George Soros gifted the world the concept of reflexivity in the stock market. It's 10x more important in crypto.

Here's the basic concept:

Stock price changes reality

What, ser?

Price creates a feedback loop

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If stock = going up, it brings the company acclaim.

Company gets noticed. Sales increase, profits grow. Stock prices increases.

Rinse. Repeat.

The same happens in reverse.

Price craters. People sneer at mention of company's name. No one uses product anymore.

Sales decline, profits fall, stock price craters further... further... f me... further.

Reflexivity is even more important in crypto for lots of reasons:

- Price can literally impact the quality of the product (i.e. high $UNI price = more liquidity)

- Price moves are more dramatic since crypto markets are smaller + less liquid than stock markets. That means crypto price moves can melt holes in abdominal cavities
- Price can attract devs (or repel them)
- Price gets fanbois talking on Twitter (or gets them trashing you)

- Fanbois on Twiter help a product capture mindshare. They can quite literally make or destroy a project

Why do I tell thee all this?

Bc there are a few basic investing concepts that have changed my life. Reflexivity is one of them

Reflexivity explains why moves are often bigger and more dramatic than even your wettest of dreams. And why selloffs are worse than your worst nightmares... like getting depantsed at a party full of hot ladies after you just got out of a very cold pool

When I think of reflexivity in stonks, I think of $TSLA. When I think of reflexivity in crypto, lots of names come to mind. $YFI is one. Its moves have helped it attract more devs... and also VCs who have strong, hairy hands

The moves have also brought in whales and apes and little fish dreamers like myself who now have at least a modicum of brand loyalty


If you take one thing away from this, take this: price moves can literally change a project's destiny

If you're going to dilute your users, you do it at your peril. If you're going to add value to your tokens, you do it to seal your fate as crypto demigod

Peace and love

🤡 out

• • •

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21 Nov
One 🤡's ELI5 on $SYN

Explain it like I'm 5, ser

Wtf is @synlev $SYN and why are you so bullish on it?

Synlev = Uniswap with leverage

More specifically, it's bringing leveraged ETFs or ETNs to crypto

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Tongue pressed to the back of my teeth

I am mildly titillated, but I don't know what a leveraged ETF or ETN is because I am not in the top 10% of America that owns 92% of the public stocks


ETF = exchange-traded fund
ETN = exchange-traded note

Essentially, an ETF or ETN is a tradeable stock

Each share = a market

i.e, there are ETF shares that bet on the price of oil ($GUSH)

or the price of gold mining stocks ($JNUG)

They can get more exotic, too

$UVXY for ex. tracks the volatility of the stock market

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20 Nov
Do you want to know the absolute worst people in the world to talk #Bitcoin with?

Bank tellers are pretty bad. They're so beat down by compliance and rules and regs that they think EVERYTHING that doesn't involve reams of paperwork and identification documents is a scam.

But no. I get where they're coming from. Their experiences are valid

Maybe you're thinking it's the friendly investment advisor at Edward Jones

tbh they seem to be warming up to crypto (I think we can thank the millennials for shoving it like hot dogs down their throats)

No, the worst people I've ever tried to talk crypto with are econ professors

They get this smug fucking look on their faces like I'm fucking peon with no "credentials" who would deign to talk them about something they've pigeonholed as a ponzi

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19 Nov
Why ser are you so enamored with crypto derivatives? Is it just KYC, you dirty degen?

KYC (and the fact that crypto derivatives can't be shut down) is a huge ideological reason for me. But there are other benefits, too


- On-chain verifications, so you're not depending on a broker
- 24/7/365 markets
- Powered by smart contracts so with a hardened system there shouldn't be outages (we're some time away from that perhaps but it will come)

- Product selection: if you can dream you can build it in DeFi and your audience will be global... no more walled-off, segregated islands of liquidity
- Composability might be the biggest reason, though: imagine posting a synth as collateral for a loan, for example...
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19 Nov
The vast majority of people think they can beat the crypto markets even though they're something like a full-time dentist and they play squash twice a week and they have two kids and a wife and they get about 30 minutes a day to study crypto

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But sure, they've read @benmezrich's Bitcoin Billionaries. They listen to @APompliano's podcast. They understand blockchain

That means they can compete with the OG 🐳s who've owned $BTC since Gox died + still spend 12 hrs a day reading, learning + experimenting in crypto

It's especially laughable when that sort of person thinks they can short-term trade. Like the right entry and exit points are always between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Thursdays when they actually have a minute to look at the markets lol
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17 Nov
The bulls are flexing in the street

Has the mother of all rallies begun?

Hell if I know

But if it has, let me tell you this: what's about to happen just might defy belief

Bull markets are full-body experiences....

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During the last crazy run-ups (2013 + 2017), I checked my phone like a gd slave. In December 2017, it was weeks of my positions going up double-digits every 24 hours. I'd check my phone before I walked into the store to buy some bologna....

By the time I walked out I'd have some good ass bolgna + be $10k richer. I'd watch an episode of Silicon Valley... check my phone... $10k richer

I'd log into Binance like a kid running around at the arcade with a bucket full of quarters. Just throwing money at stupid shit

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15 Nov
If I had to name the most important event in crypto in 2020, it would hands-down be the triumphant climb of Uniswap to the peak of Mount Olympus

What a fucking demigod

$14 million locked 1 year ago. $2.88 billion locked today. Growth of 20,000% (@defipulse)

More below 👇
$UNI is generating more daily fees than #bitcoin ($1.2 million vs. $905,000)

$UNI trading volumes have outpaced Coinbase some days... and Binance ain't all that far away


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