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A strong India is problematic for a lot of world powers. In 1947, no "independence" happened, only a transfer of power from a White to a Brown Englishman. Rise of @narendramodi is a real problem, hence the demonization.

The protest are not about CAA. Aim is #BreakingIndia.
@narendramodi Because they think in binaries and "clash of civilization." Don't want another rival to rise, like China.

@narendramodi The first partition was engineered for similar reasons. Now a host of sepoys are funded in "South Asian studies" in the US (funded by the CIA) and via FCRA-NGO network in India. They talk of "sub-nationalities" and "oppressed" and "Indian was never a nation." Aim is the same.
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"Human rights" have been weaponized to repeatedly destabilize countries.

Western media @nytimes, @washingtonpost etc are part of imperialism project.

West attacked Iraq, Libya, all for "human rights", causing unending civil war. That's the India plan.…
@nytimes @washingtonpost And there is a entire host of Indian sepoys fattened on the FCRA-NGO "rights" system that are the embedded agent provocateurs. You will find their fingerprints across the spectrum from Shant SC lawyers to Harsh Mander.

@nytimes @washingtonpost Russia, China got smart. India has a liability due to English language slavery which creates intellectual subservience towards the West.

All puppets marching for "Azadi" and targeting Modi are marching for slavery to one of two external imperialisms.

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#Thread on #ShivSena's alleged 'mistakes' and what lies ahead.

Many people are at a loss with @ShivSena's change of stance, aligning themselves with @NCPspeaks and @INCIndia, trending #ShivSenaCheatsMaharashtra and all that.

I am looking at the bigger picture.
This has got to do with some specific changes which I have noticed since the start of 2019. Maybe this had started even earlier, but obvious signs were being shown from January 2019.
1) You may call @rautsanjay61 as foolish, but he has given enough signs that the stance is changing.
First being, his going against BJP in the CAB debate in the Winter Session of Lok Sabha (January 2019).…
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Esther Dhanraj is a brave ex-Christian trained in a premiere seminary in USA. She sends this video message to all our IK's and wants boycott of the forthcoming FeTNA conference in Chicago. Pls post your comment & RT.
Request ppl to stick to the purpose of her video and this thread. Don't divert/dilute, scatter the IK prana on other issues. Thank you. We got the MEA-sponsored Jesus Natya performance cancelled in Germany by focussed activism.
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Anti-"minority'? Ha ha. When did I ever criticize Jains or Parsis, or Tibetan Buddhists in India.

I criticize only the two most powerful world-dominant ideologies with global resources waging Holy War on minority traditions. These apologists for #IslamoFascism are funny. 😂
This template of minority-majority itself arises from monotheism and its experience in Europe. It was a debate *within* Christian sects where a Catholic majority would persecute Protestants and vice-versa. It is a problem arising from intolerant Christian (& Islamic) monotheism.
#Islamophobia is a term funded by #OIC to prevent criticism of Islam, a secular blasphemy law. No surprise an #IslamoFascist apologist would push it.

Pepsi, Coke and Walmart don't become "minorities" in India because sugarcane juice sells more.

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Very important. 16% is cheap price to pay if a section of Marathas are stopped from going khalistan or LTTE way.

Another successful dravidian/Khalistani project in MH - is the last thing Hindus want. This BIF Project is seriously ongoing in MH for last 20 years in earnest.
One has to read the book #BreakingIndia by @RajivMessage to understand the origins of Tamil separatism. It all started in early 1900s which bore a bloody fruit 60 years later. Sikh exceptionalism (which led to separatism) too started in same era by same usual suspect.
Whatever happened in early 1900s in TN amd undivided Punj in such “exceptionalist” terms of narrative building, started happening in Maharashtra the moment INC lost power in 1994 in the aftermath of Ram Janma Bhumi movement (which has and still has a strong resonance in MH).
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Yes, pre-poll gimmicks. If BJP wins in West Bengal they'll probably reserve the entire road for Namaz, then give them special Muslim scholarships.
Two minutes of silence for those who keep dreaming BJP has some “secret plan” as it bends over backwards in Muslim appeasement. 😏 Sure, let’s check back in 6 months to see if Muslims are no longer “minority.”

