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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/12/2021…
The Weekly Quill – The Hope Diamond in the Rough…

#history #diamonds #mining
You Might Have Earned It, But Don’t Forget That Your Wealth Came from Society…

#wealth #SocialInstitutions #value #InformationProcessing #profit #power #responsibility
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Le directeur juridique Concurrence & Réglementation Télécom d’#Orange s'émeut de "la puissance des #GAFA, qui leur donne les moyens de désertifier des pans entiers de l'économie à leur seul profit". Rien là que de très louable...
Sauf que… #thread (1/5)…
Comment « donner aux acteurs européens les moyens de se battre à armes égales » comme le préconise Gabriel Lluch, en nouant #enmêmetemps un « partenariat stratégique » avec #Google en matière d’#IA ? (2/5)

Comment « donner aux acteurs européens les moyens de se battre à armes égales » comme le préconise Gabriel Lluch, en nouant #enmêmetemps un partenariat avec #Facebook en matière de câbles sous-marins ? (3/5)

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Neues von der #Amazon-Front. Und dem Bestseller, der nicht lieferbar ist und für den es auch kein Lieferdatum gibt. Ein Thread über A's Logistik-Logik.
Die Informationen meiner Leser (Danke!) und meine eigenen Beobachtungen/Quellen erlauben ganz brauchbare Einsichten. 1/7
Man könnte jetzt denken, #Amazon mobbt #DieVerblendeteRepublik, weil sie ja im Buch nicht so gut wegkommen. Aber es ist viel profaner.
Sie arbeiten mit lustigen Heuristiken, die hier nicht so gut funktionieren (möglicherweise auch mit #KI, für die aber dasselbe gelten würde). 2/7
Nach meinem #Böhmermann-Auftritt haben sie viel (nach)bestellt, aber 4 Wo wurde weniger gekauft. Darauf haben sie sofort das Lager bereinigt + viel rückgesendet.
Letzte Woche kam das @WDR 5-Interview + ihr Lager lief leer. Dann schalten sie auf: "Nicht lieferbar, kein Datum." 3/7
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Check out top stories found in Monday’s early @IndLeftNews for 3/29 - your #1 source for ALL the best content on the political left, free from advertiser influence!…
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Judd Legum, Popular Information: What really happened in Georgia. And what's next @JuddLegum…
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Erik Schreiber, WSWS: Bernie Sanders promotes unionization at Alabama Amazon facility @WSWS_Updates…
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Nel Pd di #Modena volano gli stracci.
Materia del contendere: il nuovo polo #Amazon a Spilamberto.
Nella polemica dove si fronteggiano il segretario provinciale Fava e il sindaco di Spilamberto Costantini, quest'ultimo in difesa della sua scelta di dare il via libera "urbanistico" al colosso di #JeffBezos, si lascia sfuggire dichiarazioni interessanti:
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Delhi High Court begins hearing Future's appeal against Single Judge order favouring the enforcement of Emergency Award against its deal with Reliance.

@amazon @fg_buzz

#Future #Amazon
Appeal listed before Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jasmeet Singh.

Senior Advocate Gopal Subramanium for @amazon

Senior Advocate Harish Salve for Future

#Amazon #Future
I appear for Future Retail: Salve begins

There's objection on maintainability: Senior Adv Rajiv Nayar for Amazon
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Is anyone not seeing Amazon nuking practically every Nendoroid, figma, & Max Factor figure out of now where?

I have like 4 emails with lists of figures I used to stock now banned from the site & permanently delisted!
I got to make a more detailed post on this, this is concerning
Not sure how newer figures are fairing but I've never seen this level of mass banning of (albiet mostly rare now) anime merch
Max Factory*
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#KishoreBiyani vs #Amazon – Delhi High Court brings up ‘civil prison’ for violation by Future Group, asks for recall of approvals granted to Future Retail- #Reliance deal…

By @SanchDash
@SanchDash Delhi High Court pronounced its order in the Future Retail-Amazon case today. In a big win today for #Amazon, the court upheld the emergency arbitrator’s award in favour of the Jeff Bezos-led company.

#KishoreBiyani #FutureGroup #Reliance
@SanchDash The judgement given by Justice JR Midha said that #FutureRetail, Future Coupons, #KishoreBiyani and others violated the Emergency Award, and also questioned ‘why should they not be detained in prison’, reported legal news platform Bar & Bench.

