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Iran to become ‘full-fledged’ SCO member in July

The Iranian foreign minister made the announcement from South Africa, where he took part in a ministerial meeting of the BRICS economic bloc…
Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian revealed on 1 June that Iran’s accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will be completed in July.…
“We will become a full-fledged member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in July when the next summit of the association is to take place,” he told reporters on Thursday, according to Iran’s state-run Tasnim News Agency.…
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I liked #Italy. Ok? Kill me.
#finland is being appropriately weird. Thanks! #Eurovision2023
So far two singers of #Moroccan descent on the #Eurovision2023 La Zarra representing #France and #Loreen representing #Sweden.
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Just watched the #CNNTownhall with 2024 Presidential candidate and former President @realDonaldTrump , as well as the post-townhall panel discussion.

One thing is clear: #America is a broken country. It's split right down the middle.

Racial divisions and #massshootings are peaking, the economy is cratering, #poverty and #homelessness are rising.

And meanwhile, the US government is involved in, or threatening to get involved in, wars from #Ukraine to #Taiwan to #Syria to #Iran to #NorthKorea.

When they should be working on healing the divisions in their own nation. White vs non-White, Rural vs Urban, Rich vs Poor, drug addiction, broken homes - all these are tearing America apart.

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One of the primary reasons #Azerbaijan emerged victorious during its conflict with #Armenia in 2020 was that the Turkish #Bayraktar drones completely dominated the technologically inferior Armenian defense forces.

1/n Image
The conflict portrayed the success and effectiveness of the #Turkish drone program and its combat capabilities.

Türkiye has been able to challenge industry behemoths like the #US and #Israel to capture market share in #drone exports.

Even in the #RussiaUkraine conflict, they were able to inflict considerable damage on #Russian forces.

They have striking precision capabilities and come with relatively lesser price tags compared to their US and Israeli alternatives.

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In five years, #JoeBiden will likely get the #NobelPeacePrize. But not because he did anything proactively for peace.

It is because a #Multipolar World will be more peaceful than a unipolar one, and Biden has done more than anyone else (albeit unwittingly) to further that. (1/n)
The US-led #sanctions against #Russia in response to the #UkraineRussiaWar have forced countries around the world to abandon the US dollar as a medium of trade. This is forcing the rest of the world (non-West) together. Banning Russia from #swift was most important in this. (2/n)
#India and #China desperately need oil. Because of sanctions, Russia is providing oil at cheap rates to both. Russia has now become India's largest source of oil, displacing Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Chinese imports of Russian oil have also zoomed upwards. (3/n)
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#Armenia: The Russian MFA criticized the recently launched EU mission in Armenia, accusing it of being a source of destabilization. Reacting to this, the Secretary of National Security of Armenia, Grigoryan, clarified that the EU mission is considered a source of security.⤵️
Grigoryan noted that although the Russian military base has been present in Armenia since the 1990s, destabilization episodes occurred regularly. More importantly, the Armenian official explained that the EU mission is not an attempt to change the country's external vector.⤵️
Because Russian security guarantees are an ineffective deterrent against Azerbaijan's military posture, Armenia was forced to seek alternative sources of security guarantees. Even if in the short term, the EU mission is far from triggering a FP review of Armenia. However,⤵️
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1/12 #Azerbaijan's TOP 15 false narratives. Exploiting these lies, #Baku disrupts the negotiation process with #Armenia, prepares for new attacks against Armenia, #NagornoKarabakh.

1. Armenia supplies weapons to Karabakh through the Lachin Corridor with the help of peacekeepers.
2/ #Azerbaijan's false narratives.

2. Armenia does not agree to establish peace with Azerbaijan, although Azerbaijan's proposals are the best, based on the principles of international law.

3. Armenia, together with Russia and Iran, is preparing to attack Azerbaijan.
3/ #Azerbaijan's false narratives.

4. There are illegal military groups in Nagorno-Karabakh that are planning to attack, and it is necessary to disarm the NK Defense Army with an anti-terrorist operation.
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1/15 The rules of the new world order are emphasized. The West divides countries into democratic-dictatorial.

Democracies must be protected, this is the main ideology. What does the future hold?