Religious-identity based sops are wrong and divisive. They aid the conversion war, aid #BreakingIndia. They don’t become wrong when someone else does it and right when @narendramodi does it.…
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Complete fact-free nonsense again. Where is the evidence that education prevents Muslim radicalization? Evidence is the exact opposite. All global terror attacks have involved well-educated Muslims.
Rather religion-based schemes don’t “bring into the mainstream”, they encourage separatism.

Take an atheist ex-Muslim who doesn’t even self-identify as Muslim. When the State funds “Muslim scholarships” wouldn’t he classify his children as Muslim now? @narendramodi
There can be no bigger #BreakingIndia schemes than the “Minority” religion-based schemes.

A Muslim Weaver gets “Hunar haat” his Hindu weaver neighbor doesn’t. What else is this but State incentive for conversion under self-deluding “udaarta”?…
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Opposition to Sanskrit is a colonial project, a #BreakingIndia missionary project like the “Aryan-Dravidian” divide. Tamil Sangam literature is suffused with Sanskrit.

The missionary driven “Periyarite” project was to de-Sanskritize as a stepping stone to de-Hinduise.
“Periyar” has no love for Tamil. Tamil chauvinism was used for the real aim—English hegemony.
I am promoting Tamil—spoke at IIT Madras, used Tamil on slides.
Let’s join forces to advocate engineering, medicine, Madras High Court in Tamil.
But there is no need to de-Sanskritize for it, which is a chauvinistic project.

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@thewire_in @BJP4India
Coming from #AntiHindu #BreakingIndia forces isn’t surprising!
All scaremongers singing ‘save Hindu-heritage’ must’ve been investing in shops/lodges on encroached Mandirs making fast bucks from firangs!
#KashiVishwanathCorridor truth covered personally👇🏻
@thewire_in @BJP4India Gathered over days of walking around in #Varanasi , visiting the shamelessly encroached Mandir sites & speaking to people, here are some facts all #Hindus must know!
@thewire_in @BJP4India दीवारों से घिरे हुए मंदिर,जिन्हें फ़िरंगी चरसी नशेड़ियों से डॉलर एनठने के लिए लॉज, माँसाहारी होटलों में तब्दील कर दिया गया
ऐसे सैकड़ों निर्माणों का विरोध ६५ वर्ष #कांग्रेस सरकार ने क्यूँ नहीं किया,
प्राचीन मंदिरों का विनाश करने वाले कौन हैं
इनके विरोधमें क्यूँ कोई आवाज़ नहीं उठी?
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1. 44 lives taken in one go.Let that sink in.44 precious lives who were defending Bharat regardless of which community or caste they belonged to.They died protecting d idea of Bharat,not d Lutyens idea of India. Why is this important? How is this relevant? #PulwamaAttack
2. No matter how much d so-called liberals and d aman ki asha idiots try & tell you that this is all political and has nothing to do with religion,each bomb blast proves otherwise.The test is not whether Muslims too are killed in the blasts.The test is what drives the terrorist.
3. Pakistan is not a country,it is a mindset & its existence is not limited to d territory of Pakistan. Whosoever,regardless of his/her faith,believes tht d very idea of Muslims living in a non-Muslim majority country is oppressive for Muslims,subscribes to d Pakistani mindset.
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In the following threads I'll try to discuss the links between Dravidian-Missionary Nexus, expose the links between the so called NGOs and #BreakingIndia Brigade, how they plan to derail all developmental projects mostly in the State of #TamilNadu
While in reality most of know that there's much more to the #Tuticorin protests, much of it was not highlighted by the Left leaning Media. The Church seems to have led the media by the nose in helping build a Congress-Communist narrative that dragged the Namo Govt into this
The coverage by the national media of the protests in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, against Vedanta’s copper smelting plant has been injudicious, based on hearsay and without application of mind. A narrative has been parroted without critical Examination. It's true that few were shot
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- BJP at the cross-roads of history
- Lessons from history and the recent past, for the next 112 days
- Fighting the information war, being waged gainst Indics by the global neo-colonial Mafia
- What BJP volunteers must ask @narendramodi & @amitshah
Only about 16 weeks, or 112 days, left for the General Election.

Modi says: "Govt will come and govts will go, Elections will be won and lost. We need to take it with Equinamity". Is this the right way to see things?
It can be said that Indians did not fully realize the nature of the threat at Tarain in 1192 and at Talikota in 1565.

