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So, by ones and twos, maybe soon by tens and twenties... @AdamHollowayMP your tenure as #ConSelfServative MP for #Gravesham is coming to an end. And, if I have my way, so is the tenure of EVERY MP that won't vote for #ElectoralReform. Because 1/2
I am launching a non-partisan campaign group on Tuesday, with the primary aim of identifying either a) the "best" candidate to tactically vote for, in each constituency, to get 326 or more #ProPR MPs elected at the next General Election; or b) where no such candidate exists, 2/3
b) Identifying someone to stand on that issue, as I am in #Graveshem and help them to win. Because this isn't about JUST kicking the #ToryScum out; it's about making sure they can never again turn a minority vote share (just 43.4% in 2019) into an unassailable majority of 80. 3/4
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18/08/2022: Today marks the 24months of Transition in #Mali. Happened in the last two years? Maybe a good moment to look back. A short🧵1/ Image
18/08/2020: the Conseil Nationale pour le Salut de Peuple #CNSP forces president #IBK to step down as president. The months before saw thousands of Malians demonstrating against the regime IBK on the streets of #Bamako 2/
In the weeks after the #coup the military junta around Assimi #Goita received good will from international partners, while being celebrated by the Malian population. The junta reassured that they only aimed for the removal of IBK and would honour all international arrangements 3/
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BREAKING: Finally HARD DATA: this in-depth MRP analysis by @BestForBritain of 12,816 people conclusively demonstrates the immense benefit of a #ProgressiveAlliance
Wiyh cooperation between @UKLabour,@Libdems & @TheGreenParty agreeing to field ONE unity candidate in each of only 154 English battleground seats, the Conservatives would end up with just 254 English MPs, seven fewer than Labour, which would have 261 English MP.
The Liberal Democrats would win 16 English seats and the Green party one.If the opposition parties were to field single unity candidates, the MRP-polling exercise found, the Tories would be left 40 seats short of a majority even if they succeeded in holding on to their 20
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We stand in #Solidarity with our Workers in the #Unions & this is the only way to have a say in our Working Environment by #WorkingTogether & doing a #Strike!
People like us, who've been arguing against the broken Gears & For-profit exploitation of #Capitalism, comes in to help.
We're in a #SocietalCollapse as the Full Stop & Endgame of #Capitalism's Growth has begun! We need Calls & Movements for a "Great Transition" from this broken #Dystopia where we have a #ClimateCrisis, #HousingCrisis, #Pandemic, #EvictionCrisis, #HealthcareCrisis,...
#BiodiversityCrisis, etc.
As the system focuses on #Economic Growth, #Corporate Interest & Businesses First while exploiting the #Labor who are treated like hell & not paid a #LivingWage nor anything while everything to basically live is practically an Expense under #Capitalism.
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Congratulations @HMcPhersonMP and @DesjarlaisBlake on your successful campaigns. I’m happy to see two New Democrats headed to Ottawa from #yeg.

I hope one of the issues you’ll work on is electoral reform.

#cdnpoli #abpoli
@FairVoteCanada @NDP @yegfairvote @theJagmeetSingh

This election has reinforced why FPTP is an unacceptable voting system for a modern democracy like Canada. I elaborate on that here:

#cdnpoli #abpoli #ElectoralReform

As I stated in my testimony to the #ERRE committee, adopting a new voting system not only doesn’t require a referendum, it would be undemocratic to hold a referendum on this issue.

I hope the @NDP will push for Parliament to simply adopt a PR system.

