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Update Kaukasus.
Die Lage zwischen #Armenien und #Aserbaidschan bleibt extrem angespannt.
Es heißt, armenische Grenzsoldaten hätten ein Zeltlager der aserbaidsch.Soldaten überfallen und diese vertrieben.
Baku schwor "Rache" und nahm 6 Armenier gefangen.
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Beide Seiten kommentieren den Vorfall ganz anders.
#Azerbaijan erklärte, etwa 60 armenische Soldaten hätten 6 aserb.Soldaten überfallen, mit Schlagstöcken geschlagen und aus ihren Zelten an der Grenze vertrieben.
Der Vorfall habe sich auf dem aserb. Territorium ereignet.
#Armenia sieht es anders. Es wurde erklärt, dass die #Azerbaijani Soldaten die Grenze überschritten und ihr Lager auf dem armenischen Territorium aufgeschlagen hätten.
Ihre Vertreibung sei also angemessen gewesen und sei bewusst ohne Einsatz von Schusswaffen erfolgt.
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'Pashinyan is really not the only one responsible for the defeat'
First president of #Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan just published a new article. I will translate key points for you down below. A 🧵
LTP starts with questioning the claims of the opposition that Pashinyan was the only responsible for the defeat. He says this is a half-truth,Pashinyan is their creation. Since '97 all parties except PANM adopted the policy of preserving the status-quo &
the destructive course of rejecting compromises. So this line has become the official state policy of all the governments & brought the destruction, about which now they blame Pashinyan only.
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On the ‘borderization’ of #Armenia: this week a number of territorial encroachments by Azerbaijani forces were reported on Armenia proper, along the international border between Armenia and those parts of #Azerbaijan that were under Armenian occupation.
On 13/5 Nikol Pashinyan confirmed that some 250 AZE troops had advanced 3.5 kilometres around a remote lake in ARM’s southernmost Syunik region, Sev Lich, that Soviet-era maps indicate is divided by the de jure border. Other movements reported in Gegharkunik.
AZE says it is demarcating the border per maps in its possession. France and the US have called on AZE to withdraw. ARM has referred the matter to to the CSTO. As of today, latest reports are that Russian troops from the Gyumri base are on way to Syunik.
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Während die Welt auf #IsraelPalestine schaut, heizt sich plötzlich die Lage im Südkaukasus zwischen #Armenien und Aserbaidschan wieder auf.
#Armenia erklärte, dass aserb. Truppen 3,5 km ins. armen. Kernland vorgedrungen seien.
Eigene Truppen hätten Gegenmaßnamen ergriffen.
Nach Darstellung aus Jerewan haben aserb. Truppen den sogenannten Schwarzen See "praktisch erobert".
Die Landesgrenzen verlaufen mitten durch den See.
Aserbaidschanische Truppen hätten ihn aber jetzt komplett umzingelt.
Baku erklärte dagegen, man habe "andere Karten".
Demnach befinde man sich absolut auf dem eigenen Territorium und werde sich "keinen Meter vom eigenen Land wegbewegen", so Baku.
Es heißt, #Armenien hätte seine Kampfjets aufsteigen lassen, um die Gegend zu patrouillieren und Präsenz zu zeigen.
Die Lage bleibt angespannt.
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Azerbaijan has advanced into Armenian territory again today, in the area of Verin Shorzha. Unarmed citizens are calling on the government to return their weapons since they’re not protecting the area like they should be. There are reports that Armenian army has encircled Azeris👇🏻
In the area of the lake, which Azerbaijan seized in recent days.
This is absolutely a qualifier to trigger article 4 of CSTO, arguably, it could have been triggered months ago when Azeris hit Armenia proper, but for some reason the Armenian leadership still chooses not to do this and is resorting to article 2 instead, which is bureaucratic in
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🇦🇿#Azerbaijan has just invaded #Armenia!🇦🇲

⚡Azerbaijani and Turkish soldiers have crossed into the Armenian border and have captured territory in #Synuk Province.⚡
🇦🇲🇦🇿 #Armenia's peace-loving Prime Minister #Pashinyan has ordered Armenian soldiers to stand down and not fight back as #Azerbaijan continues to occupy #Syunik.

