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“One person is dead following an explosion during a jet-fueled semitruck pyrotechnic performance Saturday at Battle Creek Executive Airport.”
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Four takeaways from the sixth day of Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot hearings
@Reuters #Trump @moirawarburton…
-@RepLizCheney: General Flynn, do you believe in the peaceful transition of power in the United States of America?
-#MichaelFlynn: The Fifth
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We are roughly 2 months away from the start of #CFB season! Lets talk expectations. Ill go through each team & give what my model predicts as the % chance each team gets to bowl eligbility, and also the % chance each team gets 10+ Ws given their respective schedules. Lets go!🧵
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws)

#Alabama #RTR 99.9%/89.5%
#Arkansas #WPS 55.3%/11.0%
#Auburn #WarEagle 36.9%/1.8%
#Florida #Gators 81.0%/17.4%
#Georgia #UGA 99.9%/93.3%
#Kentucky #BBN 66.7%/7.3%
#LSU #GeauxTigers 81.8%/29.1%
#HailState 47.8%/2.6%
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws) (cont)
#Mizzou 69.2%/11.6%
#OleMiss 96.9%/41.4%
#SouthCarolina 31.2%/0.8%
#Tennessee #Vols 95.3%/35.6%
#TAMU #GigEm 99.0%/75.1%
#Vanderbilt #AnchorDown 2.3%/ <0.1%
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ウィン氏とのカジュアルな会合で、私はJeffrey EpsteinとBill Gatesについて私の気持ちを話し、GatesとGhislaine Maxwellには近づかないようにと
↓ 警告したので、私はいくつかのつま先を踏んでしまったと思ったのです。私はまた、イエス・キリストについてウィン氏に話をしました。
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Forged signatures on an election petition were intended to benefit MAGA Republican Dasha Pruett in the #PA01 primary. The local @BucksGOP & @BucksDA have remained mum. My interview w/ @cmychalejko, Editor In Chief at @BucksCoBeacon. #ElectionIntegrity 1/
The story has yet to be picked up by the 2 big daily news outlets, @Intelligencer & @CourierTimes, which have much broader circulation than @BucksCoBeacon & @levittownnow, which covered it. PA needs these larger outlets to report on this to create momentum 4 an investigation. 2/
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1. New county-level #risk indicators released by @CDCgov last night.

Here's your look at weekly #transmission levels since Feb 24.

After looking much better in March, we're continuing to see rates of newly reported cases increasing in most US regions.
2. But, as has been the case for a while, when basing risk level on #hospitalization rates and hospital capacity, at least visually, the story is very different.
3. This shows CHANGE in each metric yesterday compared to 1 week prior. Many more places worsening than improving.

14% of the population worsened on the hospital-based measure; only 1% improved.

23% of the population worsened on the transmission-based measure; only 6% improved.
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1/10) Prior to last week's #Uranium sector retreat😱 #Nuclear fuel consultants UxC & TradeTech forecasted deep multi-year U supply deficits with 200M lbs demand vs 135M lbs mined #U3O8 supply + 25M lbs of Secondary Supply that will be dropping due to pivot from #Russia⚠️ A🧵4U👇2
2) World #Nuclear Association was reporting 439 operable reactors (392 GW) + 56 more under construction (62GW)⚛️🏗️ with 26 expected to come online this year & next.⚡️🌞 96 more in advanced planning/ordered + 325 proposed🧾 for projected +2.6%/yr growth rate↗️🏗️🤠🐂 #Uranium🧵👇3
3) On Monday #Pakistan announced that a new 1100MW 'Hualong One' #Nuclear reactor built with #China had begun commercial operation⚛️⚡️ which will consume circa 0.5Million lbs of #U3O8 #Uranium per year delivering #CarbonFree #electricity for the next 60+ years.🌞🇵🇰⛏️🤠🐂 🧵👇4
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#GrandRapids #Michigan
Large demonstration outside of the police department after recent fatal OIS.

