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Welcome to another week of daily threads on Europe's war. Updated throughout the day (and night) every single day.

It's Day 481 of #Russia's illegal full invasion of #Ukraine.

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I tempted fate by saying I was hoping for sleep. Soon enough alarms were sounding in the south of #Ukraine.

Suspected cruise missiles launched from #Russia's Black Sea Fleet, and #Odesa has reported explosions. Hopefully it's just air defence.

Good news is just coming in from #Odesa (RU: #Odessa) where it seems to be quiet now.

There were reported to be three targets - all three may have been shot down. I'm not hearing of damage yet.
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#Earthquake possibly felt 39 sec ago in #Bangladesh. Felt it? Tell us via:
⚠ Automatic crowdsourced detection, not seismically verified yet. More info soon! Image
Eyewitnesses reported shaking in #Bangladesh 3 min ago (local time 10:47:55)⚠
At present, we have no seismic data confirming this crowdsourced detection.❗
More info soon! Image
🔔#Earthquake M4.8 occurred 12 km E of #Sylhet (#Bangladesh) 10 min ago (local time 10:46:15). More info at:
🖥… Image
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1/Such a dreadful report about Bengal from America which has created panic all over the world.
Once considered a symbol of Indian culture, what has happened in Bengal today is not hidden from anyone.
2/The communal riots against the #Hindus have started happening for quite some time and now the situation has been that the banning of celebrating the festival has started.
But the famous American journalist #JanetLevy has now written the article on #WBengal
3/ Janet Levy claims Bengal will soon become a separate #Islamic country & her latest article that civil war is going to start soon in #Bengal after #Kashmir.
In which mass Hindus will be massacred and demanded a separate country called #Mughalistan i.e. another partition.
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1. We have come out with our grand report titled :

"The BRI Status: A Grand Report" on Its Present and Future.

Here is a thread on the same.
#BRI #China


@ShawnG927 @jenny_kjacobs @tiffanymeier_ @NoCCPGenocide @UMM1776 The status of the Belt and ...
2. "The #BRI Status: A Grand Report on Its Present and Future" sheds light on numerous challenges faced by BRI like:
cost overruns,
environmental damage,
funding issues,
repeated delays,
lack of progress,
and poor quality of development.
@Santos4Congress Image
3. According to our investigation, 62.8% of the countries that have joined the #BRI are #developing countries, while around 17% are #developed countries.

This suggests that the BRI is primarily focused on developing countries.
@GundamNorthrop @Byron_Wan Image
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Aich Surname Wikipedia

#Aich #Aitch #Aech #Surname #Kayastha #Kshatriya #Brahmin #Muslim #Hindu #Islam #Wiki #Austria #BadenWürttemberg #Germany #Bangladesh #Bikrampur #Dhaka

The following article requires a number of citations. The content has been collected & collaged from
the history of edits contributed by different people on the ‘Aich Surname’ page in Wikipedia. The link to the Aich Surname Wikipedia page is as follows.….

Aich (also spelled as Aitch) is a Hindu #Bengali surname belonging to the Maulika Kayastha
Aguri (agro) caste mainly found in Burdwan or Birbhuma and Hoogly.

Kayasthas are a sub-caste of Hindus, found across both historical and modern India. The #Kayasthas emerged as a sub-caste or Caste of the #Kshatriyas in Bengal during
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1. #Bangladesh has great respect for the late Senator Edward Kennedy. Akku Chowdhury, founder and director of Bangladesh’s Liberation War Museum, speaking to CNN on 27 August 2009:
2. “In 1971, there were very few leaders from the so-called free world who were paying any attention to what was going on in Bangladesh. And for Ted Kennedy to come forward and to personally visit, the impact was huge. And that’s one thing Bangladeshis have always remembered.”
3. After visiting Bengali refugees in India, he issued a scathing report to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Refugees. The report, “Crisis in South Asia,” spoke of “one of the most appalling tides of human misery in modern times.” Further:
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At least 1650 homes of Hindus burnt with arson, 343 Hindu temples vandalized and destroyed with arson, more than 14 Hindus brutally murdered, 26 Hindu women and girls raped, 17 Hindus are missing.
This all happened in just 11 days between 13-24 oct 2021.
#Bangladesh #durgapuja
+ ImageImageImageImage
Durga Puja Massacre, October 2021

