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25/ More old maps from 19th century showing zero trace of #Armenia. Meanwhile, #Karabagh and even #Shusha are clearly indicated. #Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianLies #StopArmenianOccupation

26/To clarify: Armenien is indicated on some of the maps=name of the area. There is no sign of the "ancient Artsakh". If there was a "country of Armenia" and it was not just an area,there should have been the "ancient Artsakh". But since there is no "ancient Artsakh", Armenia=lie
27/ Additionally, Azerbaijan was the name of the modern republic only after 1918. So, "Azerbaijan name is not on these maps" argument is moronic. Empire names change. The Turks who built the empire are still the Turks. Not Armenians... 😄
28/ And to those who cling to the hope/notion that Armenien/Armenia in ancient maps was actually a country - what was the capital? Irevan? A well-known Turk city with 269 mosques???
29/ Poor brainless creatures do Google Ngram search for "#Armenia" vs "#Azerbaijan" and try to use that as evidence that Armenia existed before Azerbaijan. Why that is moronic:
1) Until 1918, Armenia was always just the name of the area. Not a country. The whole world knows this.
2) Different spellings of Azerbaijan would have to be searched too (Aderbaidjan, etc).
3) The area which is the modern #Azerbaijan was always ruled by #Azerbaijani Turks. Regardless of the name of the state (Seljuks, Shirvanshahs, etc.)
4) Ask yourself: what does "Armenia" mean? Which language is it from? Why?
5) Another proof (not that we needed it) that "Armenia" was not a state until 1918 is that Erevan shows up 200yrs later after the term "Armenia" on Ngram. Why? What was the capital of Armenia?
6) The term "Artsakh" doesn't show up on Ngram at all.
7) Even if there was "Armenia" in 14th century, (which there wasn't, btw), it doesn't give the right to Rep. of Armenia to invade #Azerbaijan in the 21st century. Should Turkey invade all the regions that were Ottoman?
34/ Here's a book about Mongols of Persia (not Azerbaijani) from 1888 that also mentions #Azerbaijan as early as 1259! (for those #Armenians who think Coca-Cola is older than Azerbaijan). So, while the modern Rep. of Azerbaijan was formed in 1918, Azerbaijan is much much older... Image
35/ Thanks to @NarminZahid and Taira who wrote this FB post (…), we now have a detailed account of the origin of the word "Artsakh" in English and Russian (see the FB link or the attached images below) #Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianLies ImageImageImageImage
@NarminZahid 36/ One of most important documentaries any #Azerbaijani or #Armenian can possibly watch these days. The film (with Eng subtitles) includes interviews of local #Armenians and their confessions. RETWEET #Azerbaijan! 🇦🇿


38/Thanks to @Ulviyya07917861 we can add this beautiful documentary about CaucasianAlbania that includes origins of churches on the territory of #Azerbaijan and how #Armenians tried to appropriate them. Based on the dislikes-Armenians hated the truth. 😄
39/ The same documentary also provides information about the origins of the word #Artsakh - an ancient Turkic word = "Place where the brave Saks lived"!!!

(Link below takes you to that part)

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianLies

40/ A short fragment from the film in the post #36 (with Eng subtitles). Talks about how the state of #Armenia was formed in 1828 following the end of Russo-Persian war (Turkmenchay treaty) and how 1M (!) Armenians from around the world were moved to this new state. #Azerbaijan
41/If u pay attention to the wording of the order given by CzarNikolai,he says:"I order to call these Nakhchivan & Irevan Khanates-from NOW ON-"ArmenianOBLAST"". That order is somewhere in Russian archives/museums=a proof of non-existence of an Armenian state before it was given.
42/ This is one of those things nobody can call "propaganda", because the original documents/letters/records about this order and about the events leading to (and unfolding after) Turkmenchay treaty are in the hands of Russians and Iranians. So... The truth is out there.
45/ And the thread about #Armenian terror attacks on Gandja city apartments in October 2020:

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianLies #StopArmenianOccupation

