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Aich Surname Wikipedia

#Aich #Aitch #Aech #Surname #Kayastha #Kshatriya #Brahmin #Muslim #Hindu #Islam #Wiki #Austria #BadenWürttemberg #Germany #Bangladesh #Bikrampur #Dhaka

The following article requires a number of citations. The content has been collected & collaged from
the history of edits contributed by different people on the ‘Aich Surname’ page in Wikipedia. The link to the Aich Surname Wikipedia page is as follows.….

Aich (also spelled as Aitch) is a Hindu #Bengali surname belonging to the Maulika Kayastha
Aguri (agro) caste mainly found in Burdwan or Birbhuma and Hoogly.

Kayasthas are a sub-caste of Hindus, found across both historical and modern India. The #Kayasthas emerged as a sub-caste or Caste of the #Kshatriyas in Bengal during
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3 elements of Pakistan's policy in #Bangladesh (E. Pakistan):
* Rule Bengalis - they are unreliable.
* Islamize the masses - make a strong religious bond with W. Pakistan.
* Seize #Hindu property - provide a golden carrot to win over the under privileged Muslim middle-class.

#Bangladesh - 1971 - RAPE was a strategic policy of Pakistan army that the Imams & Mullahs supported. A West Pakistan fatwa asserted that women taken from #Hindus could be considered war booty. Rapes of Hindu women aimed to destroy their FAITH, SOCIAL POSITION & SELF-ESTEEM.

#Bangladesh - 1971 - The Butcher of Balochistan, General Tikka Khan, ordered his soldiers to impregnate as many Bengali women as they could so there would be a whole generation of children in East Pakistan that would be born with the blood from the West.
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Panam Nagar, an abandoned city in #Bangladesh, holds the remnants of past prosperity. Once home to 1500 thriving #Hindu families, they fled overnight to the safety of #India in 1965, leaving behind their grand & stunning estates that had once been their protection and refuge.

1/ ImageImageImageImage
Disturbing numbers reveal 10,347 abandoned houses across #Bangladesh, with 6,406 left empty in #Dhaka alone. The abandoned houses include 228 in Rajshahi, 280 in Bogra, 1,421 in Khulna, 507 in Kushita, 353 in Chittagong, 378 in Dinajpur, 223 in Nilphamari, and many more.

/2 ImageImageImage
US @StateDept highlights the contentious issue of property ownership in #Bangladesh in its report. Many #Hindus have lost their landholdings after independence. 11,000 acres lost in 2001-2014 period indicates the scale of continuing discrimination.…

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Bangladesh 🇧🇩: Government started anti-Hindu eviction campaign.

They are demolishing the Temples & the houses of Hindus in Dhaka, Mirpur Hindu Colony. + #Dhaka #HindusUnderAttack #Bangladesh ImageImage
A colony of Telugu-speaking Hindu families were forcefully evicted and their houses were demolished by the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC). + ImageImage
Telugu-speaking Hindu families were living in that colony for several generations. But now DSCC plans to build accommodations & workshops there for City Corporation employees. + ImageImage
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#Bangladesh - 26 March 1971 - Kali Bari temple in Dhaka was destroyed by the Pakistan army. The priest, Swami Paramananda Giri, was forced to recite "Kalima", an Islamic declaration of faith before he was brutally killed by bayonetting in the stomach.

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#Hindu Men and women were separated into two lines, forced to say “Pakistan Zindabad” and recite “La-illaha illa’ Llah”. Then they were shot. Childern screaming in panic were set on fire with the half-dead adults while they were still begging for water.

[2/4] ...
The army, instigated by ex-Mayor of #Dhaka #Bangladesh, Khaja Khaeruddin, then proceeded to Ma Anandamoyee Ashram and burned 50 cows. Pakistani soldiers sized the young #Hindu girls standing in line and forcefully took them along. These girls were never seen again.