#Armenia #USA #EU #Russia #Azerbaijan #Ukraine #democracy #War #Putin #Biden #US
2/ There is #NATO, which is a military structure, but there are also non-NATO democratic countries that are at risk. And the #West protects them with military and diplomatic power. #Russia promotes the interests of dictatorial regimes through the war against #Ukraine.
3/ If #Putin wins, not a multipolar world order will be established, but chaos will begin. The victory of Russia will mean that there is only the right of force in the world, and small states will face the danger of colonization. Putin says that states are sovereign or colonies.
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Sanno di déjà-vu le immagini che in queste ore arrivano dal confine tra #Azerbaijan e #Armenia. L'esercito di #Baku sta ammassando sempre più truppe: la tenuta complessiva del già fragilissimo cessate il fuoco siglato (con qualche interruzione) nell'autunno del 2020
fra le due ex repubbliche sovietiche non è mai stata così in bilico.
Da ormai settimane i civili armeni si addestrano in palestre improvvisate all'utilizzo di armi e tecniche di guerra. Promettono di combattere fino all'ultimo connazionale, invocano un intervento in loro
difesa, descrivono come certo un attacco azero in questa primavera. Tenendosi larghi.
C'è una regola, in geopolitica, che rischia di sancire la condanna per l'Armenia: i vuoti sono fatti per essere riempiti. La guerra in #Ucraina ha "distratto" la #Russia dalla protezione
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1/11 Russia's FM #Lavrov is leaving for #Turkey in a week. Attention! In #Ankara, Lavrov will also discuss the settlement of #NagornoKarabakh with Turkish FM Cavusoglu, in addition to the topics of #Syria, #Ukraine. Zakharova announced this information today. What does it reveal? Image
2/ 🇷🇺 no longer hides that Karabakh is the subject of its and 🇹🇷's political trade. 🇷🇺 can concede one benefit to 🇹🇷 in the Karabakh issue, and instead receive a benefit in the directions of Syria, Ukraine. The settlement of the NK issue actually fell victim to 🇷🇺-🇹🇷 cooperation. Image
3/ The facts testify to that. After the Sept 2020 war, the #Russia's MoD #Shoigu announced that a successful operation was carried out with #Turkey in #Karabakh. Probably, he meant the defeat of Nagorno Karabakh. A joint Russian-Turkish monitoring center is located in #Aghdam. ImageImage
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1/ Today #Azerbaijan's armed forces closed the Goris-Stepanakert highway between Aghavno and Tegh villages. The government of #NagornoKarabakh reports that the new Tegh-Kornidzor dirt highway of Syunik marz is ready. It bypasses the closed road.

#Armenia #LachinCorridor Photo by Nagorno Karabakh R...
2/ This road connects to the new Kornidzor-Hin shen road (Lachin Corridor) commissioned in Aug 2022. Asphalting works of the Tegh-Kornidzor road are in progress by Armenia. Tegh-Kornidzor dirt road is passable.
3/ With this, it is possible to carry out humanitarian supplies to Karabakh by Russian peacekeepers and the International Committee of the #RedCross. Russian peacekeepers control that road on the border of Nagorno-Karabakh, near the Hakar river bridge.
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1/6 #Armenia and the #CzechRepublic will cooperate in the military sphere. The #Armenian government has started the process of ratifying the agreement "On military-technical cooperation between the governments of Armenia and the Czech Republic".

#Yerevan #Military #army Prime Minister of Armenia a...
2/ It was signed in 2010, but it was not ratified for 13 yrs. The reason may be #Russia's threats. 🇷🇺 had a monopoly in the military sector of 🇦🇲 both in the supply of weapons, in the field of #military edu. Accord. to SIPRI, in 2011-2020, 94% of 🇦🇲's weapons were supplied by 🇷🇺.
3/ However, losing the war against #Ukraine, #Russia cannot sell weapons to Armenia. Russian military-industrial companies are under sanctions. And Russian weapons are a real curse for Armenia, which does not want to have problems with the West.
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The plans of the Armenian leadership to join the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court is a serious blow for #Putin from a state that was once not just close but generally dependent on #Russia. Even the expected withdrawal of #Armenia from...
the CSTO would not have upset the #Russian president as much as a demonstration of readiness to extradite him (Putin) to the International Criminal Court. #Putin is going to discuss with #Erdogan the use of force on Armenia, escalating the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.
But it seems that #Erdogan, neither before the elections in #Turkey nor even after, is going to play by the rules of the #Russian president.
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1/10 This is shamelessness on the part of #Putin's criminal regime. The #Kremlin openly threatens #Armenia not to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. An information source of the Russian FM told the #Russian state media TASS․

#Russia #Lavrov #Yerevan
2/10 TASS source: "#Moscow considers absolutely unacceptable the plans of official #Yerevan to join the #RomeStatute of the International Criminal Court against the background of the latest illegal orders of the #ICC against the Russian leadership."
3/10 Lavrov's employee also told TASS that the Armenian side was warned about "extremely negative consequences for bilateral relations in case of possible moves by Yerevan".