Via @zerosum24 police in riot gear make an appearance and a couple of projectiles are thrown amongst yelling. Some members in the crowd yell “stop it” when this occurs.
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#GrandRapids #Michigan
Bodycam video.

Guy was fighting with the officer and grabbed his taser prior to the bodycam deactivating in the struggle.
Dashcam - shots fired out of view.
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So some interesting things have surfaced in the last few weeks that I want to share. Be patient with me, I’m slow & get interrupted a lot. But, I think it’s worth it to share this information before the mid-term elections.

😃 Please don’t forget to vote in November…💙
This article from 04/06/2022 has been weighing on my mind…it’s regarding the #RockbridgeNetwork, defined as a coalition.

What is a “political coalition” in the US?
Not much. It’s basically a verbal, non-regulated agreement to finance an agreed upon political agenda.
While #RockbridgeNetwork is being considered a “new GOP coalition”, it isn’t, think #CambridgeAnalytica. Plus, it is not the only “new GOP coalition” popping up before mid-term elections. #ChestnutStreetCouncil has been started by Matt Schlapp, think #KochNetwork
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Ready for the #CFB Analytics Spring Top 40? Here we go. This Power Ranking is derived from a model which utilizes full Coach Staff efficiency metrics, roster talent, & returning production among other metrics. No opinion here, I just regurgitate the numbers. #NoOpinionJustNumbers
40 #Kentucky #BBN #SEC Power Rating: 61.726
Returning Production for the Wildcats may be a problem. At 39.72%, it puts them at 113th in the country. The schedule is manageable tho drawing Ole Miss & Miss State out the West. #CFB
39 #Washington #PurpleReign #Pac12
Power Rating: 62.271
Really like the new coaching staff in Seattle. Should put them in a better position to win. Roster talent purge from the prev regime will have an early effect (last 2 classes were 39th, 86th) but the ship has been righted.
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This persons name is Mikey Wolter he’s a Senior at P-CEP (Plymouth Canton Educational Park) Which is located in Michigan. He is also on the football team. This is why black students are so uncomfortable at school because of students like this. #pcep #Michigan #student #racist
@PCCS_Official you must take action immediately. Black students are counting on you to ensure their safety.
For those wondering his birth name is Micheal Wolter. His jersey number is 79 and he’s a senior. He also plays baseball. I put some additional information below. Image
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As we all wake up to this outrage happening in #Tennessee I would like to inform you that #California , #Washington #Wyoming #NewMexico ##oklaed #Mississippi #WestVirginia #michigan #Massachusetts have no specified minimum age to marry after exceptions. Child married is an issue
Across the #Unitedstates it happens in every community, culture and religion ALL ethnicities. I am begging you to please take this opportunity to learn about and help to #EndChildMarriage not only in #Tennessee but in every state. I would like to never have to stand in a room
Full of strangers and painfully share about my experiences of being married at 15 to my 43 year old abuser and plead with legislators to close this dangerous loophole that ensnares 1000s of children each year.
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Today we release a new #study for @votesolar that looks at #electrifying and #decarbonizing #Michigan's #economy by 2050. A thread 🧵!
We computed 3 scenario pathways:
1) Duplicated three utilities IRPs
2) Clean economy by 2050 using utility generation
3) Clean economy by 2050 using both utility & distributed generation (via co-optimization)
Main results (1)
Lower costs for customers ($773 p/a for res. + comm. & $70K p/a for industrial) compared with IRP.
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Wieder was zum Schmunzeln.

Die 3 Kandidaten der #Republikaner für den posten des Generalstaatsanwaltes von #Michigan (#USA) sprechen sich gegen die Entscheidung des Urteils im Fall Griswold v. Connecticut aus.