[3/4] ...
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From #Bangladesh
Our PM @narendramodi did nothing to protect Telugu speaking Hindus of #Dhaka of Bangladesh. At last, today they have been evicted. Their houses are demolished. ++ ImageImageImage
Several Hindu Temples of Telugu speaking Hindus have been demolished.+ ImageImage
Christian minorities also became victim. A church of Telugu speaking Christians also demolished. ++ Image
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Thread: BSF Soldiers Disarmed by Bengali Farmers

Two #BSF jawans were attacked and their weapons snatched allegedly by Bangladeshi farmers who sneaked into India to graze their cattle in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district on 26 Feb 2023.
The incident happened near the Nirmalchar border outpost in Ranitala police station area when two jawans of the 35th Battalion were patrolling. On noticing that a group of #Bangladeshi farmers was crossing the border to graze their cattle on fields of #Indianfarmers.....,
...the jawans intercepted them. Soon, hundreds of people from #Bangladesh crossed over to India, and attacked the jawans with sticks and ‘dah’ a sharp-edged tool mainly used in farming as per #BSF. BSF said the Border Guards Bangladesh (#BGB) was informed about the incident...,
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The #USA killed #India’s #nuclear physicist #HomiBhabha and Prime Minister #LalBahadurShastri—confessions of Robert Crowley, then second in command of the CIA's Directorate of Operations (in charge of covert operations) recorded in a book by Gregory Douglas.
Via @MeghBulletin
Pertinent to note here that the confession by the CIA officer indicates the #US government in 1966 wilfully murdered 117 civilians on @airindiain flight 101 just so they could kill #HomiBhabha .
An act of State sponsored #terrorism by #WashingtonDC any way you look at it .
A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then . Every nation has national imperatives that overrule previous issues. We've let this slide just as we've let the 1971 Enterprise incident go .
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I have been thinking about samosas for the last week & here is a thread about them. For starters the Samosa comes from West Asia and was originally meat wrapped in a dough cone and fried - the sambusak! The only truly veg versions are all Indian! #Samosa #Sambusak #PunjabiSamosa
I grew up in Mumbai eating what is now known as the Parsi/Bohri Samosa and which I simply knew as a Samosa. Lightly spiced lamb mince cooked with onions, green chillies and corriander, stuffed into a triangular pocket made from flat precooked sheets of samosa patti. #Samosa
These were then slowly fried in hot (not too hot) oil till golded brown & served with a typically Parsi Green chutney made with coconut, mint, corriander, peppercorns, green chutney & lime juice. These treats were rare and cherished! #Samosa
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The "Integrated country strategy" with #SriLanka will likely be our template for #BharatVarsh as a union of #Indic civilization.
Interesting to note that instead of imposing ourselves we've let the #SriLanka govt outline the details of the integration process on their terms.
A detailed description of what they're looking at below . In essence seems to be much like a federation of union of states .Better for the people of both nations .
Russia went straight to Dand .
We try to stay between Saam & Daam use Bhedh if necessary as a measure of Dand .
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Just some pictures for y’all to cherish and mourn over, today from the 1971 war.

Dogras holding the National flag after capturing an enemy post in West #akistan. Image
IA Tanks at Chamb sector. Image
Captured Pakistani Sherman Tank. Image
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Inspired by @MonicaK2511 to share photos taken my ME, God has been so wonderful to me that my work has taken me to so many places & I share some pictures from my travels. Maybe I will add to this like a series but this is just a beginning. #Amritsar #Dhaka #Dublin #Mysore
To these I add #Holland #Qatar #Norway and #California There many pictures but these are just a few, representative...
The next in line are #Paris #NewYork #Switzerland and #Kolkatta... Each place has a beauty, charm, culture, that must be experienced.
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PM @narendramodi reaches #Dhaka on a two-day visit to #Bangladesh

Accorded Guard of Honour.
Prime Minister @narendramodi plants a sapling at National Martyrs’ Memorial in Dhaka, #Bangladesh
Prime Minister @narendramodi pays tribute at National Martyrs’ Memorial in Dhaka, #Bangladesh

