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Bziza, a village in Koura district north #Lebanon 🇱🇧
It stands over a former village that was destroyed by earthquakes.

Locals refer the naming to Azizos (Beth Azizo) Canaanite God of the morning stars while other references say that is of Phoenician origin or the stolen village
The Roman temple of Bziza is a well-preserved first century AD building dedicated to Azizos.
The tetrastyle prostyle building has two doors that connect the pronaos to a square cella.The ancient temple functioned as an aedes, the dwelling place of the deity.

#Lebanon 🇱🇧
The temple of Bziza was converted into a Church known as the Lady of the Pillars and underwent architectural modification during two phases the Early #Byzantine period and later in the Middle Ages.

#Lebanon 🇱🇧
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#Nasrallah: To our Christian brothers, neither Hezbollah, nor Amal, nor the Shia, nor any Muslim is your enemy. But Let's focus on Hezbollah.
#Nasrallah: When Daesh and Nusra penetrated eastern Lebanon and the Bekaa, who was their friends, their ally and their financial support? It was the Lebanese Forces party.
#Nasrallah to Christian Lebanese: Ask the people of Rablah, Deir Attieh, Maaloula, ask the churches in #Syria and the clergy in #Syria, how did Hezbollah treat you?
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A number of TV channels and websites close to #Iran published a statement attributed to the so-called "Syria's Allies Operations Room" confirming that the #IDF targeted two of their sites in the vicinity of the Syrian city of #Palmyra.1/6
#Syria #Israel #IRGC #USA #Russia
The statement indicated that the attack was carried out from over the Al-Tanf area and confirmed the deaths and injuries among the fighters of these militias. It also explicitly referred to an American role in this attack, and vowed to respond "very strong".2/6
This is not the first time that the so-called "Syria's Allies Operations Room" makes a statement. It has issued a number of previous statements, including the attacks of the #IDF on #Syria, and the battles of the city of #Aleppo against the Syrian rebels.3/6
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Oct 14—Beirut, #Lebanon
#Iran-backed Hezbollah-Amal protesters are demanding the removal of Judge Bitar, in charge of investigating the August 2020 Beirut port explosion.
Up to 6 dead & 60 injured reported so far.

(Two minute compilation of today's violence)
Periodic reminder that the people of #Lebanon are against #Iran's malign influence in their country, especially through terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Amal. Image
Oct 14—Lebanon
#Iran-backed Hezbollah apparently dispatching reinforcements to #Beirut
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#Lebanon: Armed clashes in #Beirut today during a protest against the judge investigating last year’s port explosion. Hezbollah and Amal militants in open gun battles after being shot at from rooftops by currently unknown gunmen. Several people killed.
Extremely tense situation in #Beirut. Details are confusing right now. It seems no one as of yet knows who opened fire on the protest. Return fire all over the place.
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Take it from a Syrian, if you’re waiting for Iran to light up your country, think again.

Iran's Foreign Minister has expressed his country's willingness to help #Lebanon produce electricity within 18 months, by building two power plants at a combined capacity of 1000 MW. Image
Similar promises were made to Syria in Sep 2017, where contracts were actually signed to provide Iranian equipment, technology, and know-how to rehabilitate the electricity sector at a combined capacity of 1,155 MW, including the construction of a 540 MW plant in Latakia.
Four years on, virtually nothing has been implemented.

More on this in my paper on Syria’s electricity sector with @Hatahet
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Oct 14—Beirut, #Lebanon
Sniper opens fire at a Hezbollah-Amal protest demanding the removal of Judge Bitar, in charge of investigating the August 2020 Beirut port explosion. Dead & wounded reported.

Me: Could be false flag by #Iran-backed Hezbollah.
At least two explosions reported in Beirut following violence that erupted near a protest staged by #Iran-backed Hezbollah and Amal supporters, Reuters reports.
1 dead, 3 wounded reported from today's incidents.
#Beirut—At least one rocket-propelled grenade explosion (RGP) reported.

Reports indicate 1 dead, 8 wounded

Earlier scenes of today's violence
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Huge blast heard in central #Beirut.
#Iran puts its proxies under tremendous pressure in #Iraq and #Lebanon to survive, as they face an uncertain future after losing the elections in Iraq and major people rejection in Beirut.
Why #Hezbollah wants to remove the #Beirut blast Judge. It's ironic to see such acts from #Iranian proxies which confirm their infiltration into the internal affairs of #Lebanon and wider region countries.
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#RomanSiteSaturday - The Temple of Bacchus🏛️🍷

(1/6) Located in Baalbek, #Lebanon, the Temple of #Bacchus is an amazing example of Imperial Roman architecture, adorned with Corinthian columns and lavishly decorated ceilings and parapets.

