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Just in: our report on #bitcoinmining & #climatechange

Full report:…

1. Using #BTC mining to combust leaking methane can eliminate 5.32% of all global CO2-eq emissions...

#ESG #sustainability #methane #UNEP #IPCC #CCAC #climatechange Image

2. By aggressively targeting leaked methane, Bitcoin mining has the potential to avoid 0.15% of warming by 2045, potentially earlier.

#BitcoinIsGreen #environment Image

3. No other existing technology is currently equipped to achieve this feat at this pace.

In short: Reducing methane emissions is the strongest lever we have to slow climate change. #Bitcoin mining is the fastest, most reliable hand we have upon that lever. Image
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Did you know that this week marks #EndangeredSpeciesDay and #BiodiversityDay?

We honor these days by highlighting the need to change our eating habits and fashion choices to protect animals from going extinct.👇1/10
Animals play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy #environment. For example:

- beaver dams prevent fires
- squirrels help trees take root
- #fish feces can lock carbon away for 600 years
- elephants create water sources for other species

Our current food system is a key driver of #BiodiversityLoss, a 2021 report by @ChathamHouse found.

The expansion of #AnimalAgriculture, in particular, destroys ecosystems by turning them into pasture or farmland to grow feed. @CaroChristen reports. 3/10…
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We're live at our debate on the implications of the #FrenchElections on the EU! Join us as we discuss #Macron's win with Christine Roger, Olivier Rozenberg, @O_Omnes, @CCeriseG, and @GDelbosCorfield

Join us on #livestream!➡️

As always we will be highlighting the best bits here on Twitter, but be sure to go follow the event live on @YouTube 👉

.@CCeriseG is welcoming our audience, and introducing our prestigious panellists: Christine Roger (@EUCouncil), Olivier Rozenberg (@SciencesPo_CEE), @GDelbosCorfield (@GreensEFA), and @O_Omnes (@MouvEuropeen_Fr). In addition to moderating, @CCeriseG will give her thoughts

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Courageous #HumanRights lawyer @SDonziger is finally free today, after 6 months of confinement — punishment for winning a $9 billion judgment against Chevron.… #FreeDonziger #StevenDonziger #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #Amazon ImageImage
I hope it’s final, because Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, the petroleum industry's black robed Putin, is on a crusade to muzzle the man who exposed Chevron's poisoning of the Amazon.
Let’s get some heat on New York’s corporate senators Gillibrand & Schumer to block the nomination of Chevron Consigliere Jennifer Rearden to the federal bench. And let's flood the White House with the demand that @SDonziger be given the Medal of Freedom.
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Current research on microplastics is the stuff of nightmares-

They’re dangerous, they’re spread through our food, they're in the air... they’re everywhere

Thread 1/x
#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
Much of the research is trapped behind paywalls, and only reported on in a limited, fragmented pattern

-like so much else when large corporations cause environmental damage and impose widespread health impacts on the public

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
The growing risks of microplastics are a direct function of an ongoing push by the same sociopathic corporations that are driving the climate crisis

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food…
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We know antibiotics in the #environment are a driver for #AMR

One intervention to reduce risk in this sector could be formal regulation to control #antibiotic levels in #manufacturing discharge But how viable are these measures? 🧵/1
Antibiotic supply chains are complex & opaque🕵️ This makes it hard for #policymakers to design and implement effective supply chain regulation that reduces #AMR risk but avoids unintended consequences on medicine affordability and availability /2
A new @Wellcome_AMR report attempts to address these ongoing questions through:
- mapping of antibiotic supply chains 🗺️
- analysing likely supply chain & economic impact of regulatory options 💹
- recommending next steps for supply chain sensitive regulatory approaches 🤝
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1/ 🧵 Check out this table of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the air, from a 2018 study…

Link to study's journal article:…
2/ When you scan that table (link in tweet 1 in thread), you'll see that 2 of those endocrine disrupting chemicals are released by synthetic fragrances - phthlates and synthetic musk. What are the effects of these 2 chemicals on human health?
3/ "Phthalates, as endocrine-disrupting chemicals and SVOCs, are detrimental to the reproductive, neurological, and developmental systems of human from multiple exposure pathways."

