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Good to see @hrw finally weighing in - #Azerbaijan has violated many articles of the Geneva Conventions. Additionally, some of these POWs were captured because Azerbaijan illegally took further territory after the ceasefire agreement was signed and they were surrounded & trapped.
I will add a few more Geneva Conventions violations by Azerbaijan that I have noted over the years to this thread
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By the way, the trash propaganda article that Vicken is fact-correcting in this thread was authored by the head of #Azerbaijan’s government-funded “think tank” @aircenteraz, which is why legitimate scholars on Caucasus issues shouldn’t be publishing or cooperating with them
Forgot the photo Image
I cannot find this @TheNatlInterest article on their own Twitterfeed. Perhaps editor @JacobHeilbrunn has now realized that this level of propaganda and misinformation was too high to publicize, but the article should be withdrawn completely.
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از امروز کل مطالب اعتراضات مردم #تورک #آذربایجان (#آزربایجان) و دیگر اقوام #ایران درحمایت از مردم عرب و لور #خوزستان(#الأحواز#لرستان و جنوب جغرافیای #ایران در برابر ظلم واستعمار آب و نفتشان توسط قوم مرکزی فارس(#ایرانشهر) را دراین رشتو توییت لیست کرده و بروز خواهم کرد. ImageImageImage
معترضان در #تبریز دراتحاد با اعتراضات #خوزستان با دادن شعارهای
#آذربایجان اویاقدیرخوزستانا دایاقدیر(آذربایجان بیدارست،پشتیبان خوزستانست)
هیهات من الذله(هرگز تن بذلت نمیدهیم)

دست به تظاهرات زده وبا عوامل حکومتی درگیر شدند! Image
تظاهرات #تبریز درهمبستگی بامعترضان #خوزستان با شعارهای
#آذربایجان اویاخدی،خوزستانا دایاخدی
#آزربایجان،#الاحواز، اتحاد،اتحاد

الاحواز راگروههای خواهان استقلال خوزستان و حامیان حقوق اقلیت عرب در #ایران برای اشاره به مناطق جنوبی ایران استفاده میکنند.

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#Azerbaijan: President Aliyev visited Russia, where he thanked Putin for two important issues. First, he highlighted Putin's personal involvement that led to the stabilization of the situation in the Karabakh region. Second, Aliyev welcomed the 200k supply of Sputnik V⤵️
However, the Azerbaijani leader slipped a few words about pending vaccine deliveries. Aliyev has reiterated that amid the queue for Sputnik V requests, Russia should keep Azerbaijan at the forefront, given the friendly relations. Aliyev interesting comments about the tens of⤵️
thousands of Azerbaijani students studying in Russia or in Russian universities in Azerbaijan. It’s important to recall that before this visit to Moscow, Aliyev met with the European Council Charles Michel in Baku. Aliyev did not thank the EU for anything particular. Instead,⤵️
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Sergey Soygu, Russian defence minister, has subbed #America like eight times in his speech. FTT, he's right. America has lost the war in #Afghanistan.

"#Africa is of particular concern because our Western partners have not allowed them to stabilise economically."

Is he right? Image
He just reminded us that the Soviet Union supported many liberation movements with #Africa, and has offered a hand of friendship.

P.S I hate it when they (and they're all guilty of this) of talking of Africa as a country.
Another direct sub: "we will sign agreements with our African friends without imposing our ways on you like our Western partners do."
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Rear Admiral Subhan Bakirov, Commander of Azerbaijan Naval Forces called on General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) at GHQ, today.

#Pakistan #Azerbaijan
During the meeting matters of mutual interest including defence, training, security cooperation between both countries and overall regional security situation were discussed. COAS said that Pakistan values its brotherly relations with Azerbaijan and
also offered all possible assistance and cooperation in development and defence related fields. COAS also commended thorough professionalism & valour of Azribajan Forces . Both sides reaffirmed their determination to work together for enhancing diplomatic /
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Last month I wrote about the Turkish-manufactured loitering munition used in #Libya… Regarded as only real form of “offensive” autonomous weapon deployed today. Highlights urgent need for regulation now.
Little is know about this autonomous weapon system + even less about the circumstances of its use in #Libya. I wrote to its manufacturer #Turkey in 2019 but never received a response:…
#Turkey has barely contributed to the diplomatic talks on concerns over removing human control from the use of force. But that doesn't give it the green light to develop autonomous weapons systems. Recent media interest should provide much-needed scrutiny. #KillerRobots
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In two weeks from now, the first #UEFA Euros match in #Baku will kick-off when #Wales meets #Switzerland.