#cdnpoli #abpoli
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Polls consistently show strong support for the characteristics of #ProportionalRepresentation: parties sharing power, civil debate on policy options instead of personal attacks, effective representation for (almost) all in a diverse legislature that mirrors society. Nice!😁1/5
Where we have run into problems is in not openly acknowledging the inevitable conflict of interest for politicians in changing the system that just handed them power. Change becomes less appealing as soon as you find yourself in a position to implement change. Not nice. 😠 2/5
The key to breaking this logjam is for politicians to show integrity and step aside, handing power back to citizens in a way that encourages thoughtful debate and evidence-based decision-making, rather than partisanship and divisive polarization. But how? 3/5
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What Friday nights are all about! @FairVoteCanada 20th anniversary conference opens, featuring a panel with @judyrebick @acoyne @ElizabethMay and Hugh Segal. Excited for this discussion of #ElectoralReform! I will post key points. 😊…
(A thread)
Coyne: Electoral reform "defeats" in Canada aren't really defends, but examples of the extreme lengths opponents of #PR will go to stop it. e.g. Most BC voters backed PR, but the government refused to implement it. Same thing happened on PEI.
Coyne: Trudeau and Legault governments noted for their flip-flops and broken promises on electoral reform. A setback, but we still need to work hard on this important issue. The necessity remains. Clear problems with #FirstPastThePost. False majorities, false results, etc.
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I'm OUTRAGED at @nassnigeria House of Representatives Dep. Speaker @HonAhmedWase saying Nigerians living abroad have no right to submit petitions to parliament. Remittances from our countrymen and women at $20 billion a year keep alive families impoverished by our politicians!
This is why we must be careful who we elect into high office. We need #electoralreform NOW, and diaspora Nigerians must have the ability to vote from abroad as is the case in Ghana and many other countries. If @cenbank can woo their remittances, we need their votes too!
Nigerians living and earning their living abroad is not a crime. It is their right. Their citizenship shouldn't be denigrated because of where they live. What opportunities exist for them at home if they did not move out Nigeria?
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This is why people should study the @SIAF_NG model for engaging change. It is called the Conscious Revolution Paradigm; strategic engagement beyond emotional tantrums. It works globally and with track record of successes even in Nigeria. #Selah
An anachronistic law/bill that is no longer fit for purpose is simply analyzed by experts with recommendation on the ideal with justification amidst public awareness just as done for #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG (not the protest) and #ElectoralReform campaign.
This way, the needed political will is galvanized and proper objective engagement of the legislative is done by representatives of the movement for this change. This is not a one time event but a reiteration of several actions in an accountable & objective manner.
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🔥Today, @Europarl_EN's Committee on Constitutional Affairs (#AFCO) will discuss #transnationallists. Here is why they may not be the good idea we think they are. A thread 👇 1/25
@EPInstitutional @Antonio_Tajani @guyverhofstadt @sandrogozi @d_boeselager @daniel_freund @inside_ep
Many have endorsed TNLs as the way to make our elections more #European, from pro-#EU groups (@federalists, @EMInternational), to politicians (@EmmanuelMacron, @vonderleyen) & advocates (@jonworth, @alemannoEU, @AndrewDuffEU). They argue TNLs will bring a European dimension. 2/25
To be clear, the point of this thread is *not* to argue that TNLs will make our common election less European, simply that they will not remedy the election's core deficiency (that national parties are in control) and that, therefore, they are not the right way forward. 3/25
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What a discussion as we began "Part 3: How To Make America A Democracy Again" of @danpfeiffer's "Un-Trumping America" on Monday night.

Follow along for a recap, but if tl/dr, sign up for our final week: #BookClub #Democrats #Grassroots
Q1: “The best way to fix our elections is to win more elections at the state & local levels.” What state/local candidate are you providing #grassroots support to?

A1: @katejbolz, @ACampaNajjar & @CharlieCrist were mentioned.
A1 (cont): Some of our #BookClub members have joined us for #PostcardsToVoters. You too can support candidates like @candacefor24, @ChristinePMarsh, @BrendanTJohnson & more. #Grassroots #Democrats

