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We’ve been overwhelmed by the support for our e-action, 77,284 at last count! Lots of you are getting replies from your MPs. It is great to read the positive ones, but we know many of you are disappointed that some have been less positive (1/5)
Thanks to your support, the media coverage on the recent UK #Government announcements has been very fast-paced. Some MPs have questioned why we are claiming this is an #AttackOnNature, so it’s important that we are clear on why we, the RSPB, are raising concerns about this. (2/5)
We are raising the alarm about what recent announcements could mean for nature, the environment and for people. If you have had a response from your MP questioning our position or facts, here's some guidance to help you respond! (3/5)
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What really causes inflation? 🧵

[a thread for normies - like me]
2/ The problem with #inflation is that it's a very personal experience.

As I always say, the wallet is the most sensitive organ in the body, so my inflation might not be your inflation.

In fact, my inflation could be seen as #disinflation by you... (more on that later)
3/ Price inflation and monetary inflation have different definitions:

* For many.- #inflation is the increased prices paid for goods & services.

** To others.- it's a decline in the purchasing power of your #money.

*** In layman's terms.- Too much money chasing too few goods.
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(1/4) Ein Retweet (Tread-1&2) vom 05.09.22 zur Frage der eiskalt einkalkulierten #Kanibalisierung D's & der #EU durch die #USA in/d Folge des #Ukraine-Krieges: die Sache rechnet sich je länger der #Krieg dauert umso gewinnträchtiger f/d #Amerikaner, darüber besteht kein Zweifel:
(2/4) ... Im 2. Teil der unbarmherzig klarsichtige Artikel von Michel Houdson (US-Ökonom) vom 01.03.22:

[...] ... So the most pressing U.S. strategic aim of #NATO confrontation with #Russia is soaring #oil and #gas #prices, above all to the detriment of #Germany. ...
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JUST IN: A new survey by S&P Global revealed that the Eurozone’s economic downturn deepened in September, with business activity contracting for the third consecutive month. Image
The report found that manufacturers across 19-country unions were hit hard by rising energy costs, with the purchasing manager's index (PMI) sinking to its lowest level since 2013.
The PMI, which is seen as a good gauge of overall economic health, fell from 48.9 in August to 48.2 in September. S&P Global expects the euro area’s economy to shrink by 0.1% in the third quarter.
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Did someone warn you of the current #inflation, #recession, and #bearmarket in equities? Did you get out or reallocate in time? Breaking even? Maybe even profit?
Did you pay a subscription for those warnings late last year?
I started warning friends about it in 2016.

Read on🧵
When I said that I was warning my friends about it in 2016, I did so because it was clear that #Trump would not be a good president for the US & world #economy long-term, and would increase the odds of #inflation and rising #interestrates.

Late 2016 DMs in Norwegian to a friend: Image
But why am I not linking Twitter screenshots? Well, I haven't been on here for even two years yet, so my oldest conversations are in private FB chats with friends and family, as those were the only people I tried to warn.

2018 chats about #Euribor annual hedging puts re #ECB: Image
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Today’s @federalreserve’s Federal Open Market Committee (#FOMC) meeting witnessed another historic 75 bps increase to policy rate levels (to a range of 3.0% to 3.25%) in an effort for the #CentralBank to manage its number one priority: fighting persistently high #inflation.
The #Fed, including in today’s meeting statement and in the Chair’s press conference, has been clearer than arguably any central bank in identifying its current goal and moving #InterestRates and #liquidity provision to achieve it.
Indeed, by moving the #Fed Funds rate for the third time in 75 bps increments we see clear evidence of a strong desire by the Committee to temper demand as a way to achieve its goal of #price moderation.
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75 is a done deal but a weird one.

On one hand we have negative growth and #disinflation.

On the other we have the #Fed talking as hawkish as ever with the mkt expecting it to go 75 on Wed.

What will the #Fed do, and why, in Nov and beyond?

A thread.

Let me start by saying, regardless of the mkt expecting it, hiking 75 next week is a mistake.

Actually any hike is a mistake.

How can I say this when many have said (including the #Fed lately) that hikes need to be more aggressive in order to "kill" the #inflation?

Many still seem to neglect the fact that monetary policy works with a lag.

It takes time for the #Fed rate change to be absorbed through the system (transmission mechanism).

How long does it take?

Estimates range anywhere from 6M to 1.5 yrs.