Dies erlaubt die Schwangerschaftsverhütung in der Ehe. /TN
Denn erst seit 1965 ist es in den #USA straffrei, in der Ehe Verhütungsmittel einzusetzen.
Für unverheiratete volljährige Personen gilt dies erst seit 1972. /TN
Bevor hier einige Schnappatmungen bekommen:
Bei Griswold v. Connecticut handelt es sich um ein Grundsatzurteil des obersten Gerichtshofes.

Untergeordnete Gerichte müssen die Entscheidunen in ähnlich gelagerten Fällen so anwenden, wie sie das übergeordnete Gericht vorgibt. /TN
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👏👏👏 "Phone rates for prisoners will drop down to 21 cents per minute down from 91 cents per minute. The move comes as part of a mandate from the @FCC requiring lower fees for prisoner phone calls." #PhoneJustice…
"A 2014 study of incarcerated women found that those who had any phone contact were less likely to be reincarcerated within the five years after release. In fact, phone contact had a stronger effect on #recidivism compared to visitation." #PhoneJustice
#Michigan families bear the costs of prison and jail phone calls, paying tens of millions to talk to their loved ones. #PhoneJustice
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6 y.o. Caden Joseph Quigley from Ann Arbor #Michigan passed away from COVID on Nov 18, 2021. He was born with hydrocephalus and spina bifida which made him more susceptible to the virus. #PediatricSoulsLostToCovid…
His mom wrote, "He wasn't eligible for a lung transplant from all his chronic illnesses he had & wouldn't have survived even through it."
"We decided to take the ventilator out as I thought he was just suffering & could see it in his eyes & have Caden surrounded by Family & let him pass peacefully & as painless as we could"
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/01/2022…
Omicron's wave is at least 386% taller than delta's—and it's crushing hospitals | Ars Technica…
#OmicronVariant, #transmissibility, #HealthCareSystemCapacity
How can battery-powered aircraft get off the ground?…
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going to summarize this as best I can, I hope some people find this useful (🧵)
1. Establish rapport - I've found in past month that most unvaxxed people with #COVID19 are not inherently bad people - they get bad information from @FoxNews , etc. - don't be dismissive off the bat
You want to ask them why they didn't get vaccinated, where they get the info about whatever treatment (ivermectin, Vit C, etc.) and that gets to
2. Establish expectations early - tell them your hospital does not offer those treatments, because they have not been found effective
after extensive scientific evaluation. That you are going to provide the most evidence-based, established medical care after you've treated 3000+, 4000+ #COVID19 patients in your hospital.
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Wednesday's #Covid19 megathread makes an early start as there's so much news to bring you!

#Omicron takes centre stage in Europe with a raft of records (recap coming up), but #UK ministers are increasingly confident the NHS won't be swamped despite England's lack of restrictions
It turned out to be a terrible Tuesday, not just in #UK, which was just one of TEN European countries to hit all time high daily #Covid19 infection numbers.

#Cyprus #France #Greece #Iceland #Italy #Malta #Montenegro #Portugal and #Spain the others to set new records.
Concern in #Norway. The #Omicron wave looked to be beyond the peak; is it making a comeback or is it still delayed Christmas cases?
4,702 new #Covid19 infections, fewer than 100 down on last Weds.

Better health data. 315 in hospital, down 13 since y'day, although 120 are in ICU
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La prestigieuse Associated Press (@ap) a revu TOUS les cas de fraude soupçonnés dans les 6 Etats-clefs gagnés par #Biden et contestés par #Trump.
475 cas litigieux (pas tous pour #Biden). Sur 1 écart cumulé de 311 257 voix en faveur de #Biden...…
2. Bref, les administrations locales des élections ont rapporté tous les cas suspicieux et on aboutit, comme dans toute l'histoire US récente, à des suspicions de fraude minimes...
Détails par Associated Press en Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvanie, Nevada, Géorgie, Michigan.
3. Que dire alors?
Que toutes les plaintes en justice de #Trump et ses alliés (plus de 60) ont été déboutées quant à 1 fraude présumée?…
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