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─Allarme dell’Intelligence italiana: attacchi hacker quintuplicati, il #5G apre a ulteriori minacce
La PA sempre più nel mirino: +306% di azioni contro i siti ministeriali. E in forte aumento anche quelle a danno degli enti locali: +40%.
─Di Maio lancia il Fondo per l’Innovazione: “Leva strategica per la #SmartNation
Taglio del nastro il 4 marzo a Torino: la cabina di regia fungerà da "collante" per risorse pubbliche e private. Sprint sull'#AI: l'Italia si candida ad ospitare il lab europeo "Claire"
#LinkedIn: in Italia aumentano le assunzioni ma servono più competenze digitali
I dati del "Recruiter sentiment Italia 2019" realizzato da Coleman Parkes: tra i settori più dinamici c'è il manifatturiero, mentre nel Finance&Banking è più difficile reperire personale preparato
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─45 dollari per carta di credito: il cybercrime all’attacco dei dati bancari, false app in aumento
Secondo le rilevazioni di Symantec ed Eset è in forte crescita il formjacking, una “tecnica” che consente di entrare in possesso delle credenziali.
attraverso codici-truffa. Nel 2018 hackerate 380mila carte dal sito di British Airways, un “bottino” da 17 milioni. In crescita anche le applicazioni “sosia” su Android che ricalcano in tutto e per tutto quelle delle banche.
─Link a contenuti protetti, Facebook condannata per violazione di copyright
Mediaset vince la causa davanti al Tribunale di Roma: per la prima volta i collegamenti esterni alla piattaforma sono giudicati illegittimi. Il social condannato anche per diffamazione.
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Protesting jobs? Does either AOC or Elizabeth Warren have jobs for NYC? Nope! Yet they applaud jobs not coming. #socialism #AOC #Amazon

Who would be against jobs? Democrats and socialists.
No matter what happens AOC's ticket has been written. She will leave politics and become a high paid commentator on some liberal media station. Taking money that she claims is bad.
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Deep Dive: #FTC Negotiating Multi-Billion Dollar Fine For Facebook’s Privacy Scandals; Violating 2011 Accord
The FTC’s probe of Facebook began in March of last year in response to big social’s entanglement with #CambridgeAnalytica, a political consultancy firm connected to a U.S. subsidiary (SHELL COMPANY) of a UK defense contractor #SCLGroup, (Strategic Communication Laboratories)
#SCL improperly accessed data on 87 million of the social site’s users. According to reports, #Facebook knew for an entire three years that #CambridgeAnalytica was abusing and misusing user data but did absolutely nothing.
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NYC's @amazon deal is dead & the blame😠 game has begun.
😠Ex city planner #RobertMoses (who died in 1981) killed it…

😠State Sen. Michael Gianaris screwed the deal…

😠Amazon exec John Schoettler did it…
Pt2, NYC's @amazon deal is dead & the blame😠 game has begun.

😠@AOC Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drove #Amazon out w/her anti-capitalist rhetoric…
😠Local Queens activists killed the deal…
There's MORE being blamed (cont)
Pt3, NYC's @amazon deal blame😠 game:

😠Left wingers…
😠 @nypost insulted #Bezos…
😠 NYS Public Authorities Control Bd…

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Can any #OpportunityZone boosters explain why they designed a program giving potentially infinite tax breaks to #Amazon for putting a data center in a pre-chosen spot in a tech corridor in the #1 richest county, under the guise of helping poor communities?…
Note the utter lack of transparency behind this program. The only reason we're even aware of this is because it's Amazon.
Key point here: the structure of the OZ program invites untransparent back-scratching between local officials and big companies.
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1) @RealDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2706...
#Q dropped 3 images & text aimed at personnel engaged in an overseas [surveillance?] operation. These images are from Shanghai time which is 13 hrs ahead of EST. At this time "Track 7B-DS' (7 B=targets? Deep State?)
2) The first drop was missing #Q's tripcode which set off #Anons. This 2nd drop has it added , confirming the first drop & is the reply. The clock shows. a time which is 4min prior to the drops. This is clearly #China. Seems we must have permission to be doing this op.
3) The agenda, if nothing else was to let the targets know there are being watched. If this is a continuum of the recent LA OP, there may have been another takedown. Active tracking ensues on 3 targets. These aren't #Anon image sets, so much as data sets released for one of #Q's
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Q Drops 2/14/2019
Q is showing us they are tracking someone real time in China
Close up picture Possibly #DianeFeinstein By Red Car
Hair is parted on different side