#Amazon #Reliance
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#Breaking: In a big win for #Amazon, Delhi High Court uploads the Emergency Award passed against Future-Reliance deal.

Court rejects #Future Group's argument that Emergency Award is a nulity.

Court imposes costs of Rs 20 lakh on Future, to be deposited with PM Relief Fund.
Justice JR Midha holds that Future Retail, Future Coupons, Kishore Biyani and others violated the Emergency Award.

Court issues show cause notice to Biyani and others, asks why they should not be detained in civil prison.

@amazon @fg_buzz
Court also directs attachment of Kishore Biyani and others.

Court directs filing of affidavit by them detailing assets.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/16/2021…
The Untapped Potential of Personal Narrative – John Hagel…

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#ElonMusk sets a new milestone — adds nearly $25 billion to his net worth in just one day

By @navdeepyadav321
@navdeepyadav321 According to the Bloomberg billionaire index, Musk's net worth swelled to $174 billion on March 9 from $149 billion a day ago.

@navdeepyadav321 Muks’s net worth jumped after #Tesla's stock gained 19.6 percent to end at $673.58. That was the first win after a streak of five losing sessions amid a broader selloff in the tech stocks.

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India’s #Blockchain tech to make SMS more secure is leaving users locked out of their accounts — and potentially more at risk…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has suspended its #blockchaintechnology aimed at filtering out spam messages for the next seven days.

@pabsgill One-time-passwords (OTPs) aren’t just for financial transactions. They are central for logging into email accounts, authenticating new memberships, or just signing into #Amazon on a new device.

#blockchaintechnology #Blockchain
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So, I've been using the Fire TV Recast / Stick combination for a while now. I have some issues...

#Amazon #FireTV #OTADVR #Android #FireTVStick #FireTVRecast
The guide is only available on the TV (via the stick device). For whatever reason, this means I can't schedule / adjust options for recordings from my phone.

(These devices both run Android, it's a toss up which has more capable hardware.)

This is a stupid UX decision!
I can't even count the number of times I've had to interrupt my current show just to setup a recording that I should be able to setup from my phone instead. You folks realize shows contain promos, correct?
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@biswajitmohanty @BKArukha @TheGreatAshB @Naveen_Odisha The truth is @BKArukha is responsible for all destruction of Forests in #Odisha. This is for every #Odia 2know that 5,291 #forestFires hv been recorded in 8days here between Feb 22- Mar 1, 2021 as per @down2earthindia report #SimilipalOnFire #Forestfire #ResignArukha @bjd_odisha
@biswajitmohanty @BKArukha @TheGreatAshB @Naveen_Odisha @down2earthindia @bjd_odisha Its very suspicious/fishy about @dpradhanbjp ji taking up d #ForestFire issue all of a sudden.The world is aware of #stealthy_human_littering of rain forest of #Amazon & forest of #Australia so dat post-burning fertile soil will help grow #ETHANOL generating plants #SimlipalFires
@biswajitmohanty @BKArukha @TheGreatAshB @Naveen_Odisha @down2earthindia @bjd_odisha @dpradhanbjp 2) #Brazilian_Rain_forest of #Amazon getting gutted by fire over & over again & the incident being called as an #Accident is no more believed by people bcoz it can never be a coincidence that #Brazil is the #first country started using #ETHANOL & also suffers massive Forest fire.
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#Facebook #ClimateChange #AmazonRainforest


Retweet so we can inform people of the devastating truth.

1) @Facebook is fueling the destruction of the #Amazon rainforest. The #Amazon’s hydrological engine plays a major role in maintaining the global & regional #climate...
2) Water released by plants into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration and to the ocean by the rivers, influences world #climate and the circulation of ocean currents. This works as a feedback mechanism, as the process also sustains the regional climate on which it depends...
3) What is happening in the #Amazon?
Scientists are noticing something disturbing in the #AmazonRainforest - the hydrological engine is beginning to fail. One factor is the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), a climatic phenomenon which influences much of the climatic...
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#Facebook and #Twitter have a ton of new rules to abide by in India ⁠— #WhatsApp may find itself in the toughest spot of all…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill Along with the rules, came a stern message from the Minister for IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad, who essentially told these platforms to brace for increased scrutiny and compliance.

@pabsgill #WhatsApp will be in the toughest spot of all with the government mandating the tracking of ‘first originator’ or the ‘creator of mischief’, which would mean breaking the end-to-end encryption.

