X doctors who are treating Boomer-in-Chief President @realdonaldtrump at Walter Reed. Call it a hunch.

This song brought the 80s back for me: "A Big Country." Turn up the volume.

(3) No celebration of the 1980s, especially 80s music, is complete without the unsolicited input of honorary GenXer Colonel @KurtSchlichter.


Not sure what songs he will suggest, but let this one be a placeholder for now.

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