30 October 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Analysis

Rallies vs Polls? And How About The Election Book?

If you head over to Drudge, you'll quickly see that we need not wait for the election to declare Biden the winner. Even the betting oddsmakers have collapsed Trump's chances.
2) Let's talk about the betting first. As I understand it, the going cost of building a new casino in Vegas runs between a cool Billion and a Billion and a half, or so. How many casinos are there in Vegas? I don't know. Maybe, billions and many billions worth?
3) Event gambling can only be what tiny fraction of the revenue stream. I can be a very devious and crafty man. If I were advising the Democratic leadership, I'd tell them with wincing, buy out the entire book this year. How much could it cost?
4) I'm going to make a completely uneducated guess of, well, between $50 and $100 Billion. Who knows, maybe a friends and family discount could be found. What's really at stake here? How many trillions of dollars passes through the military-industrial complex?
5) How many trillions of dollars passes the K Street lobbying on behalf of every foreign government on earth? If you that that a measly $100 Billion could not only save your power buy multiply it, you'd drop the money in a heart beat. It's what you do.
6) And why would I give that dastardly counsel? People who are suspicious of polling naturally turn to the betting books thinking that the bookies wouldn't want to lose money, so they'll back an honest lead. But what if they were bought off? Nope. I have no evidence. None.
7) All I'm saying is that if I were their immoral consultant, that's what I'd do. Now, be clear, please, I would NEVER do that in my actual skin that I wear on my body. I would never sell out America. What I'm giving you is a hypothetical. They have me, that's what I'd counsel.
8) It would sound something like this: Look guys, we know that those cheap sellouts in the polling industry have given us the best polls our money could buy. It was a good investment, we've gotten our returns as well as can be. It's not enough. We're still actually behind.
9) Fictional, evil consultant Pasquale continues: Thing is, last time, people looked to the election book and it gave Trump way too much credibility. So...why don't we just buy the entire book outright? Let's back it against any and all losses, and have it throw our way?
10) Since I have an evil fantasy world at the tip of my thoughts always available anyway, it's very easy for me to ask myself, if you were a really, really bad guy, what would you do? The answers are always far to near the surface for any sort of moral comfort. I'm good at bad.
11) One of the most powerful assets that the evil doers really do enjoy is called cognitive dissonance. When our minds cannot be as evil as theirs are, we see evil, but do not understand it. We don't really believe our eyes. That blindness is their greatest shield.
12) As we know steel sharpens steel, and you send a sniper to hunt a sniper, and you absolutely send a thief to catch a thief, it takes an evil mind to recognize the presence of evil itself. I know that places me right there, in the ranks of those with evil minds. I have one.
13) Who here has studied the creation story, in Genesis, with a special attention to the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil? First Eve, then Adam consumed its fruit and came to know both. I feel like they were my parents. That's the pie we ate at holidays.
14) Again to be clear, it is absolutely my call that Trump will win on Tuesday. Idiotic optimist that I am, I've even called that we'll know Tuesday night. I have a single, fundamental case. Democratic left vs Democratic middle, ne're the twain shall meet.
15) Lie to the left...there will be NO fracking in a Biden administration. Lie to the middle...we will NOT end fracking. Stuck in the middle with myself. Lying to both, I think I'll campaign here in Delaware again today. Right? Let's put a lid on this one. Come on, man!
16) So what about the rallies vs polling question we hear so much about on the news, now? First, it's simply ridiculous. There is no such thing. Rallies are NOT in the same category as polling. A campaign cannot poll itself. It is not a campaign verb.
17) I know, they reveal their corruption by acting as if polling was a campaign method. They certainly pay enough for it. It is certainly a campaign spend. But it does not rise to the level of rallying.
18) Here's an apples to apples comparison. Rallies vs Advertising spend. It costs money to run a rally. It costs money to buy TV time. Each are legitimate actions, legitimate spends. Polling is NOT in that category, no matter how much it costs.
19) There is another lie hidden in here. They're trying to tell you that showing up at a rally is NOT a meaningful expression of your support. They did this in 2016, and I virtually laughed it off. This year, I'm not laughing. Their attempts to silence you are unceasing.
20) Back to polling again. I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw this article. If you know me, you know I take these things personally. I know, it's silly, but there you have it. So, when I'm reading this, I feel I'm being rebutted, personally.

21) No, not as in a punch to the gut. Rather, more like a measly little arm slap. Still, they're on my turf here. And, even if they've never heard of me, I am still challenged to respond. Besides, they likely are reading me...ha!
22) In this weak, limp, arm slappy article, there are 3 points as to why polling rocks this year where it bombed 4 years ago. Here are their 3 points:



23) Every poll that oversamples Democrats and under-samples Republicans has to LOVE this 1st point. A better job reading Trump's base, they claim? What hogwash. Pure trifle. And what a LIE!
24) Here's an interesting quote from their first claim:

"Not all polls are showing Biden with such a wide lead. Republican-leaning polls have shown Trump doing much better nationally and in some battleground states."
25) Can you feel it? They're running scared. They likely know how very bad the true poll numbers are for Biden. What's more, it's obvious they're lying. Pollsters are SUPRESSING Trump's base, NOT reading us better. It's absolutely idiocy to claim anything else.
26) Everyone says there are fewer undecided voters now. While I disagree, completely, it goes deeper. They don't know that. That's an unknowable. Mr Voter, Sir, are you really decided, or are you faking it for some reason? Oh no, I'd never fake being decided, never!
27) The term for this is circular reasoning. We know our polling is doing better this year, since there are fewer undecided. And we know that, because we polled it!
28) It may be true that there are fewer undecided voters this year. It may be. But the last people I'd ever trust to figure that out are the pollsters who called for Clinton 2 in 2016. The article reveals its bias right there.
29) The last argument is the best - by which I mean worst. We've cured ourselves by a focus on State Polling. Uh huh. There's no chance that State Polling has the same flaws, fallibilities, and foibles as National Polling. No chance.

State Polling is the answer! NOT.
30) Let's return to the topic of evil. Neighborhood, County, State or National, this question is evil:

* How do you feel about Trump's mishandling of the Corona Virus? *

Yep. That question is asked in polls.
31) I wonder how much revenue the polling industry rakes in. I wonder if someone with sufficient funding...say, backed by the Chinese Communist Party...might not be able to buy the entire operation. As in the whole thing. Every poll willing to sell out. How many wouldn't?
32) Freedom is simply and absolutely not free. How many lives are given in sacrifice each and every day? We don't know. That is a data point the MSW SHOULD consider. Elections should have attached upon tit their very eyes soulid
34) If we fail to pay for it with the blood of our efforts, our children will pay for it with the blood of their bodies.
35) I can't tell you what will happen on Tuesday. I can only call it the way I see it. I don't see it their way.

Do you?
Thread ends at #35.

• • •

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2) On that note, yesterday's thread, retweeted above, is one you'll want to read. You'll want to read it from start to finish. Well, I didn't really finish it. I got interrupted by events in the real world. But, the stuff that's there is part of today's story. Please do read it.
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