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I was about twelve having grown to watch my dad come home quarterly from Abuja to empty his purse in order to offset all the backlog of bills cum fulfill all the wish lists of his four children. For my mum & siblings this is part of the responsibility of being a Dad. #Fatherhood
In as much as I loved my dad for being responsible having lived within his means as an executive civil servant or repute, I’ve wished to believe all that he did. His impeccable records and life of integrity can’t be erased but the truth remains that our world has changed.
In my father’s days, working as a bureaucrat was a life purpose that rewards with gratuity and life pensions once you put in the work and advance in your career till retirement. But those jobs are extinct now. Even where their shadows exist, no promise is guaranteed.
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1/ #PublicNotice Regrettably, I am compelled to issue a second thread in response to #KarenStewart's new tweets against me.

Consider this titled: NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart has now published open lies against me, exactly like #DrKatherineHorton—the question is: Why?
3/ In regard to Karen's storytelling and slanderous tweet above, I am choosing first to respond right here on Twitter.

I will address both her #FalseNarrative in her graphic & this issue of “#Removal” she has invented.
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On several interviews and news reportage, I’m erroneously introduced as a lawyer because I’m into advocacy. I am NOT a Lawyer, not title driven and certainly can't be boxed. My struggle need not become my identity lest I’m sapped of living/relevance without a battle.⛱
My certificates were many years ago and nothing conditions me to remain the same man I was last month. Our youth lack role models and I won't be part of the ‘Icarus Deception’ that suggests that you have to have a title to be impactful or influential in society.
I have chosen to be a ‘No One’ an ordinary Human being contributing my quota to Nation Building for future generation sake. This is easy to aspire to become than seeking to gather titles or certificates. I am a lot of things but supremely a Human. Be true to your humanity.
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You’re scared of HIV?
Let me introduce you to 🥁🥁
VIRAL #HEPATITIS B and C, which kills 1.4 million people/yr, with 9x more infections than HIV and increasing death rates!
...yet the majority of global leaders and the public remain unaware!
@Fmohnigeria @nassnigeria
According to @who, Deaths from hepatitis have been increasing over the past 2 decades, which points to a lack of global awareness and action, including among top decision-makers.
Despite this situation, much can be done👇🏽.

Hepatitis can be prevented, diagnosed, treated and managed well. The hepatitis B vaccine is 98-100% effective in preventing new infections.
But how many of us have ever heard about it?
How many have taken action (Gotten Screened and vaccinated (ifnegative)
Treated when positive?
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Dr. Ola Brown, @NaijaFlyingDr. I'd like to share my take-aways in this thread. Please read and RETWEET. #FixNigerianHealthcare…
In her book, @NaijaFlyingDr provides a simple guide to policy decisions that should provide better healthcare to ALL Nigerians. #FixNigerianHealthcare
First, the book presents the bad news and some frightening stats that should precipitate a state of emergency, if we had brain in #Nigeria. #FixNigerianHealthcare
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Peter Obi Proves That All Nigerians Need From Their Leaders Is Trust.

The venue was Aba Town Hall and the occasion was the Abia South Senatorial primary election. While the party is PDP.

@MrStanleyNwabia @SKSolaKuti @segalink @julietkego
Inside the arena about 30 minutes to kick off, there was tension, particularly when delegates were being cleared and admitted into the arena.
The bloodshot eyes of many delegates as they exchanged 'war' diatribes were matters for concern.
There were five aspirants, but only three were truly up for it,struggling to become the zones flagbearer. This was reason for the tension on ground.
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When reading someone else’s life journal, you don’t argue with his facts simply because you are yet to see what he sees. Read to understand and tame the attempt to protect your fragile bubble of indoctrination. Stop fighting people trying to save you from your ignorance.
I’m not caught in the tangle of anyone’s life thus my linguistic proclivity shouldn’t warrant your hatred. I am not your problem, the deliberately compromised educational system is. I’m trying to redeem you but you are proving to be beyond redemption.
I seek for nothing yet sacrifice my privacy to care for those who love their chain so much that they can kill to remain enslaved. Most politicians will never save a world in which they no longer have a stake in or control. I’m not them, I need no stake to be human.
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The @SPNigeria HE Bukola Saraki in all honesty has shown leadership across board. His leadership of the senate preserved our democracy and having defected will no doubt emerge as a National Leader of the party he is currently in. It is all about results. #CelestialObservation
The myth most poverty stricken minds seem to get trapped in is thatvthe only purpose of power is self enrichment just as they assume the only purpose of a company is to maximize profits. Such thoughts are not only fictitious but dangerous and destructive.
Organizations just like governments exist to make things better for people & never the reverse. This is why firms have payoff lines and political parties have manifestos (highlighting their priorities). When firms are profitable enough to grow, they allocate a budget for CSR.
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Be Fearless in your pursuit of what sets your soul on Fire🔥
Let no one interrupt your Swan Song. ⛱
A Ship is always safe at shore but one must always ask if that’s what it’s built for. It is easy to have people in our lives who tell us what to do next, parents who have not stopped parenting their wards even when they have kids of their own. #PictureThis
We often get used to these cushions and instructions of next steps while we look forward to a time when we will be announced to have arrived. Sadly with life, there’s no such thing as an arrival.
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I will forever come clean to you. I have never been under so much pressure both from those who now believe they have a team player and those who need me on their side to assure themselves that their political enemies won’t have a munition in me. But I will never leave the people.
Over the years we have seen many Activists compensated to leave their struggle. Many are living examples of this compromise but thankfully I am No One let alone an Activist. If there is such a political party as Independents, that is where I will be. Right by the people.
For many years Power has come at the expense of Change because the flesh & wants for vanity have lured valiant men to the temptation of compromising their convictions. The people deserve a critical mass of transformational leaders & enlightened followers who won’t need an office.
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