"In the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1,823,148 mail-in ballots were sent out. You received back approximately 1.4 million. But in the count for President, you counted 2.5 million."

"That number, 2,589,242 was on your government website until yesterday. And yesterday it was removed without explanation."

"22,686 mail in ballots were returned on the day they were mailed. That's a trick. 32,591 were returned the day after they were mailed. Another 20,000 were returned before they were mailed."

"8,021 mail in ballots were submitted for dead people. It's probably easier for dead people to submit mail-in ballots than it is to vote in person. You had about 30,000 of those. We're checking the records of the cemeteries around Philadelphia."

"We just learned two days ago that virtually all chain of custody logs, records, yellow sheets, everything was gone. All forensic evidence, custody sheets, from Delaware county were gone."

#Pennsylvaniahearing #Gettysburg
"These (voting) systems are not what you've been told. They are connected to the internet & servers outside the US. They're connected from top to bottom. There is no transparency as to how the voter information is processed or how and where it is stored."

"The voting record is able to be modified &/or deleted by operators, administrators, & outside threats. Operators can assign votes for write-in ballots, blank ballots, or error ballots in large numbers so that they can be directed to one candidate or another at their discretion."

• • •

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25 Nov
This coming week for the #SaltyNerdPodcast we watched 3 really good #NicholasCage movies. The first is #RaisingArizona, which I consider a classic film & a masterpiece from the Cohen Brothers.
The Cohens were heavily influenced by filmmaker Preston Sturges, who pioneered farcical screwball comedies. They wanted to do something funny & upbeat after their dark & serious debut Noir film #BloodSimple.
#TheRock is probably Michael Bay's best movie. It's got a great cast and really defined the "Bay" style of hyper-stylized action in the 90s. Nick Cage ad libbed most of his dialogue, choosing not to swear until the end of the movie. (giving us great lines like "Zeus's butthole")
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20 Mar
#StarTrekPicard - A Rant.

After watching the most recent episode of #StarTrek #Picard I just feel I have to rage about this show in an overly-long Twitter thread where I put more thought into the series than the actual writers/producers of it did.

Be warned...
I was initially optimistic about #Picard. I think Michael Chabon is a great writer, I love Patrick Stewart, & I felt like the "course correction" we saw from Secret Hideout in S2 of #StarTrekDiscovery meant the show could be good.

But boy, was I wrong!
#Picard has been a MESS from the first episode. Bad plotting, horrendous dialogue, terrible characters, convoluted plot points, awful editing, & a complete disregard for both established #StarTrek lore & legacy characters has made this the WORST Trek series ever, IMHO.
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3 Nov 19
Their real mistake is one that Hollywood seems intent on repeating over and over:

1. Disrespecting the original source material fans love.

2. Injecting political messaging into escapist fiction

3. Shoehorning in "diversity"

4. Attacking fans who disagree w/their decisions
It seriously would have been so easy to make a Terminator movie that excited franchise fans and appealed to general audiences. Instead, the director attacked the core fanbase by calling them misogynists & the movie looked so generic general audiences didn't care.
Hollywood & those who work in it are so tone deaf, and they never seem to learn from their mistakes. TDF utilized feminism, immigration, racism, & pretty much every political hot button topic there is, & they wonder why the movie flopped?
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13 Apr 19
Legit theory for #StarWars #EpisodeIX #TheRiseOfSkywalker. This is going to be a substantial thread so bear with me here. But after reading some of JJ Abram's comments, I think it's clear what the "twist" is and what the title means.

Rey is Darth Vader's daughter.
I think this makes sense, because even though there was no "plan" for the sequel trilogy, it seems clear that JJ Abrams had a solid concept for what he wanted the character of Rey to be, and he's laid a TON of clues in #TheForceAwakens as to what that concept is.
First, the theory that Rey is Luke's daughter or Leia's daughter doesn't make much sense. There's no way Leia would not know she had a child out there somewhere, and Luke wouldn't abandon his own kid. Them being unaware of Rey until TFA just isn't feasible or believable.
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29 Jul 18
So I was doing research for another #TheLastJedi article, and I'm shocked at how awful the military strategy in the battle of Crait is, especially compared to the battle of Hoth. I didn't particularly notice how bad it was the first viewing, but the Resistance strategy is awful.
First, the idea that the mountains would protect them from an orbital bombardment from the First Order doesn't make a lot of sense (especially considering the weaponization of lightspeed). Hoth at least had an energy shield to warrant a ground invasion.
All Kylo had to do to wipe out the Resistance is evacuate a damaged Star Destroyer, point it at the base on Crait, and launch that sucker into lightspeed. Boom. Crater central, mountains be damned. No more Resistance.
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