46/ Baby rabbit break:
48/ Pashinyan speaking in 2018:

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianLies #StopArmenianOccupation

"Let's return the lands belonging to Azerbaijan to them. I officially declare it to you: this is their land."
52/ Just a brief summary / list of critical questions. Feel free to quote this tweet (copy-paste the link, so that they can see the rest of the thread) as a reply to "historians" that come at you with ancient maps 😄

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianLies #StopArmenianOccupation ImageImageImage
54/ This book excerpt is about events from ~1915. But it sheds light on the current #Karabagh conflict too. #Gandja #Berde

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianLies #StopArmenianOccupation Image
55/An important video by Philip Ekozyants (#Armenian historian)(with Eng subtitles):

- Diary of the 17th century French traveler Jean Chardin.
- Origins of the name #Azerbaijan &its existence before 17th century.
- How Armenian historians hide the truth.

56/ Why was it called "Armenia Major" (1st&2nd map) just like AREAS were called - example = Asia Minor (3rd map). 🤨 Have you seen another country with a major/minor after its name? Could it be that #Armenia=AREA, NOT a country at the time?#Azerbaijan #StopArmenianLies ImageImageImage

USSR, Moscow, Kremlin, 1947.

Stalin orders to relocate 100,000 (!) #Azerbaijani's out of #Armenia into #Azerbaijan over a period of 3 yrs, as #Azerbaijanis were the majority population, since they were living on their historic lands (aka Irevan Khanate).

Question: Why? ImageImage
58/ Just attaching the "ABC of Karabagh" video thread to this TRUTH thread:

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianLies #StopArmenianOccupation

Penny Cyclopaedia 1838, London UK, p. 175:

1832 Karabakh=13965 #Azerbaijan|i families+1491 #Armenia|n families. This is despite: Rus. moved many Arm. from Persia to Karabakh AND many Az. left Karabagh, following Turkmenchay treaty

Thanks @karabaghtruths @stop_armenian ImageImage

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17 Oct
1/ For all those #Armenians who say that #Ganja bombings are just a response for “shelling” of #Xankendi/#Stepanakert. THREAD.

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianTerrorism #GanjaCity

AZ: #Ganja is 101 km away from the warzone. Why is it being targeted?

AR: Xankendi/Stepanakert is in the CENTER of the #Karabakh WARZONE. Armenians know this, and they should & mostly already HAVE evacuated the city.

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianTerrorism

AZ: Az. needs to destroy depots & other mil. infrastructure in Xankendi to shorten this war. This is good for all civilians.

AR: Ar. targets=Az. homes, as they’ve already inadvertently admitted that targeting civilians is their strategy to create panic:
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17 Oct
1/ Hi @JoeBiden. Have you seen the recent live footage of death and destruction from Ganja, Azerbaijan? At least 12 civilians (including 2 babies) have been found dead so far from under the rubble and >35 are injured. What happened? Let me tell you:
2/ Armenia fired long-range ballistic Elbrus missiles at the 2nd-largest, densely-populated city in Azerbaijan with no military installations in the vicinity. Why? Let me tell you that too:

3/ The aim of this attack, as any military expert will tell you, was to trigger a response from Azerbaijan onto Armenian soil, which would then have to be responded by Russia attacking Azerbaijan, due to something called CSTO treaty. #Azerbaijan
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9 Oct
1/ For #Armenians who claim "Artsakh" is their land:

A simple GoogleNgram search reveals that the word "Karabag" was in Russian (!) archives since (at least) 1805.

The word "Artsakh" started showing up in those same archives only after the Rep. of Armenia was founded in 1918! Image
2/ Why the long pause? #Azerbaijan #Armenia

Because Armenians were a minority nomadic tribe spread across a wide area. This Russian archive says that Armenians should be re-settled (i.e., concentrated) into Irevan and Karabag khanates of... you guessed it - Azerbaijan. Image
3/ Even only a couple decades ago, this truth was not completely erased from your culture, as you can hear from the tongue of this Armenian history teacher:

#Azerbaijan #Armenia
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