How long before it's illegal to support any left-wing Party or criticise capitalism?
US libertarian billionaires scapegoat & demonize ‘Big Government’, 'identity politics' & the Left, using propaganda to manipulate citizens into voting against their interests, so they can continue to exploit workers & nature.

The Global 1% have so far siphoned off $158 TRILLION.
They put vast resources into fueling the "culture war", which acts as a distraction, & an ideological assault on the values of fairness, justice & equality by promoting individualism, while keeping voters divided so they can continue their corruption & exploitation uninterrupted.
One of the greatest illusions of modern times has been to trick millions of voters into believing that billionaires, multi-millionaires & ex-commodities traders actually represent the interests of ordinary people - rather than becoming grotesquely wealthy from their exploitation.
America's richest 400 individuals have already amassed $3trillion.

But we humans struggle to conceptualise just what an extraordinarily large amount a $trillion is, so here's a fantastic visualization by @mkorostoff: I guarantee it will blow your mind.
And here's another very clear way of comparing what you can get for your $trillions:…
Is there a realistic alternative to rampant free-market #capitalism which depends on & is accelerating the consumption of finite resources resulting in the destruction of the natural environment, while increasing inequality of wealth & opportunity to grotesquely dangerous levels?
It's called #socialism.

The problem is that the very rich & very powerful (those who benefit most from free-market capitalism) have for a century poured vast resources into the #demonization of #socialism & #socialists, a view which now saturates print, broadcast & online media.
A common refrain is that #socialism INEVITABLY fails & leads to totalitarianism! A claim as absurdly reductionist as suggesting #capitalism INEVITABLY leads to financial crises & war. Why? Because PURE socialism & PURE capitalism have NEVER been tried, & imho, nor should they be.
The UK, the USA, & many other 'western' countries are all characterised as #capitalist, but in reality they ALL have 'mixed economies': the private ownership of businesses, mixed with publicly funded services, such as policing, the military, most schools, & some health services.
We MUST nurture a nation of politically aware citizens, capable of thinking critically, & of seeing past the hyper-capitalist #propaganda disseminated all day, every day, by almost every media outlet.

So here's an objective introduction to #socialism:

• • •

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More from @docrussjackson

21 Nov
This is a good book review by @Dorianlynskey of the book "The War Against the @BBC". Everyone should read it.

My only caveat is I'd have liked anti-Corbyn Dorian to at least mention @BBCPolitics' & @BBCNews' relentless demonization of Corbyn & the Left.…
"It is hard work trying to bring down the @BBC when the masses stubbornly insist on enjoying and trusting its output, so the wheels of grievance require constant oiling by newspapers, thinktanks and opaquely funded pressure groups."

This process is now relentless.
"The @BBC’s political coverage consistently favours the government of the day, with a more pronounced bias when that government is Conservative. Taking its cues (and many of its guests) from the conservative-dominated print media, it overrepresents the right".

This just a fact.
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2 Nov
Suddenly the anti-lockdown Great Barrington Declaration makes sense: it's sponsored by the "American Institute for Economic Research", a free-market think tank funded by billionaire climate-change denialist Charles Koch, who opposes business regulations.…
No surprise to see Farage, the IEA, Sikora & the rest of the free-marketeers who brought us Brexit & Trump tapping into this latest divisive income stream which is designed for the benefit of big businesses.

It's all so transparent now yet STILL most journalists won't touch it!
A handful of dangerous, greedy, powerful US Libertarian billionaires are fucking up our planet & its people.

These climate-change denialists gave us Brexit & Trump.

Just take a look at the irresponsible #disinformation they pump out all day, every day:…
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21 Oct
#Neoliberal deregulation & pure free-market #greed caused the 2008 financial crash, leading to a decade of #austerity which left Britain vulnerable to #COVID19.

Yet since 2009, Britain's richest 1,000 people INCREASED their wealth by nearly £500 BILLION.

British cities (home to 55% of the population) shouldered 74% of the #austerity cuts, even though care costs have increased year on year, & 99.9% of the UK population did not contribute to the financial crash IN ANY WAY.

Northern English cities were - OF COURSE - hardest hit.
Under the guise of #austerity, successive Governments introduced: crippling student debt; the collapse of affordable housing; the absence of secure jobs; outsourcing; MORE privatisation; unprecedented cuts to disability support & the introduction of the sadistic Universal Credit.
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20 Oct
For decades, Rupert Murdoch & a bunch of other unaccountable libertarian billionaires, have used their wealth, power, media empires & other manipulation techniques to subvert democracy & install divisive leaders who represent their interests. #GBNews will accelerate this process.
The 'Fox News Effect': after a local cable system adds Fox News, voters in the area tend to shift toward Republican candidates, & communities with higher numbers of Fox News viewers are less likely to comply with stay-at-home orders to fight #coronavirus.
Oh look, as if by magic, here's EXACTLY what I'm talking about: executive editor of Rupert Murdoch's The Sun newspaper, Dan Wootton, now also of Rupert Murdoch's @talkradio, spreading dangerous misinformation about #COVID19.

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20 Oct
The UK & USA are in the middle of a catastrophic public-health crisis caused by #coronavirus.

They are also in the midst of an information crisis caused by the spread of viral #disinformation, defined as falsehoods aimed at achieving a political goal.…
The conspiracy theories, lies, distortions, the overwhelming amount of information & the anger encoded in it all serve to create chaos & confusion and make people, even nonpartisans, exhausted, skeptical & cynical about politics.
But the deliberate & relentless spewing of falsehoods isn’t meant to win any 'battle of ideas'.

Its goal is to prevent the actual battle from being fought, by causing us to simply give up.
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19 Oct

The powerful verbalise their ‘fear’ of a dangerous ‘other’, provoking resentment in those demonised, then use their privileged media access to describe how ‘fearful’ they feel as a result, thus encouraging & legitimising the same emotions in others.
Boris Johnson's 'letter boxes’ & 'bank robbers' comments were classic ‘dogwhistles’: racist & provocative language designed to encourage others to express their disapproval & prejudice, & feel legitimised by his description of the item of clothing as ‘oppressive & ridiculous’.
In 2001, asylum seekers were targeted by Tony Blair to try & neutralise the appeal of the far-right BNP, but the political climate shifted to the right as New @UKLabour sought to maintain popularity, in the process bringing marginal & bigoted opinions into the mainstream.
Read 5 tweets

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