If you have ever created anything that succeeds, you will never criticize what you can’t execute better. ⛱
Many who strive to be famous hardly know much about the price tag. It’s like setting yourself up for a life in the spotlight with a highly distracted mob. They know your name but you really can’t connect to anyone in particular. They become your poison & addiction.
Unless of course you are a politician far away from an election year, where you need not give a F**k. Fame shackles you and unfortunately it is ephemeral. This is why a life of influence and impact is more profitable. No one can take away who you are in purpose.
Our society is changing drastically as culture is being eroded on a daily basis. Shallowness is the new deep. Ignorance is fashionable if not even enviable. There are influential communities that would only accept you if you are dumb enough. No cogitation ability required.
Imagine the predicament of folks who can’t dismount their brains or uneducated themselves. So the issue is more titled to the acceptance of a new culture that juggles “the paradox of community, belief and reality” as Seth Godin rightly couched it.
When your emotion (hunger, anger & discontent) is mined, harvested and exploited by folks who need their notoriety established for relevance, you feel a sense of community without realizing you are a guinea pig of social engineering for profit.
A lot of socio-cultural commodities are sold in this manipulative plot as your belief system gets ensnared with a false sense of community. By the time you feel you are on the right track because popular figures are in your boat, the shared connection gets you hooked.
Human beings are social animals so nothing gives comfort like community. But reality is widely experienced and consistent. I don’t care what grouse you may have with sir Isaac Newton, Gravity cares not about your belief. It is real regardless of your religion or gender.
So the major conflict begins when our beliefs contradicts our experience of reality this forcing a coping mechanism. Misery as they say loves company/community. History is replete with cohesive community of folks who religiously ignore facts of the world around them.
“The disconnect between what’s out there and the emotions that lead us to believe something that isn’t real can actually make a community tighter. When the disconnect gets really large and the community becomes more insulated, cults arise.”
In sane climes, what is called education is actually the ability to discern facts from fiction via the application of self. Today even amongst schooled people with a litany of degrees, there is a gulf of disconnect between belief & reality, which makes unlearning impossible.
We all see the chasm but no one wants to be gaslighted or canceled by the mob. We appease the monster and hope we get eaten last if at all. All I can say is that beliefs change & reality persists. I wish us all long life to correct our blunders. #selah
...End of Celestial Observation...
Hope will always be the food of the common folks and genuine leaders are dealers in hope. I believe it is worth it to celebrate at some point what our country can be rather than focus on burning our communities down just to get rid of an infestation. It’ll only get worse.
Better won’t come from pitching a tent at condemning the bad but by applying ourselves and contributing our uniqueness towards making things better than we met it. This is what brings better engagement across board. This is what Nation building means. Take responsibility!

• • •

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18 Nov
A great teacher whose lectures were prevented from being shared was asked what he thought of his enemies and he simply responded that “To regard anyone as an enemy is a great folly.” Not everyone will understand your conviction & those who do helps while others hinder.
“The diffusion of that which is intelligent can only be hindered by stupidity. People have their vested interests to which they cling and which by continual thoughts and action are increasing. Whatever that is said to criticize such vested interest attracts immediate response...
...which can either be on the defensive or vituperative in retaliation depending on the state of mental health of the one retorting. People with something to guard or protect will always live in fear & act thoughtlessly in cruelty, but one who has nothing to lose nurse no fear.”
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16 Nov
Psychology, neurology and philosophy have been integral parts of my study since I was a teenager. Ever since I embraced my uncanny ability to feel the pains of others & cultured the habit of taking responsibility. Having familiarized myself with psychoanalysts’ saying...
...”The Good Mother necessarily fails” I’ve had to re-tweak my processes every now and then. The maxim suggests that as your ‘child’ matures, you have to fail more and more as a ‘mother.’ If you are guardian to a 20-35years old, you are not their mother anymore.
Biologically you still are but that relationship soon becomes a quasi-peer status. I have seen this happen in most families where children feels they are matured enough to talk back and take risks even while enjoying parental care when they fail.
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5 Nov
This is why people should study the @SIAF_NG model for engaging change. It is called the Conscious Revolution Paradigm; strategic engagement beyond emotional tantrums. It works globally and with track record of successes even in Nigeria. #Selah
An anachronistic law/bill that is no longer fit for purpose is simply analyzed by experts with recommendation on the ideal with justification amidst public awareness just as done for #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG (not the protest) and #ElectoralReform campaign.
This way, the needed political will is galvanized and proper objective engagement of the legislative is done by representatives of the movement for this change. This is not a one time event but a reiteration of several actions in an accountable & objective manner.
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5 Nov
I think your indoctrination is the actual travesty Distinguished. Just in case there are more like you, here is a free insight for your edification on the concerns of reasonable people (void of sentiments) about the flawed universal mail-in ballot route. #Elections2020
There is a clear difference between absentee ballot (which is the traditional route) and the new universal mail-in ballot. It is not as simplistic as sticking your ballot in the mail for counting. The catch here is that a specific request is made in Absentee balloting.
Whereas in Universal mail-in approach, ballots are simply mailed en masse. That is, millions of people who would’ve naturally go out to vote simply engage the mail citing different reasons as it can be validated by the COVID19 concerns.
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5 Nov
A mentor of mine shared one year ago a quote by Goldie Hawn—

"The lotus is the most beautiful flower, whose petals open one by one. But it will only grow in the mud.

In order to grow and gain wisdom, first you must have the mud - the obstacles of life and its suffering.
The mud speaks of the common ground that humans share, no matter what our stations in life.

Whether we have it all or we have nothing, we are all faced with the same obstacles: sadness, loss, illness, dying and death.
If we are to strive as human beings to gain more wisdom, more kindness and more compassion, we must have the intention to grow as a lotus and open each petal one by one."

- Goldie Hawn
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4 Nov
You are weak if in order to maintain your self preservation, you align yourself with the ills of society as perpetuated by the worst of souls. You may think you are protecting yourself in the interim, but you are reinforcing evil & hurting generations. ⛱ #FixSociety
My logistics assistant told how young boys take to the highway at wee hours of the morning, sometimes in the afternoon and in the evening to cause trouble & rob people across Lagos (Mile 12 especially) yet elders in the area watch & encourage this by urging them on.
I saw a video of a young boy displaying the body parts of a burnt police officer during one of the riots in a SW state & none of the adults around cautioned him. They watched and even made a video. Online amoral griots curse on their elders & get likes & retweets for this.
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