indians have a misconception about long-term US resident/citizen indian-americans: that they care about india.

for many of my IIT classmates who have been there for 40+ years, this is not true. they get teary-eyed about 'america the beautiful' and july 4th.

i generalize. 1/n
i am not blaming them, either. they may be married to americans, and their children are americans, and they will almost certainly die there, and once their parents die, they lose allegiance to india. this is the seductive 'melting pot'.

those who care about india return. 2/n
that is also a generalization. i know people who are passionate about india after living in the US or UK for 50 years. my UK doc uncle who died last year was one such; i have friends who also are.

the best way to support india's interests in the US is to create linkages. 3/n
economic, military, diplomatic, cultural, etc ties. yes, a diaspora helps for sure. but supporting h1b to enhance diaspora not the best way. india as a market where US firms invest (and the diaspora as MNC managers can help in this. i know. i did) is good. indian IP better. 4/n
helping create indian startups and nurturing them by exposing them to the US market is also a good thing diaspora people can do. speaking up for indian or hindu causes, as for eg re 370/CAA, or the calif textbook case, are good. but none of this means GoI must push h1b. 5/n
i'm all for supporting the diaspora. all i'm saying is that h1b is not the ONLY, or even the BEST, mechanism for this. thus it should not be given undue priority just because it helps some IT svcs firms.

i've seen both sides as an MNC Dir in SV/India, and as VP in IT svcs. 6/n
i'm not saying i have all the answers, but decades in the US and back in india, and in edu and opinion writing, give me some experiences i can leverage. i am open to being corrected, but i think the innovation that led to h1b (onsite offshore model) is defunct now. move on. 7/7

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16 Oct
let's look at this from first principles.

1. H1B visas not necessarily in india's national interest.

2. H1Bs are in the personal interest of middle-class indians who want to live in the US. and of indian IT companies and US firms.

personal interest > national interest? 1/n
not in national interest coz it negates #makeinindia, and skews aspirations away from, say, mechanical or civil eng jobs which are needed for manuf/infra.

training up these migrants is a drain on the indian economy, and then they all become medium-skilled coders 2/n
they then depress wages in the US and compete with natives, who are justified in complaining about it.

besides, if they stayed on in india, at least some of them will build solutions to problems we have in india.

yes, admittedly, some individuals' US migration will be hurt 3/n
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13 Nov 19
Temple Entry Proclamation, 12 Nov 1936. 'Profoundly convinced of the truth and validity of our religion, believing that it is based on divine guidance and on all-comprehending toleration, knowing that in its practice it has throughout the centuries, adapted itself to the... 1/3
needs of changing times, solicitous that none of our Hindu subjects should, by reason of birth or caste or community, be denied the consolation and the solace of the Hindu faith, we have decided and hereby declare, ordain and command that, subject to such rules and... 2/3
conditions as may be laid down and imposed by us for preserving their proper atmosphere and maintaining their rituals and observances, there should henceforth be no restriction placed on any Hindu by birth or religion on entering or worshiping at temples controlled by us... 3/4
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28 Aug 18
now reading this ebook by @CatherineNixey #thedarkeningage about the destruction of #greek and #roman #culture by #christians. we are seeing the same in action re destruction/#digestion of #hindu culture in india today by the same folks.
no, not ISIS. christians. the first page of the book.
the tyrant. we saw this in #antonio #maino's NAC, which turned into law the RTE, and was about to turn into law the Communal Violence Bill, which essentially made all Hindus criminals. expect the roman christian behavior as in this excerpt if @incindia comes back to power. 👇
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7 May 18
the inevitable gopal subramaniam and indira jaising. surprised bhushan wasn't there as well, and kapil sibal. it could have been a reunion, just like old times.

sending crummy lawyers against these well-connected shyster sharks is a losing tactic.
in other words, you can get ANYTHING done in india by hiring someone from a small set of millionaire lawyers. and we have to believe it's their brilliant arguments, not that they have social ties with the judges?

there's something deeply disturbing about this scenario.
the FCRA NGO cabal figured this out long ago. for a small investment of a few crores, they can get their missionary #breakingindia sponsors huge force multiplication through the PIL mechanism.

#1 need for judicial reform: force all PILs to be filed in the lowest court, never SC
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