#phthalates #endocrinedisruptors #health #fragrance #toxins #perfume
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The bioenergy industry is being accused of destroying the last inland rainforests in BC to produce wood-based fuel. Critics say that, if logging rates continue, BC’s inland rainforest will experience an ecological collapse. Read more from @BrianJBarth:
Not many Canadian power plants burn wood pellets as fuel. Most of what's produced in Canada gets shipped overseas—and business is booming. Part of their popularity has to do with the way wood pellets are touted as climate friendly. #Forestry An image of a black text on a white background, which reads:
Wood pellets may actually emit more carbon than coal. Pellet manufacturers claim to use only waste from logging—sawdust, branches, etc. Michelle Connolly, director of @Conserva_North, says that isn’t true. #Environment #ClimateChange A woman stands between two tall trees in a snowy forest.
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I can talk about where $SDRC is going until I'm green in the face.

@SDRCMINING can be quoted projecting profitable #gold production at $400 per oz spot. This is an industry-breaking metric. Let finding out why be the theme that leads you down this rabbit hole.
A real need exists as less & less material is found globally as a result of exploration every year. When a mine is deemed unfeasible, it halts. So many open mines lay dormant or haven't started due to vein structures too narrow or because of environmental hurdles imposed by govts
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Ancient scriptures depict that rudraksha beads formed by the tears (Aksha) of Lord Shiva (Rudra). Yogi’s, Saints, Sages, and Mystics from India, Nepal, China, and across the world use rudraksha beads for balancing the mind, emotions and creating the proper environment for
meditation and peaceful actions to achieve specified goals in life. Overall, #Rudraksha beads are known to help in #meditation, stress relief, healing the body, and cause positive changes.

The Rudraksha seed is a blessing due to its powerful #vibration that protects against all
types of negative influences and energy. It keeps the bodies bioenergy in balance and harmonizes the #environment around oneself or within the place the seeds lie. It affects up to 100 meters around, protecting the wearer and environment from all types of negative energy This
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Once you´ve found the perfect #Online casino that has the games you´re looking for, offers Welcome Bonuses for which you can meet the criteria, and offers a warm inviting play #environment, you will need to complete the registration process. Anytime you register an account with an online casino, you will be required to provide an email address. The best thing to do is to create a special email address that you will use strictly to sign up for virtual casino accounts.… While of course it is possible to provide an existing email address, it’s important to have an email address specifically for online casino play for a number of reasons:
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#Energy cooperation can be part of improved #Israel-#Turkey ties, but it should take a more climate-friendly & regioanlly-inclusive shape compared to past attempts to export Israeli natural gas to Turkey. @GabiAMitchell & I spoke with @MenekseTK @arabnews…
2. When #Israel & #Turkey reconciled in 2016, natural gas export from Israel to Turkey was presented as a major benefit for Israel. However, negotiations didn't yield results due to differences on prices, geopolitical hardships related to pipleline route & lack of mutual trust..
3. Since, #Israel consolidated its strategic ties with #Greece & #Cyprus, warmed ties with #Egypt and is cooperating with these & others via the #EMGF, in which #Turkey isn't a member. Israel isn't likely now to shift direction & seek export via Turkey at the expense of others...
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It's #10YearsOfBIG @BIRAC_2012 #BiotechIgnitionGrant!

