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Thread: Innocent lives at risk

October: one month into the #NagornoKarabakh conflict.

Fuad Ismayilov’s sister kissed his hand shortly after he was killed in a rocket attack launched by Arm. forces on the city of Barda in #Azerbaijan.


By @ivorprickett for @nytimes
Doctors and nurses tending to a taxi driver who had been injured in the rocket attack in the city of #Barda.

#Azerbaijan #Armenia

By Ivor Prickett for @nytimes
Residents search for their belongings at a restaurant hit by a shelling during the military conflict over the breakaway region of #NagornoKarabakh, in the town of Barda, #Azerbaijan.


By @bektasumit for @Reuters
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I refuse to believe that humanity is dead. But I get fresh proofs everyday.

A thread of 21 inhuman facts about 21 days of war in Artsakh. And how the world is silent.

#StopAzerbaijaniAggression #SanctionTurkey #RecognizeArtsakh
1. 3 weeks ago, during a global pandemic, 105 years after the Armenian Genocide, Armenia, a country of 3m people, of which 150k lived peacefully in Artsakh for centuries, was attacked by Azerbaijan (10m) with full support of Turkey (82m). The world is silent.
2. Turkey managed the offensives and deployed thousands of Syrian terrorists here just for this blitzkrieg. It also supports the air strikes with F-16 and suicide drones. The world is silent.

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1/ For all those #Armenians who say that #Ganja bombings are just a response for “shelling” of #Xankendi/#Stepanakert. THREAD.

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianTerrorism #GanjaCity

AZ: #Ganja is 101 km away from the warzone. Why is it being targeted?

AR: Xankendi/Stepanakert is in the CENTER of the #Karabakh WARZONE. Armenians know this, and they should & mostly already HAVE evacuated the city.

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #StopArmenianTerrorism

AZ: Az. needs to destroy depots & other mil. infrastructure in Xankendi to shorten this war. This is good for all civilians.

AR: Ar. targets=Az. homes, as they’ve already inadvertently admitted that targeting civilians is their strategy to create panic:
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This is allegedly video of (1 of 2) ballistic missile attacks on #Ganja, Azerbaijan, which was an Armenian response to attacks on #Stepanakert.
This is allegedly video of the aftermath of that ballistic missile attack on #Ganja.
More aftermath video of the ballistic missile attack on #Ganja
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Azeri propaganda fake news was churning out an attack on its own citizens to use it shift narrative. The bottom Blue message is mine from Yesterday. @daronass666 said a few days ago also something might happen. My retweet of Daron is an hour before news broke. (Check thread) 1/
This message below had been making rounds this week as well. 2/ (continue below)
Here is a thread from Cavid Aga that is hinting something suspicious is going on 3/
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#Armenia says, #Azerbaijan shelled #Stepanakert & outskirts.
Then Azerbaijan says, Karabakh shell #Ganja.
Then Armenia says, Azerbaijan shells Khnatsakh, Artsvanik & David Bek (Armenia). 2 drones are downed in Armenia.

No shelling for some days. So who started this now?
#Azerbaijan media shares vid of #Armenia|n Grad in action, claim Armenians target Ganja & Mingechaur.
Armenian Grad has 20km range.
Distance to Ganja: 40km, Mingechaur: 50+.
I trust @ShStepanyan. And there are more important targets, than civilian houses.
One of the most dangerous aspects of war - is endless cycle of revenges. Murder, and revenge, and revenge for revenge, w/ no end. Previous war revenges had already passed away in 30 yrs. No we are gaining new ones. And why is this for? For #Aliyev revanchism?
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Not only international law, but historical, geographical and economic factors make Mountainous (Upper) #Karabakh attached to #Azerbaijan. British Commander in #Transcaucasia Colonel D.I. Shuttleworth in April 1919 asserted that that Mountainous Karabakh would starve were it
separated from the plains in the east and vital railway link at Yevlakh on the Batum-Tiflis-Baku line. The Caucasus Bureau also made it clear in its decision that the economic ties between Upper (Nagorno) and Lower #Karabakh are strong, so Upper Karabakh should be retained within
#Azerbaijan. Since the Karabakh War ended, the area has swiftly declined economically due to the break in economic relations with #Azerbaijan. All Mountainous #Karabakh’s business was conducted with the closest cities such as #Ganja and #Agdam rather than distant #Armenia.
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Today is the 15th day of #Armenia-#Azerbaijan war over #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. Early morning today, #ArmenianArmy fired Tochka ballistic missiles at city of #Ganja in response to the rocket & artillery attacks of #AzerbaijaniArmy at city of #Stepanakert an hour before that.
Today, #Armenia Army hunted two BMP-2 or BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles of #Azerbaijan Army in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. #Armenian Ministry of Defense released its footage this morning:
Today, #Armenia Air Defense Force shot-down two surveillance drones of #Azerbaijan Air Force including this one at #Artsakh/#MagornoKarabakh:
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News of the upcoming meeting in Genera is false, #Armenia MFA says.
Russia MFA says confirms part of the previous news - Armenia MFA heads to Moscow on Monday to meet Lavrov. 5 days of fighting are ahead.

