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#StarTrekDiscovery continues to both delight and frustrate me. The latest episode involved a couple of classic Trek premises with one taking the predictable path (DMA) and the other a more nuanced (Zora). The outcomes of both were never in doubt.
I still have a problem with Captain Burnham, but that's just me. Saru is, by far, the superior choice, IMO.

Love Saru and T'Rina's courtship.

Hate 31st century disconnected, flippy ship parts.
Love the social messaging.

Hate that the writers don't trust us enough to see it without adding ill-fitting dialog to say "PAY ATTENTION TO THIS RIGHT HERE!"

Starfleet & Federation don't act like any hierarchical, bureaucratic organizations that I've ever seen.
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Today's episode of Discovery, Stormy Weather, has SO MUCH to unpack. On the surface, it seems like a basic plot building episode, however if you know the lore and history of Trek, this episode has consequences #StarTrekDiscovery #SPOILERS #DiscoSpoilers #StarTrekDiscoverySpoilers
1) The Galactic Barrier - The DMA has been confirmed in this episode to come from outside the galaxy because of the energy particles within the rift. Who put that barrier in place? The Q. Whoever made this, is able to bypass a barrier made by the Q. Let that sink in.
2) Sonar - The only data Zora was able to process outside of the ship from inside the rift was Sonar data (and whatever had attached itself to the hull in some capacity). If you remember the Dolphins and Humpbacks from early in Trek history, you could see the implications here.
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New season, (mostly) same chaotic commentary, slightly different format.

#StarTrekDiscovery S4EP04 - All Is Possible.
I didn't have internet access for a good chunk of the last few days. So while I was online I wasn't able to make or search for episode images the way I usually do. So this week's thread is going to be heavy on the commentary and light on the pictures.
Hopefully you still enjoy it.

If you missed last week's thread (in my usual recappy format) that can be found here.
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New week, New Recap. We're back with #StarTrekDiscovery S4EP03 - Choose To Live

Recap Blitz includes clips from last episode as well as snippets from The Season 3 season finale "That Hope is You Part 2". If you missed last weeks and want to catch up that thread is here:
If you missed my recap of the Season 3 finale that thread is here.
#DemTreksTap on a clip to paste it in the text box.

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New season (mostly) same chaotic commentary at our new posting time of Monday night.

I want to thank everyone that's been waiting for understanding, with work it's just a bit too hectic to try and knock out a recap by Saturday.

#StarTrekDiscovery S4EP02 Anomaly.
#DemTreks SMG looking gorgeous in the new promo poster for Star Trek D
Let's Begin!
The title is fitting considering how many times I typed 'anomaly' last week. We start as usual with the recap blitz. If you missed last week feel free to peruse the previous thread here.
First, can we appreciate that the #StarTrekDiscovery tag has a Captain's Chair next to it?

I don't know how long it will last but I love it.
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Here we are again! New season (mostly) same chaotic commentary. #StarTrekDiscovery S4EP01 Kobayashi Maru.

Yes I love this gif. No I'm not tired of it yet.
I want to start by saying that I think the entire situation that's happening with the international release of season 4 sucks. I hope that everyone who wants to watch this season is able to do so as soon as possible.
I understand if you want to mute, unfollow, or block me to avoid #DiscoSpoilers. I'll try not to take it personally.
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So yes I watched #StarTrekDiscovery.

I was super jazzed for it but super tired last night so I literally just watched it, just now.

Shitshow Bubblebath. 🖖🏿
For the 11 or so Trekkies....

*looks* Oh there are more of you now. Where did all you people come from anyway? 🤨

I still plan on doing my threads but to be fair with *gestures* everything that's going on I'll probably switch to more commentary than recap.
This way I can get more of my thoughts on the episode out there as my current work schedule doesn't allow me the flexibility to record on @BlackAlertPod as much as I'd like.
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Man, why is it that every time there’s some kind of big discussion about anything related to new #StarTrek, everyone just behaves like complete lunatics? On one side you’ve got the “is this what Star Trek has become?” crowd hell bent on grinding their axe about what they hate.
And honestly, on the other side, waaaay too many defenders of current #StarTrek jump into hyper defensive mode. Even the most tepid “I’m not sure I like this” gets met with a “get over it, things change” tidal wave that is just so aggressive.
I get that’s largely a learned response from the early days of #StarTrekDiscovery where fans like me felt like we were maybe in a bit of a small minority and we needed to get loud and proud because the hate was just so relentless.
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The decision to make Section 31 the next best thing to public knowledge in #StarTrekDiscovery was such a bad choice. Partially because it doesn’t fit what we know about the group from the other shows, but more because it just doesn’t work.
Section 31 works as the dark side to the Starfleet’s noble values if it is a secret. Because the cool nugget of an idea DS9 tried to explore is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody is doing the dirty work even in a 24th century utopia.
But if everyone in Starfleet knows about S31 - and there’s not a single Disco character who even feigns a “never heard of them” - then there’s nothing there to explore. In fact, you’re just saying Starfleet is consciously making morally suspect choices out in the open.
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With 100+ Premium Licences under their belt @ecomi_ 's #VeVe app will make HUGE waves in the #NFT space for years to come!