The UK FCO currently warns of unexploded material, terrorists attacks to be "likely" and high COVID rates. I'd say all these risks are low, but there are other issues:
According to @ILGAEurope, #Azerbaijan is the most homophobic country in Europe. So better don't go, if you are part of the #LGBTQI community 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Sadly, #UEFA, as #FIFA, does not care much about safeguarding #LGBTQI fans...
Be aware that #Azerbaijan is one of the most restrictive countries in the world and certainly has the most restrictive regime in Europe. Vision #Belarus, just much worse, as all kind of international organisations report.
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Update Kaukasus.
Die Lage zwischen #Armenien und #Aserbaidschan bleibt extrem angespannt.
Es heißt, armenische Grenzsoldaten hätten ein Zeltlager der aserbaidsch.Soldaten überfallen und diese vertrieben.
Baku schwor "Rache" und nahm 6 Armenier gefangen.
Mehr im Thread 👇
Beide Seiten kommentieren den Vorfall ganz anders.
#Azerbaijan erklärte, etwa 60 armenische Soldaten hätten 6 aserb.Soldaten überfallen, mit Schlagstöcken geschlagen und aus ihren Zelten an der Grenze vertrieben.
Der Vorfall habe sich auf dem aserb. Territorium ereignet.
#Armenia sieht es anders. Es wurde erklärt, dass die #Azerbaijani Soldaten die Grenze überschritten und ihr Lager auf dem armenischen Territorium aufgeschlagen hätten.
Ihre Vertreibung sei also angemessen gewesen und sei bewusst ohne Einsatz von Schusswaffen erfolgt.
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'Pashinyan is really not the only one responsible for the defeat'
First president of #Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan just published a new article. I will translate key points for you down below. A 🧵
LTP starts with questioning the claims of the opposition that Pashinyan was the only responsible for the defeat. He says this is a half-truth,Pashinyan is their creation. Since '97 all parties except PANM adopted the policy of preserving the status-quo &
the destructive course of rejecting compromises. So this line has become the official state policy of all the governments & brought the destruction, about which now they blame Pashinyan only.
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Rotterdam looking incredibly glamorous, there. #Eurovision
This is basically Anywhere by Rita Ora, but without getting a restaurant manager sacked. #Eurovision
Good budget-saving move for them all to share the same dress, but I'm not sure it's going to look good on James Newman. #Albania #EUROVISION
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Die Lage im Südkaukasus bleibt weiterhin extrem angespannt.
#Azerbaijani Truppen sind mehrere Kilometer ins armenische Kernland vorgerückt und machen bislang keine Anstalten, wieder abzuziehen.
Auf dem Video soll das Vorrücken kleinerer aser.Kampftrupps zu sehen sein.
RUS schickte bereits Einheiten seiner 102. Basis in die Region.
Die 102. Basis in Gyumri ist die russische Auslandsbasis in #Armenien .
Verhandlungen zwischen aserb.Truppen und russ. Friedenssoldaten, die bereits vor Ort sind, hätten bislang zu keinen Ergebnissen geführt.
(2/7) Image
#Azerbaijan erklärte in diesem Zusammenhang, dass die russ. Maßnahmen unnötig seien.
Man habe keinen Konflikt mit Armenien. Es gehe nur darum, "den Grenzverlauf genauer zu bestimmen".
Es gebe keinen Grund zur Sorge.
#Armenien #Azerbaiyán
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On the ‘borderization’ of #Armenia: this week a number of territorial encroachments by Azerbaijani forces were reported on Armenia proper, along the international border between Armenia and those parts of #Azerbaijan that were under Armenian occupation.
On 13/5 Nikol Pashinyan confirmed that some 250 AZE troops had advanced 3.5 kilometres around a remote lake in ARM’s southernmost Syunik region, Sev Lich, that Soviet-era maps indicate is divided by the de jure border. Other movements reported in Gegharkunik.
AZE says it is demarcating the border per maps in its possession. France and the US have called on AZE to withdraw. ARM has referred the matter to to the CSTO. As of today, latest reports are that Russian troops from the Gyumri base are on way to Syunik.
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Azerbaijan has advanced into Armenian territory again today, in the area of Verin Shorzha. Unarmed citizens are calling on the government to return their weapons since they’re not protecting the area like they should be. There are reports that Armenian army has encircled Azeris👇🏻
In the area of the lake, which Azerbaijan seized in recent days.
This is absolutely a qualifier to trigger article 4 of CSTO, arguably, it could have been triggered months ago when Azeris hit Armenia proper, but for some reason the Armenian leadership still chooses not to do this and is resorting to article 2 instead, which is bureaucratic in
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🇦🇿#Azerbaijan has just invaded #Armenia!🇦🇲

⚡Azerbaijani and Turkish soldiers have crossed into the Armenian border and have captured territory in #Synuk Province.⚡
🇦🇲🇦🇿 #Armenia's peace-loving Prime Minister #Pashinyan has ordered Armenian soldiers to stand down and not fight back as #Azerbaijan continues to occupy #Syunik.

Pashinyan wants the invasion to be resolved peacefully, and he has just filed a complaint with #UN Security Council. Image
🇦🇲#Armenia's Black Lake (Sev Lich) is now property of #Azerbaijan.🇦🇿

"Peace is the only way!" insisted Prime Minister Pashinyan when asked how Armenia would reclaim this newly lost territory.