RT = Real Time
Night crawl active

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA #ThursdayThoughts
Q Drops 2/14/2019
Q tracking someone real time in China
Anon put together the sequence of pictures

Sequence complete.
Target(s) known.
Track 7B-DS
Pull all views +/- [10]
Scan P-P100z
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA #ThursdayThoughts
Q Drops 2/14/2019

Chongqing Clock = People’s Liberation Monument
Is the only monument to commemorate the Chinese people’s victory in the Sino-Japanese War

Anons think it maybe Mazie Keiko Hirono D-HI in #China

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA #ThursdayThoughts
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Why did Amazon only start skyrocketing with Obama? World Leader changes change businesses value quite dramatically. #Qanon #MAGA #GreatAwakening… They get stellar deals everywhere tho, I recall the gov actually pays money in some cases for delivering packages in the U.S.A. rather than charges it due to absurd laws from Obama administration
Will #Amazon with their tax exemptions be the next domino to fall? or will #Facebook which listens to you 24/7 even if you set up no account be the end of them? or #Twitter which can geo-locate anyone? Vote for next domino to fall! #Qanon
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U.S. announces set of indictments against Huawei ahead of trade talks with China
Matters of National Security
Clinton Selling MI secrets to China #espionage
China Hacking DOD, CIA’s drone operations, Navy warships…
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #DataPrivacyDay
Huawei & ZTE = National Security Threats undermine U.S. political & economic interests [#Feinstein]

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #TuesdayThoughts
Alexander Downer - player in the #dossier scandal was on the board @Huawei
Hussein HRC LL Brennan Clapper NAT SEC WH SIT RM OP UK AUS
AUS-UK #sabotage @POTUS
Nothing to see here…
@GenFlynn #QAnon #TuesdayThoughts #MAGA #WWG1GWA
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NEW @intheMatrixxx Thread... I have done some research into The real him... #JefferyPedersen is his name... Let begin with how I found out his real identity... #QAnon #PayTriots #DigitalSellouts #CIA/#MOS #Crowdsourcing #QArmy
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @FBI
2/ The First Time I saw the Name #Pedersen Dropped was here...
The 1st Name Drop came from @ratisbonejr Who is “IN FACT”
💥💥 A Retired Law Enforcement Counter-terrorism Agent... 💥💥
HE KNEW SOMETHING!!! #QAnon #Paytriot
3/ I took that name straight to Livid & asked if it were him... For the record @Livid2point0 refused to partake in any Doxxing... But after name was dropped, aprox 5 women immediately came forward to confirm @intheMatrixxx was infact Jefferey Pedersen... #Paytriot #QAnon @FBI
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#QAlert #QAnon
“Attempts to BLOCK/PROTECT themselves will FAIL.”

Q links article re: the potential perjury charges against former Head Clown [JB]. Nunes looks to bring the heat as [JB] perjured himself in front of Congress trying to cover for his crimes.…
Paul is usually on his game. Paul, owe you an apology. I hammered him the other week on his Huber Headfake article. Which I still maintain may be a bit confirmation biased. Consider: Sessions attitude towards leaks. We have A LOT to learn re: Huber/Horowitz. #QAnon #QARMY #BOOM
3) @DevinNunes released a memo last week re: the FISA warrants heavy reliance on the Steele Dossier, which of course, was never verified by the intel community (not that it was real anyways). [JB] denied this in May 17. He never thought it would get this far. Now he will pay.
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In 1995, Jeff Bezos’ parents took a $250,000 gamble on his fledgling startup

One IPO and 3 splits later, his parents’ stake could be worth almost $30 billion today. That would make them wealthier than Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen… via @technology
[2] I am NOT saying #Bezos committed insider trading