For now they've announced just a handful & each one is worth a closer look!
What type of #NFTs could they be planning for these mega brands?

$OMI Image
1/ #Tokidoki

Ecomi's 1st brand partner!
Bright colourful characters from Simone Legno.

Digital collectibles of
>#Donutella & her sweet friends
>#Unicorno (On Platform Now)

More Info Image
2/ @CBS - #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekPicard #StarTrekTNG

3 Star Trek Series!

We've already had a glimpse at the USS Enterprise in a showroom preview. Will it fly in AR? Or go 1:1 scale 🤣

Will there be animated characters that 'beam up' in AR? Image
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Right, you know what? I can't stay silent on this. So here you all go, a long thread about #StarTrek fandom's racism and Anti Blackness. "Enjoy" /1
#StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekLowerDecks #StarTrekEnterprise #StarTrekDS9 #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekENT #StarTrekVoyager
The last 24h or so have held up a mirror to the Star Trek fandom and it has shown the ugly, racist and Anti Black face it has when confronted with its members bigotry in even the mildest way. /2
A Black woman dared to point out how podcasters with a platform in the fandom prioritized white voices and ignored the voices of especially Black women, but in general all Black and brown people. /3
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Ni'var -- for those of you caught up on #StarTrekDiscovery -- is a Vulcan term which was created by writer Dorothy Jones Heydt for the 1960’s-era fanzine "Spockanalia."

#StarTrek (1/3) Image
Introduced in the song "The Territory of Rigel," the term literally means “two-form” and is meant to describe the comparing and contrasting of two things (or two aspects of one thing) -- an excellent choice for the planet's name.

#StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery (2/3) Image
As part of 1976’s "Star Trek: The New Voyages" story collection, Leonard Nimoy wrote: “...'Ni Var' is a Vulcan term dealing with the dualities of things: two who are one, two diversities that are a unity, two halves that come together to make a whole.”

#StarTrekDiscovery (3/3) Image
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Mi opinión sobre #StarTrekDiscovery S03E06 - Scavengers:

Me gustó el episodio, fue divertido. Amé a Ryn, el andoriano, espero que sea un personaje recurrente.


Por otro lado, voy a seguir quejándome de que la serie quiere pintar a Georgiou como una cool anti-heroína de acción, cuando es una tirana genocida y canibal, sin importar cuantos flashbacks traumáticos nos quieran mostrar.

Espero que estos flashbacks y lapsus que está teniendo sean alguna suerte de "estar cambiando su mente con la de la Georgiou original". Cosas más locas han sucedido.

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Mi opinión de #StarTrekDiscovery S03E05 - Die Trying:

Realmente disfruté este episodio, un clásico drama humano/científico de Star Trek, con buena dirección y actuaciones.


Amé ver a la USS Voyager J y la USS Nog (aunque me tuvieron que decir que estaba, porque la muestran de reojo), y todo el cuartel general de la federación y Starfleet. Me hubiese gustado conocer a algún representante del gobierno civil, pero al menos los mencionaron.

Vance y todo el aparato de Starfleet se supone que tenían que caernos mal, pero yo siempre entendí su postura. Star Trek tiene una historia de impostores, viajeros temporales nefatos, etc. Al final, todo salió bien.

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Mi opinión sobre #StarTrekDiscovery S03E04 - Forget Me Not:

Fue un buen episodio, pero no tan bueno como el anterior. Me gustó la idea del episodio, la temática, y muchos momentos, pero no la ejecución general.


Siento que estuvo muy centrado en Adira, un personaje nuevo (aunque me guste), y dejó poco tiempo para explorar a la tripulación que ya conocemos, aún si lo intentaron. Si amé el uso de Culber.

Y mientras aprecio la inclusión de Gray (personaje y actor trans) y su interacción con Adira; el "veo a alguien que no está aquí físicamente" es muy parecido a la "amiga imaginaria" de Tilly de la temporada pasada.

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Mi opinión sobre #StarTrekDiscovery S03E03 - People of Earth:

AMÉ completamente este episodio. Fue brillante, la ética y moral de Star Trek perfectamente reflejados. El mejor episodio de la serie hasta ahora, y uno de los tres mejores episodios de la serie.


Se está notando que, después del kilombo de showrunners cambiantes en la primera temporada y media, ahora tenemos un rumbo claro.


