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One year ago, #TheSocialDilemma "went viral" with over 100M views.

Why? Because it confirmed how social media's design and business model nurtures addiction and warps our beliefs.

Yet the film was only available to Netflix subscribers— until now:
Today for a LIMITED TIME, #TheSocialDilemma is now available for free on YouTube til Sept 30th.

Now is the time to spread the message to anyone you know who didn't see it the first time around.

Please retweet & spread the word.

Watch it on YouTube here:
It's Back To School Season:

Are you worried about how social media affects mental health, social anxiety, depression and body image issues?

The film covers how social media affects young people, especially teen girls:
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This 🧵 is about the film #CodedBias and its director @shalinikantayya. It's a painful and poignant thread for me because I am friends with so many of the scholars who are centred in this film, and respect their work enormously. Yet (and therefore) I cannot stay silent. (1/n)
The crux: the cognitive dissonances at the heart of the director’s problematic association with the @hinduamerican foundation and how it impacts the film's message. I hope @jovialjoy @timnitgebru @safiyanoble @poptechworks and others understand why+how this affects us all. (2/n)
It’s not surprising that I was one of the many who took down #TheSocialDilemma for its white tech-bro centred angst about Big Tech, without any reference to the work of so *many* women and BIPOC activists+scholars. (3/n)
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I’m dismayed by ongoing silence re: misinformation in #TheSocialDilemma.

For instance, the film uses the graph below to “prove” more iPhones → more teen suicides.

Actual fact: Social media affects teen depression as much as (drumroll please) EATING POTATOES.

I’ll explain 👇 Image
The film presses a causal link between the rise of social media apps on phones (2009) & the rise in teen suicide. For any parent watching, it’s a HORRIFYING image.

But, if social media is the cause, there should be a rise in suicides *wherever* teens use it.

There isn't.
First, the rise in teen suicide is mostly an American problem.

Of course, even one death is too many—but, for almost all other nations, the trend lines don't point to concerning correlations. Image
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My 20 lesson 2020: 👍 guys must read:
1- don't be insecure
2- Trust the people
3- Don't be overprotective
4- give space to your loved ones
5- girl is not life, it's just small part of it
6- make friends who put the same efforts and energy as you put.
7- Respect the everyone, bcz it shows your standard
8- If you stay with profesional ppl then your level definately goin' to up
9- Take 8 hour of sleep, Home Work Out, Take 7-8 glass of water daily
10- Never talk your personal life with professionals it will make your impression down
11- share your personal life with only people you believe
12- social media is Hell ! I will tell you why?
Go & watch #TheSocialDilemma
On Netflix
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Hello Twitter !
Dans le cadre d’un cours de culture numérique, enseigné par @Affordanceinfo2, je vous parle aujourd’hui du phénomène des bulles de filtres.
#bulledefiltre #culturenumerique
Utopiquement, Internet représente une fenêtre ouverte sur le monde. Un puit d’informations sans limites, ni frontières.
Cependant un phénomène de restriction de l’information est observé : les bulles de filtres.
Mais en quoi consiste ce phénomène ?
La bulle de filtres, de l’anglais : filter bubble, est un concept développé par @elipariser, un américain, militant d’Internet, directeur général de Upworthy et cofondateur de Image
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Je suis désolé d'enchaîner les mauvaises nouvelles, mais celle-là me paraît particulièrement préoccupante, même si beaucoup de détails restent à éclaircir.

@timnitGebru, co-directrice de l'équipe #AIEthics de @Google, a été licenciée ce matin.…
Selon @ekp, un tel licenciement est "ridicule", sachant son expertise, ses compétences et son influence.

"C'est l'une de ces nombreuses fois où je me mets à penser qu'il n'y a juste aucun espoir pour l'industrie des technologies".
Selon @alexhanna aussi, la décision de @Google est scandaleuse.

"Google pourrait être un des leaders de la recherche sur les implications sociales de l'IA et des technologies. Mais ils sont en train de choisir une autre voie."
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Las redes sociales forman parte integral de la vida de la millones de personas. ¿Alguna vez nos pusimos a analizar sus consecuencias? ¿Pueden las cuatro especies de #sucot esconder un secreto para ayudarnos a manejar el asunto? #TheSocialDilemma #ElDilemaDeLasRedesSociales
El mundo pone a nuestra disposición herramientas y las mismas no suelen ser intrínsecamente buenas o malas. Es el usuario quien les da sentido. Un cuchillo puede cortar la comida y una piedra puede convertirse en parte de una pared pero también puede ser usados para agredir.
El desarrollo tecnológico nos permite constantemente contar con herramientas cada vez más poderosas. Pasamos de andar a pie a montar animales, de los carruajes a los automóviles, de los aviones a hélice a las naves espaciales.
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Watched the #TheSocialDilemma last night, and while it's a great intro into the depraved reality of surveillance capitalism, its analysis is really incomplete at times, esp as it relates to psychology. This most likely a result of only including tech ppl in the discussion/1
First, the tech capitalists didnt learn to 'abuse' our psychology, psychology (as discipline) is inherentely an artifact of capitalism. From its disciplinary beginnings, psychology has always been about maximising the 'value' of people. Nothing about this has changed/2
To add: it doesnt matter the approach, even developments into 'self-actualisation' and 'finding your true self' is intrinsicly associated with liberal-capitalist ideals of work/life./3
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Another 🧵 on #productivitytip and #LifeHacks

As usual one each day.

