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The flights between #Bangladesh and India will resume from October 28 under the ‘air-bubble’ arrangement between the two countries. Image
Announcing this through a Facebook post on Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh said that three Bangladeshi airlines- Biman Bangladesh, US-Bangla Airlines and Novo Air will initially operate 28 flights a week to India. Image
Five Indian carriers including Air India, Vistara, Indigo, Spicejet and GoAIr will also run 28 flights a week between the two countries. Image
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For a decade or more one has been saying, "stop hyphenating India with Pakistan and start comparing Pakistan with Bangladesh"? With Bangladesh GDP higher than Pakistan's GDP, I still doubt this will happen (Hint: Indian Per capita GDP will again be higher than Bangladesh in 2021)
2/bd #India's per capita GDP will return to a level higher than #Bangladesh by 2021, contrary to the simplistic, straight line growth projections in this 👇🏼 article. Keep a note of All the renowned economists who believed👇🏼, and compare after a year, with what I have said today.
3/bd We first used the example of Bangladesh during 1990s to motivate labor reform; which were critical to promoting labor intensive garment/textile exports. Bangladesh Textile units had 1000s of workers, while our exporters were scared to hire >20, as they couldn't b fired...4/
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When emergencies occur, coordination is necessary.

Within the framework of the Global Humanitarian Response Plan, the Health Cluster, led by WHO, protects the most vulnerable from the #COVID19 pandemic & guides the response.

In the Kutupalong refugee camp in #Bangladesh 🇧🇩 @ReliefIntl provides high-quality healthcare to the #Rohingya & their host communities. To allow lifesaving assistance during #COVID19 a treatment center was set up & over 200 👨🏾‍⚕️👩🏾‍⚕️ staff were trained

In Iraq 🇮🇶 @MercyHands supports the #COVID19 response by training widows & other vulnerable 🧕🏾 to make face masks. 48,000 😷 were produced & distributed to internally displaced people living in camp settings

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TV channel’s libel defeat in British court 👉Ruling against ARY could act as a deterrent… Rent-seeking behaviour…

#AryNews #اے_آر_وائ_نیوز
#TwitterWelcomesNawazSharif ImageImageImageImage
ARY agrees to hefty fine for libel in London court Network agrees to pay £275,000 for defamation, says law firm

#AryNews #اے_آر_وائ_نیوز
#TwitterWelcomesNawazSharif ImageImageImageImage
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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.…
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Do you know why I feel #Islam is definitely going to capture India very soon like we captured #Afghanistan, #Pakistan, #Bangladesh, #Indonesia, etc. which were once Hindu lands? because Hindus don't understand d fundamental rules & limitations of democracy. Lemme explain..(1/11)
Democracies have mainly 2 types of political parties (1) Pro-Islamist, or purely opportunist parties like AIMIM, TMC, INC, CPI, CPI-M, etc. who prefer to appease dominant group of voters who all vote as one block (2) Truly secular parties like BJP who don't appease anyone..(2/11)
3rd type of parties i.e. Pro-Hindu party or Anti-Islamic party can NOT exist. Not in India, Not anywhere. Why?: If we Muslims are insignificant in numbers, Your religion doesn't have any threat so no Hindu will support Pro-Hindu or Anti-Muslim party. ..(3/11)
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#UN IIMM head Nicholas Koumjian speaking at @FreeRoCoalition 3rd anniversary virtual forum of #Myanmar #Rohingya mass exodus saying international justice takes long time. Says "we will do what we can for eventual justice for those who suffer" from alleged #genocidal #war crimes ImageImageImage
#UN IIMM Chief Koumjian says those #Rohingyas who fled #Myanmar, cannot go home "continue to suffer everyday that they live outside their homes". Adds in his role, regardless of ethnicity, religion, "we're interested in human beings" to gather evidence of international crimes ImageImage
@ASEANMP @mpklang says "With a heavy heart", acknowledges #Rohingya mass exodus from #Myanmar continues to be "1 of the worst humanitarian crisis". Calls for travel ban, arms embargo against perpetrators in #Myanmar #Military & to keep up pressure "to stop targeted persecution" ImageImageImageImage
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On 3rd anniversary of #Rohingya exodus from #Myanmar, @OHCHRAsia urges nation to "address root causes" as it "failed to implement transparent & fully independent accountability measures for serious #HumanRights violations & possible international crimes"
On the 1st anniversary of #Rohingya mass exodus from #Myanmar to #Bangladesh, I had visited the #refugee camps, seen them living in cramped, filthy conditions without work or systematic education. 3 years now, conditions worsened, #repatriation & negotiations practically stalled ImageImageImageImage
When brave #Myanmar citizens like @thinzashunleiyi @maung_saungkha @Thet_Swe_Win in nation speak up for #Rohingyas esp 3 years ago, they risked & still risk being targeted, labelled as traitors or anti-Myanmar. Such activists defending Rohingyas few & far between inside Myanmar
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The #ClimateCrisis undermines #foodsecurity.