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Today is 9th day of war in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. #Azerbaijan Army has kept city of #Stepanakert under artillery, rocket & missile attack for days while #Armenia attacked #Azerbaijan's cities just once which was missile attack at #Ganja yesterday. This is #Stepanakert now👇
#BREAKING: #Azerbaijan uses banned munitions against #Armenia's city of #Stepanakert in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. They are LORA ballistic missiles & EXTRA artillery rockets equipped with cluster warheads which have targeted cvilians, their properties & facilities.
Destruction of #Armenian churches & graveyeards in occupied parts of #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh has now started. #Azerbaijan Army started playing Islamic prayer call in the occupied areas this morning!
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#BREAKING: Today is 8th day of #Armenia-#Azerbaijan war over #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. #AremanianArmy used #Tochka ballistic missiles to target city of #Ganja in #Azerbaijan this morning. It was a response to constant shelling & rocket attacks at #Stepanakert by #Azerbaijan.
This is aftermath of ballistic missile attack of #Armenia Army at city of #Ganja in #Azerbaijan. #RmenianArmy used Tochka ballistic missiles to target the city. It was a response to constant rocketing and shelling of #Stepanakert by #Azerbaijan Army in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh.
In response to launch of at-least one Tochka ballistic missile by #Armenia Army at city of #Ganja, the #Azerbaijan Army launched 280mm heavy unguided rockets by their BM-30 Smerch systems at city of #Stepanakert in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. It's aftermath of their rocket attack.
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#Armenia #Azerbaijan #Karabakh #NagornoKarabakh #KarabakhWar

According to militarys of Armenia the Armenian troops striked the Azerbaijani airport Ganja as so called reply for " striking non military targets in Stepanakert"
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Fighting between 🇦🇲/🇦🇿 on the #NagornoKarabakh (#Artsakh) frontlines is heavy.

Footage shows a Azerbaijani APC going up into flames
#NagornoKarabakh: the Armenian side has released more footage of Azerbaijani military vehicles being destroyed on the front.

Reports on the ground however state it's the Azerbaijani side gaining ground on several points
#NagornoKarabakh: Armenian forces are documenting some of the losses suffered by the Azerbaijani military along the front-line.

It is clear the Azerbaijani forces failed to advance on some positions
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Video showing hard artillery’s & shelling between #Azerbaycan /#Azerbaijan a dear & just like #Palestine #Kashmir #Yemen #Syria #Lebanon & #Iraq Azeri ppl also us under occupation

armeni have to withdraw & come solve it by negotiating

#Iran #IRGC ve help them Azeri ppl now

Video from #Azerbaycan /#Azerbaijan & #aremnia

#Nagorno_Karabakh end up the occupation of #Karabakh #KarabakhisAzerbaijan #Karabakh #KARABAĞ

In past #IRGC & mullah of Iran supported armeni & now that times was past &🇮🇷ve to support it’s brotherhood Azeri ppl 28% of Iran
Pictures 4m #Karabakh /#Azerbaycan #Azerbaijan

It’s fully war there & worlds power have to stop it

#Turkey s #Sultan_Erdogan told an attack on Azeri is an attack on us/ that means #Turkish/#TSK ll be involving here too after #Syria #Libya #Iraq & #Cyprus/ #Greece #Mediterranean ImageImage
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Heavy fighting between Azeri and Armenian forces along the Nagorno-Karabakh frontline.
Armenian MoD footage shows Azeri tanks burning.
More footage of what looks like a deadly morning for Azeri forces.
Several T-72 getting destroyed.
#Armenia #Azerbaijan ImageImageImageImage
And here comes the Azeri army, destroying multiple Armenian mobile radar installation with what looks like Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, blinding the enemy.
Each of the field radars has a much higher military value than the T-72 cannon fodder tanks ...
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By the time of writing this Tweet, Erdogan's #Turkey🇹🇷 has transited hundreds of Syrian mercenaries to the conflict zone between #Armenia🇦🇲 & #Azerbaijan🇦🇿, in a bid to give upper hand for the latter.
These mercenaries were formerly known as the Free Syrian Army, which was backed, financed and armed by several western intelligence agencies, in addition to Turkey, Qatar, KSA, etc.
The flag of the so-called Free Syrian Army can be seen on a daily basis in the streets of Germany carried by sympathizers of the radicals, despite the track record of this armed group in committing horrendous war crimes and crimes against humanity.
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#Law #InternationalDayAgainstDrugAbuse #Ganja #Marijuana

Hey, we have created a nifty guide on #Cannabis laws in India. Check it out Image
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