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#Hezbollah announced a huge plan to combat #CoronavirusPandemic in #Lebanon. The plan is as follows:

More than 24,500 people (doctors, nurses and aid workers) who work in the health sector contribute to this plan.
According to the head of Hezbollah's executive coucil Sayed Hachem Safieddine:
"The plan is compatible with the plan prepared by the Lebanese Health Ministry to combat coronavirus and doesn’t contradict with it. All our measures correspond with that of the ministry.”
A number of hospitals have been rented by Hezbollah and have been prepared to be used when necessary.
The Resistance movement has also prepared 32 medical centers across the Lebanese territories as part of the efforts to combat #CoronavirusPandemic.
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Morgan Stanley’s view on restructuring #Lebanon #eurobonds
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#Lebanon’s financial crisis has restricted the ability of importers to bring in vital goods, resulting in a scarcity of medical supplies, incl masks + gloves, necessary to deal with the #COVID_19 outbreak. Latest from @hrw:…
Medical supply importers have only been able to bring in $10million of equipment since Sept, <10% of #Lebanon's needs. Head of the Syndicate of Private Hospitals warned “if there are no imports of fresh [medical] supplies, we will not be able to manage for more than a week.
Hospital staff and nurses also raised concerns to @hrw that #Lebanon private and public hospitals were not taking adequate measures to protect them from infection. Despite nurses being on the frontlines, some hospitals are not paying them or slashing their salaries.
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Truly Bizarre Commentary

How can #Lebanon be considering using depositors' Money to restructure its banks when the


Article argues "money was deposited at double-digit interest rates at @BDL_Lebanon "

Does any sane person think this money exists? ==>
2-As early as last December , this thread 👇argued that the “Money” was likely ALL gone

To this day, commentary still revolves about size of hair cuts and who to pay for them



3-Idea of @GhaziWazni that depositors get shares in the banks is a joke


Because you taking zero from the liability ledger of the banks ($ deposits)and moving them down the capital structure by giving them also zero but now in equity capital.

These banks are insolvent
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Plant outside the box, inside the pot.
Hi Basil (the mint family)
 The herb has received a lot of attention from farmers due to burgeoning market demand from Europe and United Arab Emirates.
As the demand is increasing, production of basil is still low. Kenyan farmers are on meeting six per cent of the demand in the international market.
Growing is simple. Although the crop can be grown in open fields, growing in greenhouse ensures good quality meets requirements
Basil can be grown in most parts of the #Lebanon. All it requires is that you must do a soil analysis and a comprehensive market research. You need to get good quality seeds for a quality produce. Invest in a good storage facility to maintain farm freshness.
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#US challenged #Hezbollah in #Lebanon, sent a plane to its embassy & smuggle the pro-Israeli agent/dual national Amer Fakhoury. He was forbidden from travelling but highest Leb authorty ordered his released. He is on his way to #US. Trump thanked the Leb gov for its collbrtion.
This important event indicates: #Hezbollah doesn't control the justice system that released pro-Israeli Amer Fakhoury; doesn't control the govrnmnt that President Trump thanked; doesn't control powerful politicians who ordered the release and can't stop US from violating Leb law.
My information is the following:
#US used its best hobby ever, threatening the highest authority in #Lebanon to impose sanctions ending its political carrier & the 1 of its relative; confiscate assets abroad & strangle #Lebanon in its financial difficulties & #coronavirus crisis
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Barriers to agricultural exports (Part 1 )
1-Compared to its surrounding, Lebanon has the highest % of agricultural land👇& its climate is relatively moderate. These competitive advantages are not translating into increasing agricultural productivity & exports. Why?
2-Needless to say, since 1992, the successive governments have been neglecting the sector. On average, the budget allocation to the MOA is about 0.5% of the total public expenditures. But this is not everything!