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own. I don't have the truth revealed.

I learn a lot with your replies so please contribute and discuss !
#productivitytip 1: Remove notifications

1 - Check your phone after a couple of hours.
2 - Keep an eye on the app with the most notifications
3 - Block them
4 - Don't fear #FOMO. Deal with it
5 - Repeat once a day.

Watch #TheSocialDilemma
#productivitytip 2: Slice your time

1 - Use blocks of time without interruptions (timeboxing).
2 - My favorite is @PomodoroTech.
3 - if you come across new tasks just write them down.
4 - Don't multitask.
5 - You cannot switch until time is up.
6 - 25 minutes it's a good slice.
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'I think everyone should watch @SocialDilemma_ But then try this: watch it from the point of view of a person of color. We are barely visible.' @rainakumra The Social Dilemma's Blind Spot @techonomy… #TheSocialDilemma #DiversityAndInclusion #changetheratio
'While so much has been done to increase representation in film (with @netflix & @HBO leading the charge) it still baffles me that this documentary crossed the finish line with such an obvious level of homogeneity.' @rainakumra @techonomy… #TheSocialDilemma
'There’s no lack of POC who cld have participated & spoken passionately on this topic. To make matters inexcusably worse, there were several quotations featured as interstitials, each of which was from a white man' @rainakumra @techonomy… #TheSocialDilemma
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Estoy viendo #TheSocialDilemma y vengo a criticar las redes sociales a Twitter :’v
La verdad si siento feo por los morros que están viviendo esta época del internet porque si les están causando muchos problemas psicológicos.
Aparte está cabron como los creadores de estas redes aceptar que todo esto fue creado para manipularnos. Yo pensaba que las redes sociales eran solo para ver fotos de gatitos
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Mengapa sulit memerangi disinformasi?

Algoritma. Logic dalam sistem rekomendasi di Twitter dan Facebook lebih memberi kemudahan bagi berita kontroversial untuk menyebar lebih cepat dari berita benar. Di Twitter hingga 6x lebih cepat.

Mereka dapat profit.


Algoritma AI secara otomatis belajar dari perilaku manusia.

Ternyata model yg dihasilkan algoritma ini membuat perilaku membagi disinformasi itu jauh lebih mudah dilakukan, daripada perilaku mencari dan menyebarkan kebenaran.

Mau melawan kekuatan AI?

Iya bisa. Anda bebas untuk melawan kerja AI. Caranya dengan merayap naik ke sisi lain dari jungkat-jungkit yang lebih tinggi, lebih susah dijangkau, lebih sedikit orang di sana.

Berat dan susah? Tentu.
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I finally had time to reflect on #TheSocialDilemma and as someone who has worked on tech policy issues throughout my career, had many, many thoughts. 🧵

(The following are entirely my personal views and don't in any way reflect those of my employers past or present.)
(1) it was frustrating to watch former product, growth, and engineering leads wring their hands over "new" revelations that in-house policy teams warned them about for years. To see people who ignored and underfunded these teams now be positioned as "critics" and "truth tellers".
(2) Elevating these voices at the expense of those who actually understand the space led to a number of oversimplifications about the real social dilemmas today. Those are conversations we need to be having and this large Netflix stage could have been perfect for that.
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The Netflix film "The Social Dilema" provides a mass audience for critiques of social media surveillance but gives tech bros a platform to absolve themselves and no voice to the women scholars who have worked for years on these issues. @safiyanoble @ruha9…
I liked the part in the film "The Social Dilema" where they pushed on past the simplistic slogan that "If the product is free then you are the product" to Lanier's re-formulation "the product is actually imperceptibly small and unconscious changes in your beliefs and behaviour".
The film makes a valuable contribution by using Netflix to popularise how surveillance capitalists use social media to identify our psychological vulnerabilities and triggers in order to profit from suruptiously shaping our consciousness, consumption and voting behaviours.
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How to use Social Media for your own good?🤔

(Ever since I started using social media in the following manner my productivity increased, my mental health improved and I was more peaceful)

A Huge Thread🧵👇
Includes #Instagram #Twitter #Snapchat #Facebook
I believe that some things like social media are not good or bad in themselves. But they can be used for good or bad in general.