As you all know Hindus have played a big role in liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan, Army sent by India to fight against Pakistan forces and save a Bangladeshi from being Massacred by Pak Army constitutes 70% Hindus, still every year we see+ Image
+ reports of hundreds of #Hindu being Massacred in Bangladesh in the name of Jihad, Hindu #population in Bangladesh is continuously declining, in 1951 there were 22% hindus which decreased to just 7.9% in 2022.
#hindustanunderattack Image
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Auग 19' 2022 | A #Shivling was recovered by a fisherman, from the Kopotakkho river in Paikgachha Upazila in the Khulna district of #Bangladesh. The fisherman was identified as #JagadishBiswas, the son of the late Satish Biswas

यत्र तत्र सर्वत्र सनातन #HarHarMahadev #Satyaagrah
An overwhelmed Jagadish brought the sacred Hindu figurine to his house. By that time, the news had spread in the neighbourhood. This prompted a rush of Hindu devotees to his house.
However, a local leader suggested that he hand over the Shivling to the police. On his advice, Jagadish and his wife Anjana Biswas handed over the Shivling to the police at around 11:30 am on Saturday (August 20)
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#RecordEMos 📜 - 52 años de la independencia de Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

El 26 de marzo de 1971, #Bangladesh declaró su independencia de #Pakistán 🇵🇰 tras una larga lucha armada que tuvo un punto de inflexión con la imposición del urdu como idioma nacional.

#RemEMbering 📜 - 52 years of the independence of Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

On March 26, 1971, #Bangladesh declared its independence from #Pakistan 🇵🇰 after a long armed struggle that reached a turning point with the imposition of Urdu as the national language.
আমরা মনে করি 📜 - বাংলাদেশের স্বাধীনতার 52 বছর 🇧🇩।

26 শে মার্চ, 1971 তারিখে, #বাংলাদেশ একটি দীর্ঘ সশস্ত্র সংগ্রামের পর #পাকিস্তান থেকে তার স্বাধীনতা ঘোষণা করে যা উর্দুকে জাতীয় ভাষা হিসাবে আরোপ করার সাথে একটি টার্নিং পয়েন্টে পৌঁছেছিল।

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On this day in #1971, President Yahya Khan ordered the Operation Search Light in #EastPakistan. What were the possible reasons behind it? Let us delve into it in this 🧵

@albd1971 @BDMOFA
After President Yahya Khan had postponed the national assembly session scheduled to be held on March 3, 1971, under the pressure of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, it had disastrous consequences.
Between March 2 and March 26 (the day on which military action was initiated by President Yahya Khan) in East Pakistan, there was killing, burning, looting, ambushing, brickbatting and molestation of non Bengalis by the militants of Awami League.
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3 elements of Pakistan's policy in #Bangladesh (E. Pakistan):
* Rule Bengalis - they are unreliable.
* Islamize the masses - make a strong religious bond with W. Pakistan.
* Seize #Hindu property - provide a golden carrot to win over the under privileged Muslim middle-class.

#Bangladesh - 1971 - RAPE was a strategic policy of Pakistan army that the Imams & Mullahs supported. A West Pakistan fatwa asserted that women taken from #Hindus could be considered war booty. Rapes of Hindu women aimed to destroy their FAITH, SOCIAL POSITION & SELF-ESTEEM.

#Bangladesh - 1971 - The Butcher of Balochistan, General Tikka Khan, ordered his soldiers to impregnate as many Bengali women as they could so there would be a whole generation of children in East Pakistan that would be born with the blood from the West.
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20 divine dhams of Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannath ji

1. Shri Jagannath Mandir, Puri, Odisha

@LostTemple7 Image
2. Shri Jagannath Mandir
Mhow, #MadhyaPradesh Image
3. Shri Jagannath Temple Hyderabad #Telangana Image
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Panam Nagar, an abandoned city in #Bangladesh, holds the remnants of past prosperity. Once home to 1500 thriving #Hindu families, they fled overnight to the safety of #India in 1965, leaving behind their grand & stunning estates that had once been their protection and refuge.

