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BREAKING: #BNNFrance Reports.

During a state visit to Washington, French President @EmmanuelMacron was praised for his diplomacy on problems ranging from Lebanon to Ukraine. Also, regarding soccer, Secretary of State Antony Blinken. #Washington #Ukraine #soccer #Lebanon #Sports
The top US ambassador, who spent a portion of his boyhood in France, joked around with Macron over his preferred side during a luncheon on Thursday in Macron's honour.
Blinken and Vice President Kamala Harris welcomed Macron to a luncheon at the State Department as they claimed that the years spent in Paris "gave me with a lifetime love of soccer — or football, to use the exact word - and also the Paris Saint-Germain squad."
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The #US - #EU are trying to frame #Russia and consider the destruction of the infrastructure in #Ukraine is a war crime.

Excellent, because #Lebanon, #Syria, #Iraq, #Afghanistan, #Serbia and #Lybia can file a legal case against the US, EU and NATO for the same reasons.
The EU, pushed by the US, will have to respond to these "crimes against humanity" because time doesn't cancel previous acts by western countries.
The #US and #EU can't loot the Russian assets without a legal reason (even if the west doesn't respect international laws). This is why western nations need to prove what #Russia is doing is considered a "war crime".
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JUST IN: #BNNLebanon Reports.

Despite the worsening effects of the political impasse on the nation's economic woes, lawmakers in Lebanon failed to elect a new president on Thursday for the eighth time. #Lebanon #Politics Image
Lebanon has been without a president for a month after President Michel Aoun stepped down at the end of October, leaving no successor in place.
Parliament is divided between supporters and opponents of the powerful Iran-backed Hezbollah movement, with neither having a clear majority.
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JUST IN: #BNNLebanon Reports.

According to a report released by the World Bank on Wednesday, Lebanon's economy, hit by one of the world's most severe crises, is still contracting, although the pace of that contraction has somewhat slowed. #Lebanon #economy Image
Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the Mediterranean nation is set to contract by 5.4% in 2022 amid political paralysis and delays in implementing an economic recovery plan.
According to the World Bank, its estimate for Lebanon's economic contraction in 2021 has been reduced from 10.4% to 7%. Its estimate for 2020 remained unchanged at 21.4%.
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"In recent weeks, we have spoken about a surge in #cholera outbreaks around the world. The latest country to be affected is #Lebanon, which is now suffering a severe outbreak after nearly 30 years without cholera"-@DrTedros
"Since the first [#cholera] case [in #Lebanon] was confirmed just over one month ago, the outbreak has spread across the country. There are now more than 2,700 cases, with 18 deaths"-@DrTedros
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Zionists are Anti-Semitic and Anti-Palestinian.
Palestinians in Gaza Palestine facing the psychopaths alone, abandoned by the world.
Israel Plots to Take Down UK MP's
How the U S Was Used to Create Israel
Kayne West "Red Media"
Malcolm X
Kayne West 808. Frequency manipulation of our brain (Disharmony).
Torture of Rabbi to silence him "We lived in peace with Muslims" #Palestinians #Palestine #Lebanon - Rabbi Josef Antebi Speaks
Kanye West threatened by JEWISH trainer?
Weaponized Psychiatry
CIA Mind Control Weapons Robert Duncan #TargetedIndividuals

A.I. named S.A.T.A.N
Mossad, Epstein

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For many years now, I have thought of moral bankruptcy as being a key factor in the state of affairs that is #Lebanon... Moral bankruptcy, hand in hand with financial bankruptcy & sociopolitical bankruptcy.
But today I realize I may have been misunderstanding

the whole affair all this time.
What we have at play is not moral bankruptcy, but crude moral corruption & depravity.
It is not that there are no morals, but rather that there is a conscious & deliberate violation of all things moral

to the point of celebration & glorification of said violation!
The depth of moral depravity is truly astounding, if one but dare look.
Deliberate humiliation, deliberate subjugation, deliberate celebration of both, deliberate violation of sacrosanct human rights

