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Boris Johnson - cocaine & cannabis.

Jeremy Hunt - cannabis.

Andrea Leadsom - cannabis.

Dominic Raab - cannabis.

Rory Stewart - opium.

Matt Hancock - cannabis.

Esther McVey - cannabis.

Michael Gove - cocaine.…
House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has promised to raise allegations of drug use in Parliament with the Met Police, after traces of cocaine had been found in several lavatory areas.

These corrupt hypocrites want locking up.…
The Government estimates that last year there were around 300,000 opiate or crack users in England, & around one million people using cocaine per year.

The latest ONS figures for England suggest that one in 11 adults aged 16 to 59 years took a drug in the year to March 2020.
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The horrific news about Arthur has of course shocked, angered, & distressed all of us.

And I hate to say it, but the predictable, instant, & opportunistic politicisation of this tragic case by the usual toxic newspapers, makes me feel sick & angry.

Here we go again... ImageImage
In January 2003 Lord Laming published the report of his official inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie.

She had been sent to Britain by her parents from the Ivory Coast, in the hope she would receive a better education. She was in the care of her great-aunt.
With her boyfriend she systematically tortured Victoria over several years until she died in 2000. The aunt and boyfriend were imprisoned for life for murder in 2001. An official inquiry was immediately announced.

The inquiry lasted 62 days and took evidence from 128 witnesses.
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The political momentum for reforming the #EU 🇪🇺 #fiscal framework is larger than ever. We are excited to share our freshly published feasibility & impact analysis of the reform proposals with you:… (1/15)➡️ Image
Recovering from the #pandemic and simultaneously achieving #environmental, #social and #economic goals requires large amounts of public funding and therefore ample #fiscal flexibility for #EU member states. (2/15)
And with all eyes on #COP26 this week, and the discussion about the scale and pace of investment for #ClimateAction high on the agenda, the discussion about how to create the fiscal flexibility for investments such as these has never been more timely (3/15)
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On Monday the #EZLN came to Dublin to meet our movements.

You could tell the story of Dublin’s #SocialMovements through class:

they met working-class community groups, housing activists, migrant members of the new Irish working class, trade unionists and many shades of left. Welcome to Dublin
But you could also say that we talked about #patriarchy and violence against women, #racism and colonialism, land and ecology, autonomy and rebellion. For the #EZLN as in actual communities, these are not separate struggles:

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@Donna_Peach @IDickson258 @IanGould5 @BowserAvery @Andy_Bilson @MartinBarrow @NushraMansuri

Our experience with child protection as a family has been extremely traumatic. The threat of losing our kids has been corroded our trust in social services.
It will prevent us from ever seeking assistance again, apart from what we have right now. However, one thing that has swung the view of the LA, has been our changed financial position. It has improved this summer.
The era of #Austerity has resulted in so much more poverty and this has had a massive impact on families, and seen section 47 investigations soar. Poverty is not a crime, nor is being a parent that is poor. But even middle income groups have been squeezed by austerity.
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"Why are you angry Sarah?"

I'll show you shall I?


@VP admitting wars have been over oil,
Soon they'll be over water...

Saying it so casually..
Like America didn't destroy half the world with their genocidal oil wars,

The "news" are silent
#Iraq #Libya #Syria #China
No comment needed.
BBC casually admitting that they've been lying for 10 yrs

We are a monetarily sovereign nation & cannot go bankrupt.

-Which was never an economic need, it was/is an ideology
Has killed at least 150,000 souls in this very rich country,
As they lied for the government
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A #THREAD on free-market fundamentalist ex-banker Sajid Javid's recent grotesque & condescending speech to the opaquely funded free market think tank, the Centre for Social Justice: "The hidden costs of #COVID19: the social backlog"…
The 'Centre for Social Justice' is another opaquely funded free-market think tank, co-founded by IDS, Tim Montgomerie, Mark Florman & Philippa Stroud, specialising in generating moral panics which demonise the poor using 'decision-based evidence making'.…
He starts off with condescending & insensitive remarks: "I’VE faced some challenges in MY time in government. The crisis of rough sleeping. The tragedy of #Grenfell. The injustice of #Windrush" - disgraceful episodes, caused primarily by deregulation & the Culture War Tory Govt.
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@RealProgressUS is a 501c3 focused on 7 knowledge areas:
Economic Justice
Environmental and Ecological Justice
Peace with Justice
Equality with Justice
Health and Wellbeing
Technology and Innovation

All under girded by an acute focus on Modern Monetary Theory #MMT
. @RP_In_Action is a 501c4 focused on the same 7 knowledge areas & it is to take action. To create campaigns. To endorse. To work within the political sphere by advancing causes such as a #GreenNewDeal, #PurgeCorruption, #MedicareForAll, Ending #Austerity, Policy informed by #MMT
Here is our @RealProgressUS YouTube channel. Please subscribe and support our efforts.…
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He left the party & that in itself is honorable.Many refuse to accept is that #tunisia n exhaustion w/ #Ennahdha 10 years post 2011 has little do with Islamism. It’s the corruption,poor governance,unjust econ. policy & abuse of power. They’ve failed more than just their voters.
People living in #Tunisia;our anger is domestic, no one sits & thinks which side of the regional power dynamic to support. IFI #austerity impositions have strangled public spending, crippled public services,frozen hiring, devalued currency.. plurality seat party can’t be innocent
We respect the legacy of all parties & mvmnts oppressed by past dictatorships (esp Far Left & Islamist) but #Ennahdha to b so powerful in parliament & in ministries & waste 10 years without taking serious action or even speaking out against ongoing securitarian torture & abuse?
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Just ten men, almost all Brextremists, have made a fifth of all major political donations from individuals in the UK in the past 20 years, giving £106 MILLION to political parties & campaigns.