1/ ImageImageImageImage
Disturbing numbers reveal 10,347 abandoned houses across #Bangladesh, with 6,406 left empty in #Dhaka alone. The abandoned houses include 228 in Rajshahi, 280 in Bogra, 1,421 in Khulna, 507 in Kushita, 353 in Chittagong, 378 in Dinajpur, 223 in Nilphamari, and many more.

/2 ImageImageImage
US @StateDept highlights the contentious issue of property ownership in #Bangladesh in its report. Many #Hindus have lost their landholdings after independence. 11,000 acres lost in 2001-2014 period indicates the scale of continuing discrimination.…

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The SECOND phase of #Bangladesh Hindu Genocide began in April 1971. It aimed to eliminate 10 MILLION HINDUS, because Pakistan army deemed #Hindus "enemy of the state". The army burned thousands of villages in "kill and burn" missions, with only rain as a hindrance.

/1 Image
In April 1971, Pakistan army started a pattern of killing in #Bangladesh; HINDUS first, followed by others; East Pakistan Rifles, police or East Bengal Regiment, students, and then teachers. Teachers, because they were supposed to have been corrupted by the #Hindus.

/2 Image
Hindus in #Bangladesh were "double marked" for persecution from both the Pakistan army and local Bangladeshis. The army encouraged the latter to target their #Hindu neighbors.

/3 Image
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Bangladesh 🇧🇩: Government started anti-Hindu eviction campaign.

They are demolishing the Temples & the houses of Hindus in Dhaka, Mirpur Hindu Colony. + #Dhaka #HindusUnderAttack #Bangladesh ImageImage
A colony of Telugu-speaking Hindu families were forcefully evicted and their houses were demolished by the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC). + ImageImage
Telugu-speaking Hindu families were living in that colony for several generations. But now DSCC plans to build accommodations & workshops there for City Corporation employees. + ImageImage
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🧵"China wants peace" is too simplistic a narrative.

Weeks before the #China-brokered deal b/w #Iran & #SaudiArabia was announced, Beijing sent its top envoy, Deng Xijun, to northern #Myanmar to meet top ethnic rebel groups & convince them to sign ceasefire deals with the junta.
And last week, Xijun travelled to Nay Pyi Taw to meet the coup leader, Min Aung Hlaing. Beijing wants to tell the US (which has sanctioned "non-lethal" aid to the democratic resistance) that it has more access in Burmese power corridors.…
For Xi's China, "peace" in #Myanmar only means ceasefire between a rogue junta & powerful ethnic rebel groups that have sway over the Myanmar-China border regions. Beijing wants them to stop fighting so that it can resume work on its own projects.
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Ahead of China, Vietnam, #Bangladesh, and #India - #Pakistan had been one of the top performers growing 6% per annum from 1947- 1990 economically. 1991 onwards, weak governance and short-term stability led #Pakistan’s economy to “Boom and Bust”.
[1] ImageImage
Bhutto’s bureaucratic reforms led to the destruction of governance, weak civil institutions, and the promotion of mega-corruption during institutional atrophy.
During that period, analysts argued that country’s poor performance is due to Garrison state syndrome (military domination), on the contrary, Pak’s economic performance during military rule had been better. Defense expenditure ratio to GDP was higher in the first 40 years.
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Trigger warning: #Delhipolice seen beating a youth for allegedly playing #DJ #music on loud volume during #Holi celebration in Kalindi Kunj area of Delhi

#KalindiKunj #Delhi #Pakistan #Hindumisia #Holi
Delhi Police PCR van ran over people playing Holi

This video is said to be of GD Colony Mayur Vihar Phase 3,

@DelhiPolice @CPDelhi #Delhi #Pakistan #Hindumisia #Holi
Neither this is #Pakistan nor #Bangladesh, it is #KalindiKunj of #Delhi, the country's capital, where #Hindus were thrown out of their homes and beaten because they were #celebrating their #festival by playing #DJ. Are all restrictions for #Hindufestivals?

