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Live from #GartnerDW | 20 #Culture Hacks to Improve #Hybrid Workplace Adoption and Efficiency with Gavin Tay, Gartner VP Analyst: Image
About this keynote: Gavin reveals the top 20 #culture hacks that drive adoption and efficiency in the hybrid workplace: #GartnerDW #DigitalWorkplace #Hybrid
Let’s start off by defining what a “culture hack” is. #GartnerDW #DigitalWorkplace #Hybrid Image
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🎥 "5h Paris s'éveille", direction #Deauville !
Après #Cannes, c'est au festival @DeauvilleGreenA que la #création engagée se célèbre !

⤵️ Suivez-moi dans ces 2j autour de la sensibilisation, la rencontre et l'inspiration vers une #transition écologique et sociale !
#DGA2023 Image
Tout d'abord, j'ai le plaisir d'y représenter la @FondationBNPP et surtout le documentaire #UneEspèceÀPart (@LumentoFilm /@ARTEfr) créé par notre cher @franckcourchamp, qui a été sélectionné 🎖️

RDV demin soir pour savoir s'il recevra un Prix ! 😋 Image
"Le #cinéma est une industrie polluante [mais] Les salles, les œuvres, créent des liens uniques entre les humains, les réunissent autour d’histoires communes, qui influencent la façon dont ils regardent, comprennent le monde [...]
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… sur le thème "les musiques du jardin"
📆 du 1er au 4 juin 2023
ℹ️ Inédit, festif et gratuit pour tous
1/5 📸 C.Bell ImageImageImageImage
2/5 Des animations se sont déroulées du côté des musées et notamment le Musée d’Art moderne – Collections nationales Pierre et Denise Lévy. @francoisbaroin est allé saluer les visiteurs qui sont allés contempler les œuvres et assister au concert de jazz, en présence d’élus. ImageImageImageImage
📌 Musée d’Art moderne et son jardin
15h : Atelier créatif : ŒUVRE "SANS TITRE" DE DAMIEN CABANES
16h : Visite guidée : LE PAYSAGE DE COURBET À DERAIN
La journée : Visite libre du jardin ImageImageImageImage
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@AA_Avocats 🔸“Où va la France ?”
Tribune du 8 mai 2023 de J-François Bayart, professeur #IHEID (Genève), chaire Yves Oltramare.

- “La France est bel et bien en train de rejoindre le camp des démocraties « illibérales »,
- et Macron vit dans une réalité parallèle et joue avec le feu”.
@AA_Avocats 🔸“Où va la France ?” se demande la Suisse. La mauvaise réponse serait de s’arrêter à la raillerie culturaliste des Gaulois éternels mécontents.
La crise est politique.
Emmanuel Macron se réclame de l’ « extrême centre» qu’incarnèrent successivement dans l’Histoire, le Directoire ImageLe Directoire est le régime...
@AA_Avocats le 1er et le 2d Empire, et diff courants technocratiques saint-simoniens.

🔸Il est le dernier avatar en date. L'historien Pierre Serna nomme le « poison français », propension au réformisme étatique et anti-démocratique, par la voie de l’exercice caméral et centralisé du pouvoir Image
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1/10: Just listened to an episode of @99piorg about Balikbayan boxes. These are large boxes filled with goods that Filipinos living abroad send back home.

My wife and I send these boxes frequently. It's a fascinating blend of economics and culture.
2/10: The Balikbayan box system is a testament to the power of remittances. Filipinos abroad send an estimated $33 billion back home annually. That's about 10% of the Philippines' GDP.

3/10: The economic impact of these boxes is profound. They're filled with goods that are often cheaper or unavailable in the Philippines, but also with stuff that just help make families feel connected.
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Hello, Connections! Welcome back to my weekly column #ATHCOriginal #AskATHC. Today, I want to discuss a rather controversial topic—#Women.

#UnitedShowbiz #Gender #eqyality #Education #womenempowerment #TedTalk #Inspiration #Movies
Last week, I discussed #ContentWriting, but today's topic is different. Before going further, I want to declare outright that I am not a feminist or atheist. I am just a pragmatic, who sees a glass & water as two distinct things rather than seeing it half-empty or half full.
World has moved forward. Girls have gone to space! But culture, religion, ethics, & social evils continue to haunt girls worldwide. I don't want to talk about India, you've plenty of cases where women face atrocities almost every single day here. #RuralIndia #WomenLifeFreedom
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Supreme Court Constitution Bench to shortly deliver verdict in batch of pleas concerning legality of bull-taming sports like Jallikatu.

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtOfIndia #Jallikattu #AnimalRights #culture Image
Bench assembles

Justice Aniruddha Bose: who is from animal welfare board... cause title has the board name

Justice Bose: let me read the operative part. We answer the questions: The TN Amendment act is not a colourable legislation and is referable, in pith and substance, to……
Justice Bose: jallikattu is a type of bovine sport and is going on in TN since last century, bull is left free in an arena... whether it is integral to tamil culture requires social analysis and cannot be undertaken by the judiciary..whether it is to preserve cultural heritage is……
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Confucius was a philosopher, teacher and politician who lived in ancient China over 2,500 years ago. His teachings continue to influence Chinese culture and society to this day. #Confucius #philosophy #China #history

Sound ⬆️

[Note, this is AI-generated content with images……
2/ Confucius emphasized the importance of virtue, education and respect for authority. He believed that rulers should lead by example and cultivate moral character in their subjects.

