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Indeed, I got #COVID19 🤒My symptoms were high fever, short breadth, cough, and tiredness. Luckily it was not too bad, I have no other conditions, so I healed at home in 2 weeks. I am completely fine now, so don't worry!😊These things, above all, helped with my healing:
(1 ~ 5)
(2~ 5)1⃣#Paracetamol kept my fever under control. I avoided #Ibuprofen as a matter of precaution as there were some concerns spreading. Not sure they were scientifically supported, but Paracetamol was good enough for me so I sticked to that,
(3~ 5)2⃣For the breathing I bought an #aerosol nebulizer on #Amazon and inhaled saline solutions twice a day (shipped from Germany, as in the UK a prescription is needed). I also took cough suppressant syrup, and drank A LOT of hot liquids (ginger and lemon🍋).
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The years 2015-2020 have revealed an insidious disregard for the #female category by #OlympicGames @olympics executives and their corporate sponsors.
Male (XY) 🧬athletes now allowed into XX events.
Time to take stock re #women’s #sports.
Where did we begin?
Where are we going?
Our story begins in the Egyptian Middle Kingdom (2000 B.C.)
Forms of women’s competition were somewhat different than we experience in 2020 A.D.
Contests revolved around two key aspects of #Egyptian life:
1. Food acquisition- #hunting & #fishing
2. Entertaining - #acrobatics
True #sports for women really began in Ancient Greece during the Classical period (400 B.C.). Unmarried girls had their own private competitions - also at Olympia every 4years.
These were separate from the men’s games.
The festivals were held in honour of Hera, wife of Zeus.
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Rallying 4 #ajuststimulus or #peoplesbailout is not enough. Unless the Left is willing 2 show @SpeakerPelosi / Dems they are serious enough about their demands that they'd be willing to vote against/tank any deal that doesn't meet their key demands they will lose again. 🧵(1/11)
Good to hear that @SpeakerPelosi is working on new stimulus package. The question for progressives to decide where is the line in the sand when it comes to #musthave markers in this package.
Congress to date has passed 3 bills in response to #COVID_19 yet none of them provide paid sick leave for entire workforce including employees of big corps like #Amazon, #Walmart, #McDonalds et al. PSL imho is a #musthave.… (3/11)
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Q says [they] speak frm secret acnts, burner phones & games but how do [they] decipher msgs to each other?

I allowed logical key words guide me as [they] do?

I tied #Madonna’s #coronavirus #Quarantine #6 video to #Hillary #China #COVID19 #BillGates, close to #Adrenochrome
1️⃣Panicked typewritten msg: “it’s getting too close”
3️⃣ Jazz album to her left-‘Parker With Friends’ by #BillyParker

These took me 2 directions. Direction #1 first:

I looked up PARKER WITH FRIENDS & found💥children’s💥book “FRIENDS” by #TheronParker abt 2 boys..
...who meet in an ally, 1 deaf & they “WORK TOGETHER TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO COMMUNICATE”

What are the odds?

#Madonna #coronavirus
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Had an amazing call with the CEO of a Series B stage tech company yesterday - a recent and passionate convert to the #roamcult - who gave probably the clearest articulation of the problems that @RoamResearch solves for executives and team leaders I've heard.

Quick thread
1) Before Roam, he'd tried literally every other tool for managing his knowledge about what was going on at his company - Notion, Evernote, OneNote, Pen and Paper, emails to himself -- the thing he hated - in his words

"I hate feeling stupid, they all made me feel stupid"
2) The problem was - even when he took notes - those notes were never available in a context that was actionable.