* Es un gran episodio independiente (tanto como lo permite este tipo de serie), pero avanza el plot de la temporada.

* Me gustó que el flashback del año de Michael no tomara gran parte el episodio.

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Mi opinión sobre #StarTrekDiscovery S03E02 - Far From Home:

Disfruté el episodio, fue bueno ver a Saru a cargo, y a Tilly ganando más seguridad.


Además, más gente del futuro que todavía cree en la Federación, y nuestros personajes de Starfleet están aquí para avivar la llama de la esperanza.

Por como hablan los mineros y los mafiosos sobre Starflet, me hace pensar que Michael tuvo algún éxito esparciendo la palabra de Starfleet y la Federación en el año que lleva en esta era.

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The Discovery gets a host of 32nd century upgrades: enough to justify a new registry number (NCC-1031-A!) to signify the major changes — as well as to potentially hide the ship’s time-travel history (banned by the Temporal Accords).

#StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery
There is all-new hull armor and external lighting, deflector plating, changes to the hull configuration itself (removing the support struts between the outer rings in the saucer, angling and cutting gaps into the ‘wings’), new impulse engines…

#StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery
…and the biggest change of all, brand-new warp nacelles that are physically separated from the Discovery's hull, like some of the other wild new 32nd century starship designs we've seen in recent episodes.

Black alert indeed!

#StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery
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Omgggggg the first episode of the new season of #StarTrekDiscovery is SO GOOD
S2e1 had remarkably bad writing so I am really, really happy about this.
goddammit twitter where am i supposed to scream about the new episode of disco when you're taking the evening off
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Nothing like smell of failure in the morning.
#StarTrekDiscovery was supposed to be the show that would turn CBS All Access into a roaring success. For them to broadcast it is a failure. It would be like a Netflix Original being shown on a regular cable/satellite TV station instead of the Netflix service.
Just like letting people watch the first episode of #StarTrekPicard on YouTube a week after it it was launched on All Access. That is NOT success, people.
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"Every person is a new door to a different world." — Six Degrees of Separation / John Guare (@oswegoave) ..
Brilliant movie. 🍿 Will Smith is brilliant along side Stockard Channing & a young President Snow!

Plus a fabulous cameo from @IanMcKellen ImageImageImage
Also! 🙃 .. loving #StarTrekDiscovery as I do... I've been racking my brains on where I knew @albinokid in my childhood... and here he is 👇 alongside, amongst others... @jjabrams (on the left) in one of his, presumably few, acting roles before turning to the other side of the 🎥 Image
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WHAT IN THE FLYING A!? Over the years, many assumptions have been made about the various #Starfleet insignia worn on the original #StarTrek and beyond thru to #StarTrekSNW . Follow Us as we take a deep dive into the show’s most distinctive emblems and the intentions behind them. Image
It begins with Gene #Roddenberry wanting #StarTrek to have a “distinctive emblem,” something immediately identifiable & also with merchandising potential. Here’s a memo he sent to art director Pato Guzman about the emblem on August 10, 1964 (during pre-production on pilot #1). Image
This thinking resulted in a couple of distinct #StarTrek emblems. One is the boomerang shape seen painted on the Enterprise and Galileo hulls. The boomerang also appears frequently as a piece of set decoration—most commonly behind flag officers whenever Kirk gets them on Zoom. ImageImageImageImage
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#StarTrekPicard - A Rant.

After watching the most recent episode of #StarTrek #Picard I just feel I have to rage about this show in an overly-long Twitter thread where I put more thought into the series than the actual writers/producers of it did.

Be warned...
I was initially optimistic about #Picard. I think Michael Chabon is a great writer, I love Patrick Stewart, & I felt like the "course correction" we saw from Secret Hideout in S2 of #StarTrekDiscovery meant the show could be good.

But boy, was I wrong!
#Picard has been a MESS from the first episode. Bad plotting, horrendous dialogue, terrible characters, convoluted plot points, awful editing, & a complete disregard for both established #StarTrek lore & legacy characters has made this the WORST Trek series ever, IMHO.
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We've always thought of Starfleet and the Federation as this wonderful, utopian society, and the events leading up to #StarTrekPicard have brought up a lot of "Starfleet would never..." comments in online discussion.

In the words of that FNN reporter, "Let's explore that."
Starfleet would never sanction the death of an alien race....

...except when they ordered Picard to exterminate the Borg at any opportunity. ("Descent")

#StarTrek #StarTrekPicard
The Federation would never abandon a people in need due to political pressure...

...except when they did just that to the colonists in the Cardassian DMZ, leading to the formation of the Maquis. ("Journey's End," "The Maquis," etc.)

#StarTrek #StarTrekPicard
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