#agriculture #Lebanon
3-Our ability to produce good and nutritious products that can be marketed at reasonable prices has been restricted by several factors.
a) Our products fail to conform with the int'l standards & norms due to excessive use of pesticides, fertilizers & other chemicals.
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Import dependency & food Security
1-Lebanon imports ~ 5 times the value of its exports. On the total import bill, fuel comes 1st accounting for ~ 21.1% & food comes 2nd accounting for ~ 17.7% (Worldbank, 2018). The country imports 65% to 80% of its food needs. (ESCWA & WFP, 2016)
2-Major Imported #food categories include sugar, vegetable oils, animal products, beverages, fruits & vegetables ... , many of which can be either produced locally or already have local substitutes.
3-Agriculture’s value-added as % of GDP has been regularly falling since 2014. In 2016- 2018, it dropped to 2.9% only. The high dependency on imports coupled with the declining agriculture sector poses a serious threat on 2 dimensions of food insecurity: Availability & stability
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Avocado farming is notably growing in #lebanon , while the reason behind it is still a mystery, somewhere between the fancy idea of having the fruit or the high price selling point.
In this thread, i will be showing how wrong is it to raise avocado in Lebanon.
avocados prefer tropical and subtropical climates, but will also grow in warm, temperate and cool climates, provided there is little to no frost. Certain cultivars are cold-hardy, able to withstand temperatures as low as -5°C, but tolerance varies
Truth is we rarely can get a lower -5 at coast sides, but it will remain possible to happen at any time during a cold winter, that might kill all your trees in 1 shot and all fatigue, investment and time go in a second. Can we afford that?
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#Hezbollah leader Hassan #Nasrallah, in speech being broadcast now, characterizes #Coronavirus as an "enemy" and that the fight against it - to prevent its spread & find a treatment for it - is a "battle."
#Nasrallah: anyone showing signs of Coronavirus has to show transparency about it, and go to hospital and the competent authorities & see if they have the virus or not.
He says this is a religious duty and to protect yourselves and others.
#Nasrallah addresses #Lebanon's Health Ministry and says you must keep going, and even if the number of deaths grows very high you must be transparent and announce them. "It's the people's right to know," he says.
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١-الالتزام بالعزل الاجتماعي مهم جدًا.إنها محاولة للسيطرة على انتشار الوباء و بالتالي تحديد مسار من سيحتاج إلى الموارد.ان حصر الانتشار،سيساعد في تحسين مسار هؤلاء بحيث سيكون لدينا ما يكفي من الموارد لمن يحتاجها.إذا لم نفعل ذلك، سيموت المزيد من الناس.#healthNERDS #COVID19 #lebanon
٢-تأثير الوباء و سبل معالجة الأمراض الناتجة عنه سيكون ثقيلًا على الاقتصاد.المشكلة تكمن عند أولئك اللذين لا نظام صحي يضمنهم واللذين هم أكثر عرضةً للوباء و لما ينتج عنه من مضاعفات فتكون الفاتورة الصحية عبئًا ثقيلًا.على سبيل المثال :سائقي سيارات الأجرة،عمّال التنظيفات،واللاجئين.
٣-إذا كان لم تبلغ ال ٥٠ عامًا و لا تعاني من امراض صحيّة مزمنة،فإن خطر حدوث مضاعفات جراء الإصابة بالفيروس،ضئيلة. لذلك قد لا تمرض بشدة، لكنّك ستكون حامل و ناقل للفيروس و بالتالي يمكنك ان تنشره إلى أولئك اللذين هم أكثر عرضةً للمضاعفات اي كبار السنّ او اللذين يعانون من امراض مزمنة.
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War declare din #Iraq;

#US bombed Kataeb Hezbollah position in Jurf al-Sakher. US claimed Kataeb Hezbollah is responsible for the bombing of al-Taji base where 2 US and 1 British soldiers were killed and 12 wounded.