👉Prompts in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #virtue #education #leadership A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...
3/ Confucian values continue to play a significant role in Chinese society, particularly in areas such as education, family relationships and business etiquette.

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history
#Confucianism #culture #society Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...
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#Thread on Maharashtra Day:

Sometime in the early 2000’s a young Maharashtrian musician realised that Marathi songs were not being played on the FM stations, as they were not commercially viable.

He decided to address this situation by making a landmark Marathi song.
He took a unique approach. He decided to make that the sole focus of his life.Over the next 18 months, he did not take up any project.

The other decision he took was that it would be done with the best singers, in the best recording studio and with the most talented musicians.
He also planned to do a mass funding for this mainly to create an awareness movement and able to do the best he can.

A friend of his came home and he ran this idea past her. She immediately gave him a ₹500 note and was one of his strongest advocates throughout the project.
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The Right Wing's Dirty War Against History and Education… The politics of disappearance at work currently in the U.S. takes place under the cover of state legislative policies that erase the histories of marginalized groups and other displaced populations
Public Education, 'School Choice' Debate: Defeat of a School Voucher Program Reveals the Truth… “Vouchers take money out of the budget [meant] for public schools and route it to various recipients that include private schools and homeschooling businesses”
US #Fascism Spreads Under Guise of “Patriotic Education”…

"the far right GOP has deemed #education to be the most powerful tool for creating a public that is neither informed nor willing to struggle to keep a #democracy alive"
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Does your People Ops / HR team have a set of People Experience (PX) design principles?

If not, you should.

Here’s why and how to create some for your team:

What are design principles?

Design principles are a set of core considerations which inform the direction and the overall approach of product design.

What are they for?

Design principles ensure the end product adheres to overall design vision. They allow decisions to be made quickly and accurately by anyone in the design team as decisions can be sense checked against the principles.

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In #Ukraine for a two-day @UNESCO Mission to reaffirm our support for the Ukrainian people and to advance cultural and educational recovery wherever possible. Image
Since the beginning of the war, @UNESCO is mobilized to help preserving culture, heritage, education and protecting journalists. Because those are the pillars of our humanity, our identities – the pillars of peace. #Ukraine ImageImageImage
Our Organization has constantly recalled that attacks against cultural sites, against schools, against journalists are violations of international law. #Ukraine Image
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1/ Culture & its development in #web3 #openmetaverse #NFTs is the foundational building blocks of a true digital #metaverse economy powered by #blockchain a 🧵👇following talks at #OuterEdge2023 #ParisBlockchainWeek #nftparis… @decryptmedia @animocabrands
2/ Production of arts & cultural goods in the US is already a close to trillion dollar industry employing over 5 million people, direct participation in the industry of culture is already a critical component of any thriving economy today…
3/ However when you consider the impact #arts & #culture have in other industries it becomes clear that culture is the foundation of most of our economic activity from retail, gaming, entertainment and even outdoor recreation.
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This is a threaded version of Chapter 14:

“The Twelfth Descent—Accumulation:”

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema.

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK...

READ BOOK…… #psychology #greed #devolution #possession

PH 14/1 ImageImage
Chapter 14 is subtitled,

“The “Domestication” of Humans—

“The Ability to Store Things Changes Everything for Prehistoric Humans...But Not in the Way We Thought It Did—

“Eden Stormed...The Rich Begin Calling the Tune”

THREAD #psychology #greed

PH 14/2 Image
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “This tragic, life-diminishing spinoff of our ability to gather & accumulate excessive ‘things’ was a desire to control even those of our own species: Our fellow humans became the last targets of our mania for control.” []…

PH 14/3
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Few Facts about Our Great Nation India...

#India #Greatness #Culture #Heritage #Proud
India is a land of diversity and rich culture that spans over 5000 years. From the ancient Indus Valley Civilization to the modern-day, India has always been a land of greatness.
India is home to some of the world's greatest architectural marvels, such as the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. These monuments showcase the incredible talent of India's artisans and craftsmen.
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My 13 Key take away from yesterday 🇫🇷🇬🇧 Summit held in Parid...and there is plenty on #culture, #Youth and #Education 💪
With more new initiatives than Commitment to Existing initiatives