#Classics #Roman #Archaeology #History
(2/6) Likely constructed under emperor Antoninus Pius (138 - 161CE), the temple is a massive 66m long, 35m wide and 31m tall, which is larger than the Parthenon in Athens! 8 columns wide and 15 columns deep, it features a walled cult room split between two floors and a crypt.
(3/6) Despite its namesake, it is unknown as to which deity it was dedicated. Archaeological evidence from the site however suggests #Bacchus, as the interior design depicts a god of wine and ecstasy and other Bacchic symbolism like Maenads and revellers.
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1/ When a government mandated to reform #Lebanon out of its current abyss is seen to order one of the country’s only independent oversight bodies to submit to it, you know it’s time to speak out. #right2info
2/ On 1 Oct PM @Najib_Mikati's office ordered @CInspectionLB to stop "sending [info] requests to public administrations, institutions & municipalities […] unless such requests are processed through the President of the Council of Ministers & follow his directives.” #right2info
3/ For an organisation tasked by Decree Law 115/1959 to map the public sector and identify areas ripe for reform, that’s equivalent to demanding @CInspectionLB do its job blindfolded, or under the thumb of the government. #right2info
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How much of what happened in #Lebanon is “financial” versus “political” is the single most contentious issue when it comes to analyzing & discussing this crisis

As readers can guess by now, i am firmly in the financial camp


Simple arithmetic & Economics

Before defending the financial thesis, let's get first into the political part

By political everyone presumably means Hizbollah (HA) and its allies. Story goes that this group runs as a state within a state. They control borders. They allow & practice smuggling

All true

3-Let's not forget that before 2005, it was #Syria that was main power broker. Presumably, any if not all of #Lebanon 's shortfalls would have been blamed on Damascus (it is now HA)


Throughout #Syria 's "control" the currency did not lose 90%. Neither did depositors

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Fun fact about #Lebanon's newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs:

A battle over the Lebanese embassy in DC took place in 1989, when Abdallah BouHabib was the ambassador. The Taif Agreement had gone into effect and Elias Hraoui was elected President in December of that year.
Hraoui, immediately fired Michel Aoun from all his self-proclaimed posts, removed #Lebanon’s veteran ambassador to Washington, Bouhabib himself, and handed control of the embassy to the No. 2 diplomat at the time, Sleiman Rassi.
Yet Aoun - who was holding out with 20,000 troops at the presidential palace in Baabda refusing to recognize the Hraoui gov't - sent Bouhabib a telegram ordering him to stay put.

BouHabib, a staunch Aoun supporter, continued to occupy the ambassador’s office and residence.
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The new Cabinet of 24 ministers headed by billionaire businessman Najib Mikati was announced by president’s office & later by Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers.

#BreakingNews Image
Thread 1/3

Lebanese factions formed a new government on Friday, breaking a 13-month deadlock that saw the country slide deeper into financial chaos and poverty.

Thread 2/3

Lebanon has been without a fully empowered government since the catastrophic Aug. 4, 2020 explosion at Beirut port, which forced the resignation of then Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s government.
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#Breaking: #Lebanon PM Najib Mikati officially heads new 24-member govt.

Main ministries headed by insiders + a couple reformist faces on 2nd/3rd tier, giving this cabinet the appearance of one that aims to preserve main establishment interests & reform around the edges

Foreign: Abdallah Bouhabib, fmr ambassador to Washington & fmr World Bank official.

Finance: Youssef Khalil, senior CB official, architect of financial engineering.

Interior: Fmr Judge Bassam al-Mawlawi, close to Hariri's Future Movement.
Energy: Walid Fayyad, close to President Aoun.

Justice: Former Judge Henry Khuri, Former State Shura Council head close to FPM.

