Joe Biden had a meeting with some civil rights leaders (and excluded @Blklivesmatter ) a few days ago. As leaked audio reveals, when these leaders asked Joe to use an executive order to create a database of police misconduct, he gets angry and defensive, saying that they... 1/6
shouldn't be disappointed because he's been talking about restoring the soul of the nation, because of Charlottesville, AND that he's the only one whose been talking about Charlottesville.

Let me rephrase what I just said, civil rights leaders, concerned about police... 2/6
violence, asked Joe to create a way to know who abusive officers are before cities hire them and Joe's answer was that saying that racism is bad should be good enough for them. They want systemic change and he wants nothing to fundamentally change.

Joe just told civil... 3/6
rights leaders to go take a hike. He said that no one has done more for civil rights than he has. Joe Biden said that, the man who wrote the crime bill that accelerated mass incarceration and targeted black people, who wrote the Police Officers Bill of Rights to shield... 4/6
abusive officers, the man who said that "poor kids are just as smart as white kids" and told the Washington Post that Iowa schools are better than DC schools because "There's less than one percent of the population of Iowa that is African American. There is probably less... 5/6
than four of five percent that are minorities. What is in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you're dealing with."

Here is the full conversation with civil rights leaders.


• • •

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10 Dec
YouTube has announced it will remove content that claims the 2020 election was fraudulent. Most of us know that Biden won, but that's not the point. I have talked at length about problems with our elections, but that also is not the point.

The point is that social media programs are being allowed to control the narrative, control the way most of us think about certain issues, by censoring those with different views. That's not the American way!

Facebook is censoring what they call... 2/9…
"hate" but only towards protected groups. If you use hate against SOME groups, it's okay with them. And mark my words, one day, the far right WILL start calling progressivism hate speech against the wealthy.

Yes, these are private companies, and... 3/9…
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1 Dec
This is Scott Sedgley, #Napa's Mayor elect. As City Council Member, he gained popularity because he was one of the leaders of the Measure C campaign to protect the watershed, which he talked about as a water use issue.

But if you think he's a staunch defender against... 1/4 Image
overdevelopment of vineyards and tourist traps, you might want to take a look at his donor list, which includes oligarch Craig Hall (of wine cave infamy), the Wiseman Company ($5000!), Altamura Enterprises, the Doctor's Company ($8000! Wow!), First & Main (also the Wiseman... 2/4 Image
Company, another $5000!), the Wine Train, Senator Dodd, JBD Consulting, Alfredo Pedroza, Truchard Vineyards, BLT Enterprises (LA based developer), David Phinney, Luna Vineyards, Eagle Eye LLC, Mazotti Holdings, Congressperson Thompson, Sacramento International Jet Center,... 3/4 Image
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29 Nov
This is Beth Painter, #Napa City Council Member-elect. Beth works as a professional land use planner, and has worked for many real estate developers. Beth has also spent a number of years as a planning commissioner. Call me crazy, but it sure seems like a conflict of... 1/10
interest for someone who works for developers to serve as a planning commissioner, where they can help sway the system to their colleague's benefit. Maybe as City Council Member she'll get to vote on projects that she passed as Planning Commissioner.

In 2016 she helped... 2/10
one of her contributors, Napa Vault Storage, obtain a permit to build 130 condo storage units in south Napa County over the objections of environmentalists and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife because of loss of foraging habitat for the threatened Swainson’s....3/10
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26 Nov
Almost all of us know what's right regarding #healthcare, regarding #environment, regarding #education, regarding the #economy, but our lying government refuses to do it so the rich can make money. Yet somehow almost all of us convince ourselves that the next liar isn't ... 1/4 Image
a liar, that they deserve the chance for us to completely disregard their record and everything terrible they've voted for, all the #death that is on that person's head, and give them another chance.

And then when that person starts to do more terrible things that lead to...2/4 Image
more death, many of us say "Give her/him time" and as time passes, the next election approaches, and those people say we shouldn't question because the "other" party might win. It's high time we start holding government officials accountable right away, instead of ... 3/4 Image
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25 Nov
This is outgoing Mayor of #Napa Jill Techel. Jill has donated to Diane Feinstein, who fought to keep the Confederate Flag flying over San Francisco City Hall in 1984, Mike Thompson, who voted to allow more poisons in our waterways and who supports policies that rob the... 1/4 Image
poor and give to the rich, and Hillary Clinton who rigged the 2016 primary and hand picked Donald Trump as her opponent, only to lose to him.

Jill only makes about $1000 per month as Mayor, yet she gave $2500 to establishment pick Beth Painter, $2000 to former Republican... 2/4 Image
Bernie Narvaez and $5000 to Scott Sedgeley for Mayor. That's almost $10,000 an outgoing Mayor paid to influence the City Council. What results are Jill buying? Can it be a coincidence that all three are heavily in favor of (and being enriched by) endless development of... 3/4 Image
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24 Nov
This is the Open Corporates page for Peter T. Stravinski, real estate developer from Madera, CA, which is in between Fresno and Merced. I was strangely unable to find even one picture of Mr. Stravinski that I could say for sure was him. Mr. Stravinski is associated with... 1/5
12 different companies, serving as President of at least eight.

One of his companies, Peter T. Stravinski & Associates Inc, as you can see by the first image, is listed as a foreign profit corporation with jurisdiction to operate in Georgia, where David G. Hanna happens to...2/5

Mr. Stravinski has somehow found himself in American Canyon, developing some of the low tax, low job warehouses that our city has allowed to be put in.

Climate change demands that we cease endless development and protect the natural environment, but protecting... 3/5
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