This is a serious escalation giving the green light to a war
#US would be considered a legitimate target by the Iraqi resistance groups and escalation can only be expected from today onward: the war is open between #US forces and Iraqi groups.
More than five #Iraq Popular Mobilisation forces (the force formed to fight #ISIS and is part of the Iraqi security forces under the command of the Iraqi Prime Minister) locations have been bombed by #US forces that are supposed to protect Iraq from ISIS.+
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It is time for one long #Coronavirus update. I have been resisting doing this as (1) I do not want to add to the hysteria & the panic & (2) I don't believe in doomsday predictions. Moreover, things have been moving so fast, who knows what's what. BUT it's time for real talk...
Overall, #Coronavirus (the outbreak of #COVID19) is REAL. The effects on your daily life from the fallout will be REAL. The impact society, economics, & politics in 2020 will be severe & REAL. None of this is Fake News. None of this should be downplayed. (2/
People who are trying to silence REAL discussion are doing a disservice to the public interest. This is a 9/11 & 2008 level event in terms of its impact on domestic & international dynamics. This thread is not about creating panic but encouraging a smarter response. (3/
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THREAD: #Lebanon - there was a claim by a woman few days ago that she dreamt of Saint Charbel, who told her in the dream that using sand from the land where he was buried would cure everyone from #COVID2019 .. of course many people took this 'holy claim' seriously in #Lebanon
The woman claimed that Saint Charbel told her to 'Boil some holy sand, filter it with some gauze, and this shall be the cure for #COVID2019' - the woman along a priest took this request to the Rafik Hariri hospital in #Beirut where people are quarantined.
The resident Doctor refused to cooperate and said that with all due respect, no sand (holy or not) shall enter the premises. Of course, religious people in #Lebanon did not take it so well. Remember the man licking the shrine in #Iran? We have worst here. #COVID2019
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#HappyInternationalWomensDay to the brave & suffering women in #Idlib #IdlibUnderFire #IdlibUnderSiege #SyrianRefugees suffering in #Lebanon #Jordan & to the #Children, husbands, family members they have lost. #IFOnlyYoudListen #IfOnlyYoudTry 💔😢
#IfOnlyYoudListen If only you’d try if only you’d open your heart & let love in Reach for me take my hand if you hear a child cry when they fall, wouldn’t you run to them & answer their call? Where are your tears? #WhereIsYourVoice Time is running out but we still have a choice💔
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MAR 8 #CoronaVirusUpdates will begin using #CV19MD THREAD 1: New #UptotheMinute MAP SITE link below US AT 463 cases as of 8:07 AM #GrandPrincess to Dock MON at #PortOfOakland. W Oassengers still Quarantined
#SantaClara #CA cases were from #India.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: This is US (Can) RealTime site last update 8:07 shows 463 TOTAL WaPo MAPPING w LIST of 34 states w cases NOTE Does Not Show 66 #DiamondPrincess (Japan) cases.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: THIS is current ARCGIS MAP .. #Italy nears 6.000 and #France #Germany 1,000. #Spain 600 #UK #Switz #Neth near 300 #Sweden 200, #Canada 60 #Lebanon 28, #Russia 15 #Mexico 15 .. eg still spreading
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MAR 6 #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronavirusUSA Live UPDATES MD THREAD 1: Sorry no time to start now .. will just post this. Crowdfunded TRUCK @CDCgov #Atlanta for #IMPOTUS45 Photo Op. SEE ACT BLUE TO KEEP IT ROLLING .. And Breaking 100,000 Cases. @votevets @AMSA_News @maddow @CNN
MAR 6 #CoronavirusUSA from LIVE UPDATES MD THREAD 2: FROM 10:24 PM Yesterday: U.S. death toll rises to 12, as worries increase over possible #viruscluster on #GrandPrincess #cruiseship off #CA GOT THAT #Trump @GavinNewsom uses HIS Army to help. SEE MORE
MAR 6 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 3: NOT GOOD. There were 62 Passengers who stayed on board w other sick ones, one died. BUT They DID NOT DELIVER enough TEST KITS for them ALL...Why Not @GavinNewsom?! @USArmy @uscoastguard QUIT LISTENING to BAD LAY ADVICE from #TrumpsCDC @UCSF
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[THREAD] Soybean futures, Solidere shares and the #FourthTurning: Lebanon’s crisis from a historical and demographic perspective
1. In #Lebanon these days, it’s easy to get lost in the minutae of daily developments, from what a minister said to eurobond this and capital control that.
2. These events are at the core of people’s daily lives, but how do they fit within the bigger picture, in the larger story being written?
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Why is the most dangerous & incompetent central banker in history, #RiadPonzi, still in power?
He owns a few journalists who smear those who mention him.
مرسيل غانم
جورج غانم
فيوليت بلعة
فيليب ابي عقل
موفق حرب
ربيع الهبر
بسام ابو زيد
ميشال قنبور
Add this smearer @Berti74
footnote 1: Translation of "owned by"= ma7soub 3leh, zelm (partisan), etc.
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THREAD: #Hezbollah quagmire between #Idlib #Iran and the #coronavirus:
First, various reports coming from Idlib indicating major losses within Hezbollah forces, against Turkish and Turkish-supported #Syrian rebels 1/9
Second, some of the recordings made by #Hezbollah fighters indicate that the #Russians have abandoned them. See this video 👇🏼2/9
Third, many of #Hezbollah fighters receiving military training in #Iran and a number of Lebanese Shia residing or visiting Iran have been exposed to #coronavirus and are sent back to #Lebanon. 7 cases have been reported in Lebanon so far, all linked to travel from Iran 3/9
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THREAD: The #IMF’s offer to provide #Lebanon’s government with technical advice has been met with a resounding "NO THANK YOU!” from many protesters and economists. But others may wonder, why should we reject the IMF’s offer of help?…
1. Firstly, the IMF has not committed to any financial assistance yet, which is always conditioned on economic reforms. For now, it is offering non-binding technical support, advising Lebanon on its budget and austerity measures.
2. That sounds nice enough, so why are people hating? Well, the IMF is typically a proponent of uber-capitalist reforms that focus on numbers, not human lives. Widespread criticism of these tactics have pushed the IMF to work on its image and aim for a more balanced approach.
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Primer on #Lebanon Banking