#Germany: reduced grain harvest for the third year in a row.

"Depending on the region, farmers are facing significant harvest losses due to extreme drought, night frosts in May or mice appearing en masse"… Image
The #ClimateCrisis undermines #foodsecurity.

#India: rice "exports are getting affected by floods and the coronavirus outbreak in Andhra Pradesh"

Floods in neighbouring #Bangladesh damaged rice crops worth [$4.29 billion] on around 100,000 hectares"… Image
The #ClimateCrisis undermines #foodsecurity.

"Farming is a precarious line of work even during normal times ... Add to that a global pandemic ...Now, the fires have made these ongoing pressures worse for many #California farms, pushing many to the brink"… Image
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ভাঙড়ে ভোগালী-২ অঞ্চলে তৃণমূল পঞ্চায়েত প্রধানের বাড়ি। অনুজ পান্ডের বাড়ী নিয়ে নোংরামি করেছিল অমানুষ সুশীলজীবিরা। ক্যামেরাম্যান ঘাড় বেঁকিয়েও পুরোটা তুলতে পারে নি। তৃণমূলীরা টপ টু বটম চোর, ডাকাত। আর ওই সুশীলজীবিরা ---- বাচ্চা। Image
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On today's #COVID19 live-blog:
1. The government of #Bangladesh has instructed garment workers not to travel to rural areas and stay near their workplace during the upcoming Eid-ul-Adha holidays.
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2. The Bangladesh Textile & Garment Workers League showed solidarity with workers fired from Gokaldas Exports in #India.
3. Local rights' groups called on the govt. of #Cambodia to take the #EU's concerns regarding human rights seriously, in order to preserve the EBA scheme. 2/
4. The govt. of #Cambodia has allocated $28M for the 2nd round of relief payments, set to benefit 610,000 families. 
5. Traffic accidents involving garment workers continue to pose a major problem in #Cambodia, as workers travel to work in overcrowded and unsafe vehicles. 3/
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1)BREAKING: #ISIS claims attack in #Bangladesh, targeting a police headquarters in capital #Dhaka. Marks the group's 1st attack in the city since Aug. 2019 & comes amid an attack surge as part of the 4th wave of its "Battle of Attrition" campaign, in lead up to #EidAlAdha.
2)Media reports citing police officials: IED went off inside station, after it was found in a separate operation & brought back to be defused. Casualties were tallied at five wounded, including four police officers. Additional bombs successfully defused.…
3) Responding to recent inquiry, I’d like to clear up some facts: the recent claim from #Bangladesh was #ISIS official and authentic, meaning individuals on the ground in Bangladesh communicated w/ IS media command (likely in Syria), and the claim was then released.
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#alQaida "further entrenching in regions beyond its historical stronghold in #Afghanistan" per latest @UN report

"It exploits the tarnished #ISIL [#ISIS] brand & societal fractures to enhance legitimacy & gain local traction & recruits" per the report
#alQaida "is covertly active in 12 #Afghan provinces & Ayman al-#Zawahiri remains based in the country" per @UN report based on member state intel

Total number of AQ core fighters in #Afghanistan est. to be 400-600
#alQaida core leadership "maintains close contact w/the #Haqqani Network" per @UN report, which adds AQ's #Zawahiri met w/Yahya Haqqani in Feb. 2020 "to discuss ongoing cooperation"
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.@GretaThunberg Donates ₹87.7 Lakh to Aid Flood Relief Efforts in #NortheastIndia, #Bangladesh…


(📸: IANS) Image
Teen climate activist #GretaThunberg has promised funds worth €100,000 (87.74 lakh Indian rupees) to multiple organisations that are currently conducting relief efforts in the flood-hit regions of northeast India and Bangladesh.

