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1/ One month into what has already become the bloodiest fighting in the post-Soviet space in more than a decade.

1000s are dead. More than 100 civilians lost their lives. 10,000s displaced. And no visible end to the war in this small plot of land called #NagornoKarabakh. Image
2/ In three days in Yerevan I met different people. Politicians, officials, ordinary residents. All want the war to end soon. But no hope this is to happen. All conversations are about weapons. Today a friend with Oxford uni diploma has entered military training to join troops.
3/ Meeting people from Stepanakert in Yerevan streets has become an ordinary thing. More than half of the #NagornoKarabakh residents have reportedly left. Mainly women and kids. Their males are all in trenches.
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Watching a live-streamed presentation on Armenia and Azerbaijan in the context of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict from the Netherlands. Apparently neutral. Might live-tweet any relevant points worth being amplified to and for all sides as well as others interested. HT @babayevsky
Perhaps the most important point articulated by @adrianrogstad just now is that the international community is frustrated by the inability of Armenia and Azerbaijan to resolve the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Remember, the main ceasefire agreement was signed 26 years ago.
However, worth noting that @adrianrogstad also points out that Putin has hardly been enamoured by Pashinian's premiership. That said, a key new player this time is Turkish support for Azerbaijan. Ankara willing to take on Moscow for influence in the South Caucasus region.
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As mentioned, I've a piece coming soon on the impact fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh will have on Georgia. Because of word count, can't include all the interviews other than in much shorter quotes. So tweeting key points here over next few days. 1/
Today's key points are the responses from Georgian International Relations Analyst @ISirbiladze. It won't be any surprise that he considers the implications of fighting are very serious for the region. #Armenia #Azerbaijan #Karabakh 2/
In this fighting, says @ISirbiladze, Turkey can be considered an 'open enabler' while Russia is a 'failing disabler.' Moscow has shown itself unwilling or unable to dissuade Azerbaijan from continuing with its military operations against Armenian forces in and around Karabakh. 3/
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Seems the Basic Principles are still on the table, and reportedly in Yerevan too. 1/4

"[…] Baku is ready to halt hostilities in and around Nagorno-Karabakh if Armenia accepts a framework peace accord put forward by the United States, Russia and France."
"In separate comments to the Sputinik news agency, [Pashinian spokesperson] Gevorgian said that Yerevan is “committed” to seeking a peace deal that would be based on the principles cited by Aliyev. “Armenia is prepared for a ceasefire and a negotiating process,” she said. 2/4
“Their essence is known: a phased liberation of districts around Karabakh while observing security guarantees for Karabakh and ensuring a reliable link [with] Armenia until determining the final status of Karabakh,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said […]." 3/4
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Following the recent post by @ArpiBekaryan I'm going to post about some grassroots conflict resolution projects I've seen. Though not without problems, they didn't fall into the cookie cutter trap of closed doors and usual suspects. One was Tekali...…
The ethnic Azeri village of Tekali was chosen for cross-border meetings. More importantly, rather than involve the 'elite' in the capitals, it's location in Georgia on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border allowed people from the regions of all three to attend.…
Not only that, but discussions were held in the 'real world,' and not a fancy spar resort or hotel in a major urban centre. No closed doors, no confined spaces. Real interaction between Armenians and Azerbaijanis with local ethnic Azeri families hosting.…
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Artsakh is Armenia — a long thread with historical facts, maps, documents and photographs 🇦🇲❤️