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The central bank increased its foreign-currency reserves by nearly $650 million in less than 6 weeks by buying these dollars from the market.
#Lebanon #EconomicCollapse
#BDL’s bi-monthly balance sheet shows that its reserves increased to $10.27 billion, compared to $9.62 billion in mid-September.
The central bank had to print Lira cash in order to buy these dollars, increasing the #LBP monetary base in the market from LBP 45.1 billion in mid-September to LBP 75.05 billion today, meaning the amount of cash increased by 1.66 times in less than two months.
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#UNGA overwhelmingly voted (152-5) for #KhazarianMafia's rogue state #Israel to get rid of ALL #nuclearweapons and allow @iaeaorg access to all its nuke sites. Unlike NPT member #Iran (0 nukes), #ApartheidIsrael is the only country in #MiddleEast that has nukes. 90+ illegal ones! #UNGA overwhelmingly voted ...
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SKeyes published a report entitled "The Strong Mandate on #Freedoms" that documents violations of freedoms committed against activists, journalists, citizens and cultural workers, during #MichelAoun's presidential term.
The number of violations reached 800, 234 of which occurred in 2019 alone, coinciding with the October 17 uprising. 29 violations came under the pretext of attacking the position of the President.
Army intelligence committed the highest number of violations (30%), followed by the mandate's apparatus, #StateSecurity (28%).
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If the West imposes further sanctions on #Iran, what stops #Tehran from supplying #Russia (if not yet supplied) the Arch-1 and Arach-2, the long-range and biggest Kamikaze drone in the world to be used in #Ukraine?
It is the intention of #Israel to provide #Ukraine with an Iron dome system or similar, to test its interception missiles against #Iran's drones. Ukraine has become a testing ground for all countries to use their weapons and test their efficacity.+
However, the #Israel's supply of #Ukraine of weapons will have persecution on the relationship with #Russia that used to consider Tel Aviv as a strong Middle Eastern ally, regardless of the results of the Israeli weapons supplied.
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BREAKING: #BNNLebanon Reports.

Kristalina Georgieva @KGeorgieva, Managing Director of IMF said on Thursday that, talks with Lebanon are stuck as their officials haven't yet implemented the prior actions needed to receive help under the IMF financing programme. Image
Georgieva, Chief of the International Monetary Fund, explained in Washington, "There is still this paralysis and it can only be resolved by the political leaders in Lebanon putting aside...
...what divides them and getting to a point of serving the people of Lebanon who deserve no less".
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JUST IN: #BNNIsrael Reports.

Israeli government ministers to advance the maritime border deal with Lebanon to the final round of ratification.#MaritimeBorderDeal #Lebanon #USA #Israel Image
Hours after the smaller security cabinet voted in favor of the accord, the entire cabinet approved it. Before the cabinet can give its final assent, the US-brokered proposal will now be sent to the Knesset for assessment by parliamentarians.
This evaluation will take place over the course of 14 days. Prime Minister @yairlapid, his top aides, Alternate Prime Minister @naftalibennett, Ministers of Defense @gantzbe Benny Gantz, Minister of Justice @gidonsaar, Minister of Finance @AvigdorLiberman,...
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1- The Maritime Agreement between Israel and Lebanon deserves support for 2 main reasons: First, No matter how you look at it, this is an agreement between #Lebanon and #Israel, and an actual recognition of Israel by #Hezbollah. #ترسيم_الحدود_البحرية
2- The rhetoric of “Israel does not exist and this is an occupied land etc…” will become irrelevant under the new reality. Hezbollah cannot say they will never negotiate with an enemy/occupier, because they just did.
3- Second, an agreement that focuses on the econ. interests of the 2 countries will elevate stability. Hezbollah’s war rhetoric will eventually fade out. On the long run, the resistance narrative will be outdated – the group itself chose the benefits of negotiations with Israel.
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#Israel's Defence Minister is asking the army to be ready for a potential war: rubbish.
1. Israel has mobilised the forces for a month now
2. No official answers have been delivered to the Lebanese government
3. #Lebanon didn't respond to the Israeli not-yet-delivered reply.
4. #Israel's current government has decided from day one to postpone the negotiation and throw it in the arms of the forthcoming government, after the Knesset elections.
5. @yairlapid shall not agree on maritime demarcation in the last 20 days of his ruling
6. It will be up to the gov of #Lebanon or the President to announce the death of the indirect negotiation with #Israel. If that takes place, the #US & Israel will uphold the responsibility of war to the Lebanese government that insinuated to #Hezbollah to bomb the gas platforms.
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Gas, technology and (geo)politics - a thread on Israel-US-China triangle. Lately, there's been a flood of news on the heavy #US pressure on #Israel to curtail ties with #China. Israel has always been treading carefully between the superpowers, but recent developments show..1/n
..US pressure is working. Israel has curtailed Chinese involvement in local infrastructure, but now US is demanding Israel to limit Chinese investment even further. Israeli Cabinet discussed tightening rules on foreign investment, where government intervention threshold 2/n
would be lowered to 20% stake from 50%, in some cases even 5%. Here's a detailed scoop (in Hebrew) by Avi Bar-Eli in @TheMarker 3/n…
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NEW - U.S. special forces launched a helicopter-borne raid in #Assad-controlled territory ~15km south of #Qamishli in NE #Syria overnight, killing a senior #ISIS leader & capturing several others alive.

