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Hitler, Franco, & Mussolini all headed coalitions of Nationalist Fascist & Conservative factions, & all subscribed to a far-right ideology which we may call National Conservatism, & which involves scapegoating minorities & the Left as threats to 'Western Civilisation'. ImageImageImageImage
Should we be concerned that it was Britain's turn to host the National Conservatism conference aka #NatCon, aka the #NatC conference?

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that in May, the American hard Right came to England. Calvin Robinson did not speak at it. Image
Unlike in Hungary, where last year's gathering of Europe’s extreme-right figures was an offshoot of the Trump & Bolsonaro supporting US Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the NatCon conference here was backed by the Edmund Burke Foundation.

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Der ehem. Präsident des Verfassungsschutz und @CDU-Mitglied #Maassen hat ein Interview gegeben.

- Bevölkerungsaustausch
- geheime Netzwerke bestimmen die Politik
- USA kontrollieren die EU
- USA bestimmen über die politische Führung in Deutschland
- US-Stellvertreterkrieg Bild von Maassen bei der CP...
#Maassen war auf der #CPAC in Ungarn.
DEM Netzwerktreffen von Rechten, Rechtsextremen, Faschisten und Christofaschisten.

Im Anschluss hat er der #BudapersterZeitung ein Interview gegeben, welches tief blicken lässt.
Natürlich spricht Herr #Maassen über die bösen "Linken", über das ganz böse "wokeness" und, dass die @CDU/@CSU schon lange nicht mehr konservativ ist. Auch nicht unter @_FriedrichMerz.

Hier versucht er eine Verschiebung der Standpunkte.
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Eine Allianz extrem rechter Aktivisten und Funktionäre aus aller Welt trifft sich gerade zwei Tage in Budapest bei der #CPAC. Journalisten sind nicht gern gesehen, aber ich war drin und bin ziemlich überrascht, weil... Image
1. #CPAC(Conservative Political Action) ist eine Organisation der US-Republikaner,ein Flügeltreffen des Trump-Lagers.Warum CPAC in Budapest? Ungarn ist ein Vorbild, weil... als "christlich illiberale Demokratie" (Orbans Worte) vorbildhaft gegen "woke" und "gender" kämpft. Ungarn ist ein "Disneyland" der Rechten sagt mir ein ungarischer Beobachter:Eingeschränkte Pressefreiheit,Kampf gegen LGBTQ+-Rechte, gegen den "liberalen Virus"...
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Das Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) fühlt sich pudelwohl bei der #CPAC-Konferenz in Budapest mit Orbán, Babiš, Kickl und Maaßen. Jenes #MCC, das offizieller Partner des Auslandsbüros Ungarn der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung @KASonline ist. Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt…
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: SVB's investors will get $2b in public bailout money; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ An old fashioned corner bank. Its sign has been replaced wit
This Monday (Mar 20), I'm doing a remote talk for the @Ostrom_Workshop's Beyond the Web Speaker Series… 2/
SVB's investors will get $2b in public bailout money: Also, Silicon Valley is apparently a neighborhood in Manhattan?

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Faux Republican Ana Navarro suggests the GOP is nothing but grievance politics and falsely claims the GOP is "fighting black history."
"It's [about making] things up that enrage people ... that piss people off, that makes them feel oppressed," she shouted.
Screaming about @michaeljknowles' denouncement of the transgender ideology at #CPAC, Navarro claims he's going to get some killed.
And she defends kids being exploited at drag shows: "If you are against your children going to a drag show, don't take your children to a drag show"
Whoopi defends parents bringing kids to drag shows and falsely claims that a drag queen has never killed anyone.
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So America's very own Boris Johnson - Donald Trump - gave a speech to the far-right wingnuts & authoritarians at #CPAC filled with lies & wildly inaccurate claims about his own presidency, Joe Biden’s presidency, foreign affairs, crime, elections & other subjects.
Trump claimed that “killings are taking place at a number like nobody’s ever seen, right in Manhattan.”

Manhattan North: 43 reported murders in 2022 & 379 in 1990.

Manhattan South: 35 in 2022 & 124 in 1990.