A thread 🧵 (1/14)
🥳celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 2024 Forum Entreprendre dans la Culture, which brings together entrepreneurs, creators and technical experts from the cultural and creative industries, and at which the United Kingdom will be the Guest of Honour. (2/14)
🎽 explore all the potential of the 1948 bilateral Convention to develop our cultural and educational cooperation.
Deliver the « Spotlight on Culture » programme, to celebrate the Paris Olympics and Paralympics in 2024. continuation of @Diaphonique and @Fluxus (3/14)
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“The process of #rationalization central to #capitalism has required the creation of an intermediate stratum comprising the specialists of this rationalization, as #administrators, #technicians, #scientists, #educators. The very complexity of not... Image
... only the #technology but the social system has made it essential that this stratum be large and, over time, expanding.The funds that have been used to support it have been drawn from the global surplus, as extracted through entrepreneurs and states. In this elementary but ...
... fundamental sense these #cadres have therefore been part of the #bourgeoisie whose claim to participation in the sharing-out of the surplus has been given precise ideological form in the twentieth-century concept of #HumanCapital. Having relatively little real capital to ...
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What if I told you that everything you thought you knew about leadership was wrong? 🤯 I stumbled upon a video from @simonsinek that completely shattered my beliefs and opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.
Sinek's video on leadership taught me that great leaders don't just inspire action, they inspire belief. 💡 It's not about what you do, it's about why you do it. "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it." #leadership #inspiration
As Sinek says, "great leaders are those who trust their gut." 👍🏼 It's about having the confidence to follow your instincts and stay true to your values, even when it's not the popular choice. #integrity #trust #leadership
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⭐️The words “male” and “female” should be phased out in science because they reinforce ideas that sex is binary, scientists have suggested.
1. The terms were gathered as part of the EEB (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Language Project, founded by a collaboration of scientists in the US and Canada who claim some terminology is not inclusive, and could be harmful.
#Gender #culture
2. The initiative, the EEB Language Project was launched by like-minded scientists across the United States and Canada, including three University of British Columbia researchers—Dr. Kaitlyn Gaynor, Dr. Alex Moore and Dr. Danielle Ignace.
#Gender #Male #Female #Culture #Biology
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साविरा कम्बदा मंदिर (साविरा कंबाडा बसदी) या त्रिभुवन तिलका कुडामणी), एक बसदी या जैन मंदिर है जो मूडबिद्री, कर्नाटक, भारत में अपने 1000 स्तंभों के लिए विख्यात है। मंदिर को "चंद्रनाथ मंदिर" के रूप में भी जाना जाता है क्योंकि यह तीर्थंकर चंद्रप्रभा का सम्मान करता है, जिनकी आठ फुट की ImageImageImageImage
मूर्ति की पूजा मंदिर में की जाती है।बसदी का निर्माण 1430 में स्थानीय सरदार, देवराय वोडेयार द्वारा किया गया था और इसे पूरा करने में 31 साल लगे, [5] मंदिरों में 1962 में जोड़ दिए गए। इस मंदिर में 50 फीट लंबा मोनोलिथ मनस्थंभ है।करकला भैरव रानी नगला देवी द्वारा बनवाया गया। Image
मंदिर को वास्तुशिल्प का चमत्कार माना जाता है। [8] मंदिर विस्तृत मूर्तियों और सजावट से भरा है।मंदिर का द्वार में जटिल नक्काशी है और अलंकृत दीवारों से घिरा हुआ है। मंदिर के विशाल स्तंभों को एक अष्टकोणीय लकड़ी के लट्ठे के समान उकेरा गया है एक बारिंग शिलालेख। [9] [10] [11] अति सुंदर Image
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Énième appropriation culturelle : une marocaine s'approprie le Haik Mensouj, l'Ajaar, la tradition Algéroise des Couffins, les gâteaux Mbesses, la Fergani de Constantine, nos bijoux : le mkhabel autour du cou et le krafach Boulahya, sans aucune honte !… ImageImageImageImage
Parlons de la tradition des perles de culture Algériennes 🇩🇿, depuis quelques années, on voit les marocaines les rajouter comme elles rajoutent le Khit er roh 🇩🇿, ça devient inadmissible de voir ces appropriations de chaque détails tout les 4 matins ! La même voleuse ⏬ ImageImageImage
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[Scaling for Growth]

The other day I shared a multi-step process to scaling. After thinking about the short format of twitter, I added these additional 5 steps below.

#scaling #growth

[enjoy the #AI art] Chad Everett Harris provides a 5 step process for Scaling fo
Establish the Culture:
-Define the #values, #goals, and expectations for the team and the organization as a whole.
-Identify the key characteristics you want in new team members, such as experience, education, and personality traits.

Step 2: Hire the Right People:
-Create job descriptions that clearly outline the duties and requirements for each position.
-Use a variety of methods to attract potential candidates, including job fairs, employee referrals, and online job postings.
#people #build #companies
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This is a threaded version of Chapter 4, titled,

“The Doors of Perception:

“Each of Us Is Potentially Mind At Large... When Perception Is Cleansed, All Kinds of Nonordinary Things Happen”

READ BOOK>… #psychology #psychedelic #science #MindAtLarge

ED 4/1
of the book, *Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*

by Michael Adzema

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK... #psyche #psychedelic #science #MindAtLarge #perinatal #shamanic #consciousness #prenatal #metaphysics #pantheism #paradigm

ED 4/2
Chapter 4 is the beginning of “SECTION TWO: TRANSCENDING WORLDS”

& it explains: “Why Everything Appears Infinite when the Doors of Perception Are Cleansed: “Mind at Large” & The Awakening”

READ/DWL BOOK… #psyche #psychedelic #science #MindAtLarge

ED 4/3
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