All have given money to the Conservative Party at some point.…
Almost all the top ten donors are Brexiteers and have donated £27m between them to Eurosceptic causes.

Of this, nearly half comes from Christopher Harborne, linked to many offshore companies, a businessman who has donated £13million to Nigel Farage’s Reform Party since 2019.
Billionaire Peter Hargreaves gave £3.2m to the Brexit campaign group Leave. EU.

In February, following Sunak's hint about corporation tax rises, he said: "The best Governments get out of the way of business. Government spending is inefficient & abused by unworthy recipients." ImageImage
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I remember #Glasgow slums; poverty has a stench - despair
Didn’t expect to write about it 30yrs on; kids denied 1 free meal a day for a few million; a mere drop in the #Covid spend
#Poverty's not as visible now as then, covered by #food #banks, #charity shopping
PERHAPS you have to be a certain age to have witnessed real poverty when it came in ragged clothes and dirt-encrusted faces with the impetigo scars of deprivation.
Now poverty can be disguised in warm clothes that hide the spindle shanks of children under fed;
malnourished on a carbohydrate diet cobbled up from the pennies left after feeding the heat and light.
My first, but not last encounter, with this demi-monde came in 1970s Glasgow shocking me to the core of my being and leaving me with an anger that has never abated.
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Compilation of Parliamentary Financial Links to Private #Healthcare
This represents the latest list of recent or present financial links between #parliamentarians and #individuals or #companies involved in private healthcare.
up-to-date as of March 2nd 2014. It has increased !
#MPs and #Lords are able to vote on legislation, even when they have a direct #financial interest.
This happened with the Health and Social Care Act, which saw the #NHS being forced into a world of an external market.
The legislation was written for industry, by industry and is part of the overall plan for it's demise and the eventual takeover by #private health insurance companies.
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Today is the 5th year anniversary of the 2016 EU referendum vote in which the UK had narrowly voted to #Leave the European Union. Unlike Trump, the impact is permanent and already caused notable damage. Here is a 🧵 of 🧵 with some past work and deliberations on #Brexit... 1/...
In one of the first papers we asked "Who voted for #Brexit?". The paper is a systematic correlational analysis of what is common to #Leave support across districts and within cities & we also show that a #Brexit model can predict LePen voting. Link: 2/
Similarly, we augment the analysis using individual level data. This helps tackle whether correlational district level evidence is due to ecological fallacy. Open access at @ejprjournal 3/
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The killing of Jeremy Corbyn
Peter Oborne and David Hearst

The former Labour leader was the victim of a carefully planned and brutally executed political assassination
Former Labour Leader Jeremy #Corbyn (Reuters)
Throughout his parliamentary career, the mild mannered, infuriatingly calm Jeremy Corbyn has never failed to excite strong emotions.
For his enemies, he will go down as one of Labour’s worst leaders.
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Just imagine the response had PM Corbyn overseen 150,000 deaths! 🤯

A short #THREAD on the *REAL* causes of Britain's mass deaths.

Despite the brutality & disarray of the current Government, the causes of Britain's catastrophic response to #COVID have been brewing for decades.
Since the 2008 financial crash — caused by the reckless irresponsibility of a greedy & woefully under-regulated & deregulated financial sector — our once genuinely world-beating public services have been utterly decimated, with tragic consequences for millions of decent people. Image
Following the imposition of ideological #austerity, council funding has been cut by 49%.

Essential public services have either been privatised or replaced with faceless profit-motivated corporate outsourcers, with only a superficial concern for the places in which they operate. Image
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Pathocracy #THREAD

'Democratic backsliding' is a decline in the quality of #democracy, which is accelerating in Britain, & across the world.

Are damaged individuals, lacking in conscience, destroying democracy?

Based on this article by @PaulHRosenberg:…
There are many different ways to view recent sinister developments in Boris Johnson’s UK & Trump’s USA, process, but perhaps the most important is to view it as a part of struggle to preserve democracy from destruction at the hands of damaged individuals lacking in conscience.
The wave of democratic erosion around the world is undisputable. What’s less appreciated is the role that individuals with personality disorders play in this process, which disrupts our expectations of how things work, based on the normal psychology we commonly & tacitly assume.
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The latest salvo in the "common sense" bullshit-get-out-clause, which the Tories always mobilise to avoid taking responsibility or being held accountable.

