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Clinton money runs very deep. They’ve been involved with elections since 2014.... How was the foundation allowed to fund "projects" dealing with elections even while Killary was running as president?
~1~The Clinton foundation is the source of many well funded activities that allows them to control everything. Barrick Gold Corp is relevant to #Solarwinds & the Delian Project to Dominion. I'll cover Barrick once I get to Newmont through UBS. We will focus on the Delian Project.
~2~“In 2014, Dominion Voting committed to providing emerging and post-conflict democracies with access to voting technology through its philanthropic support to the DELIAN Project, as many emerging democracies suffer from post-electoral violence due to the delay in the...
...publishing of election results. Over the next three years, Dominion Voting will support election technology pilots with donated Automated Voting Machines (AVM), providing an improved electoral process, and therefore safer elections.”
~3~Dominion was bought by Staple Street Capital in 2018.
~4~Staple Street Capital was then acquired by UBS Securities this year right before the election for $400M. There are 2 UBS’s but they are birds of a feather.
Check the SEC filings here: sec.gov/Archives/edgar…
~5~We heard the complete opposite from Dominion CEO while he lied under oath in front of #Michigan senate oversight committee.
~6~UBS is a FOREIGN company!
~7~A Joe Biden presidency would benefit them. Most of all because China has been hurt because of Trump’s strong stance. Remember they are looking for the best return on investment.
~8~China has the advantage w/Biden as president. They know who their friends are in power inside US politics. They helped build Hunter’s business in China in return for their influence in US policy. The Biden family is controlled by the CCP.
~9~Wonder why the stock market is increasing as they keep pushing "bAsElEssLy" that he is the president-erect. Remember how many Wall Street backers he had?
~10~Joe Biden as well as Clinton and Obama all received donations to Super PACs. Sorors this year put more than a BILLION dollars. Remember he is one of the ones in control in the background.
~11~You don’t think Soros went all in this election you’re sadly mistaken…
~12~Mark Zuckerberg controlled the election inside & out shoving 300M+ into NGOs such as Chan Zuckerburg Initiative and CTLC. They paid poll workers, trained them and even provided “secure“ drop boxes. They knew the target areas by studying Trump 2016 win & also their FB metadata
MI SOS @JocelynBenson loved the idea…
~13~Now that we see where most of the control is, let’s continue down this rabbit hole to see how we end up at #solarwinds
~14~After the election, UBS securities increased their stock position in Newmont Co to $317M. Ironically the company they decide to merge with in July 2019 was with Barrick. Remember earlier in the thread I covered the connection of Barrick with the Clinton Foundation.
~15~I recently stumbled upon a publication by Facing Finance labeled ‘Dirty Profits2. UBS, Newmont, and Barrick have all been involved in violating human rights in one shape or form. No wonder they work well with the Clinton’s global cabalist plan...
...They also cover Monsanto (bill gates), chevron, and even Lockheed Martin. UBS capitalized on the market crash of 2008.
All 7 publications here- facing-finance.org/en/publication…
~16~"UBS still manages Lockheed Martin shares, and is furthermore invested in BAE systems, a recognized nuclear weapons manufacturer.” Lockheed Martin was affected due to the #Solarwinds cyber attack
~17~On 8-2-19 State street global bought securities of Barrick gold. State Street Global Advisors was also retained as a sub-advisor the Blackstone Group. This leads me to Mr. Glenn Hutchins, the founder of Silver Lake Partners which has ownership of #Solarwinds
~18~Pay close attn. to the companies he's been involved with; Brookings institutes, CARE, Obama foundation, Center for American progress, and his own foundation Hutchins Family Foundations. Some of these can be found right in Biden's transition team.
~19~1st -Brookings institute has received funding from #Huawei. Biden’s transition team has a few volunteers from the brooking institute. Hady Amr for one has been involved with Clinton, Obama, and world economic forum. Brookings seems very vested in wanting a new administration
~20~2nd-Center for American progress was founded by John Podesta... check out their biggest donors
$1M+ The Hutchins Family Foundation (Glenn)
100K-500K #Amazon , Bloomberg Philanthropies, #facebook, #google, bill gates, microsoft...
~21~The CPP has 5% ownership of #Solarwinds through the acquisition of a portion of the existing stake owned by Silver Lake. CPP has ties to the #CCP through its investments into 2 chinese firms Hikvision & Dahua that are known for violating human rights using technology
~22~Now we will focus on the previous CEO and his successor. Just by the companies they are/ were involved in shows why they can’t be trusted. Most companies have either bought out the other or merged together to end up involved with our countries cyber security.
~23~The previous Solar Winds CEO Kevin Thompson has served on the boards of Blackline, Barracuda, and Oracle. In 2013 Silver Lakes invests 200M+ into Blackline. Barracuda and Oracle have been involved in shady biz. Ironically Oracle took over #TikTok in Sept. 2020
~24~According to the #Solarwinds website the new CEO of Solar winds, Sudhakar Ramakrishna has worked with Pulse Secure, Citrix, Polycom, 3Com & U.S. Robotics. 3com & US Robotics merged and the parent company UNICOM global has contracts with US army.
~25~3com ended up getting bought by hp. Before the deal closed 3com and #Huawei did business together. Another note is that Sudhakar worked with Motorola solutions as well. These companies violate human rights and bribing gov’t officials
~26~Earlier this year the DOJ charged Huawei and Subsidiaries in Racketeering Conspiracy and Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets.

READ!!! 👇👇👇👇
~27~Polycom another company the new CEO of Solar Winds was apart of. Polycom China won a 10.67M from a bribery scheme before being bought by Platronics in 2018for $2B. $36M was paid to settle by Platronics.
~28~In 2001 Citrix acquired Sequoia software Corp. As we know smartmatic was tied to Sequoia. The new CEO of #Solarwinds worked for both Citrix and Pulse secure. Sept 2020 #FBI and #CISA were aware of them being the target of a hack by China and Iran.
~29~Sequoia Capital is a venture capital firm that invests into companies like Google, oracle, IG, and whatsapp (FB). They also have Sequoia Voting. They are basically the same company. In 2006 Sequoia, Diebold and ES&S were sued for similar reasons as we've seen this election.
~30~ Here's Princeton professor Andrew Appel who won the lawsuit. #politico as well as other media networks covered how to hack a voting system. In under 7 minutes they show how it could be done... politico.com/magazine/story…

~31~#NBC at a hackers convention last year in August covered it as well... this year you won't see NBC covering it, instead just contradicting themselves 👇👇👇 cnbc.com/2020/11/23/geo…
~32~Interesting... Sequoia established a Chinese affiliate to their US firm. I only see 1 individual on Biden's transition team, "Michael Ortiz" for the National Security Council. While looking at the executives from Sequoia I see Michael Mortiz. Coincidence? I doubt it!😂😂

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