It is obvious that this news was dictated to TASS by Maria Zakharov, or Lavrov himself.
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El gobierno de #Azerbaiyán invitó a representantes de #Artsakh a #Bakú para celebrar una reunión para "discutir temas de integración e implementación de proyectos de infraestructura en Karabaj".
¿Qué implica el término “integración” aquí? 👇🏼
#Azerbaiyán considera a #Artsakh como territorio azerí y a su población como minoría armenia de su país. En general, el término “integración” tiene una connotación positiva;sin embargo, Azerbaiyán se refiere al modo en que termine de ocupar la totalidad de Artsakh ¿Esto es malo?
Sí.El gobierno de #Azerbaiyán afirma en lo discursivo que protegerá los #derechos del pueblo de #Artsakh como sus ciudadanos.Sin embargo,en la práctica,la toma de la totalidad de Artsakh implica limpieza étnica. #Armenia asegura que la vida de un armenio no está garantizada en 🇦🇿
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It is spring and #Yerevan has started to bloom. Yerevan is suitable for walking. At every step you will meet small miracles.

#Armenia #travel #ttot #tourism #pics #Caucasus
Cherry trees decorate the Armenian capital Yerevan in spring.…
These colors and fragrance make Yerevan "for all people".
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1/5 The head coach of the #Turkish national team, Stefan Kunts, said that they were well received in #Armenia, for which he thanked.

The Turkish team won, but the #Armenian team played well. They could have won.

#Turkey #Yerevan #Ankara #EURO2024 #football #sports #UEFA2024 Armenia-Turkey football match in Yerevan State flags of Armenia, Azerbaijan, TurkeyArmenia provided humanitarian aid to Turkey in order to elimThe head coach of the Turkish national team, Stefan Kunts gi
2/5 I think that the Armenian and Turkish peoples can communicate more in the fields of #sports, #art, #humanitarian, #business.

In this way, the Armenian and Turkish peoples, who have a difficult history, will gradually restore their trust. The Turkish – Armenian Business Development Council (TABDCThe Turkish – Armenian Business Development Council (TABDC
3/5 Only then can the states of 🇦🇲-🇹🇷 have a peaceful, cooperative future. About 70,000 Armenians live in 🇹🇷, who are the descendants of Armenians who survived the #Genocide. 🇦🇲 has been independent for 32 years, 🇹🇷 closed the border, but there was active trade during these yrs. The Church of the Holy Cross located on the Aghtamar Island
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1/5 The armed forces of Azerbaijan went to provocation in #NagornoKarabakh. On March 25, they violated the line of contact in the Shushi-Lisagor section and occupied the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

#Armenia #Azerbaijan #Baku #Yerevan #Artsakh #Stepanakert #Shushi #Lisagor Image
2/5 The government of #Karabakh expects the peacekeeping forces of the #Russia to take steps to eliminate the #Azerbaijani violation. For days, 🇦🇿 has been spreading the lie that ammunition is being transported from 🇦🇲 to NK via the Stepanakert-Ghaibalishen-Lisagor mountain road.
3/5 It was a false pretext in order to carry out this provocation. Karabakh announced that, being surrounded for more than 100 days, this mountain road is being used to communicate with 4 villages of Stepanakert, Shushi regions.
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1/7 #Azerbaijan talking about the integration of #NagornoKarabakh continues terrorist acts agnst #Armenians. In the previous days the #Azerbaijani forces opened fire at the people carrying out pruning work in the vineyards of #Machkalashen community, MartunI region, NK. #Armenia Azerbaijani soldierMachkalashen, Nagorno Karabakh
2/7 There are no casualties. Agricultural works have been stopped. The villagers told Azatutyun r/s that the Azerbaijanis were not deterred by the presence of Russian "peacekeepers". The Russians were present in the vineyards, but 🇦🇿 fired from large-caliber machine guns. Azerbaijani soldierRussian peacekeepers in Nag...
3/7 Three days ago, Azerbaijan fired shots at people working in the vineyards of #Chartar in the #Martuni region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Agricultural works have not yet resumed in a part of the vineyards of Chartar.