The last time Boris Johnson spouted this shit & it was splashed on the front pages was in may 2020, & that went REALLY well.
People who say "just use your common sense":

Julia Hartley-Brewer
Iain Duncan Smith
Jacob Rees-Mogg
Isabel Oakeshott
Allison Pearson
Boris Johnson
Michael Gove
Laurence Fox
Nigel Farage
Toby Young
Claire Fox

People who think that's dumb:

Albert Einstein
Antonio Gramsci
"Common sense" is a myth. The Tories' "common sense" call for #austerity has been revealed as a perverse & damaging ideological ploy.

We now know that cuts to public spending resulted in Britain being one of the most ill-prepared countries in the world to deal with #coronavirus.
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What the 'culture war' is for:

40 years of years deregulation & free-market policies, compounded by a decade of #austerity, means almost EVERYONE is worse off: while the rich are MUCH richer, we have a poverty & housing crisis, broken public services, & low paid insecure work.
After FORTY YEARS, all that the right-wing free-market ideologues have left is to distract & divide us by relentlessly provoking outrage over tenuous stories about statues, race, gender, & flags, which keep us constantly distracted from the reality of much more pressing issues.
If @UKLabour & the Left are serious about creating a fairer, greener society, we have to stop talking to each other, & take the argument to THE MOST right-wing constituencies, & SPELL OUT not only what the Tories have done to them, but also EXACTLY how we're going to fix it.
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#THREAD about Boris Johnson, dead bodies, Brexit, & Andrew Neil's TV Channel & power.

The news is full of claims that last year, Boris Johnson said “No more fucking lockdowns: let the bodies pile high in their thousands”, which our sociopathic Govt dismissed as "comedy gossip".
Boris Johnson, 2017: "I look at Libya... There's a group of UK business people... want to invest in Sirte on the coast... They have got a brilliant vision to turn Sirte into the next Dubai. The only thing they have got to do is clear the dead bodies away!"
The speech was given to the #Legatum Institute (originally registered in Cayman Islands) a well-funded free-market think-tank specializing in disaster #capitalism, which in 2016, jointly sponsored a report called 'The Road to Brexit'. The foreword was penned by Iain Duncan Smith.
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Free market capitalists INSISTED on the free movement of cheap labour - then they scapegoated migrants.

They INSISTED on deregulating the financial system - then WE bailed out the banks.

They then INSISTED on #austerity, which punished the poor, & made the rich even richer.

Since 2009, while we've endured a decade of stagnated wages, & declining living conditions & public services, according to the Times Rich List, the wealth of the richest 1,000 people in Britain - who fund the Tories - has INCREASED by a staggering £480 BILLION.

We've had FORTY YEARS of this. Fewer than 3 in 10 of the electorate voted Tory in 2019, but because they've invested in & now pretty much own & control the news media narrative, through which they manufacture 'consent' to govern, they KEEP getting elected.
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Dangerous editorial by @jkaffash demonstrates selective blindness & historical amnesia.
Here's why. 1/13…
Underplaying significance of American corporate raiders following recent annoucement of Centene's UK subsidiary takeover of GP practices ignores dominance of various US players now metastasised throughout NHS not least in @NHSEngland board 2/13…
most notably #Mckinsey #UnitedHealth.
Business model of American privatised healthcare is built on fraud and denial of care. 3/13……
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What went through David #Cameron’s head? Was it just a giant dollar sign, or did the former prime minister think #lobbying was his remaining calling in life?
Cameron’s work for disgraced banker Lex #Greensill tarnishes a legacy already darkened by misjudgments over #Brexit
& #austerity. We thought he was hiding in a shed in #Oxfordshire. In fact, in early 2020, he was camping with #Greensill and Crown Prince Mohammed bin #Salman in Saudi Arabia.
Then he was texting chancellor Rishi #Sunak to ask for #Greensill’s now collapsed financial group to get more #coronavirus support.
Former prime ministers earn enough for speeches to banks; they should not have to speak for them too.
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Jeremy Corbyn
What we need is real security - my statement on today's announcement 👇
Real security will be provided by working co-operatively internationally to tackle the major challenges of our time - from climate catastrophe to global poverty, to the international refugee
crisis to health pandemics.
In contrast to this, today’s defence and security review shows Boris Johnson’s #Tories are intent on an increasingly #militaristic and #belligerent agenda.
Lifting the cap on the number of #Trident nuclear warheads the UK can stockpile
by more than 40% to 260 is totally wrong.
It is in conflict with our legal obligations under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and is at odds with the new #UN Treaty to ban all nuclear weapons globally. It also runs counter to the example set by President Biden
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Ditto, ditto ditto.... 👏👏👏@mrjamesob

“What we don’t need now is MORE PEOPLE MIXING!”

“When will the lying stop?” 1/8

@LBC @GavinWilliamson @BorisJohnson @educationgovuk
It’s NOT about ⬇️ the social divide caused by deprivation.
It’s NOT because #Tory MPs & high profile journalists CARE about vulnerable children & it is CERTAINLY NOT because they care about the #mentalhealth of our youngsters. 2/
Through 10yrs of #austerity they didn’t care!
Through the school holidays of a pandemic they still don’t care! This is about keeping parents @ work,⬇️ the stress of #HomeSchooling & giving #Tory voters free time to do as they wish. 3/
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