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Anatomy of a policy error
There has been a notable pick up today in warnings that an aggressive Fed will cause serious damage to the US #economy and beyond
It is right to be concerned. But the answer is not for the Fed to allow #inflation to cause more pain to so many
As I’ve 1/2
…detailed before, we find ourselves quite far from the world of policy “first best”—a consequence of the #Fed having been so late in responding
Tragically, especially as this was avoidable, the second- and third-best policy approaches come with side effects and collateral damage
Protecting the most vulnerable segments of society becomes even more important, as does using this moment to enhance productivity, growth and future financial stability. Rather than hope for an immaculate soft landing, it’s crucial to minimize the damage from the policy mistake.
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JUST IN: Samantha Power, U.S. diplomat, and USAID Administrator have insisted Sri Lankan authorities tackle corruption and introduce governance reforms alongside efforts to uplift the country’s economy to come out of its worst crisis in recent times. Image
Samantha Power told the media, "Assistance alone would not put an end to this country’s woes. I stressed to the Sri Lankan president in my meeting earlier today that political reforms and political accountability...
...must go hand in hand with economic reforms and economic accountability”.
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China August trade balance(in USD term) $79.39 bln; Est. $92.40 bln, Prev. $101.26 bln;
#Imports +0.3% y/y ; Est. +1.20%, Prev.+2.3%;
#Exports +7.1% y/y ; Est. +13.0%, Prev.+18.0%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China August Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +535.91 bln yuan, Prev.+682.69 bln yuan.
Imports +4.6% y/y, Est. +6.3%, Prev.+7.4%.
Exports +11.8% y/y, Est. +18.5%, Prev.+23.9%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/Thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
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So, you are following the #TrumpRally tweets. Hi. I live here. I work here. I love here in Rural and North East #Pennsylvania. We've knocked on 45k doors since March as @acttogethernepa.
The NY Times just said we are the center of political universe.

We know what do.
We build people power to use people power by endorsing candidates like these leaders who will work so that all Americans have the tools and opportunities to realize their dreams.
Winning #elections is part of the long arc of work we are doing so that we have an #economy that works for all, communities that welcome any and a green Earth for everyone. We also have to rebuild a politics of people, of durable engagement, of forging resilient trust networks.
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मोदी सगळ विकतोय देशाची अर्थव्यवस्था धोक्यात आहे लवकरच भारताची अर्थव्यवस्था श्रीलंकसेसारखी होणार जग भयंकराच्या दारातुन बेडरुम मधे शिरलय आमच्या नेरुच्या काळात लय भारी होत सगळ म्हणणाऱ्या हेंबाडथुत्र्या विश्वंभर चौधरी च्या ढुं वर जबरदस्त चापट मारत भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था जगात 5 व्या
क्रमांकावर आलीय तेही नेरुच्या आवडत्या एडवीना च्या देशाला मागे टाकुन.....!

शेवटी मोदींचे सबका साथ सबका विकास हे ब्रीदवाक्य आहे आणि मेक इन इंडिया स्टार्टप इंडीया आणि योग्य फॉरेन ट्रेड पॉलीसी सक्षम सरकार योग्य निर्णय घेणारे परराष्ट्र धोरण आणि सगळ्यात महत्वाचे म्हणजे प्रत्येक
भारतीय नागरिक यांचे हे श्रेय आहे.....!

मोदी हैं तो मुमकिन है 😎🦾🔥

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Today’s #JobsReport revealed an #economy that is producing #jobs at a slower pace than it has over the prior several months.
That said, a historic number of jobs have been created in this recovery since the fall of 2020, so a slowing in the pace of #growth isn’t unexpected.
Even with today’s somewhat slower rate of #hiring at 315,000 jobs for the month of August, the 3-month and 6-month average of #payroll gains has been 378,000 and 381,000 jobs, respectively, which is clearly indicative of slowing today from a point of strength.
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I am having fun with this story folks! Probably I should write a comic book about it!
#Russia #Oil #EU #Biden #US #PriceCap Image
The Biden administration and the EU want to put a cap on the price of imported Russian oil.
#Russia #Oil #EU #Biden #US #PriceCap Image
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Live tweeting @mikeeisenberg’s speech to the impact entrepreneurship summit at 125th anniversary of the first Zionist Congress in Basel. On covenantal capitalism, Herzl’s vision, and the role of Israel in this 🧵
1. Herzl and the first Zionist congress rebirthed a covenant. Now we need to do that again. Israel is proof that dreams need not just be dreams.
2. Herzl’s dream is a reality. We have shared values and sacrifices. We are turning from a startup nation to a scale up nation. Now is the time to build Israel’s new economic covenant.
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@SFLCin had filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court of India in April 2022 challenging various Indian State governments imposing arbitrary internet shutdowns during examinations.
#InternetShutdowns #KeepItOn #SupremeCourt #DigitalDarkness
The petition filed under #Article32 of the Indian Constitution challenges the states of #ArunachalPradesh, #Rajasthan, #Gujarat and #WestBengal.
We have impleaded the State of #Assam as a party through an Intervention Application filed recently.
#InternetShutdowns #LetTheNetWork
According to @Top10VPN‘s ‘The Global Cost of Internet Shutdowns 2021’ report, India faced a loss of $582.8 Million to its economy due to internet shutdowns imposed by the government.…

