One 🀑's ELI5 on $SYN

Explain it like I'm 5, ser

Wtf is @synlev $SYN and why are you so bullish on it?

Synlev = Uniswap with leverage

More specifically, it's bringing leveraged ETFs or ETNs to crypto

More πŸ‘‡


Tongue pressed to the back of my teeth

I am mildly titillated, but I don't know what a leveraged ETF or ETN is because I am not in the top 10% of America that owns 92% of the public stocks


ETF = exchange-traded fund
ETN = exchange-traded note

Essentially, an ETF or ETN is a tradeable stock

Each share = a market

i.e, there are ETF shares that bet on the price of oil ($GUSH)

or the price of gold mining stocks ($JNUG)

They can get more exotic, too

$UVXY for ex. tracks the volatility of the stock market

The king of them all = ProShares UltraPro QQQ (stock ticker $TQQQ)

$TQQQ aims to return three times (3x) the return of the Nasdaq-100 Index for a single day, not for any other period

So, if the NASDAQ goes up 2% on a given day, your share of $TQQQ should go up 6%

If the NASDAQ goes down 2% on a given day, your share $TQQQ should crater 6%

Simply put, they are ways to bet on a market by simply buying a share of stock

$SYN = the crypto version of a leveraged ETF/ETN issuer

$SYN just launched on Wednesday

Their first product = 3x $ETH tokens


You can buy Synlev's 3x ETH tokens just like buying any other tokens (or just like you'd buy a share of an ETF in your brokerage account)

One of the tokens is bullish $ETH ($3xBULLETH)

One of the tokens is bearish $ETH ($3xBEARETH)

If $ETH goes up 2%, $3xBULLETH should go up 6%

If $ETH goes down 2%, $3xBULLETH should go down 6%

The BEAR tokens behave the opposite of that:

If $ETH goes up 2%, $3xBEARETH should go down 6%

If $ETH goes down 2%, $3xBEARETH should go up 6%

This dude shows you exactly how to buy and sell bull and bear $ETH tokens:

Keep in mind these tokens are NOT designed to be long-term holds

They suffer from price decay just like leveraged ETFs, which means they're not long-term buy and holds

You hold them for a few hours or a day, maybe 2-3 days

That has me even more excited because $SYN holders earn 0.2% on all 3x token trades

Another 0.2% goes to anyone who stakes $ETH on the platform

Side note: Synlev is currently giving away $SYN to anyone who stakes $ETH on the platform right now... I do not want to print the yields because they're godly


So, what $SYN is doing is basically opening up the entire leveraged ETF/ETN industry on chain

Currently, leveraged ETFs and ETNs are all controlled by international banks and companies like Proshares and Direxion. They capture all the fees

If Synlev catches on, it could compete with them... only it won't be limited to M-F trading hours

& liquidity won't be limited to people with brokerage accounts and KYC documents

Best of all: fee income will migrate from Wall Street bankers to me + you

$SYN is global from day 1. It is permissionless. It requires no KYC, and no rubberstamp from a tight-lipped bureaucrat

$SYN will not stop with 3x $ETH tokens

They will add additional 3x tokens

$BTC is likely next

Then, they will add whatever the community wants so long as a $LINK oracle exists for that asset

Gold will likely be one of the next 3x assets


What are you worried about with $SYN ser?

Well, I can't guarantee $SYN's 3x volumes will grow

The team will have to keep delivering + they must do it at a rabid f'ing metal-chewing pace bc 30 other teams are working on derivatives

(the others have such pretty whitepapers + roadmaps + they make sweet promises... but I see no contracts on mainnet yet... ONLY $SYN is live)
People keep saying Synthetix $SNX will crush $SYN

First, I'm long $SNX, so if that happens, ok fine. But I think they coexist

$SYN has some advantages over $SNX in its tiny niche

First of all, it's on the main $ETH chain

$SNX is migrating to a layer 2 (L2)

I have no doubts $SNX will do great on L2 bc its speed will finally start to match centralized solutions...

but still, moving back and forth bw an L1 and an L2 = FRICTION

FRICTION almost always sucks

Markets detest it

Apes detest it

In fact, I would say virtually all of crypto is a race to destroy all forms of friction

Nothing easier than 3x tokens


$SNX is also building something larger. $SYN is aiming at a niche. And I likey it

+ consider this apes...