#PeaceforArmenians #StopAzerbaijaniAggression
#Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), as a part of Armenia, is mentioned in the works of
- Strabo
- Pliny the Elder
- Claudius Ptolemy
- Plutarch
- Dio Cassius and other ancient authors.
The first mentioning of #Artsakh dates back to the cuneiform script from the Uratuian King Sardur II of #Armenia (763-734 BC). The document mentions the country of Urtekhini, which the Greek geographer Strabo (63/64 BC - 24 AD) called Orkhistene, Artsakh in Armenian. ImageImage
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The #UnitedNations Security Council meeting on 19 October was the next confrontation between the positions of #Armenia and #Azerbaijan that have emerged in the international discussions around #KarabakhConflict over the past years. ⬇️
Until now, #Armenia has been considered a representative of the real political status because it controls #NagornoKarabakh and surrounding regions. #Azerbaijan referred to the UN resolutions on restoration of its legal jurisdiction over the occupied territories. ⬇️
It is clear from the speeches of AZE officials that the draft statement prepared by France&Russia at the #UNSC meeting on the #Karabakhwar on October 19 was not adopted. The reason for this was that the draft statement did not refer to four UN resolutions adopted in 1993. ⬇️
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#Genocide scholars from all over the world appeal to global community- genocide of the #Armenia|ns in Nagorno-#Karabakh"is a very real possibility".
They cite #Erdogan:
1. #Turkey is ready to once more "give a lesson" to #Armenia|ns
2. “Deportation” of Armenians [referring to the #ArmenianGenocide] in 1915 was the most appropriate decision at the time
3. Armenians are “leftovers of the sword”
"#Aliyev spoke abt a “hypocritical, global #Armenia|n conspiracy w/ Western politicians,who are embroiled in corruption and bribery,”reminiscent of Hitler's "global Jewish conspiracy” thesis,reiterated many times in Nazi speeches as a pretext and justification for the #Holocaust"
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Some organizations may not survive new #Karabakh conflict: CSTO (Russia does not assist Armenia). EU’s #EasternPartnership (2/6 members at war) Also tough for #OSCE, already in crisis. Baku and Yerevan already used veto powers to block decisions, could now make OSCE unworkable.
And just to clarify: I DO know that Russia’s commitments to Armenia only extend to the territory of ROA. My point is that Putin’s absolute neutrality to a supposed CSTO ally undermines the rationale of the organisation.
Also worth clarifying that Eastern Partnership is an initiative, not an organisation. It will persist in some form but not in current format I’d say.
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Dear @SecPompeo @statedeptspox, please consider this as you meet w/ Azeri FM & Armenian FM @ZMnatsakanyan today. #ArtsakhRepublic Armenians are some of the world’s oldest Christians, who’ve lived there longer than Azerbaijan has been a country. Now 3 Islamic nations attack them.
There are videos that I am sure you have access to, which depict Azeri soldiers beheading Armenian soldiers. There are also videos of Azeris executing Armenian civilians in #ArtsakhRepublic (photo grab below.) The US must support #Artdakh’s right to self determination.
Sec. Condoleeza Rice asserted that Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence was “sui generis” because of special circumstances regarding the collapse of Yugoslavia. #ArtsakhRepublic’s claims are even stronger than Kosovo’s.…
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1 From Putin's comments yesterday on #Karabakh war at Valdai Club: First, worth noting that he talked about several other issues, such as cyber-security and the START treaty, before the war came up. War wasn’t the first item on the agenda.…
2 Second, Putin wanted to come across as absolutely even-handed: “For us Armenia and Azerbaijan are equal partners.” That will obviously infuriate Armenians as the Az. military advance continues. No mention of CSTO commitments, only of shared Christianity.
3 Third, Putin expressed frustration with both sides that they were not flexible enough and never agreed to Russian peace plans. This is a common Putin theme on this conflict: that is up to the parties and not Russia to "take responsibility” for NK conflict.
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however, for a reformed & modernized #AzerbaijaniArmy conducting essentially a #counterterrorism liberation campaign in the #Karabakh mountains will not be harder than it would be for the #ArmenianArmy to try to hold on.