But I AM saying that grandfather LP #Gise was a director at the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) and key person to approve and fund ARPA , from which #ARPAnet evolved , and now #Amazon is the largest cloud provider on Earth
[3] Dont believe me? Search this for "Gise" (or LP Gise).…
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Whole Foods pulls off elaborate five-year GMO labeling hoax; lies to customers and hopes nobody remembers –…
#WholeFoods is #EVIL in the same way #Google is #EVIL, #Amazon is #EVIL and #Facebook is #EVIL.
...Whole Foods is half truths. They lie. They deceive. They plot against their own customers and sell them food products laced with cancer-causing chemicals. All of these corporate giants exploit and deceive their own customers, usually while claiming to “do no evil.”....
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This year, we continued to hold corporations accountable for enabling organizations, policies, and policy makers threatening our freedoms, and for profiting from the spread of hate and violence against POC. #COCIn2018
This fall, we delivered over 200k petition signatures to the @GreyhoundBus HQ to demand they stop enabling the current admin's racist + xenophobic deportation scheme by allowing @CBP on their buses. Tell #Greyhound #TransportationNotDeportation… #COCIn2018
.@Amazon CEO @JeffBezos is secretly trying to sell his real-time facial recognition product to ICE - a highly flawed tool with inbuilt racial biases used to misidentify & harm POC. Tell #Amazon to get out of the anti-Black surveillance business!… #COCIn2018
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We have begun collecting all human behaviour and putting the machine in between human beings and every transaction in life. In doing that, we are increasingly operating our society on a new basis.
The omnipresent smartphones and digital businesses around us have caused a permanent shift in our societies.
We are now operating with a new form of social science that we don't understand yet, but which we are already using in much the same way that physics was used to change European society in the 17th and 18th centuries.
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1/Assume I figured this completely out. It's like a crypto Rosetta Stone.…
2/ and this IX ABC…
3/ this beertokens, iXcoin, Litecoin, and ABE…
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If @Amazon‘s serious about winning the @DeptofDefense’s #JEDI cloud contract, one thing they could do to show even the tiniest concern for our #NATSEC is this: give #Amazon customers a way to filter out products that are #MadeInChina. #China’s our adversary… & their #1 supplier.
… if you care about #Amazon’s mammoth dealings w/ #China, or if your conscience nags you for buying cheap Chinese stuff online, one solution is this: use @AmazonSmile to donate the proceeds from your purchases to @VoCommunism, which honors/advocates for the victims of Communism.
… if you, like me, try to shop consciously & strategically, you can hit the Chinese regime by also buying goods that are #MadeInIndia. #India’s products are far superior to #China’s, & you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t helping fund #ConcentrationCamps & #Genocide.
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#QAnon 💥💥💥 #DoItQ!!!!!

To the person who leaked Huber > [Clinton Foundation] Whistleblower' DO NOT reveal more.
#QAnon 👊🏼💥👊🏼 #BringThePAIN!!!!!

#Qanon 💥💥💥 #PainComing #BringIt! #DoItQ!!!!

FIRST AND ONLY LEAK (public) re: HUBER activities.
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0/ The stream of #crypto- and #blockchain-related news knows no end!

To help you stay on top of all that's been happening over the past 24 hours, I've put together this 22-part thread.
1/ ☁️ @helloiconworld [ $ICX ] launched 'ICON Development Network' on #Amazon's AWS Marketplace, allowing developers to easily run a private instance of the ICON #blockchain network through @awscloud.

Makes building on #ICON far more convenient.…
2/ ✍️ @_PoetProject [ $POE ] - a decentralized protocol for content ownership, discovery and monetization in media - is now live on the #bitcoin #mainnet!

Partnership announcements and product updates in the coming weeks. Growing strong!…
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I’m remembering how much I love about Brazil 🇧🇷 today. I’ve traveled almost all over the country over the past decade here, and I thought maybe I should share my very favorite places.😻 Thread, share with your friends who want to visit #Brazil!👇
(1) I’m a beach bunny, & Brazil provides endless beaches for me to explore. Several of my favorites are in a rarely-visited area along the south coast of Paraíba state in the Northeast. Pink cliffs juxtapose turquoise waters like a painting, & the forests are awesome for hikes.
(2) Brazil has a ton of really special colonial towns. Paraty is wonderful, but I often get annoyed by crowds & rain. The town I prefer is #OuroPreto in Minas Gerais. The air there is so brisk & fresh, the people are so kind, and all I want to do when I’m there is stroll forever.
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Amazon’s decision to take #HQ2 to D.C. and NY is about enveloping government and media, the two primary checks on concentrated power in a democracy.

It’s decision to also go to Nashville is about deflection. 1/
Jeff Bezos’s intention is to usurp the authority of government: to set the rules by which other firms are allowed to trade and to levy a tax on their trade. 2/ See:…
Bezos also intends to assume control of the government’s data and spending. Already #Amazon hosts a lot of federal data. It also controls the purchasing of many government agencies, all the way down to your local school district. 3/ See:…
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