Attract deposits .. $167 billion of them

Lend 70% to Govt / @BDL_Lebanon

Make net profit of 1.5% on every dollar of deposit

Pay yourself hefty bonus / dividend


Then crisis hits

So what to do?

Easy ==>
Depositor funds are mostly invested in Eurobonds & illiquid CD’s of BdL so I can’t possibly meet depositor demands

Dear @BDL_Lebanon

What do we do?

Salameh: I cannot tell you not to pay but if you do it on your own, I won’t say a thing

Great, thanks

Hello Capital control
Ok that was smart wording

Capital control is way better than capital grab as control implies short term transitional pressures only and this gives people hope at least

Hope that new govt , IMF , Saudi , Qatar, France will come to the rescue and their money will all come back
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Cher - Prayers for this World [From Cries from Syria] HQ Wouldn’t it be something if #Cher #Sia @maroon5 @U2 @QueenWillRock
@Pink did a #LiveAid 4 #Idlib?!
#AndyTaylor from @duranduran
@BetteMidler the Godess ❤️
@RollingStones who I’m praying will send me a ticket to see them for my birthday in San Diego
@RobertDowneyJr 1 of the sexiest voices alive, all got together?
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Fitch on #Lebanon

To achieve economic stabilisation the authorities may also have to address the Central Bank's liabilities and the intertwined balance sheets of the BdL and the commercial banks, which could have implications for depositors

Chart 👇will put it more bluntly
Let’s put Fitch’s words in more blunt terms

If @BDL_Lebanon reserves (Assets) are around $30 billion

BdL borrowing (Liability) from banks is $112 billion (blue) 👇Dollar portion of this is estimated at around $80 billion

Hole of $-50 billion?

Sadlly, it’s worse ==>
The nearly $50 billion hole in @BDL_Lebanon balance assumes rest of the assets are real assets

As readers know, @AndyKhalil1 had already identified “Other Assets” as anything but assets. A previous thread here explained how this item is most Likely accumulated losses (blue 👇)
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