And we are celebrating a decade of being BIG partner with #10BIGSucessStories from CCAMP- 10 startups with world-class innovations in #Health #Agri #Environment

For call 20, #DreamBIG with CCAMP
Apply📧 Image
#10BIGSuccessStories from CCAMP-

@zumutor, a BIG cohort #2 startup has developed an antibody engineering platform to advance mAB based immunotherapeutics for cancer. Phase I Clinical Trials in 2022

For #BIG 20, partner with CCAMP
@BIRAC_2012 @Taslimarif @IyerRodrigues @DBTIndia Image
CCAMP #10BIGSuccessStories #2

@Sea6Energy BIG cohort 1 startup that pioneers ocean cultivation of seaweed to develop sustainable agri inputs for boosting crop health & productivity.
Multiple products in market in India & USA

Partner CCAMP for BIG call 20
@BIRAC_2012 @Taslimarif Image
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Just reading at the moment - The Right to Repair - Reclaiming the Things We Own @APerzanowski…
#repair #righttorepair #intellectualproperty #consumerrights #competition
'Legislation and regulation are part of the solution, but fixing our culture of repair will demand lasting changes to our behaviour as consumers and citizens'. @APerzanowski (p 268)…
#repair #righttorepair #intellectualproperty #consumerrights #competition
'Protecting and restoring repair will require us to rethink product design, recalibrate market incentives, and shift the social norms of our consumer culture to better reflect the value of repair' @APerzanowski (p 13)…
#repair #righttorepair
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Le twitter-graph de @genefutures ! #GrapheEcologie

C'est une tentative d'analyse d'un compte Twitter sous forme spatiale et graphique, via ces followers.

Je ne connais pas de quoi le compte parle, mais les followers me le diront.

HD, explications et analyse dans le thread⬇️
Si vous êtes pressés et que vous voulez allez vous même fouiller dans la version HD du graphe, il est dispo sur ce lien:…

Sinon, on va l'expliquer et le regarder ensemble en dessous
L'analyse de ce graphe a été fait en partie grace aux indications de @Florielvm, qui a pu me faire une breve présentation de "qui est qui", connaissant bien le milieu "Ecologisme associatif et politique".
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فاقمت سرعة الرياح وحرارتها من حدّة الحرائق التي اشتعلت في #بشامون، أمس الإثنين، ما جعلها تمتدّ وتتوسّع.
#الحرائق #البيئة #لبنان
وقد تعرّض متطوّع في #الدفاع_المدني لحروقٍ أثناء إخماد النيران، فيما طلب #وزير_البيئة #ناصر_ياسين عبر حسابه على تويتر «صهاريج مياه للتوجه إلى #بشامون حي الصحراء لتأمين مياه لسيارات الإطفاء»، في خطوةٍ تعكس عجز الدولة عن متابعة أي أزمة بيئية في #لبنان.
Fires ignited in #Bchamoun on Monday keep spreading due to high wind speed and rising temperatures. A volunteer #firefighter with the #civildefense suffered from burns as he attempted to put them out,
#Fires #Forest #Environment #Lebanon
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لا تزال أمام #فقمة_الراهب فرصةٌ للاحتفاظ بمسكنها المهدّد على شاطئ #عمشيت. فقد نفّذ أهالي المنطقة إلى جانب جمعيات بيئية، الأحد الفائت، وقفةً تحت شعار «عمشيت لؤلؤة المتوسّط» تأكيداً على ضرورة حماية «#مغارة_الفقمة» من الهدم.
#انقراض #بيئة #البحر_الأبيض_المتوسط #لبنان
طالب الأهالي بتصنيف مغارات شاطئ #عمشيت كمحمية طبيعية، فيما شدّد المهندس فريد أبي يونس على فرادة المنطقة وفرصة تطويرها كمعلمٍ سياحيّ متوسّطيّ، وذلك بعدما تقدّم بشكوى وقف أعمال بناء الفيلا الخاصّة في العقار 345 المحاذي للمغارة.
يُذكَر أن الورشة التي تهدّد المغارة كانت قد توقّفت إلى حين دراسة أثرها البيئي، وأنّ «#فقمة_الراهب»- أكبر فقمات المتوسّط، مهدّدة بالانقراض وتقصد مغارات محدّدة على ضفاف المتوسّط للتكاثر، بينها «#مغارة_الفقمة» في #عمشيت.
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1. With just 34 days left in 2021, our countdown by week in the last 52 days of the year brings us to week 18, the first week of May.