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Azerbaijan's Minister of Youth and Sports, Azad Rahimov dies after ongoing cancer treatment in the US acc. to @AzadliqRadiosu

His career was marred with human rights violations and corruption.

Here is a thread on his so-called achievements and murky business deals.
In April 2020, @OCCRP published an investigation into a company named SerbAz. The company reportedly brought more than 700 workers from the Balkan region to Baku for construction and renovation work of some its most prominent buildings between 2006 and 2009.
The investigation revealed that SerbAz’s most powerful backer in the country was Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov. According to the OCCRP, there was strong evidence that the minister awarded contracts to his wife’s company, using public money to benefit his own family.
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Leaders of organized criminal groups, dictators who steal from their people, crooked officials, and other shady characters have become adept at hiding their millions in Western capitals.…
via @OCCRP
But there’s one sector where the corruption takes physical form, turning cities like London into virtual showcases of tainted foreign wealth: Real estate.
Sherlock's iconic address on Baker Street is owned by structures connected to the daughter of former Kazakhstani dictator
In stately and elegant Belgrave Square sits a ten-bedroom mansion belonging to a Ukrainian oligarch who is accused of stealing billions from a bank he owned.
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Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
#Mongolia 🇲🇳

How many of these do you need to see?

There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program.

Wake up. Image
Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
#India 🇮🇳

How many of these do you need to see?

There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program.

Wake up. ImageImage
Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
#Hungary 🇭🇺

How many of these do you need to see?

There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program.

Wake up. Image
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The same @Pontifex who condemned Azerbaijan’s military aggression against Armenia, the same Pope to recognize the #ArmenianGenocide you deny, and the same Pope that on Easter called on #Azerbaijan to #FreeArmenianPows

Oh and by the way, read this Nasimi
From talking about @Pontifex and #Easter to fake propaganda and #Armenophobia #DontBelieveAzerbaijan Image
1) King Urnayr of Caucasian Albania was baptized by Catholicos Saint Gregory the Illuminator in 314. Caucasian Albania along with Caucasian Iberia (326) were extremely intertwined with Armenia and among the first nations to convert to Christianity. Nothing to do with Azerbaijan.
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The numbers of #Zeynabiyoun brigade fighters in #Syria has substantially decreased after #Pakistan crackdown on covert #IRGC recruitment since 2016. Almost a cat & mouse game of busting recruitment cells, chasing new ones & methods of recruitment. /1

#Pakistan probably has been more effective in curbing #IRGC recruitment of fighters for #Syria than #Afghanistan, where officials and lawmakers were more vocal in criticizing #Iranian covert recruitment but not matched by a robust crackdown. /2…
#Israel+#Turkey indirectly helped #Pakistan's crackdown on #IRGC recruitment for #Syria through dozens (possibly hundreds) of strikes on #Zeynabiyoun positions. Pres #Erdogan reportedly informed Pak officials about targeting #Iran's Pak recruits. /3

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Incredible work by @JonahFisherBBC here, who has documented the first complete destruction of a church in #Artsakh by #Azerbaijan following the war, despite minders and efforts to cover it up.

Shocking to see this - and yet completely unsurprising, sadly.
The interview with @HikmetHajiyev is just awful. It's clear to see that this church hasn't been destroyed by accident, but was completely razed with heavy machinery. Ethnic cleansing carried out as a state policy. Simply deeply disgusting.
Yet, I'm also not impressed by @Aivazian_Ara and his statements. Everyone who has been to #Agdam and other cities in the "buffer zone" has seen that they've been systematically destroyed, too, and it's time to admit it, imho.
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Some “responses” by #Armenia to #Azerbaijan’s goodwill gestures since Nov. 10, 2020:

✅ Deploying saboteurs to #Karabakh, who killed & wounded Azerbaijani civilians & soldiers

✅Secretly sending Armenian servicemen to Karabakh via “#Lachin Corridor” disguised as civilians... 1/
✅Refusal to share maps of 100s of thousands of #landmines planted in #Azerbaijan during nearly 30 years of occupation

✅Continuation of belligerent, revanchist rhetoric and introduction of anti-Azerbaijani resolutions in Western parliaments via Armenian lobby... 2/
✅Looting and burning #Azerbaijani villages & towns before the scheduled withdrawal

✅Stealing artifacts from churches, museums, etc., including, among others, the #Khudavang Monastery and #Shusha Carpet Museum... 3/
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Some of goodwill steps by #Azerbaijan since Nov. 10, 2020:

✅Return of all #Armenian POWs (up to 70), who were captured during the war

✅Return of bodies of up to 1300 Armenian mil. servicemen

✅Permission to search for missing Armenian servicemen in the liberated lands... 1/3
✅Humanitarian extension of #Armenia’s pullout deadline from #Kalbajar

✅Permission to Armenians to visit the #Khudavang Monastery in Kalbajar

✅Facilitating humanitarian aid to Armenian community of #Karabakh... 2/3
✅Permission to use 21 km of Goris-Kafan road passing via #Azerbaijan

✅Transportation of #Russian natural gas to #Armenia via Azerbaijan...3/3
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