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Why the X-wing being "functional" in #TheRiseofSkywalker doesn't "ruin" #TheLastJedi.

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When we see the X-wing in #TheLastJedi, its purpose is not immediately obvious, BUT anyone who's seen #TheEmpireStrikesBack assumes that later on the film, Luke Skywalker will lift the X-wing from the water. (2/9)
When we see Luke Skywalker appear on Crait, we're supposed assume that he flew there in his X-wing. That he's there physically, not as a projection. The X-wing's purpose was to be a "red herring." (3/9)
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If it's a peaceful protest why is #StarWars @JohnBoyega dressed like an Antifa member? Does he not realise that George Floyd is being used as the catyalist to start a race war for political reasons and George Soros paid Antifa are ironically murdering black men like David Dorn.
Funny John never mentioned him, and funny how he is dressed like an Antifa member, good, military gloves, vest. His words say be peacefully but his body language says the complete opposite. He screams at the crowd in Hyde park, dressed like an Antifa member then there is
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Finally. The Score-Only version of #TheLastJedi!
Let's gooooooooo @rianjohnson
33 minutes in and I've already rolled a tear. This is so good!
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(1 of 15) Everyone is out here asking for a #TheRiseOfSkywalker #ReleaseTheJJCut. Meanwhile I'll just be busy retconning #TheLastJedi to gel better with episode 9.

#JJsEpisode8, #thankyourianjohnson
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I consumed the the entire Sequel Trilogy over two days (I work! Gimmie a break, homie.) last week and it was the first time I REALLY sat down with #TheForceAwakens & #TheLastJedi and took everything in from those stories now that the Trilogy has concluded with #TheRiseOfSkywalker
For those who know me understand my feelings on the Sequel Trilogy have say the least. I did often say that my final word on the ST wouldn't be complete until...well...the ST was complete.
Before I get into the nitty and gritty of the Sequel Trilogy I want to really acknowledge something that has become so apparent to me over the last few months. Maybe this will be obvious to everyone, but me lol (wouldn't be the first time)
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Had a few people ask me recently why I loved the portrayal of Luke Skywalker in #TheLastJedi. So, here we go! #StarWars
Before I dive in, I want to be clear that I understand why people, especially people who love Luke, might be bothered by this portrayal. To be honest, I think that was partially @rianjohnson’s point.
For me personally though, I loved Luke in this movie because it actually answered in a very logical and practical way something I’ve been wondering about since the prequels came out.
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Yesterday's notes on #TheLastJedi did well, so I do have another thing I'd like to talk about: Finn.

Here's yesterday's thread if you're interested:

So, one of the most polarizing things about TLJ was the Canto Bight sequence, which most characters viewed as "pointless digression" that "accomplished nothing." They disapprove, generally, of pretty much all Finn's story beats this entire movie, and in particular, Rose Tico.
Rose's poor actress got hounded off of social media for the crime of "saying yes when someone offered her a part in a Star Wars movie." Previous perpetrators of this crime include Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker) Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) and Ahmed Best (Jar-Jar Binks).
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#TheLastJedi notes: in "The Empire Strikes Back," Luke finds Yoda, but doesn't know it: Yoda appears as a cackling gremlin, frustrating Luke and revealing Luke's true nature by showing how he treats someone he thinks is inconsequential.
Luke isn't cruel, but he's short and impatient, so eager to progress with his training and return to the fight that he takes Yoda at face value. It's the first of several tests Luke undergoes on Dagoba, and he fails by not treating Yoda with the respect due another person.
He fails all his tests on Dagoba. He fails by taking weapons into the cave and giving in to violence. He fails to lift the X-Wing. And he leaves Dagoba to rush back to a fight he's not ready for. He learns a lot, but fails repeatedly and is routinely humiliated by a puppet.
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Abrimos hilo sobre #VFX, donde muestro planos de películas antes y después del trabajo de efectos visuales, y os enseño el proceso por pasos en #GIFs animados. ¿Va?
Empezamos con esta escena de #DoctorStrange. Aquí podéis ver qué es real y qué es digital.
#DelSetALaPantalla #cine
Seguimos con #TheMartian. Podéis ver que se rodó en un set bastante completo y que digitalmente se añadieron el paisaje marciano del fondo, los efectos atmosféricos y la corrección de color. Aquí por pasos y capas.
#DelSetALaPantalla #cine #VFX #EfectosVisuales #GIFs
Continuamos con varios planos de #AliceInWonderland (2010) de Tim Burton. Como veis en ocasiones hay sets de rodaje, pero en otras lo único que se conserva del plate rodado es a las actrices y poco más.
#DelSetALaPantalla #cine #VFX #EfectosVisuales #GIFs
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Legit theory for #StarWars #EpisodeIX #TheRiseOfSkywalker. This is going to be a substantial thread so bear with me here. But after reading some of JJ Abram's comments, I think it's clear what the "twist" is and what the title means.