Health: Firass Abiad, director of Rafik Hariri University Hospital

Environment: Nasser Yassin, AUB professor of policy & planning.
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So much has happened in #Syria in the past week – world leaders must end their silence in the face of terrifying developments and the suffering of civilians across the country. Turning a blind eye to all these atrocities only gives the regime a green light to commit more. THREAD
#Daraa al-Balad has seen its autonomy crushed in the past days following 79 days of siege & heavy attack. Citizens now face additional military checkpoints, house searches & the threat of arrest for expressing opposition to the regime. 38k people remain displaced from their homes
Meanwhile the regime & Russia escalated attacks on NW Syria in the last 24h, striking towns, a camp & medical point killing 5 civilians & injuring 11. Since June over 120 civilians were killed incl. 45 children. #COVID in #Idlib is worsening with a record 1417 new cases on Friday
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Ayatollah Raisi in a phone call with the President of France @EmmanuelMacron: "The Iranian government welcomes the development of relations with France, especially in the economic and trade fields, and we are ready to start comprehensive cooperation with Europe from France”.
"Certainly, the political independence of Iran and France is a valuable resource for establishing a balanced, strong and stable relationship between the two countries, and our common interests in preventing the involvement of external factors in these relations”.
In response to the French President's remarks about the meeting of the heads of Iraq's neighbouring countries in Baghdad, Ayatollah Raisi said, “#Iran has always been by the side of the Iraqi people at different junctures”.
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Former Lebanese Foreign Minister @Gebran_Bassil
in a phone call with Iranian Foreign Minister @Amirabdolahian congratulated him on appointment and appreciated #Iran for sending fuel consignment to #Lebanon. Image
He criticized the policy adopted by those who tend to starve the Lebanese people to reach their political goals. He called for developing all-out relations with Iran and conveyed Lebanese President @General_Aoun message to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.
He also reviewed the latest regional developments.
Meanwhile, @Amirabdolahian expressed #Iran readiness for selling its oil products to its new customers. Iran is also ready to sell fuel to Lebanese government and businessmen if they need.
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Great to team up with my esteemed @CarnegieEndow colleague @andrewsweiss for this de-mythologizing of Russian military, political & economic influence in the Middle East, covering #Syria, #Israel, #Lebanon, #Algeria, #Libya, & #Egypt. 1/…
Moscow's activism in the MENA is certainly formidable: it has adroitly deployed military forces in Syria & Libya & engaged with actors that are off limits to the West. A flat decision-making structure allow Russia to operate nimbly & without concern for domestic blowback. 2/
Russia’s opportunistic interventions across the region have adeptly exploited U.S. missteps, filled vacuums, and pandered to the insecurities & ambitions of local actors--all while trying to enrich itself along the way. 3/
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🧵 What does it mean to live in #Lebanon these days?
1. Primarily, living in Lebanon means the thuggish regime has not yet killed you (through direct assassination, wilful incompetence, or just pure criminal negligence).
2. It means living hour-to-hour, or day-to-day if fortunate.
3. It means waking up with the following thoughts being your first of the day:
Do we have electricity?
Hot water?
Can I/ should I run the washing machine?
Do I have enough gas in the car in case of emergency?
& if that emergency involves getting medicines, will I be able to find the meds?
What if I go queue for gas & then a shootout happens at the station?
Did I get enough bread the other day? Should I try to get some today?
Do I have enough gas to do so?
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The Lebanese authorities have confirmed that they arrested six men last seen entering the Syrian embassy in #Lebanon to pick up their passports. 1/…
Given the fact on the ground, it seems very likely that the Syrian embassy in Beirut is complicit in the arrest of its very own citizens as the arrested men where informed by the embassy to pick up their passports prior to their disappearance. 2/
We do acknowledge that those Syrians have entered Lebanon illegally, however we do understand that they were forced to flee #Daraa because of the worsening security situation and the imminent threat to their lives. 3/
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A friend in Beirut, #Lebanon, posted the lines which I copy below. The effect of the #Iran regime is horrible, across the Middle East.
THREAD - 1/You wake up in sweat, in total darkness, no electricity to boil water for your coffee, boiling water using scarce gas is a waste.
2/ You start your day by checking US dollar rate. You queue up for hours at gas station, scared that a frustrated customer would get angry and pull out a gun, or that a fight might erupt, only to be told station ran out of gas when there's only two more cars in front of you
3/ In between calls to check if any diesel is available on the black market, you go to work, taking into consideration at what times generators go off, assuming that you have enough gasoline to make it to work. Business is bad nation wide, so you don’t get much work done anyway.
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#Lebanon: My new work for @amwajmedia on the current disorder in Lebanon’s energy sector: what triggered it, immediate solution to allow discharge of more fuel ships- ready to be offloaded- &Hezbollah’s narrative of need for Iranian oil in light of this:
I focus 1) on the abdication of a govt body that has long presented itself as a "market regulator", & the distribution+ sales problems compounded by the state's short-sighted fiscal policies, causing delays in unloading oil tankers that have continuously called on #Lebanon.
2)Given the popular anger with the energy crisis, Hezbollah has found a way to create a narrative for its support base that justifies the need for Iran’s oil. It has also succeeded in presenting itself as a party with solutions- regardless of their impact on the national level.
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At 2303 local last night, there were confirmed reports of an in #Syria. #Syria|n state media accounted Air Defense activity was targeting “hostile targets” launched from over #Lebanon, reportedly by #Israel|i jets. Satellite Imagery via @planet appears to confirm two targets…
East of Qarah, Syria, an additional potential target was also identified to the west of Qarah I’ll currently waiting for the imagery download and share shortly.
Secondary site east of Qarah which also was reportedly struck.

According to a report from the mayor of Qarah this morning on local radio 4 civilians were killed in this strike along with 3 more injured. Jaafar, one of the civilians reportedly killed in this strike is the son of
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#IAF jets reported over #Lebanon.
Reports of 4 #IAF jets over Lebanon

Video of #IAF aerial activity over #Lebanon
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