#Holi #AAP #Kejriwal
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Women’s Movements in South Asian Countries - A 🧵

Movements of women's rights in #SouthAsia can be traced on junctures of striving for justice in social issues & handling external (often post-colonial) influences.

1/6 Image
In #India, it was 1980 when the Mathura rape case propelled an anti-rape feminist-led movement that remains the biggest wave till today.

But the current wave spreads beyond protection against sexual violence, to economic rights and has taken up significant digital space.

2/6 Image
In #Pakistan, Women Action Forum (WAF) remained the face of women’s movement through 1980s & beyond.

A fresh start came about in 2018 when yearly demonstration called ‘Aurat March’ surfaced. Its momentum has equally met with backlash from different segments of society.

3/6 Image
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#Bangladesh - 26 March 1971 - Kali Bari temple in Dhaka was destroyed by the Pakistan army. The priest, Swami Paramananda Giri, was forced to recite "Kalima", an Islamic declaration of faith before he was brutally killed by bayonetting in the stomach.

[1/4] ...
#Hindu Men and women were separated into two lines, forced to say “Pakistan Zindabad” and recite “La-illaha illa’ Llah”. Then they were shot. Childern screaming in panic were set on fire with the half-dead adults while they were still begging for water.

[2/4] ...
The army, instigated by ex-Mayor of #Dhaka #Bangladesh, Khaja Khaeruddin, then proceeded to Ma Anandamoyee Ashram and burned 50 cows. Pakistani soldiers sized the young #Hindu girls standing in line and forcefully took them along. These girls were never seen again.

[3/4] ...
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Bangladesh 🇧🇩: Another hindu girl named Jayanthi Barman Koli committed suicide after being tortured by her Muslim boyfriend 'Mohammad Alauddin' for forceful religious conversion, In Pairaband, Rangpur

No Bangladesh media has written any article on this case + #Bangladesh #Hindu
I just got it from my credible sources in Bangladesh.

Jayanthi Barman's father name is Tarak Chandra Barman. The college where Jayanthi Barman studied, her father is a professor of +
English department in that college (Pairaband Government Begum Rokeya Smritee College)

Jayanthi's lover Mohammad Alauddin, tortured & tried to convert her on pretext of marriage, but Jayanthi committed suicide instead.

This is the daily occurrence with +
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From #Bangladesh
Our PM @narendramodi did nothing to protect Telugu speaking Hindus of #Dhaka of Bangladesh. At last, today they have been evicted. Their houses are demolished. ++ ImageImageImage
Several Hindu Temples of Telugu speaking Hindus have been demolished.+ ImageImage
Christian minorities also became victim. A church of Telugu speaking Christians also demolished. ++ Image
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Thread: BSF Soldiers Disarmed by Bengali Farmers

Two #BSF jawans were attacked and their weapons snatched allegedly by Bangladeshi farmers who sneaked into India to graze their cattle in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district on 26 Feb 2023.
The incident happened near the Nirmalchar border outpost in Ranitala police station area when two jawans of the 35th Battalion were patrolling. On noticing that a group of #Bangladeshi farmers was crossing the border to graze their cattle on fields of #Indianfarmers.....,
...the jawans intercepted them. Soon, hundreds of people from #Bangladesh crossed over to India, and attacked the jawans with sticks and ‘dah’ a sharp-edged tool mainly used in farming as per #BSF. BSF said the Border Guards Bangladesh (#BGB) was informed about the incident...,
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Welcome to daily thread number 363 covering #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

All the news you need, plus analysis, in one handy thread, updated throughout the day.

Quite a busy day yesterday. Here's the link for Monday's 🧵

Over 30 countries have now signed a demand for the IOC to reconsider admitting athletes from #Russia and #Belarus to the Olympic Games.

The UK, US and most of #Ukraine's allies are among the signatories.
Another 760 Russians died on the battlefield in the last 24 hours according to #Ukraine's daily figures. The daily mean for February remains insanely high.

Meanwhile above average numbers of tanks destroyed too: 10

#StandWithUkraine #RussiansGoHome Image
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