Pashinyan wants the invasion to be resolved peacefully, and he has just filed a complaint with #UN Security Council. Image
🇦🇲#Armenia's Black Lake (Sev Lich) is now property of #Azerbaijan.🇦🇿

"Peace is the only way!" insisted Prime Minister Pashinyan when asked how Armenia would reclaim this newly lost territory.

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1/8 Today is six months after the ceasefire in #Karabakh war. We at @CrisisGroup have been following the process of identification and reporting of casualties. You can see the most recent numbers in our visual explainer:…
2/8 The current death toll is expected to rise with more identified through DNA analyses. We went through all the lists of civilian and military casualties published in coarse of the war and after it. Some names were removed, probably due to the initial mistakes in reporting.
3/8 Still difficult to say proportions between casualties from #Armenia and #Karabakh itself. Last month military in #Karabakh told me that many originally from the region were still not in the lists. Details of the reports are in this database:
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Armenians revolted against the Ottoman state of which they were citizens. They attacked and killed the Turks together with the Russian army in the WW1. Therefore the Ottoman state, deport the Armenians another Ottoman cities.

#ArmenianGenocide fake
Armenians had a population of 1.2 million. The big majority of them reached their destination cities.

#ArmenianGenocide fake
Swedish officer Hjalmar Pravitz, followed the deportation Armenian convoys. Says there is no Armenian genocide.

By Hj Pravitz, Nya Dagligt Allehanda, 23 April, 1917

#ArmenianGenocide fake
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@batuhangcr your thread is nothing more than a lie.

This is the fact on record that #OttomanEmpire did a brutal genocide of #armenians.

It is the moral & ethical responsibility of #Turkey to accept their bloody deeds & apologise for #ArmenianGenocide ImageImageImageImage
The western portion of Historical #Armenia, known as Western Armenia had come under #Ottoman Empire by the Peace of Amasya (1555) and was permanently divided from Eastern #Armenia by the Treaty of Zuhab (1639). Image
B/W 1894-1896, in response to the large scale protests by Armenians, Turkish military officials, soldiers & ordinary men sacked Armenian villages and cities and massacred their citizens.

Hundreds of thousands of people were murdered. Image
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In this thread I'll be listing the churches of #Yerevan, #Armenia. I'll break them down by district and go attempt to chronicle the history of each structure.

#Christianity #Architecture #History
Kentron District is the historic core of Yerevan. Its where the former Fortress of Yerevan was located and is home to 125,453 people (as of the 2011 Census).
The Cathedral of Saint Sargis (Surb Sargis Mayr Yekełetsi) is located in the historic Dzoragyugh neighborhood of Kentron District. The site has been home to a monastic complex since the 4th century.
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Some “responses” by #Armenia to #Azerbaijan’s goodwill gestures since Nov. 10, 2020:

✅ Deploying saboteurs to #Karabakh, who killed & wounded Azerbaijani civilians & soldiers

✅Secretly sending Armenian servicemen to Karabakh via “#Lachin Corridor” disguised as civilians... 1/
✅Refusal to share maps of 100s of thousands of #landmines planted in #Azerbaijan during nearly 30 years of occupation

✅Continuation of belligerent, revanchist rhetoric and introduction of anti-Azerbaijani resolutions in Western parliaments via Armenian lobby... 2/
✅Looting and burning #Azerbaijani villages & towns before the scheduled withdrawal

✅Stealing artifacts from churches, museums, etc., including, among others, the #Khudavang Monastery and #Shusha Carpet Museum... 3/
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Some of goodwill steps by #Azerbaijan since Nov. 10, 2020:

✅Return of all #Armenian POWs (up to 70), who were captured during the war

✅Return of bodies of up to 1300 Armenian mil. servicemen

✅Permission to search for missing Armenian servicemen in the liberated lands... 1/3
✅Humanitarian extension of #Armenia’s pullout deadline from #Kalbajar

✅Permission to Armenians to visit the #Khudavang Monastery in Kalbajar

✅Facilitating humanitarian aid to Armenian community of #Karabakh... 2/3
✅Permission to use 21 km of Goris-Kafan road passing via #Azerbaijan

✅Transportation of #Russian natural gas to #Armenia via Azerbaijan...3/3
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1) You claimed the “Karabakh issue” was solved.
2) Your political party is the only one performing (a circus)
3) Democracy... you rank “not free” according for @freedomhouse
4) Economic freedom? Your government owns SOCAR (81% of your economy is oil based).
5) Strengthen what?
“There can be no disagreement on national matters.”

That’s called a dictatorship @azpresident 🤡
He really said “performance of political parties” and “democratic development” 💀
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@NikolPashinyan has been PM of #Armenia for 3 years.
Gov. Of 🇦🇲 is in charge of military procurement.
Pashinyan also largely replaced the military leadership over his term.
Pashinyan cancelled previously established procurement deals & replaced them with useless (SU30) purchases.
Here are my questions.
If we had obsolete weapons that made us lose the war, why would Pashinyan cancel the established contracts to modernize them?
If it was the generals' poor command that lost the war, and it was Pashinyan who named them, doesn't that make him responsible?
If our army was in such poor shape, why did Pashinyan boast of its strength and readiness after the July clashes? If AZ was able to load up on military equipment between July and Sept, and our situation was so desperate, wouldn't it be smart to do the same?
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To all those who keep repeating that #Armenia’s army was equipped with obsolete weapons, here's a profile of a country’s armed forces equipment by date of entry into service. Keep reading the thread to see which army it is. These are the in-service equipment most used today.
Service weapon: 1964 (variant introduced in 1991)
crew-served weapon: 1977
troop transport vehicle (ground): 1983
combat service vehicle (ground): 1982
battle tank: 1980
infantry fighting vehicle: 1981
armoured personnel carrier: 1960
artillery: 1963
MRLS: 1983
tactical transport helicopter: 1979
attack helicopter: 1975

Air Force:
Five multirole fighters: 1973, 1978, 1977, 1996, 2006
Two bombers: 1955, 1986
utility helicopter: 1970
combat helicopter: 1982
airlift and transport plane: 1995
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Operation Ring (April 30-May 15, 1991)

17,000 Armenians from 11 villages in Shahumyan (Goranboy Rayon) and 6 villages in Getashen (Göygöl Rayon) were forcibly expelled by Soviet troops of the 23rd Guards Motor Rifle Division and the soldiers of the Soviet Azerbaijani OMOM units. ImageImageImageImage
Some other pictures from the removal from Shahumyan and Getashen. I didn’t include ones that depict the violence due to their graphic nature. 50 Armenian civilians died during the operation. ImageImageImageImage
Two of the larger settlements depicted before and after the expulsion, and their subsequent abandonment.

1 & 2) Getashen (now Çaykənd, Göygöl)

3 & 4) Gyulistan (now Gülüstan, Goranboy) ImageImageImageImage
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1/4 On #Armenia: the post-Soviet space has seen everything from wars, revolutions and palace coups to dictatorships, hybrid regimes and the hereditary handover of power. Everything—except a classic military coup.
2/4If the army ousts Armenian Prime Minister Nikol #Pashinyan and appoints a new government—provisional or otherwise—to maintain order until new elections, it will be the first genuine military coup in the post-Soviet space.
3/4 #Armenia would join the ranks of an exclusive club of countries in the Middle East and Asia in which the army performs the role of a political moderator and overseer.
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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Thursday that an announcement by the armed forces calling for him to resign amounted to an attempted military coup --and he called on his supporters to gather in the centre of the capital Yerevan. (Reuters) #Armenia


