Yesterday, when I was talking about 2020 accomplishments, I forgot to mention the 19 interviews I produced on the Decarceration Nation Podcast @DNationPod

Was so great to talk to so many amazing and accomplished guests in 2020
The year started with an interview with my friend Val, who returned from over 40 years of incarceration last year...We talked about everything from his service in Vietnam to getting to vote for the first time…
Next I talked to a legendary activist, Lisa Fithian about her new book "Shut It Down"

Who knew, just a few months later, protests would break out across the entire country…
I was also lucky to talk with Judith Greene and Oliver Marino about immigration detention and incarceration during the Trump era and beyond…
Next I talked to my good friend @EdyHaney about her work at @REFORM and also about the crisis in Mississippi prisons…
I also talked to another formerly incarcerated brother, @Mikael_Mendoza about his work at @AntiRecidivism and @cut_50, as well as about the National Day of Empathy…
Next was my discussion with my good friend @janosmarton who, at the time, was running for DA in Manhattan (sadly, his campaign ended about a month ago)...But he did an amazing job!…
I was really excited to talk to @CNN correspondent, Epidemiologist, and former Michigan candidate for Governor @AbdulElSayed about his book "Healing Politics" and about the COVID crisis in prisons and jails…
Next I talked to Kyle Barry and Lara Bazelon about COVID in prisons and jails in California…
Given recent events, my discussion with @Oslerguy about pardons and commutations really could not have been more timely
One of my personal favorite episodes of 2020 was my interview with Fury Young about @DieJimCrow records, a label that exclusively produces the art of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated artists
One of the great pleasures of 2020 was getting to talk with my brothers @desmondmeade and @Volzie about @FLRightsRestore and the fight to ensure incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people can VOTE…
I was so happy to talk to my friend @Kaitlin__Owens at #CPAC about her work to ensure better treatment for incarcerated women across the country…
Was also a great pleasure to talk to another good friend @tolmanbrett at #CPAC, we may not agree often about politics, but we agree all the time about #cjreform and the need for forgiveness…
I was so excited to get to talk to Detroit activist @Combsthepoet and Professor @avitale about policing, surveillance, and facial recognition…
I care deeply about the presumption of innocence and about ending cash bail, it was wonderful to talk with my friend @arthurrizer and professor @mearest about their @square1justice paper on that subject…
In what has become an annual tradition, @SomilBTrivedi of @ACLU and I discussed the #criminaljustice cases covered by #SCOTUS during 2020…
Was a great pleasure to talk with @jhenryjustice about her book "Smoke but no Fire: Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened"…
One of the big pending issues in criminal justice reform is algorithms as part of our criminal justice system, was great to talk with @chels_bar of @medialab about technology and #cjreform…
Last but not least, it was amazing to talk with my good friend @A_S_Alexander, founder of @justcitydetroit in what has become a very popular episode…
Season Four of the Decarceration Nation Podcast starts on #MLKDay 2021 (January 18, 2021).

I have already recorded 9 interviews, excited to share the next season of the @DNationPod with you very soon!
I also want to thank @verainstitute for recognizing one of our Season Three episodes, my interview with @jformanjr, as one of the best Podcast Episodes of 2019 last year Image
Thanks to everyone for listening to the Decarceration Nation Podcast in 2020, I hope you will check us out in 2021!


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31 Dec 20

@JoeBiden MUST end the use of the Federal Death Penalty....It was LITERALLY part of HIS #cjreform plan during the was also LITERALLY part of the @KamalaHarris #cjreform plan

These were the promises they made, not some wild demand from outsiders
Don't believe me?

This is from the @JoeBiden campaign promises web page Image
Don't believe me?

This is from the @KamalaHarris #cjreform promises from her Medium page… Image
Read 7 tweets
31 Dec 20
Okay in 2020 Michigan:

* Passed the largest expansion of expungement ever (arguably ever in the United States)
* Passed all 20 pieces of legislation from the recommendations of the Task Force on Jails and Pretrial Incarceration
* Occupational Licensing reform
* SNAP reform
There was more, but it is actually possible that MILLIONS of people will be benefited by these changes and it all happened in a state with GOP control of the legislature and a DEM Governor

EVERY legislator and our Governor deserve a lot of credit for working together #mileg
Obviously, there is still a LOT of work left to do and we are dealing with a full-on COVID crisis in our prisons and jails.

117 people have died from COVID in Michigan prisons as of last night

We need the vaccine in our prisons and commutations for people at high-risk ASAP
Read 5 tweets
19 Dec 20

I am not sure who needs to hear this....but economic expectations for people coming back from incarceration are INSANE

1. When I got out, I had $10,000 in court costs, fines & fees, charges per day from when I was in jail awaiting transfer to prison etc.
2. In addition, when I was incarcerated, the State of Michigan found out I had money in a bank account and took it as part of paying the price of my incarceration (well over $1,000)
3. After I was released, I was forced to wear an electronic monitor for nearly two years....I am still paying the cost of that was over $6,000
Read 20 tweets
18 Dec 20

A huge thank you to everyone in the Michigan Legislature....all 20 bills created out of Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration have now passed and are headed to @GovWhitmer for her signature

An amazing accomplishment #mileg

As a result of this work...

People will not be incarcerated because of drivers license suspensions unrelated to dangerous driving, this is one of the largest drivers of incarceration in Michigan

Officers will be able to give citations in lieu of arrest in many of not most misdemeanor situations....something I testified about in front of the task force myself.

Many jail mandatory minimums were eliminated
Read 13 tweets
17 Dec 20
It is not censorship when a company chooses not to endorse or distribute your messages....people are not compelled to support or endorse your speech on or using property they own
It is fair to ask why we have decided to make corporately owned platforms, in essence, the 'public square,' but that does not change the fact that these are corporately owned platforms....Twitter has every right (it is in the TIS) to comment or ban me (or anyone else)
If you went to Starbucks, and they had a bulletin board people were invited to use, and you chose to post a racist is not first-amendment protected censorship for Starbucks to take it down...if you put up a lie, they can contest what you said
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17 Dec 20

The WSJ story on Dr. Jill Biden was a troll (trolling for clicks)

The National Review story on Dr. Jill Biden is a troll

They say something offensive and outrageous to get attention, retweets, and to attain virality, it is literally the business model
When you give the story oxygen, when you make it a thing, when you actually retweet the are helping them make money and gain attention.

They do this on purpose
This also explains why all media - right and left - in a sense - work together....Right wing media says something we find offensive - left wing media goes crazy...left wing media says something the right finds offensive....right wing media goes crazy

It is co-productive
Read 6 tweets

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