NYC: 438 in 2022 versus 2,262 in 1990 and 1,927 in 1993.
Talking about rioting amid racial justice protests after the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020, Trump claimed he had been ready to send in the National Guard in Seattle. It's bullshit of course.
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A new proposed bill in Florida would not only grant the state the authority to seize trans-identifying children from parents if they receive treatment for gender dysphoria, but to seize kids if they are merely “at risk” of receiving such treatment.
The bill that would grant Florida the power to seize trans-identifying children receiving or likely to receive treatment for gender dysphoria is sponsored by Republican state senator Clay Yarborough, who is a follower of Christ. @Clay_Yarborough…
This comes as Daily Wire columnist @MichaelJKnowles called at #CPAC for the “eradication” of “transgenderism” from American life—a call to action that Knowles has insisted was not a Hitlerian call to arms to enact a genocide against trans people.
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🛡️#T3 - #QAnon Makes a Comeback
#dont March 4th, 2023 at #CPAC
Remember in Q Post 111 when he said:
"POTUS is our Savior"?🤣
Hey QAnon, go fuck yourselves, you're pathetic!
"that #BeautifulShot"🤣
Q born from Soviet #ProjectLakhta
Here's how team Q gets you committed to the program.
You suckers fell for this hook, line and sinker.
Here's #QAnon #RedPillRecruiting for Women.
Here's #QAnon #RedPillRecruiting for Your Wife.
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It ain’t about the name on the front: Trump, DeSantis, Cruz, McCain, Romney, etc.

It’s about the name on the back: ‘merica.

When we’re dumb, we let them make it about themselves. When we’re smart, we make them make it about us.

We can’t afford anymore dumb.
We have two pit bulls in this primary at least, when there were past years we weren’t sure we had any. And right when we need a proverbial killer, too! The absolute dumbest thing we could, then, is create an environment where we don’t make them truly show us the alpha dog.
They won’t do that to us. We will do this to ourselves, with silly high school BS. We want them to fight, but we need to supply the right piece of meat. Because we want whomever comes out of that cage ready for war.
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VIDEO THREAD: Tonight, fans of Nick Fuentes (who was kicked out of #CPAC for anti-semitism such as praising Hitler and Holocaust denial) gathered at the Residence Inn by Marriott National Harbor to see him speak across from CPAC.

The men yelled "Groyper! Groyper!" inside the……
The self-proclaimed security for the "Groypers" confronted photojournalist @zdroberts by approaching him up close and falsely whining "stop assaulting me with your camera!"

The man repeatedly misidentified him as another journalist out-loud, provoking the crowd to chant at him.
One of the men waiting to get into the "Groyper" rally showed off his suit to photog @zdroberts, noting that he wanted a "beautiful, 1930's style."

"What about the 1930's do you enjoy?" Zach asked him."

"Oh, all of it, especially the part where you all are dead," he replied.
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"Even before I arrive at the Oval Office I will have the war between Russia and Ukraine settled," predicts Trump, adding "it won't even take one day."
Biden "took it away and hid it," Trump says of his border wall.
"My wonderful travel ban is gone," adds Trump.
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Prosecutors want to "lynch" him for doing nothing and a great job, says Trump in #CPAC speech.
People are tired "of RINOs and globalists," continues Trump.
"If you put me back in the White House their reign is over," says Trump. "I am your warrior, I am your justice...I am your retribution."
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Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire says at CPAC that “transgendersim” should be “eradicated,” to thunderous applause.
@michaeljknowles @dailywireplus #CPAC #trans #transgender
@MichaelJKnowles’ insistence that there is no such thing as being transgender and his insistence that any acknowledgment of transgender people’s humanity or existence should be “eradicated from public life” lays bare conservatives’ intentions to ban trans care for all ages.
Many say that if @michaeljknowles of @dailywireplus had demanded at CPAC that homosexuality or Judaism be “eradicated”, this would be akin to Hitler’s Final Solution for Jews and gay people in Nazi Germany. They hear in his call to eradicate transgenderism a call for mass murder.
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Lake says "every man woman and child knows that." Face check: Most REPUBLICANS don't think the election was stolen.…
Lake says "How many of you lost a client or to a friend or two, maybe a family members may become estranged because of this?" #CPAC
Lake calls King George, the "original globalists" and calls 1776 the "Original Brexit" and gives a shout out to Nigel Farage.
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Minutes ago at CPAC, Trump just said “Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan would have never in a million years happened under Trump.”In the end, Trump was a pacifist willing to trade market stability and egregious human rights abuses for his precious (and failed)trade deal.With advisors 1/3
like Mnuchin, China Inc. was always safe. Individuals like Pottinger, Turpin, Lighthizer, Nikakhtar, Kissel, Krach, Bethel, Dabbar, Mattis, Johnston, Wray, and many more did ALL OF THE GOOD WORK countering the CPC at every turn. (I’ve certainly left some off this list). 2/3
Trump and Mnuchin worked against the China team at every turn. His comments at CPAC confirm his personal position. @POTUS45 #China #Pacifist #Trump #CPAC 3/3
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BREAKING: Young GenVoters drop “PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS” banner at #CPAC hotel where Trump Republicans are conspiring to overthrow the will of the people & take away our freedom to vote, learn, & love ✊🏽 #protectourfreedoms #genvoterising
Today, we sent a message: We defeated Trump. We will defeat Trumpism. Join us →… #ProtectOurFreedom
📣 We WILL remove Trump Republicans from power and defeat anyone who tries to take our freedoms.

