Breaking: #ISIS released a new audio message by it’s official spokesman Almuhajir Abu Hamza al-Quraishi titled : “So Relate the Stories, Perhaps They May Reflect”. Speech discusses American "failed" policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other locations.
The speech, published by #ISIS ' central media division, #AlFurqan Media Foundation, appears to have been recorded in the past month, as Qurashi notes Bahrain normalizing relations with Israel, which took place on September 15.
Spokesman: ISIS leader, Qurashi directed a message to the Muslims all over Africa, noting Burkina Faso, Chad, the DRC, Kenya, Mali, and Nigeria, inciting them against Christian missionaries, and encouraging them to pledge to ISIS and fight "Crusaders" and "apostates" alike.
Obviously speech also urged #ISIS supporters to carry out lone-wolf attacks against “crusaders” in all their regions and more than in latest recent speeches, today's message focused also on recruitment, calling supporters to join the group in their areas.
#ISIS spox Abu Hamza al-Quraishi also counters narratives of ISIS' "defeat" from some pundits and leaders like @realDonaldTrump, etc.: “And to those who say that ISIS is finished, we say say...'Baqiyah...Baqiyah [remaining]'...and soon you will experience disasters..."
#ISIS spox demanded Muslims in #SaudiArabia specifically to move from beyond social media, &to take part in physical violence, either through immigrating to ISIS' "battlefields of jihad," or by carrying out lone-wolf attacks on Westerners, oil pipeline, economic targets in SA.
Of note, Muhajir called on supporters to reiterate pledges to #ISIS leader Qurashi. Shortly after, hundreds of individual supporters from around the world & prominent channels/media groups heeded the call, w/ over 1000 of the former coming into a dedicated channel for the task.

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16 Oct
BREAKING: A man in a #Paris suburb reportedly beheaded by assailant, who was shot dead by police. Details still emerging and the suspect and motive have not yet been confirmed, though French anti-terrorist prosecutor reportedly leading an investigation.…
BREAKING: New details suggest the attacker, reportedly Algerian, had Islamist motivation regarding perceived blasphemous cartoons: “The victim had recently given a lesson to his students on freedom of expression and had shown the caricatures of Muhammad.”…
BREAKING: Image of beheaded victim in #Paris suburb tweeted by what appears to be attacker shortly before he was killed: “To Macron, leader of the infidels, I executed one of your hell hounds who dared belittle Muhammad.”

The account, now removed, shows hyper-religious posting.
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4 Aug
1) The blast in #Lebanon was staggering in magnitude. The cause is yet to be determined, but hard to ignore timing against upcoming verdict over the killing of ex-PM Rafik #Hariri in 2005. A second possible explosion was also reported at the Hariri residence in the city.
2)Images from the fallout of the blast are devastating, with wide swaths of infrastructure completely demolished. I cant imagine what human cost this will bear:
3)Director General of Lebanese security states explosion was not result of IED, but rather a high-intensity explosive material “confiscated years ago” and held in the now-destroyed facility. Raises questions as to what the facility was, and does not at all exclude foul play.
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29 Jul
1)BREAKING: #ISIS claims attack in #Bangladesh, targeting a police headquarters in capital #Dhaka. Marks the group's 1st attack in the city since Aug. 2019 & comes amid an attack surge as part of the 4th wave of its "Battle of Attrition" campaign, in lead up to #EidAlAdha.
2)Media reports citing police officials: IED went off inside station, after it was found in a separate operation & brought back to be defused. Casualties were tallied at five wounded, including four police officers. Additional bombs successfully defused.…
3) Responding to recent inquiry, I’d like to clear up some facts: the recent claim from #Bangladesh was #ISIS official and authentic, meaning individuals on the ground in Bangladesh communicated w/ IS media command (likely in Syria), and the claim was then released.
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18 Jun
1) For the first time in my life, we're not hanging a Mezuzah on our door. This is despite us hanging one in 1960s Iraq, not long before my father & other Jews were executed & my mother fled with us to Israel. But this year, in America, we're too worried.

Here's why I say this.
2) Because today marks yet another day that @realDonaldTrump and his political team make another nod to far-right extremists, posting a triangle unignorably resemblant of that from Nazi Germany's political prisoner patches.
3) Was this an honest mistake from team Trump? Maybe, but I'd be more willing to give the benefit of the doubt if this hadn't happened so many times before: the "fine people" in Charlottesville, retweeting users with names like "WhiteGenocide." There are too many to count.
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11 Jun
1) Far-right actors are conspiring violence at protests and are even among those police/military tasked to uphold order. But instead of addressing any of this, @realDonaldTrump is too busy accusing 75-year-old protestors of being Antifa operatives. This is outrageous.
2) POTUS loathes when people accuse him of stoking racism after events like Charlottesville. And once more, with these protests, he had a chance to prove us wrong, to address systemic racism in any capacity. But once more, we didn’t get the leader the moment called for.
3) Instead, America got an agitator throwing red meat to the far-right, sending nods that it’s okay to assault protesters because 'Hey, they’re probably Antifa anyway.’

I refuse to pretend that this is normal or acceptable. This is exactly what feeds hatred across a country.
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2 Jun
1) @realdonaldtrump has announced plans to mobilize military against protests, yet he completely fails to acknowledge that the most serious expressions of violence are coming from the far-right. In doing so, he’s painting a false picture of America’s terrorist landscape.
2) To be clear, the far-left absolutely has bad actors, but let’s not make false equivalencies. At @SITE_FRFL, we’ve been tracking far-right and far-left for years and it’s not even close: 99.9% of violent threats and mass shootings are from the side with the swastikas.
3) Instead of addressing any of this, POTUS announces terrorist designation of Antifa, a movement (not an "organization") whose flag is no more prescriptive/specific than the Don’t Tread on Me flag.

But when it comes to far-right terrorist threats, nothing but crickets.
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