Rey is Darth Vader's daughter.
I think this makes sense, because even though there was no "plan" for the sequel trilogy, it seems clear that JJ Abrams had a solid concept for what he wanted the character of Rey to be, and he's laid a TON of clues in #TheForceAwakens as to what that concept is.
First, the theory that Rey is Luke's daughter or Leia's daughter doesn't make much sense. There's no way Leia would not know she had a child out there somewhere, and Luke wouldn't abandon his own kid. Them being unaware of Rey until TFA just isn't feasible or believable.
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Comparing this shot from the new #EpisodeIX trailer with this one from Episode 8 says a lot about Abrams' & Johnson's different approaches to symbolism--and why I prefer Abrams' use over Johnson's, even though Johnson's is arguably deeper. (THREAD)
Just look at that scene of Rey, Poe, and Finn overlooking the shattered Death Star there. Bask in it for a moment and feel the ominousness seeping through the setting. A /ton/ of emotions are being conveyed through that 3-second shot. 2/
Abrams understands something important about well-done symbols: namely, how much they can set the tone of a scene and emotionally move an audience just by being there. 3/
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#BlackInk Day 1
Finn from The Last Jedi
#StarWars #TheLastJedi
What a difference 3 years can make.
Oh, I guess it’s been 4 years. I can’t count right.
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So I was doing research for another #TheLastJedi article, and I'm shocked at how awful the military strategy in the battle of Crait is, especially compared to the battle of Hoth. I didn't particularly notice how bad it was the first viewing, but the Resistance strategy is awful.
First, the idea that the mountains would protect them from an orbital bombardment from the First Order doesn't make a lot of sense (especially considering the weaponization of lightspeed). Hoth at least had an energy shield to warrant a ground invasion.
All Kylo had to do to wipe out the Resistance is evacuate a damaged Star Destroyer, point it at the base on Crait, and launch that sucker into lightspeed. Boom. Crater central, mountains be damned. No more Resistance.
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#38 #TheFloridaProject 3,5/5 30 menit berlalu gue hanya melihat penggambaran kenakalan anak-anak, namun kebelakang makin intens menyentuh sisi lain kehidupan single parent, Ekonomi dan krama keluarga Amerika. Tapi best supporting role untuk Willem Dafoe kok agak berlebihan yah?
#39 #JusticeLeague 3/5 jadi ini cuman buat ngelawan Steppenwolf, Batman dkk bakar dupa dan melakukan ritual klenik untuk membangkitkan Superman dari kuburan? ..... hhhmmmm. Beklah.
#40 #TheSquare 3/5 Perwakilan Swedia untuk Oscar 2018 ini agak membosankan, 2 masalah utama disajikan, pekerjaan di museum seni dan hp yang hilang berbuntut masalah panjang, yg menarik tampilan Terry Notary sbg Apes di gala dinner dan anak kecil yg dituduh mencuri hp. Sisanya meh
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It's long been my contention that the old Star Wars Expanded Universe was seen by many fans as a way to "fix" the perceived problems of the movies as they aged out of impressionable childhood and into nitpicky adolescence. Reactions to #TheLastJedi have cemented that impression.
The original trilogy was "cool" a lot of the time, but it was also goofy, cutesy, jokey, silly, kiddie—a lot of things that it's hard for a 14-year-old to admit to liking. The EU leaned heavily on the cool—bounty hunters, dark side Force users, brooding—and dropped the goofy.
The EU, and to some degree the prequels, affected the way hardcore Star Wars fans received the movies, allowing them to continue liking Star Wars while growing beyond the pulpy, goofy, fairy-tale parts of the movies. The EU either retconned them outright or let fans elide them.
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Finally got around to watching #StarWars #TheLastJedi