#InternetShutdowns #Economy #India
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In his @federalreserve #JacksonHole speech #ChairPowell stated emphatically that the #FOMC’s “overarching focus right now is to bring inflation back down to our 2 percent goal. Price stability is the responsibility of the Federal Reserve and serves as the bedrock of our economy.”
In other words, we take his statement today to mean that the #Fed won’t be easily swayed into reversing rate #hikes next year, and will stay with the elevated Funds rate for a long time.
The #Fed has clearly been (appropriately) rushing to get to a destination of #inflation-denting restrictive rate (and #liquidity) policy in order to break extremely high levels of inflation, while hopefully not thrusting the economy into a deep #recession.
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The global economy has changed dramatically this year, and financial markets have turned volatile. The question on everyone’s mind now is…


#globaleconomy #financialmarkets #nifty
Will recession hit India? How will it be different from past recessions that our country has faced?

Let’s look at some data points.


#recession #india #economy
Based on the RBI’s assessment, the Real GDP projection is retained at 7.2% for FY23. This comes on the back of strong investment activity, improving bank credit and rising capacity expansion.


#rbi #gdp #centralbanks
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(1/n) With addition of @AxisBank #creditcards as a Transfer Partner option of @SingaporeAir #KrisFlyer Program, KrisFlyer Program becomes quite lucrative given maximum transfer partners.

Lets look at what makes this Program good for Airmiles beginners in India!

Long 🧵 Alert
(2/n) Key Points of the #KrisFlyer Program

1. Easy Accumulation of #AirMiles
2. @staralliance Member
3. Simplistic redemption Chart

Different Statuses under #KrisFlyer Program (Corresponding @staralliance Status)

Base, Silver, Gold & PPS Club
(3/n) Accumulation - By Credit Cards / Partner Programs

@HDFC_Bank Infinia / DCB / Regalia
@AmexIndia - All Cards
@AxisBank - Atlas, Magnus, Reserve, Privilege, Select & Burgundy Private
@Citibank - Premier Miles & Prestige
@HSBC_IN - Visa Platinum
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FM @ABaerbock with her 🇲🇦 colleague Bourita: Today, we are starting a new chapter in our bilateral 🇩🇪-🇲🇦relations. We will coordinate closely on #economy, #energy & #climate issues and will take joint steps to meet future challenges - for the benefit of both our peoples. 1/3 Image
Morocco is a key partner with regard to regional security and we will cooperate even closer in this field. We are very concerned about the situation in #Mali - a further destabilisation must absolutely be avoided. @MarocDiplomatie 2/3
Please find the joint declaration of Germany and Morocco here: 3/3
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#YouAskedUs if we printed cash to finance the federal gov’t.

We didn't.

👇 Keep reading to learn how we supported the economy from the shock of the pandemic. #CdnEcon #AskTheBoC

The pandemic has been a crisis like no other.

As a result, we took various measures, like buying bonds, to support and ensure a strong and stable #economy.

We bought existing gov't bonds from banks on the open market.


This helped unblock frozen markets at the start of the #pandemic.

It let households, companies and governments access funding when they really needed it.

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As we approach the @federalreserve’s monetary policy conference at #JacksonHole this week, a question we’ve been asking ourselves is whether the abundance of survey-based, and goods-oriented, #economic data may be overstating the weakness in the #economy as a whole?
Without question, many broad-based surveys, including those focused on #ConsumerConfidence and small #business optimism, are painting a very bleak picture of the #economic trajectory. Image
And at the same time, many goods/manufacturing sector data points are portending continued significant weakening of the sector. Image
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#Banks raking in #billions by not to passing on #benefits of rising #interestrates
Britain's biggest banks have not passed on the gains of interest rate risers to #savers, earning them billions.…
#ToryEconomics #ShellGame #Economy #bubble
/2 According to The #Times, the latest results of #Barclays, #HSBC, #Lloyds, #NatWest and #Santander show they held as much as £673.5 billion in cash and balances at central banks at the end of June.

Most of this is expected to be held at the #bankofengland
/3 analysts said, where it is earning interest at a 14-year high of 1.75 per cent.
If the £673.5 billion was held at the Bank for a year at the present rate, it would earn the five biggest banks £11.78 billion in #interest.
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Companies are paying inflation busting #dividends at cost to the rest of the #economy, including their #employees
#ToryEconomics #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #Inflation…
/2 Richard Murphy: "We are continually being told by Tory politicians and the #bankofengland that #businesses must not give #employees #payrises that might match #inflation because this would create an inflationary spiral. But what about dividends?
/3 Aren’t they the real cause of the problem? A thread…
We researched 182 companies that had continuously been in the FTSE 100 from 2009 to 2019 to provide data for the research. Some of these are amongst the biggest companies you’ve heard of. Others are somewhat smaller.
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