I just searched for the environmental news of that week, which was all profoundly disturbing.

🧵 Start of a thread

#environment #news

2. To give you an impression of the news in such an average week that makes me worried about our future, let's make a quick tour around the planet.


3. China now accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the world's developed nations combined.

China accounted for 27% of global emissions. The U.S., the second-biggest emitter, contributed 11%, and India 6.6%.

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🌍Maybe he shouldn’t have let overpopulation & deforestation destroy 90% of Madagascar’s forest with monoculture. Articles attached below this one.
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लेख खूप छान आहे, केवळ छानच नाही तर आत्मसात केले तर खूप मोठा बदल होऊन स्वतःला आनंद तर मिळेलच त्याच बरोबर पृथ्वी देखील आनंदी होईल

@AUThackeray ji #Plastic
@PlasticBank @MahaEnvCC @COP26

वेदनादायक समाप्तीच्या दिशेने (मृत्यूची तयारी) समजा आज तुम्ही 20 रुपयात पाण्याची बाटली विकत +
घेतली आणि ती प्यायल्यानंतर ती फेकून दिली. तर या बाटलीचा 90 टक्के भाग 27-28 व्या शतकात नष्ट होईल. यास सुमारे 450 ते 500 वर्षे लागतील.
दर 60 मिनिटांनी 60 दशलक्ष बाटल्या विकल्या जात आहेत, हा कोट्यवधींचा व्यवसाय आहे. हिंदी महासागरात सुमारे 28 पॅच (प्लास्टिक पर्वत) तयार झाले +
आहेत. प्राणी मरत आहेत, मासे, समुद्री जीव मरत आहेत. पुढील क्रमांक तुझा आणि माझा आहे. तुम्हाला येणाऱ्या पिढीला काय द्यायचे आहे याचा विचार करावा लागेल. म्हणूनच प्रत्येकाने एका लहान कामाला सुरूवात करा. अगदी घरातील लहानांपासून ते थोरांपर्यंत कुणी पण सहज करू शकेल, पाण्याची
@EPA +
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As part of the #GreenDeal, EU aims at a reduction in greenhouse gases of 55% by 2030 & full climate neutrality by 2050 🍃Will we have enough renewable electricity to meet the decarbonisation objectives? @RonnieBelmans @ReisPiero & @PieterVingerhoe answer📌
📑Studies show there is little room for supplying the additional #RenewableElectricity by 2030.
➡️This policy brief, part of the #EUI4CoFoE campaign, addresses potential priorities to cope with the remaining needs for energy towards carbon neutrality.
The authors suggest 5 policy actions by 2030 and 2050, addressing #cooperation with neighbouring countries, prioritising applications where electrification brings an enormous gain in efficiency such as passenger transport🚄🚃and hydrogen production and more.
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#COVID19 pandemic generated more than 8 million tonnes of #plasticwaste globally, says study

#GlobalWarming #pollution #environment…
The #COVID19 pandemic has generated more than eight million tonnes of #plasticwaste globally, with over 25,000 tonnes of it entering the oceans, according to a study.

#GlobalWarming #pollution #environment
The research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that a significant portion of this ocean plastic debris is expected to make its way onto either beaches or the seabed within three to four years.

#plasticwaste #pollution #COVID19
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1. For all readers who don't warm to the idea of future palm-fringed beaches in the Arctic, I wrote an explainer about COP26, climate change, and why we need to do more.

🧵 The start of a thread.

➡️ RT

#COP26 #climate #ClimateCrisis

2/12. Current policies set us on track to about 2.7°C or 2.9°C of warming by the end of this century, a disastrous cause to a world where you don't want your children to live.


#COP26Glasgow #news #environment…

3/12. This graph from Our World in Data shows the global average temperature relative to the average of the period between 1961 and 1990.

These changes are almost all caused by human behavior, especially the burning of fossil fuels and land (ab)use.


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