Wow, is it horrifically bad. Like Caddyshack 2 bad. It's exactly what I was worried about when #SJW Emo #Millennial #Soyboy got hold of it.
The simply wrecked and ruined the character of #LukeSkywalker. I mean it simply makes no damn sense. Any of it.

He wants to be left for he leaves a #DanBrown map to find him?!? Pathetic.
And NONE of the actions of the characters makes ANY sense in #TheLastJedi!!

1. If the pink haired harpy was planning on being a sacrificial decoy, why not do the hyperdrive attack RIGHT AWAY?!?!!

2. Why don't ANY of the other smaller ships do this MUCH earlier?!?
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1/ I want to talk about #TheLastJedi and the arcs of the characters in this film and many exist as reflections of each other, and that those reflections and the characters' understanding of them so often act as catalysts for their decisions.
2/ There's a really interesting chain of relationships created by @rianjohnson between Lando, DJ, Finn, Rose, and the audience that is super-fascinating to me. DJ is a mirror image of Lando.
3/ Both are competent, high-level operators who wish to stay out of the galaxy-sprawling conflicts between these large and powerful factions. They exist as grey characters in a setting that is largely defined as being about a battle between those at the poles of moral behavior.
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One of the sneakiest awesome things #TheLastJedi did was actually make the midichlorians bullshit pay off.

The midichlorians are an example of my overarching argument about The Prequels: that they contain a very nuanced story told very, very incompetently.
The Jedi are SUPPOSED to be spiritually enlightened warrior monks. That's what our image of them is. It's what Luke thought they were. It's what Anakin expected them to be.
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1. Starting to get really annoyed by all the #TheLastJedi thinkpieces on how You Don't Get It, The POINT of the Poe Storyline is That He Fails.

No, I get it. I just don't agree.
2. More precisely, I think the intent is crystal clear, and the execution is completely fucked up. Because, as is fairly typical in Hollywood, the film has no sense of when it's taken its characters too far.
3. It's fine, in principle, to take a heroic character and make them fail in order to learn a lesson. But if their failure is colossal and the consequences for it are minuscule-to-nonexistent, you've fucked up.
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Before I shut down for the holidays, a few thoughts on #StarWars #TheLastJedi.. Where to begin? Well, to start, it’s the first blockbuster I can remember that demands you scan all edges of the frame. A wide screen has rarely been used this dynamically.
Not to get all David Bordwell on you guys but most blockbusters still do center their action in the middle of the frame regardless of the widescreen format, so what Rian Johnson does is incredible - worthy of Kurosawa, Tati, Preminger, film's masters of widescreen aesthetics.
Then you have the story, a brilliant deconstruction of mythic tropes many #StarWars fans have taken for granted. Johnson’s film says, quite explicitly, that maybe the Jedi weren’t that great, that we can build people and groups up into legends - and maybe legends are overrated.
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when you finally finish that book
at the @BNUnionSquareNY event with @LBardugo someone asked how you know when a book is done. It's a great question. WHEN YOU TYPE THE END jk
1. don't be a perfectionist
2. write the best book you can
3. It takes a village
4. trust your gut
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when you finally finish that book
at the @BNUnionSquareNY event with @LBardugo someone asked how you know when a book is done. It's a great question. WHEN YOU TYPE THE END jk
1. don't be a perfectionist
2. write the best book you can
3. It takes a village
4. trust your gut
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