Some DOs and DON’Ts

1. Disable all the notifications.
Ever Since I disabled all the notifications, I found that my life was a lot more peaceful

2. If something on social media upsets/enrages you then, turn off the screen and look around you.

What you are currently looking at is the real world.

The thing that was upsetting you were literally rendered pixels on your screen.

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Have you seen #TheSocialDilemma on Netflix? Want to learn more about the impact of social media on our lives?

Check out our resource list, and add your own! 🔽
On the ways emerging technologies can deepen existing racial inequities

Race After Technology by @ruha9…
To better understand how recommendation systems and algorithmic bias reinforce racism

Algorithms of Oppression by @safiyanoble…
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Just watched @SocialDilemma_ by @jefforlowski on #Netflix
It's a drama documentary, a rare genre movie

Highly recommended to everyone who is active on any form of social media. Read the thread to know what social media did to me & people around me!

My usage apx social media usage stats:

Till 2018 April, the time I completed my BBA from NMIMS, Mumbai
Under 2 hrs per day - Includes Facebook/FB, Instagram/FB, LinkedIn/LI, YouTube/YT & WhatsApp/WA

2018 April to 2020 March, the active I was actively working at 2 diff formal jobs in Bangalore
Btw 3-4 hrs per day - Includes IG, LI, WA, YT & FB

2020 Mar to present, the Corona Virus Pandemic days when I'm not working formally anywhere
Btw 5-6 hrs per day, breaking this down
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1/5 Friends, thanks for so many beautiful notes inspired by seeing my original concept of #SurveillanceCapitalism featured in the film #TheSocialDilemma. As surveillance capitalism disfigures our lives and politics, let’s bring this urgent discussion to our families & communities
2/5 Remember that our social dilemma isn’t caused by a single company like Facebook or one CEO like Zuckerberg. Our social dilemma is that #SurveillanceCapitalism has captured our economy, our technology, and the digital future.
3/5 #SurveillanceCapitalism is a profit-driven economic logic based on STEALING our lives for data, behavioral predictions, and sales. Targeting, tech addiction, manipulation, violent content, fake news, and more are only effects of this greater cause.
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Okay, so I watched #TheSocialDilemma last night and some elements of it really annoyed me and I’m still thinking about them. So, here’s a thread. (1/12)
Half of the documentary really plays into the pathologizing social media use as an addiction narrative. This narrative has been challenged by many people (e.g. ). @mariek_vda also talks about this in her work on digital well-being. (2/12)
When framed in this way, the alternative presented is complete abstention from social media. This is also what is pushed in the documentary (they’re still talking about screen time as one thing!). We know that moderate and especially active use can also be beneficial. (3/12)
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#TheSocialDilemma on Netflix is a very important documentary for those who aren't aware of the perils of online addiction and how platforms manipulate our behavior.

I've been writing about this very topic for a really long time. Check this thread:


Way back in 2012, I was one of the first ones to call Facebook the enemy of the internet. This was a turning point in the history of Facebook; leading us into a crazy future.


#TheSocialDilemma / @SocialDilemma_…
Before that, in 2010, I made some predictions about Facebook, where it was supposed to annihilate Twitter. Eventually it was Instagram that did what I predicted.

Twitter survived because Facebook picked commerce before conscience in 2012.

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Just watched #TheSocialDilemma and want to protect yourself for misleading content or algorithms?

Here are a few things you can do:

THREAD 🧵 (1/9)
1. 👊 Sabotage the algorithm by purposefully liking random pages that don't align with your profile or interests. Unfollow those pages so you don't receive updates.

Facebook has already built up a detailed psychographic profile of you, but we can confuse them.
2. 👻 Use privacy-conscious search engines such as @duckduckgo or @qwant. Even better, use @ecosia
and help reforest the world with your searches.

Consider using privacy-conscious browsers like TOR.

Default to open-source technology providers.
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#KarunaKumar's #Palasa1978 is made with a lot of conviction. The detailing of Slang & Language used and groundedness aspect of the movie is something that needs to be lauded. Very good Music & good Direction supported by very good performances. Powerful ending. Do watch.

7/10⭐️ Image
#ChintuKaBirthday is just fine. It has its moments. The trailer looked very promising, but the film did not have much to offer. Few decisions look forced & the "emotional punch" the makers were aiming at did not land for me. Nevertheless, makes for a good family watch.

6/10⭐️ Image
#ArunKarthick's #Nasir breaks your heart so quickly, you'll take a lot of time to recover. Beautifully shot and edited, the film will resonate with you for sure. It only takes a second for things to go out of hands and Arun pulls that off with such perfection. Must watch.

8/10⭐️ Image
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