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Der tägliche Poschardt Stuss
Wie die Schmähung von Jella Haase vom Chef-Redakteur beflügelt wird
Wir fragen uns: Wie schaut es mit den #CDU-PolitikerInnen aus, die #Amazon oder #Google stärker besteuern wollen. Hier ein Beispiel, die ebenso in "Poschardt Stuss" dann als linke Politikerin angeführt werden müsste! #GrundgedankenDerRAF…
Nach "Poschardt Stuss", müsste die #CSU nun als Linke Partei in der Politiklandschaft eingeordnet werden.
"Die Zeit ist reif" - CSU fordert "Google- und Amazon-Steuer" #GrundgedankenDerRAF…
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#Amazon vs Future: Delhi High Court begins hearing Amazon's appeal against the observations made by a Single Judge Bench while refusing to restrain the e-commerce company from writing to statutory authorities.

@amazon @fg_buzz

#FutureRetail #Reliance
Today one round was before Surpreme Court : Senior Adv Rajiv Nayar for @amazon
We want to have on some other day if it's convenient: Nayar

#Amazon #Future
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#SupremeCourt to shortly hear appeal by Amazon against the Delhi High Court order which had stayed the implementation of status quo direction passed by single-judge of the High Court with respect to the Future- Reliance deal
@amazon @reliancegroup
In its Special Leave Petition before the Supreme Court, Amazon has asserted that the Division Bench of the High Court could not have heard a letters patent appeal from an order passed under Section 17(2) of the Arbitration Act.
Supreme Court issues notice in plea by Amazon against Delhi HC stay on Future Reliance deal status quo.

Meanwhile NCLT proceedings will be allowed to go on but will not be allowed to culminate in any final order of sanction of scheme: SC orders.

#amazon #future
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Promote a Coherent Portfolio of Capabilities to Succeed in Application Infrastructure and Middleware #PaaS #Integration @BhullarBindi
@BhullarBindi Product marketers need a strategy that highlights a coherent set of capabilities in their AIM portfolio. Cloud is the single most important disruptor, but showing a sound approach to open source is also crucial.
@BhullarBindi Cloud, specifically platform as a service (#PaaS), continues to be the single most important disruptor of the AIM competitive landscape.
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Delhi High Court to soon begin hearing Future Retail's appeal against order directing status quo on deal with #Reliance.

Matter is listed for hearing before Division Bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh.

#Amazon #Future

@fg_buzz @kishore_biyani @amazon
Hearing begins.

Senior Advocate Gopal Subramanium for @amazon : May I have your lordship's leave to conclude my submissions today.

Yes : Court

#Future #Amazon
Today I'm going to deal with the point whether the Single Judge order has superseded the Emergency Award: Subramanium
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Good to see @hmtreasury is looking seriously at how to implement my proposed #windfalltax on excessive profits online giants have reaped during Covid while so many other sectors have been devastated by enforced lockdowns.… @thesundaytimes @ShippersUnbound
This is the right fair thing to do.

Most recently, I spoke about my #windfalltax thoughts in this #thread. ⤵️

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So, I got into a LONG!!! talk with a reader/friend of mine about the world of publishing. Now, I'm not an expert, but staring down the release of my 6th book (holy shit, 6th?!), I have to reflect on a few realities of publication & open a dialogue with the #WritingCommunity
A bit of background: I've been writing since 2006. I self-pub'd my first book in 2009, and continued with self-pub ever since. This was just before self-publication became vogue. And it was a conscious choice - and it was also how I learned what I know. The hard way.

My friend said, "Getting an agent is like winning the lottery". This isn't wrong.
I tried to query, and was shot down every. single. time.
This isn't unusual. In fact, every #writer know that when you're #querying, this is par for the course.
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with 89 days left in my #yeartolive, I thought I'd share some old #amazon stories. The first is about how the CTO told me I had caused "The Worst Bug in Amazon's History" (which I hope is no longer the case), and still got to keep my job.
Straight out of school I got to join this amazing team which was working on converting a monolithic c binary which ran the whole website (compiler flags for different locales) into a Service Oriented Architecture (though that word didn't exist at the time).
In 2003 I started working on a project to help build some internationalization into the web app container. We had to account for old browsers that didn't behave well with different character encoding systems (utf8 still wasn't widespread)
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