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Nigeria can work, graduating from a mere country to a real nation, but only if we return to its wobbly Lugardian foundations of the Almalgamation of 1914, and agree to become a nation, and if so on what basis. This is the National Question. I have long argued we must address it.
The only workable outcome for our country must be a constitutional restructuring back to real federalism, for two reasons:One,to prevent people of any part of Nigeria feeling “dominated” by any other part, thus fostering unity and mutual respect on the basis of equity& justice.
Two, this will release the massive potential for economic growth in ALL parts of Nigeria, especially if we take a regional approach that will take advantage of economies of scale. It is striking that some continue to resist the obvious path of restructuring.
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Enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon with @FairVoteCanada, listening to @Arne_JJ from Germany, speaking about how #ProportionalRepresentation has worked, how it makes a difference in their politics and policies. Really interesting stuff! #polisci #ElectoralReform
(A thread)
It's so refreshing hearing about how parties work together, through honest and transparent agreements, collaboration and power sharing. Coming from North America/#cdnpoli, this level of maturity is such a foreign concept. Kudos to Germany!
@FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform
.@Arne_JJ : Germany's #ProportionalRepresentation system has encouraged a diversity of voices, fair dist of seats, civil discourse, and a wide spectrum of views contributing to policy discussions.
(Again, so foreign a concept for #cdnpoli.)
@FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform
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1. Morning tweeps! As promised, I'm going to share some thoughts about yesterday's ConCourt decision on #electoralreform. Sorry it took me so long. I decided to read all 3 judgements (two concurring & one dissenting) and the Electoral Task Team report (Slabbert report) of 2003.
2. First thing is that the New Nation Movement & others were contesting the constitutionality of the Electoral Act (73 of 1998) which limits participation in elections to political parties. ConCourt agreed that the Act is unconstitutional and gave parliament 2 years to fix it.
3. What that means is that this case is about the *electoral system* and not the system of governance. What's the difference? An electoral system is the rules that determine how elections are done and how results are calculated.
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We'll now be hearing from Penny Ehrhardt of @VicUniWgtn, who will be speaking to the @FairVoteCanada annual conference about how #ProportionalRepresentation changed New Zealand, and enabled a strong, cooperative response to #COVID19. #ElectoralReform #cdnpoli #fvc2020 (A thread.)
Ehrhardt: New Zealand is unicameral, and for ethnicity has 64% European background, 16% Maori, around 15% Asian, around 9% Pacific. Has had #MixedMemberProportional since the early 1990s. @FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform #cdnpoli #fvc2020
(New Zealand has, what I feel, is the IDEAL electoral system for Canada. Closed-list #MixedMemberProportional. Has strong representation for Maori as well. Great track record of their voting system.) @FairVoteCanada #ElectoralReform #cdnpoli #fvc2020
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This is a fantastic simulation of #proportionalrepresentation.
The key question is: "Now that Canadians have elected a minority govt, will the Liberals be influenced by the NDP and the Greens, who both have called for #electoralreform?"

You can help! Please SIGN AND SHARE out petition calling for cooperation and a National Citizens' Assembly on #ElectoralReform!!…
1/ The headline inside the article is misleading, suggesting the Conservatives could have "won" the election, since every simulation here has their seat count changing hardly at all.
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The EU report (88 pages) on Nigeria’s general elections was released June 15 2019 Conclusion: systemic failings, severe operational & transparency shortcomings, electoral security problems show the need for fundamental #ElectoralReform
#ElectoralReform 30 recommendations w/7 priority areas

Priority areas
1. INEC must improve logistics, operations, planning & tracking
2. Result sheets & SCR were not packed in tamper-evident envelopes as required - Amend EA /INEC procedures for transparent collation process
Priority areas #3:

Collation is marred by inconsistent numbers & lack of transparency - Amend EA for full results transparency I.e., results sheets scanned & published by the time final results are announced
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@mcourcel @GautamNath @Michael_TO2018 @MayorTorontoTom @jpformayor @jimruelformayor Thanks for asking @mcourcel!

Accessibility is a right- not an option!

My entire #CommunityWellness #inclusion Mayoral platform centres #accessibility as a priority.

accessible housing
@mcourcel @GautamNath @Michael_TO2018 @MayorTorontoTom @jpformayor @jimruelformayor My #CommunityWellness #inclusion Mayoral platform continued @mcourcel, accessibility is an election issue!


I am an advocate for accessibility & disability rights.
Our City has been inaccessible for too long.
#Accessibility enforcement.
@mcourcel @GautamNath @Michael_TO2018 @MayorTorontoTom @jpformayor @jimruelformayor I chose YouTube & Twitter to share my Community wellness inclusion Mayoral platform because it guaranteed me audio for Community members who are Blind or have low vision and closed captioning for Community members who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Together we succeed @mcourcel!
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FPTP lets us down again.
Looking just at the local context in Bristol West, people from outside Bristol might get the wrong impression ...
that support for the Greens has halved. In fact, what we've heard time and time again is how much voters like the Green Party ... but ...
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