In an interesting twist of events & fate, waging war in the mountains of the occupied Karabakh would probably be harder or as hard for the #ArmenianArmy because:

1) they didn't prepare for it there as much

2) their C&C as well as special forces have been decimated
3) falling leaves will expose everything from above, so that natural defense will be nill in the winter

4) drones with IR cameras are going to be very effective, as would be the A.I. in TB2 UAVs that notices movement on the ground & alerts operator

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1 Reports already of breakdown of last night's #Karabakh truce hours after it was agreed. Again a reminder of why a truce is desperately needed: the huge human cost of conflict. (If you don’t need reminding, please look at my Twitter feed over last three weeks.)
2 Take note of what OHCHR, ICRC, Amnesty, have said: Sustained Azerbaijani bombardment of NK itself and its Armenian population, many civilian casualties, destruction of civilian infrastructure, tens of thousands displaced, use of banned weapons (cluster munitions).
3 Many Armenian strikes on Azerbaijani town of Ganje, Terter, Barda, including places where IDPs from war of 1990s were living and were displaced again. Worst strike with many casualties, mass destruction, occurred yesterday in Ganje.
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1/ For all those #Armenians who say that #Ganja bombings are just a response for “shelling” of #Xankendi/#Stepanakert. THREAD.

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianTerrorism #GanjaCity

AZ: #Ganja is 101 km away from the warzone. Why is it being targeted?

AR: Xankendi/Stepanakert is in the CENTER of the #Karabakh WARZONE. Armenians know this, and they should & mostly already HAVE evacuated the city.

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianTerrorism

AZ: Az. needs to destroy depots & other mil. infrastructure in Xankendi to shorten this war. This is good for all civilians.

AR: Ar. targets=Az. homes, as they’ve already inadvertently admitted that targeting civilians is their strategy to create panic:
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#Armenia says, #Azerbaijan shelled #Stepanakert & outskirts.
Then Azerbaijan says, Karabakh shell #Ganja.
Then Armenia says, Azerbaijan shells Khnatsakh, Artsvanik & David Bek (Armenia). 2 drones are downed in Armenia.

No shelling for some days. So who started this now?
#Azerbaijan media shares vid of #Armenia|n Grad in action, claim Armenians target Ganja & Mingechaur.
Armenian Grad has 20km range.
Distance to Ganja: 40km, Mingechaur: 50+.
I trust @ShStepanyan. And there are more important targets, than civilian houses.
One of the most dangerous aspects of war - is endless cycle of revenges. Murder, and revenge, and revenge for revenge, w/ no end. Previous war revenges had already passed away in 30 yrs. No we are gaining new ones. And why is this for? For #Aliyev revanchism?
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1) Azerbaijan says UN Security Council resolutions of 1993 back up their claims over Artsakh / Nagorno-Karabakh and justifies its use of military force. Here’s what you need to know?
2) The UN Security Council adopted 4 resolutions on #NagornoKarabakh (no 822, 853, 874, 884) exercising its main function of maintaining peace and security.
3) These resolutions confirm that Nagorno-Karabakh (not Armenia!) and Azerbaijan are the parties to the conflict.
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1. Armenia is pushing for the right of #RemedialSecession of #Karabakh Armenians and for international recognition, as the only mechanism in place for the prevention of massacre of the entire Armenian population of Karabakh.
2. The survival needs of people are at stake in #Karabakh Evidence of harsh brutality of #Azerbaijani military against unarmed civilians and prisoners of war has already been circulated across int-l media.
3. In the course of the last few decades there have been at least 3 cases when the right for national self-determination was recognized by the world: East Timor, Kosovo and South Sudan.
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Not only international law, but historical, geographical and economic factors make Mountainous (Upper) #Karabakh attached to #Azerbaijan. British Commander in #Transcaucasia Colonel D.I. Shuttleworth in April 1919 asserted that that Mountainous Karabakh would starve were it
separated from the plains in the east and vital railway link at Yevlakh on the Batum-Tiflis-Baku line. The Caucasus Bureau also made it clear in its decision that the economic ties between Upper (Nagorno) and Lower #Karabakh are strong, so Upper Karabakh should be retained within
#Azerbaijan. Since the Karabakh War ended, the area has swiftly declined economically due to the break in economic relations with #Azerbaijan. All Mountainous #Karabakh’s business was conducted with the closest cities such as #Ganja and #Agdam rather than distant #Armenia.
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#Azerbaijan killed 2 #Armenia|n captives, likely #Hadrut district. Video shows an old & a younger man are ordered to approach to Azeri soldiers w/ hands in the air. Next video shows both, old man face covered w/ blood, but moving. Then soldiers gunshot them.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes ImageImageImage
First part of the video was originally published by TheTagiev blog, that shares videos made by #Azerbaijan soldiers in #Karabakh.