He'd have a 1:1 with his head of Product - they had some issue with Head of Sales or Engineering

Note is only actionable later when he has 1:1 with the other party
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#CoronavirusOutbreak | WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that a nationwide shurdown, which is being implemented by India to curb #COVID19, will not be enough to fight the outbreak. | Follow LIVE updates here:
#CoronavirusOutbreak | A three-year-old Indian girl was among the 73 new #COVID19 cases that have been reported in #Singapore in a day, taking the tally to over 600. | Follow LIVE updates here:
#CoronavirusOutbreak | Three persons, all with travel history abroad, tested positive for the novel in #Goa, health department officials said, as the tourist haven joined the states which have reported #COVID19 cases. | Follow LIVE updates here:
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1/4. #Amazon est le grand gagnant de la crise. En une semaine, Le cours de la bourse de son action a bondi de 12 %. L'entreprise fait des profits records.…
2/4. La vente de jeux vidéos a augmenté de 200 % et celle des outils de bureautique de 362 %. « Je ne charge que des DVD, des livres ou des objets sexuels. Rien d’essentiel mais on nous fait travailler comme des fous »
3/4. « C’est terrible de constater que la seule entreprise qui arrive aujourd’hui à tirer son épingle du jeu est une multinationale connue pour son évasion et sa fraude fiscale massive. En appauvrissant les finances publiques, Amazon aggrave la crise sanitaire. » @amisdelaterre
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A few words of Amazon & their CEO "donating" to climate change. Let's be clear on this, when Amazon don't pay tax they are defunding the state, defunding society. Society is in fact subsidizing them. So when they "donate" money to a cause it is in part out money. #FBPE
And it is our money that is being directed by a CEO of a big US corporation. Why is this significant? Because in a functioning democracy we as a society decide how our tax money is directed by electing governments that decide on spending. 2/
So normally.. society decides through the democratic process how it cares for and supports society, for example, providing welfare, supporting culture, sport, building roads etc. However we are moving to a malfunctioning democracy whereby business decides. 3/
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#Twitter tells employees to work from home as tech firms react to #coronavirusus #coronavirus…
Large tech companies such as #Google, #Facebook and #Apple have said that they are restricting travel to and from #China. Google’s restriction includes #Japan, South Korea, #Iran and #Italy. #Amazon and #Salesforce have both frozen all non-essential business travel indefinitely.
Here in the U.S., several large tech conferences have been canceled out of an abundance of caution, including #Facebook’s annual F8 event and the video game industry’s major #Game Developers #Conference.
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O que há por trás do fetiche pelo “impeachment” de Bolsonaro? Desejo mimético (by René Girard) por prestígio sócio-profissional nas corporações “intelectuais, artísticas, jornalísticas, midiáticas”, submetidas, há décadas, à hegemonia cultural esquerdista.…
O objeto de desejo mimético dos integrantes das corporações “intelectuais, artísticas, jornalísticas, midiáticas”, submetidas, há décadas, à hegemonia cultural esquerdista, é a moeda: “prestígio sócio-profissional”, que lhes garante posições mais valorizadas no “mercado”.
Mentira Romântica, Verdade Romanesca… #Amazon
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Segundo a Constituição, são Poderes independentes e harmônicos entre si, com funções próprias, o Legislativo, que cria leis e fiscaliza os demais, o Executivo, que executa as leis e o orçamento, e o Judiciário, que julga a aplicação das leis, mas não as cria nem executa.
As instituições do Estado, especialmente os Poderes Legislativo, Executivo e Judiciário, não se reduzem às pessoas que eventualmente ocupam cargos nas suas estruturas. Críticas a agentes públicos, por seus atos, devem ser compreendidas como exercício da democracia.
Constituição, art. 5º, XVI - todos podem reunir-se pacificamente, sem armas, em locais abertos ao público, independentemente de autorização, desde que não frustrem outra reunião anteriormente convocada para o mesmo local, sendo apenas exigido prévio aviso à autoridade competente.
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A thread on E-commerce 🧵🧶

Here is how e-commerce really works in India. There are two major companies, 1: amazon 🥇2: Flipkart (owned by Walmart).🥈

they both are legally a marketplace. to understand it deeply you need to understand the FDI policy of India for e-commerce
In India e-commerce is divided into two models’
🎁(a): marketplace model ( NO inventory can be held by the marketplace ) and FDI in this model is 100%