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I've started combining locations highlighted in my #connectivity research with in-situ listening via #radiogarden. Right now, the port of Constanta, Romania on the #BlackSea, while scanning a modernisation programme with "civilian-military dual-use of transport infrastructure" 1/ Image
This morning, the port of #Alexandroupoli, Greece on the #ThracianSea with strategically important position for regional #energyflows. Scanning #flowsecurity development & mooted sale of majority stake of port to US commercial interests... / #connectivity & #radiogarden 2/ Image
Nothing listed for the port of #Sabetta, Russia so Novy Urengoy closest station (375 miles away): Scanning the voyage of Christophe de Margerie, expanding navigation window in the eastern sector of Russian #Arctic, confirming year-round safe navigation... #psychoconnectivity 3/ Image
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1)BREAKING: #ISIS claims attack in #Bangladesh, targeting a police headquarters in capital #Dhaka. Marks the group's 1st attack in the city since Aug. 2019 & comes amid an attack surge as part of the 4th wave of its "Battle of Attrition" campaign, in lead up to #EidAlAdha.
2)Media reports citing police officials: IED went off inside station, after it was found in a separate operation & brought back to be defused. Casualties were tallied at five wounded, including four police officers. Additional bombs successfully defused.…
3) Responding to recent inquiry, I’d like to clear up some facts: the recent claim from #Bangladesh was #ISIS official and authentic, meaning individuals on the ground in Bangladesh communicated w/ IS media command (likely in Syria), and the claim was then released.
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Hours before @CIJ_ICJ announces decision on whether to order #Myanmar to implement provisional measures to prevent allegations of #genocide against #Rohingyas, #UN Special Rapporteur #YangheeLee holds presser in #Dhaka #Bangladesh for her final mission as her term ends ImageImageImageImage
#UN Special Rapporteur @YangheeLeeSKKU has been denied access into #Myanmar, expressing disappointment that her last attempt to engage Myanmar also rejected. Reiterates she must "speak the truth" even though it's "not to (government) liking". Adds "not too late to change course" Image
#UN Special Rapporteur #YangheeLee calls on #Rohingya #refugees who fled #Myanmar to #Bangladesh to "not give up hope" to return home to #Rakhine. More than 700,000 Rohingyas fled after violent security crackdown in 2017
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We cannot call it #India-#Bangladesh prime ministerial meeting in true sense of the term, since #SheikhHasina came to the WEF meeting. The bilateral visit is scheduled later. However despite its limited scope I find the meeting very encouraging and beneficial for either side. 1/n
Key takeaways from #Modi-#SheikhHasina
Meeting 1) The LPG deal is consequent to #India's decision to invest in LPG terminal in #Chittagong. With time we wil see rise in supplies and #Bangladesh-#NorthEast LPG pipeline. 2/n
LPG deal is a mirror of #India-Bangladesh #diesel pipeline with the exception that in the case of #LPG, #Bangladesh is also getting #FDI. This is early stages of creation of a regional oil & gas grid, which may be expanded to #CLMV #Asean in the days to come. #Modi- #Hasina
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At least 1,337 journalists have been killed while covering the news since 1992. Their names form The #LastColumn logo. Each time a journalist is killed, their name will be added to the logo. #pressfreedom
In this thread, we share the final work of 24 journalists who were killed in line of duty since 1992. #LastColumn @CPJLastColumn
Marie Colvin’s #LastColumn was published on February 19, 2012. Three days later, she was killed alongside French photojournalist Rémi Ochlik when Syrian forces struck their makeshift press center in Homs, Syria.
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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CPJ Safety Advisory: Covering Protests in #Bangladesh… #alert
Plan the assignment and ensure that you have a full battery on your mobile phone. Know the area you are going to. Work out in advance what you would do in an emergency. #CPJEmergencies
Always try to work with a colleague and have a regular check-in procedure with your base. #JournalistSafety
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