Earlier this month I spoke to the women of Chief. The video is for members only, but here are the highlights: Leveling Up In A Man's World chief.com/brief/cindy-ga… I want you to reorientate your view of the system, operate pragmatically within the system, and reinvent the system
Reorientate your view: read @drtcp, who 'argues that we focus quite rightly on the huge number of barriers that are faced by brilliant women, but a far bigger problem is the lack of obstacles for incompetent men. And that is absolutely the issue.' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga…
'The reason women leaders led more effectively through COVID is nothing to do with touchy-feely female 'empathy', but because in order to get to the top, those women have had to go through so much shit. Sexism, racism, bias, sexual harassment.' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga…
'As a woman, you have had to fight for where you are, and everything that goes into that fight is why you're bloody brilliant at what you're doing. It’s why you absolutely deserve to be in the C-Suite.' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga… cc @tom_peters
'Pragmatism within the system: I want you to bullshit like the men do..because you will never, ever bullshit at the level that the men do. When you think you're bullshitting, you’re actually just doing yourself justice.' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga…
'Operating pragmatically within the existing system: when you have a decision to make, a meeting or presentation to lead, ask yourself: WWSWGD. What would a straight white guy do? And then do that.' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga…
'Because while you’re thinking, ‘I really want to go for that position, but I'm not sure I'm good enough,’ Chad is going,’ I can fucking do that shit.’' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga…
'If you’re worried about being the diversity hire, think about all the mediocre men who got hired just because they were men. So be the diversity hire. And then do the bloody brilliant job that proves how much you deserved it all along.' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga…
'Unashamedly set out to make an absolute goddamn fucking shit ton of money. We need it to change the pay equity paradigm, and we need it to fund & support other women. To build our own financial ecosystem. Because the white male one is not working for us.' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga…
'When you do ask for that money, whether it's in a job interview or your performance review, I want you to ask for the highest amount you can say out loud without actually bursting out laughing.' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga…
'Ultimately, I want you all to reinvent the system. Because we need to do more than just successfully operate within the existing one. And this is where I absolutely differ from @SherylSandberg. Rather than lean in, I want you to redesign.' chief.com/brief/cindy-ga…
Responses: "Best Chief session ever." "This is a sermon. Every Chief should see this." "The most powerful & influential speech I've ever heard in regard to my career." "Best session yet from Chief." "Best 60 mins of 2020!" Book me or tell your company to: cindygallop.com

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