Army commanded by #Aliyev, who says, that both ppl need to learn to live in peace in #Karabakh, but kills prisoners of war.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
#Azerbaijan troops are inhuman bastards.

I thought after #AprilWar 2016, they prohibited own troops to mutilate bodies. Until now.

Azeri soldier cuts off a #Karabakh soldier's head & shows off. Because it's a matter of honor to behead the rival's soldiers.
#AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
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Michigan State passes resolution condemning #Turkey & #Azerbaijan aggression against #Armenia & #Artsakh.

#Austria parliament unanimously adopts motion (…) & Flemish Parliament of #Belgium adopts resolution (…) condemning aggression of #Azerbaijan & #Turkey against #Artsakh.

#ArmeniaIsNotAlone #StopAliyev #StopErdogan
21 deputies & 15 senators from #Spain call on intl. society to #RecognizeArtsakh.…

#ArmeniaIsNotAlone Image
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There are voices rightly highlighting relentless focus on geopolitics in the tragedy in + around #Karabakh. Geopolitics is what we can most easily see, and means to most easily simplify complexity + align it with political agendas. But it shouldn't be the main story now. 1/11
We only have intermittent or highly mediated glimpses of what is happening on ground, but clear that a humanitarian catastrophe is happening in NK, with main towns enduring massive destruction + half of the Armenian population – up to 70,000 people – fleeing the territory. 2/11
There have been atrocities reported in Hadrut, evoking comparable, never addressed, atrocities when 3 Armenians were killed in Talish in April 2016. Altogether around 25 civilians on the Armenian side have been reported killed. 3/11
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1/11 Two weeks into #Karabakh war. Very little information from the battlefield. But here is what possible to say based on official sources only:
2/11 Azerbaijan’s leadership is looking to break news about fast results. At least three times it reported that its army captured a village or a town being while fighting was still ongoing or did not even start.
3/11 Still no evidence that the village of Madaghis has ever changed hands. All videos from the area show different heights around and the nearby village of Talish (which was half controlled by Az forces since 2016 anyway), but not Madaghis itself.
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#ARTSAKH/#NagornoKarabakh—Situation in #Hadrut: Overnight an elite group of #Turkey-operates special forces (possibly fighters of #AlKhamsa unit brought by Turkey from #Syria to fight for #Azerbaijan?) attempted a raid into Hadrut. The unit numbered 200, all black uniforms. 1/
#ARTSAKH/#NagornoKarabakh—Situation in #Hadrut: The unit was infantry-only, no mech equipment. Intention was to provide evidence—AFTER ceasefire came into effect—to support the bogus Twitter claim of #Aliev that #Azerbaijan had taken Hadrut—to plant a flag on admin building. 2/
#ARTSAKH/#NagornoKarabakh—Situation in #Hadrut: #Turkey-led special forces unit was blocked from attempt to plant a flag by 23 local #Armenia|n militiamen, led by Hadrut’s mayor. Artsakh defenders held off the assault until an Artsakh Defence Army special forces unit arrived. 3/5
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Big military lessons coming out of the #Karabakh fighting between Armenia & Azerbaijan: firstly, it calls into question the future of manned combat aircraft since drones can take on exacting tasks such as the destruction of concealed or moving armour 1/
Azerbaijan invested in unpiloted aircraft - not just the big ones like Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone but also much smaller Israeli Orbiter & Harop that circle over the battlefield, costing a fraction of what they destroy let lone a fighter jet 2/
Armenia nor Azerbaijan only have a few crewed combat jets, around 10 & 20 serviceable respectively. So drones show the way to smaller or emerging military powers to gain control of the skies by knocking out enemy air defences without risking pilots 3/
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