TODAY we dropped flyers @ 1st day of #CPAC & sent a message to the Criminals Perpetrating an Authoritarian Conspiracy (CPAC) that our generation will #ProtectOurFreedoms this Nov 😤
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Thread: Rechtsextremes Vernetzungstreffen von #Rassisten aus der ganzen Welt in #Ungarn bei der #CPACHungary2022 (Conservative Political Action Conference). Wir richten einen kritischen Blick auf die Veranstaltung, die erstmals in #Europa stattfand. #CPAC #CPACHungary 1/x CPAC Hungary 2022
In äAmerika werden die Veranstaltungen der #CPAC überwiegend von US-RepublikanerInnen #GOP, #Trump-UnterstützerInnen, christlich Fundamentalisten und #Rassisten besucht. 2/x
#Orban, der Hauptredner der Veranstaltung, stellte seinen 12 Punkte Plan bei seiner Eröffnungsrede vor: „Hungary first, America first“, so der Slogan des nationalistischen ungarischen Ministerpräsidenten. 3/x
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Heading to Budapest today to cover #CPACHungary where American conservatives will come to learn how to be better conservatives by listening to authoritarian Hungarian leader Victor Orban, who will give the keynote speech
At least the weather in Budapest is better
#CPACHungary is taking place in a newly built shopping centre/conference centre know locally as "The Whale"
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We learned a few names who will be attending #CPAC Hungary in late may, according to MTI: former Republican senator Rick Santorum, former Czech president Vaclav Klaus, head of the Freedom Party of Austria Herbert Kickl, and head of the Belgian Vlaams Belang Tom Van Grieken.
The state news agency adds that "the event will also be attended by MPs and MEPs from Austria, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, and US congressmen. US media personalities Ben Ferguson and Candace Owens have also accepted invitations." #CPAC #Hungary
The conference will be joined online by British politician Nigel Farage, head of Spain's VOX party Santiago Abascal, and US media personality Tucker Carlson #CPAC #Hungary
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CPAC claims to be the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the nation.

I’ve always been happy that #CPAC included the discussion of abortion and prolife speakers, and have spoken twice at the conference. Once pregnant and once as a new mom.
I have served on the Social and Cultural Planning Committee for CPAC, where a small group of leaders meets to compile topic and speaker ideas and submit them to CPAC. These always seemed to be considered and many accepted.

But not this year.
Oddly, this year, not a single speaker or session focused on abortion.

Not one on the threat to women's sports

Not one on religious liberty

Not one on family, marriage, sex trafficking, pornography, etc...
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4634: Trump's Tick-like Nonverbal Behavior. #Trump #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #CPAC
2/ The shoulder-shrugging and neck foreshortening (colloquially referred to in the video as 'twitching') is a subconsciously-driven, tick-like response Trump exhibits with extremely high frequency when he mispronounces words — and then tries to ad lib his way out of the mistake.
3/ This verbal-nonverbal-verbal cluster behavior is similar to a person coughing whilst simultaneously moving their chair position and/or shifting their buttocks in their chair immediately after farting — in an effort camouflage an embarrassing faux pas.
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Josh Mandel is going hard on election fraud. “I believe this election was stolen from Donald J Trump” #CPAC
Now craven josh Mandel says we should audit the vote in all of the states and have Photo ID for voting 😵‍💫😵‍💫
Josh Mandel wants to get rid of all voting machines
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Rubio closing his #CPAC remarks, which were mostly about Marxism/cancel culture, with some Ukraine talk: "The one thing I think everyone can agree upon is that the people of Ukraine are inspiring to the world... these are people saying, we refuse to be Putin's slaves."
"The pendulum is swinging, and I believe we are on the precipice, on the verge, of a reinvigoration of the American spirit... and let's keep CPAC in Florida!"
Rep. Jim Banks up now; Mercedes Schlapp asks about him getting suspended from Twitter. "I called a biological man a man, and I got kicked off Twitter. I imagine it's happened to you, as well." (Background here:…)
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