🎁(B): inventory model (inventory can be controlled by the e-commerce company) and FDI in this model is 0 %.
India allows 100% FDI in B2B wholesale, so what amazon/ Flipkart do is, they buy products in bulks using their B2B arm from various brands and manufacturers then they add a layer of preferred sellers to whom they sell these products 🔜🔝🔛🔙🔚
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Here we go! Live tweeting the @PBS @frontlinePBS documentary on Amazon, "Amazon Empire" #frontlinePBS — watch at…
"Big things start small" — can't deny it, Bezos has long-term vision & a gift for storytelling. #frontlinePBS
Everything we admire about Amazon is also something to fear. @FranklinFoer 💯
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@PatriotsSoapbox @VerumRadix

#JeffBezos #Amazon #Surveillance #Alexa #DataAnalytics #Globalism

How AMAZON conquered the WORLD 🌐 - It's All About Data 📈

@AKA_RealDirty @412Anon87 @AbbeyMaeCook88 @Real_EllieBrown

Video: 1of16
@PatriotsSoapbox @VerumRadix

#JeffBezos #Amazon #Surveillance #Alexa #DataAnalytics #Globalism

How AMAZON conquered the WORLD 🌐 - It's All About Data 📈

@AKA_RealDirty @412Anon87 @AbbeyMaeCook88 @Real_EllieBrown

Video: 2of16
@PatriotsSoapbox @VerumRadix

#JeffBezos #Amazon #Surveillance #Alexa #DataAnalytics #Globalism

How AMAZON conquered the WORLD 🌐 - It's All About Data 📈

@AKA_RealDirty @412Anon87 @AbbeyMaeCook88 @Real_EllieBrown

Video: 3of16
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1. ora voglio aiutarvi a leggere inchiesta del #WashingtonPost sull'azienda #CryptoAG che, rivelava il WashPost era un completo asset della #CIA. Ecco l'inchiesta che avete letto tutti (inglese):…
2. intanto non potete capire l'inchiesta del #WashingtonPost sull'azienda #CryptoAG se non mettete a fuoco una cosa fondamentale: l'inchiesta è del #WashingtonPost, che non è più quello di #TuttiGliUominiDelPresidente,#WashPost oggi ha un padrone: #Bezos,Signore di #Amazon
3. #Amazon è la nuova potenza militare, come ricostruisce #TechnologyReview (inglese):… #Amazon puntava forte fortissimamente a uno dei contratti più lucrosi di sempre: il progetto #JEDI
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"An Ongoing Ethereum Adoption Megathread

Intel, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, JPMorgan, AXA, StateFarm, MetLife, EY, Fidelity, NASA, UN, Docusign, and even the world's tallest skyscraper... are building on #ETH.

When the world say blockchain, it's #Ethereum.

👇Evidence Below👇"

Forbes Releases ‘Top 50 Billion-Dollar Companies Exploring Blockchain’ — Over Half are Working with #Ethereum Amazon, Google, Samsung, Facebook: The race is on for the world’s leading companies to implement blockchain.

"#Ethereum is being used for developing blockchain applications by 22 companies on the Forbes 50. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as Ethereum was designed to accommodate decentralized applications and smart contracts."
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Grandi tweet questi giorni su #Amazon e sulle #edicole. Non condivido quasi nulla di quello che leggo, ma bene: anzi, benissimo. Argomenti distinti, ma con una matrice comune. La protezione dal mondo cattivo.
Su Amazon c’è sicuramente anche un tema di regole. Modello europeo o modello statunitense? Affrontata in questa maniera, e non parlando del presunto "dumping fiscale", la cosa ha un suo senso.
Non ho risposte, ma raccomando una lettura, questa, che sto iniziando anche io in questi giorni:…
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If you want to follow the developments in the national conversation on #BigTech's monopoly power, the House Antitrust Subcommittee is holding a field hearing in the Wittemyer Courtroom at @ColoLaw in a few minutes. Livestream here:…
@ColoLaw The Washington Post on today's House field hearing on #BigTech: "Smaller technology companies ... are sharing their stories in the hope that Washington is finally getting serious about cracking down on the power of tech giants."…
@ColoLaw "We strongly support the entrepreneurs and independent businesses who are standing up to challenge the dominance of Facebook, Amazon, and Google over America’s markets," said Open Markets Executive Director Barry Lynn in a statement.…
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Predictions are useless but predicting is invaluable (scenario planning)
@profgalloway #2020predictions
#Snap is less corrosive / damaging to teens
#Tesla trades at 3x the value of auto companies, worth more than Ford & GM combined, dramatically overvalued
#SherylSandberg 2nd best paid person who does the most damage (after Zuck)—she's erased from FB like Trotsky from photos
#HBOMax = like going to the Louvre & saying "let's scale this"—biggest brand blunder of 2018
#AWS is worth more than #Amazon—will be spun out
Choice is a bad thing, people want less choice but to be confident in the choices they're making
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A summary review done by the #LNA on the #Turkish armoured vehicle #BMC.
This review was done after real combat incentres and further testing on captured models of #BMC the #KİRPİ and #AMAZON in #Libya.
1) Weighing 19tons with a maximum additional add wight of 1.5tons.