Armenian Armed Forces General Staff demands resignation of Pashinyan Administration.

more details:…
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The Human Rights Council opens its 46th regular session with:
🔹 statements from governments and inter-governmental organizations
🔹a discussion on racism and #COVID19

🕘09:00 CET

President of the Human Rights Council Nazhat Shameem Khan opens the 46th regular session - the first to take place almost entirely virtually - running until 23 March.

President of the United Nations General Assembly @volkan_bozkir addresses the Human Rights Council.

"Sustainable development and human rights are symbiotic," he says.

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#Meditation for #Peace in #NagornoKarabakh daily at 18:15 UTC/ 19:15 CEST (#Paris) (update)

@Welovemassmedis organizes a new peace #meditation every day to provide energetic support for #peace and #healing to Nagorno-Karabakh

For instructions and timezones, see: ImageImageImageImage
In the past days, the DarkForces tried to use the #Armenian Genocide memorial complex #Tsitsernakaberd to stimulate trauma via implants on surface population, on these certain #Leylines w/ their war program as well as GreatDepression programs of civil wars… ImageImageImageImage
One of the main reasons for the occult war in #Armenia is because of the many #survivors of #Atlantis, who built #sacred structures in the area to preserve the heritage and culture of the #Atlantean era
During WWI many survivors and their families tried to flee to other countries ImageImageImageImage
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The Lost Places of #Artsakh:

Map of the occupied #Armenia|n villages and towns that were ethnically cleansed by #Azerbaijan.

#Hadrut #Shushi
Design by me, text by @kooyrig and me.

Complementary to the lost villages, I want to add this map by @LCarabinier about the Armenian monasteries of the region. Monasteries in the occupied areas are in danger of demolition:
Additional info: Another village on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan - off the limits of the map - partially affected by ethnical cleansing is Shurnukh (Location:…)
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Пробуждение весны в Мьянме!
Революция сознания во всём мире на старте......
Власти против протестующих используют резиновые пули, слезоточивый газ, водометы.
1/2 Журналистки из Беларуси Катерина Андреева и Дарья Чульцова уже три месяца находятся под арестом и под судом. 🤍❤️🤍🖐️
2/2 Журналистки из Беларуси Катерина Андреева и Дарья Чульцова уже три месяца находятся под арестом и под судом. 🤍❤️🤍🖐️
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Just read the @sfchronicle article by @RepAdamSchiff & @RepSpeier. First, during decades in Congress, these esteemed politicians have never said a single word about illegal occupation of 20% of #Azerbaijan’s lands by #Armenia & 1 million forcibly displaced #Azerbaijanis. 1/13
Invasion, total ethnic cleansing & nearly 30-year-long occupation of #Azerbaijan’s sovereign territory by #Armenia was well-documented, incl. by @UN Security Council resolutions and successive US administrations, starting with #Clinton Administration. 2/13
Brutal massacres against #Azerbaijani civilian population by Armenian troops, incl. the #Khojaly Genocide of 1992, which @HRW called the #largest massacre in the conflict#, are also well documented. 3/13
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1) Let’s talk about #Nakhichevan - a lost homeland. ImageImageImageImage
2) The the name "Nakhichevan" in #Armenian literally means "the place of first descent", a Biblical reference to the descent of Noah's Ark on the adjacent Mount #Ararat. Armenian tradition says that Nakhichevan was founded by Noah. Image
3) The region was at the center of the ancient Kingdom of #Armenia (858 BC-428 CE). During the invasion by Sassanid #Persian Shah Shapur II (r. 309-379) he removed 2,000 Armenian and 16,000 #Jewish families from #Nakhichevan (360-370 CE). ImageImage
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