If @SynLevdefi hits $10 million in daily volume on its 3x tokens, $SYN should conservatively hit $2.10 or so...

that's nearly a 9x from here

But look, $10 million in trading volume is a fucking joke

If $SYN taps out there, I will feel like an analytical failure

Few know it, but the chads at @coingecko have a page that tracks the volume of leveraged ETFs on centralized exchanges

It is a work of art

Looking at it makes you mind begin to whir like that bro in A Beautiful Mind


If you can scroll all the way to the bottom of the Coingecko page without beginning to salivate over $SYN's future...

Then I will say your heart is cold and vampish and we cannot be frens

What's next for $SYN?

See screenshot

I like to think of it as a perpetual money machine

Of course for it to win, people must provide liquidity, and actually start using $SYN's $3xBULLETH and $3xBEARETH tokens

So do your crypto ape duty and begin trading at now ser

If you don't want to trade, provideth them liquidity

Help democratize the world of leveraged ETFs

We are here for alpha

but we are here for freedom, too

🀑 out

β€’ β€’ β€’

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If this is the beginning of a bull market, it could be the biggest bull market in the history of bull markets

Now, bear w/ me...

I'm not going to pud off and start talking about #bitcoin as "Gold 2.0" or #ethereum as a "world computer"

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George Soros gifted the world the concept of reflexivity in the stock market. It's 10x more important in crypto.

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If stock = going up, it brings the company acclaim.

Company gets noticed. Sales increase, profits grow. Stock prices increases.

Rinse. Repeat.

The same happens in reverse.

Price craters. People sneer at mention of company's name. No one uses product anymore.

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Bank tellers are pretty bad. They're so beat down by compliance and rules and regs that they think EVERYTHING that doesn't involve reams of paperwork and identification documents is a scam.

But no. I get where they're coming from. Their experiences are valid

Maybe you're thinking it's the friendly investment advisor at Edward Jones

tbh they seem to be warming up to crypto (I think we can thank the millennials for shoving it like hot dogs down their throats)

No, the worst people I've ever tried to talk crypto with are econ professors

They get this smug fucking look on their faces like I'm fucking peon with no "credentials" who would deign to talk them about something they've pigeonholed as a ponzi

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Why ser are you so enamored with crypto derivatives? Is it just KYC, you dirty degen?

KYC (and the fact that crypto derivatives can't be shut down) is a huge ideological reason for me. But there are other benefits, too


- On-chain verifications, so you're not depending on a broker
- 24/7/365 markets
- Powered by smart contracts so with a hardened system there shouldn't be outages (we're some time away from that perhaps but it will come)

- Product selection: if you can dream you can build it in DeFi and your audience will be global... no more walled-off, segregated islands of liquidity
- Composability might be the biggest reason, though: imagine posting a synth as collateral for a loan, for example...
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19 Nov
The vast majority of people think they can beat the crypto markets even though they're something like a full-time dentist and they play squash twice a week and they have two kids and a wife and they get about 30 minutes a day to study crypto

More πŸ‘‡

But sure, they've read @benmezrich's Bitcoin Billionaries. They listen to @APompliano's podcast. They understand blockchain

That means they can compete with the OG 🐳s who've owned $BTC since Gox died + still spend 12 hrs a day reading, learning + experimenting in crypto

It's especially laughable when that sort of person thinks they can short-term trade. Like the right entry and exit points are always between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Thursdays when they actually have a minute to look at the markets lol
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17 Nov
The bulls are flexing in the street

Has the mother of all rallies begun?

Hell if I know

But if it has, let me tell you this: what's about to happen just might defy belief

Bull markets are full-body experiences....

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During the last crazy run-ups (2013 + 2017), I checked my phone like a gd slave. In December 2017, it was weeks of my positions going up double-digits every 24 hours. I'd check my phone before I walked into the store to buy some bologna....

By the time I walked out I'd have some good ass bolgna + be $10k richer. I'd watch an episode of Silicon Valley... check my phone... $10k richer

I'd log into Binance like a kid running around at the arcade with a bucket full of quarters. Just throwing money at stupid shit

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