The armed forces of Azerbaijan are hundreds of meters away. Chartar, Nagorno-Karabakh
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#OTD 23 Mar 1869, Calouste Gulbenkian, an #Armenia'n businessman & philanthropist, was born in Constantinople (#Istanbul). He played a major role in making the petroleum reserves of the Middle East available to Western development & is the 1st person to exploit Iraqi oil #History
Gulbenkian travelled extensively and lived in a number of cities including Istanbul, London, Paris and Lisbon. Throughout his life, Gulbenkian was involved with many philanthropic activities including the establishment of schools, hospitals, and churches.
He required that proceeds from his 5% share of profits from oil should go to Armenian families. He also demanded that 5% of his workers in his oil production for the Iraq Petroleum Company should be of Armenian descent. St Sarkis Armenian Church, Kensington, London, built by Gulb
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#OTD 22 Mar 1920, #Azerbaijan'i forces began a systematic massacre of #Armenia'ns living in the town of Shushi, #NagornoKarabakh. The Massacre resulted in the complete destruction of Armenian district of Shushi & an almost complete elimination of its Armenian population. #History
According to the 1917 publication of the Caucasian Calendar, there were 43,869 residents in Shushi in 1916. The city was composed of 23,396 Armenians who formed 53.3 percent of the population, and 19,091 Shia Muslims (mainly Azerbaijanis) who formed 43.5 percent of the population
The total death toll of the Shushi massacre remains a matter of dispute, with figures being offered from as low as several hundred being offered,to as high as 20,000. Citing a contemporary Armenian government report, Hovannisian places the death toll of the massacre at 500.
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#OTD 21 Mar 1747, #Armenia'ns were granted equal rights with the Dutch in #Indonesia, then Dutch East Indies. Most of the Armenians arrived from Isfahan, New Julfa, Amsterdam, Calcutta, Madras. They established well-known commercial houses engaged in trade with overseas markets. Image
Armenian merchants from Amsterdam went to Southeast Asia in the 19th century to trade, and to set up factories & plantations. Armenian merchants settled in parts of Java, as did Armenians moving east from the Persian Empire, establishing a community of Armenians in Java. Image
The dispersion of the Armenians over Southeast Asia took place almost simultaneously with the expansion of the English East India Company & Dutch East India Co. In all the main cities where these prominent commercial corporations established agents, Armenians were represented too ImageImage
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#OTD Mar 21 1828, the #Armenia'n Oblast (province) was created out of the territories of the former Erivan & Nakhchivan khanates, which were ceded to #Russia by Qajar #Iran under the Treaty of Turkmenchay after the Russo-Iranian War of 1826-1828. #History Image
The Armenian Oblast was a province of the Caucasus Viceroyalty of the Russian Empire that existed from 1828-40. It corresponded to most of present-day central Armenia, the Iğdır Province of Turkey, the Nakhchivan exclave of Azerbaijan. Its administrative center was Yerevan. ImageImage
Ivan Paskevich, the Ukrainian-born military leader & hero of the war, was made "Count of Erivan". The creation of Armenian Oblast was encouraged by Russian officials with pro-Armenian tendencies who wanted to reward Armenians who supported the Russian cause in Russo-Iranian Wars. Image
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“In five EU countries, every reactor — 18 in total — was built by #Russia. In addition, two more are scheduled to start operating soon in #Slovakia, and two are under construction in #Hungary, cementing partnerships with #Rosatom far into the future.”🤔 #sanctions #Ukraine
“… in countries where support for #Russia’s gov’t has held up, #Rosatom’s one-stop shopping and financing remain enticing. Russian-built reactors can be found in #China, #India#Iran#Armenia & #Belarus. Construction has begun on #Turkey’s first #nuclear power plant…”🤔
#Russia’s tightest grip is on the market for nuclear fuel. It controls 38% of the world’s #uranium conversion & 46% of the uranium enrichment capacity — essential steps in producing usable fuel. ‘That’s equal to all of #OPEC put together in terms of market share and power’…”🤔
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