Though Bin Qasim's invasion of Sindh, led by Bin Qasim in 712, was beaten back, at great cost, by Rajputs, we failed to learn the lessons
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Check out how Fake Activism has fueled #BreakingIndia forces targeting #Sterlite! Follow this thread for the latest Updates about #Sterlite Copper!
After the May 22nd incident , TN Govt ordered permanent closure of #Sterlite without providing any opportunity to the alleged for reasoning. This knee jerk reaction from TN govt was supported by TNPCB by issuing a notice of closure without stating the actual scientific reasons
Sterlite later went on challenging TN Govt and TNPCB for the permanent closure of the plant! Principle or Natural justice was clearly denied to the company, purely to gain and mislead the sentiment of Tamil people in order to win vote banks
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A newly published interview of @PiyushGoyal by @RajivMessage, in which Rajiv raises several issues of Minoritarian privileges and Hindu human rights My comments follow below 1/n cc @sankrant @pranasutra @rahuldewan
Firstly, @PiyushGoyal does not seem to cognize the Church as a foreign controlled political entity that is operating within India. The political dimension is a core feature and not an aberration. This is the kind of message that the Church propagates before every election - 2/n
China's response was to insist that all Bishops be appointed by China and not the Vatican. The Vatican has been forced to agree. India has yet to grapple with the reality that the Church is essentially a foreign controlled, hostile, political force operating on Indian soil 3/n
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#Kerala government runs a corporation by the name: Kerala State Development Corporation for Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities Ltd. ( Attached RTI query )
Formed way back in Dec 03, 1980. Started with an authorised share capital of  Rs. 400,000,000

the social, cultural, educational and economical upliftment and  other living conditions of the Christian  Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities. 

Isnt this extreme discrimination metted out againt Hindu SC and ST.
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Honourable?? Milords.
Col Purohit was arrested without evidence, labelled terrorist and tortured in jail for 9 years. Whole nation knows Chidambaram, Digvijay and Madame coined saffron terror narrative to malign the Hindus.
We are the ONLY country in the world which says our own countrymen are responsible for the blasts in our country. Have you heard Col Purohit's wife speak about the trauma her family went through all these years?? It's so heart wrenching.
It fills every Indian with anger and utter indignation for those responsible for framing him. We were appalled to know that in all probability, he would have been handed over to Pakistan.😱😱
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the inevitable gopal subramaniam and indira jaising. surprised bhushan wasn't there as well, and kapil sibal. it could have been a reunion, just like old times.

sending crummy lawyers against these well-connected shyster sharks is a losing tactic.
in other words, you can get ANYTHING done in india by hiring someone from a small set of millionaire lawyers. and we have to believe it's their brilliant arguments, not that they have social ties with the judges?

there's something deeply disturbing about this scenario.
the FCRA NGO cabal figured this out long ago. for a small investment of a few crores, they can get their missionary #breakingindia sponsors huge force multiplication through the PIL mechanism.

#1 need for judicial reform: force all PILs to be filed in the lowest court, never SC
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1. Everyday, as a Hindu, you are bound to find something worthy of your outrage despite your best intentions. You will feel disheartened and wonder if the tide will ever turn, and if this land and its culture will ever see better days. #NewYearResolution
2. Every controversy is proof of how determined and sophisticated #BreakingIndia forces are and how deep their tentacles run. That they find willing supporters for their cause at a price should tell us how deep and widespread the cancer is #NewYearResolution
3. While I am aware that social media is a powerful tool of narrative building and propaganda, it is absolutely useless unless it is backed by concrete efforts on the ground. This is no more just a newsworthy controversy to be debated in TV studios. #NewYearResolution
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Exposé: How ISIS steals our Heritage & sells it through the Dark Web for terror-funding.
Read the full thread on #BloodBuddhas 1/n
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Thot I will make a thread with a hashtag...
With collection of tweets from what others say... Let's see... Here is

Reason 1 :

Reason# 2 : Not glorifying Modi's economic policies but citing how previous UPA regime was worse... Don't want to go back to it

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Thread on India’s Top 50 #RisingStars .
Now that I’m not “young” anymore, I’ve been looking for hope in those that are. Here is a list of people that give me hope, that India is in the Right hands. #TweetThread on India’s 50 #RisingStars
Follow these handles. You’ll get awed, inspired, and motivated. Maybe even get Going. So here’s my #FridayFollow list of Young Indians worth their salt... My 50 #RisingStars! (in no specific order)
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