2)Maximum tested speed was (68 to 73Km/h )although manual states 100km/h.

3)The acceleration was very low from 0 to 45Km/h, which make is hard for quick escapes and fast movements in small bursts.
4) The vehicles Angular maneuverability capabilities were nothing less but disappointing , as the #BMC #KIRPI was unable to take sharp corners making it obsolete in tight urban warfare, in which such trains and obstacles are expected.

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TOLKIEN E O OCIDENTE -- J.R.R. #Tolkien, o autor de "O Senhor dos Anéis" (SdA), voltará às telas por um novo seriado do grupo #Amazon, que pretende aproveitar o vazio deixado pelo fim de "Game of Thrones" (na verdade, #GoT já aproveitara o vazio anterior, deixado por SdA).
Isso nos dá ocasião de refletirmos um pouco sobre a obra de Tolkien e sua influência sobre o Ocidente. Por Tolkien não foi apenas o criador de uma "mitologia pop". Na verdade, o propósito do autor era bem mais ambicioso: criar uma mitologia propriamente ocidental e católica.
Tolkien é um dos autores do chamado "renascimento católico inglês", que conta também com o Cardeal Newman (canonizado no último 13/10/2019), Chesterton, Hillaire Belloc entre outros.
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1. The #NorthernLights are seen above the ash plume from the Eyjafjallajӧkull volcano in Iceland, 22 April 2010.
📸: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/

2. UK’s #PrinceWilliam and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace following their wedding in London’s Westminster Abbey, UK, 29 April 2011.
📸: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

3. #UsainBolt of 🇯🇲 looks at Andre De Grasse of 🇨🇦 as they compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Men’s 100m Semi-Finals at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 14 August 2016.
📸: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach
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2020 in the business of sport? Consider this A to Z thread of things to keep an eye on as your cheat sheet for a new year. #sportsbiz
A - ATP Cup: Men’s #tennis has yet another team event joining its cluttered calendar to sit alongside the Davis Cup and Laver Cup, as the politics of the sport play out in public. The ATP’s new management have lots to do - hopefully it includes developing a mixed team tournament.
B - Budapest: Quietly and confidently emerging as Europe’s latest major events host, with a trio of @EURO2020 games, the expanded @FedCup finals in April and the start of May’s @giroditalia making this a big year. An Olympic host in the 2030s?
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FY19 results of Start-up companies:
(Courtesy: Financial Express).
#Flipkart: 4234 Cr revenue & 1624 Cr loss.
#Amazon: 7594Cr revenue & 5685 Cr loss.
#PayTm: 3050Cr revenue & 3960 Cr loss.
#OYO: 6457 Cr revenue & 2385 Cr loss.
#BigBasket: 2381Cr revenue & 348 Cr loss.
#Grofers: 70Cr revenue & 448 Cr loss.
#Zomato: 1159Cr revenue & 571Cr loss.
#Swiggy: 1122Cr revenue & 2346Cr loss.
#Ola Cabs: 1886Cr revenue & 1160 Cr loss.
#Delhivery: 1654Cr revenue & 1781Cr loss.
#Rivigo: 1003Cr revenue & 510 Cr loss.
#LensKart: 474Cr revenue & 28 Cr loss.
#UrbanLadder: 298Cr revenue & 49Cr profit.
#Pepperfry: 193Cr revenue & 183 Cr loss
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