That’s the 1st op in regime-held areas since Abu Ghadiya in Oct 2008.
Some local sources claim at least 2 of those captured alive were members of a local pro-#Assad militia — but that remains unconfirmed.

Not clear if the deconfliction line with #Russia was used. #Russian aircraft & personnel are stationed at #Qamishli airport, not far away.
The #Qamishli area is an old stomping ground for #ISIS since AQI days, where #Assad’s Military Intel ran a ‘clearing house’ for AQI foreign fighters heading to #Iraq & for a time, a paramilitary training base.

From ‘03-‘08, 1,000s of AQI foreign fighters passed through the area.
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The continued public absence of #Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali #Khamenei may be hindering regime officials’ efforts to develop a coherent response to the ongoing, anti-regime protests. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar.… 1/7
Anti-regime protests decreased in number across Iran but were significantly more violent in #Tehran. Regime security forces brutally suppressed anti-regime protests at the #SharifUniversity of Technology in Tehran on October 2. 2/7
Social media rumors claimed that state security services are facing significant bandwidth constraints in West Azerbaijan and Kurdistan provinces. 3/7
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In the Pyrennes #France, seven hours internet cut since this morning and now the electricity went off. We've been told that someone is stealing the upper in the cables in different locations. Good start.
I though stealing cupper from the wires could happen only in #Iraq, #Syria and #Lebanon. Now it is happening in the heart of Europe.
Correction: Copper
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#BREAKING: Anti-regime protests continues for the fifth day all over #Iran over murder of #MahsaAmini by morality police of the regime. This video recorded a few minutes ago shows the protest in city of #Amol, North of #Iran.
#BREAKING: In several cities of #Iran including #Sardasht in west of the country, snipers of #Iranian Police are positiooned over the roof tops of the buildings to kill the protesters tonight. Protesters filmed one of them secretly.
#BREAKING: People in city of Gonbad-Kavus in North of #Iran have started their anti-regime protest. Today is the fifth day of nationwide protests across #Iran over murder of #MahsaAmini.
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Thread on #Iran-#Lebanon energy talks through history, and recent reports about Iranian fuel oil "donation" to Lebanon for power plants (which require different oil products of different specs), with a focus on what Beirut-based Al Akhbar newspaper said earlier today: Image
1)Lebanese-Iranian energy talks date back to at least 2000. That year, Tehran offered to upgrade Lebanon's power plants&refineries amid talks of "resuming" crude oil flows from Iraq's Kirkuk to the Med. This did not happen, and talks remained talks.
2)In October 2010, #Iran offered to assist Lebanon in addressing chronic electricity shortages,& oil & gas exploration when former energy minister Gebran Bassil went to Tehran on an official visit. Later that month, former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Beirut.
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Another bank hostage situation in #lebanon this time a armed female demanding her own money back.
So far Lebanese lost over 95% of purchasing power since late 2019

#bitcoin fixes this , be your own bank
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Here we go. Here is the English translation of the entire Hebrew document by Mossad which was recently declassified and published thanks to the work of attorney @EitayMack. #Lebanon #SabraandShatila
Pages 1-4:
• At the beginning of 1976, on a very stormy and rainy night,

news was received that a ship that had probably come down from Lebanon was wrecked in the middle of the sea with three passengers, three sailors on board. It was immediately captured by the IDF and it turned out that there were three Lebanese on board.
• He said that this group came to Israel with the intention of meeting the Israeli leadership to request assistance.

• We started with arms deliveries to the Lebanese. These shipments were shipments that were loaded on dormers, as they called it then,
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