#floods #monsoon2020
In a series of posts on her official Twitter handle, the 17-year-old Swede stated: “Right now millions are suffering from extreme flooding fuelled by the climate crisis in India and Bangladesh - already hit by the devastation of #cycloneAmphan and #COVID19.
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Bangladesh PM snubs Imran's efforts to raise Kashmir in bilateral conversation via @EconomicTimes

#Pakistan has been snubbed by a #large number of #countries on many occasions, but it continues to raise #Kashmir shamelessly.
#Pakistan role in #assassination of Hasina's father and #Bangladesh first leader has been widely acknowledged. #ISI-backed #Terror terror groups have been active in Bangladesh under BNP-Jamaat rule. But the #Hasina government cracked down after it returned to power in 2008.
Pak spy agency’s efforts to support BNP at last elections in 2018 was also foiled.

@Ra_Bies @CestMoiz @hussain_imtiyaz @StratManOne

@LtGenGurmit @TarekFatah @Lone_wolf110
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Whats going on #Facebook? Why it became a platform for the fundamentalist to propagate all the proofless shit? why #FreeThinkers cant question the very authenticity of the #Quran and Hadith and how those books came about?
#MarkZuckerberg… @BanglaBrit1972
It is valid to point out that such a belief system that maintains the notion of “I blindly believe and hence it must be true”, is against all forms of rational reasoning and proof.
Mr #Zuckerberg, many of our FB accounts have been deactivated including my own. pls take action
We also think FB is succumbing to requests from the govt of countries like Bangladesh to muzzle our voice.Many atheists, #exmuslims,writers, bloggers, leaders of non-Muslim, #LGBT rights activists have been killed in #Bangladesh by #Islamic terrorists, all in the name of #Islam
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Have said this before, will repeat. I expected more from you @DrSJaishankar . But you have sorely disappointed by being too eager to impress your boss @narendramodi over sane foreign policy . It’s clear @RahulGandhi got under your skin when he exposed your abject failure.
Do you honestly believe photo ops are a substitute for sustained diplomatic engagement, have you not had to clean up the mess @narendramodi often creates or clarify the lies he peddles? Now onto your hollow claims
#China Intruded occupied our territory, first combat casualty in 45 yrs on Ladakh border. No real disengagement. Despite Sabarmati & Mahaballipuram China now closer to Pakistan, against us at NSG, UNSC interfered in Kashmir. What success are you referring to? @DrSJaishankar
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Dr Jaishankar,
A settled land boundary with Bangladesh would have happened years ago, had the BJP & @narendramodi not blocked it.
Here's the infamous letter Jaitely wrote to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.
Even after the BJP came to power, it wanted to keep Assam out of the Indo - Bangla LBA, keeping in view the Assam elections, INC insisted Assam's inclusion & BJP had no option.
Sushma Swaraj, conceded in parliament, the same bill Congress had drafted had been cleared. #Bangladesh
It is your party & govt, with its irresponsible rhetoric, under the irresponsible guidance of Shri @AmitShah that has soured relations with #Bangladesh & has pushed a friendly govt towards China.
Reset your ties with that nation, is all i can say.
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.@RahulGandhi hs questions on Foreign Policy. Here are some answers:

•Our major partn’ships are strongr & internat’l standng higher.Witness regular summits&informal meetngs wth #US #Russia #Europe & #Japan.India engages #China on more equal terms politically.

Ask the analysts.
•We speak our mind more openly now. On #CPEC, on #BRI, on South China Sea, on UN-sanctioned terrorists, etc.

Ask the media.
• And address the #border infrastructure imbalance legacy. Compare 2014-20 with 2008-14. Budget up by 280%, road building by 32%, bridges by 99% and tunnels by 6 times.

Ask our Jawans.
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Food production threatens #Biodiversity

"The conversion of natural areas to industrialized agriculture, with a focus on monocultures and reliance on chemical pesticides & fertilisers, is having a devastating impact on biodiversity."… Image
New in Scientific Reports: "Extreme droughts are likely to become much more frequent across central Europe, and if global greenhouse gas emissions rise strongly they could happen seven times more often"…
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#Bangladesh! A gold trader named Tapan Karmakar(45) was hacked to death by Muslims in Dohar, Dhaka. They also took away the wife of Krishna KK, the elder bro. of the slain businessman. The incident took place in East Latakhola area of ​​the upazila on Tuesday (July 14, 2020). Image
Source: Daily Kalerkantho.…
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