" . . one government rules everyone and everything, following the same organising principle everywhere under its control, working to advance and perpetuate the supremacy of one group of people – Jews – over another – Palestinians. This is apartheid." theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
This is not just a Jewish/Palestinian problem, but a fundamental problem with the very nature of the state itself.

Like ALL #NationStates, Israel is an Orwellian construct, based on lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation.
What characterises Israel, in contrast to most other countries, its that the lion's share of rewards & intimidation are divided along strict, ethnic lines.

The solution is to be found in a much better understanding of evolved human nature & tribalism, which academics sadly lack.
Academics lack such an understanding, because, in overreaction to Nazism & its manipulation & abuse of German tribalism for its own evil purposes, they made a virtue of demonising & weaponising human tribalism, instead of seeking to understand it.

• • •

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12 Jan
If the British government, state & establishment are determined to replace Britain's Native population with migrants & refugees, it might as well be with East Asians, who have a significantly higher average IQ than many other races, including our own.
If I were pursuing a career in academia, politics or the media, I wouldn't dare make a comment such as I have above, since it would cost me dearly, probably my career itself, since any reference to race differences, real as they are, is taboo.

This taboo is extremely unhealthy.
That academics especially should be deterred from broaching certain truths is especially egregious, since this is what they are supposed to be good for: uncovering & understanding the truth about whatever it is they choose to study.
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11 Jan
#ClimateChange is just a SYMPTOM of the CANCER that is our growth-dependent, grossly materialistic, mercenary, rapacious & driven global economy, that has produced countless million- & billionaires, but is inherently unsustainable on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet.
I've not read Michael Mann's book, but I doubt that it goes to the heart of the matter, i.e. of this cancer, as I have done.

🎶Who wants to be a millionaire?🎶

We ALL do! Or better still, a multi-millionaire or billionaire!

It's our values & priorities that are all wrong.
And so long as we continue to admire the super-wealthy (be it #BillGates, #ElonMusk or whoever), these values will not change & the cancer will continue to grow, until it kills us, i.e. our civilisation.
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11 Jan
Twitter's co-founder & CEO, #JackDorsey is committed to woke ideology of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which is rooted in #CriticalRaceTheory, as espoused by #IbramKendi (whose institute he has donated $10m to) & #RobinDiAngelo.
This ideology is also rooted in Jewish trauma at the hands of the Nazis, whose criminally insane ideology of racial purity & supremacy it goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of, promoting #RacialMixing & contempt for #WhiteIdentity - on which America was founded.
Hitler is getting his revenge on White America & Britain for having foiled his plans for world domination, while Ashkenazi Jews have internalised his hatred for them & directing it, not just at themselves, but at their entire White, European race.
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11 Jan
#Wikipedia: "Since 1996, 27 January has officially been a Day of Remembrance for the Victims of National Socialism in Germany."

The Nazis called themselves National Socialists because masters of propaganda. They embraced nationalism & socialism because of their popularity.
Nationalism & socialism were popular for good reason: both are deeply rooted in evolved human nature & tribalism, which the Nazis manipulated & abused for their own evil purposes, in misconceived overreaction to which, Western academia demonised nationalism & tribalism.
Academia did not demonise socialism, because academics themselves were, & continue to be, very supportive of it.

Understandably, given that humans are inherently tribal & thus naturally inclined towards social justice & sharing within their tribe. I repeat: within THEIR tribe!
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11 Jan
The #WarOnWhiteness is a #WhiteSupremacist "conspiracy theory", which opposes social & racial justice, many would argue, & it does seem absurd that White elites would wage war on their OWN race, but I have an explanation for this madness.
Madness is what it is, & it will destroy Western civilisation itself (& not just Whites, but much of humanity & of our planet's biodiversity) if allowed to continue.

It is explicable in the very nature of civilisation itself & the states which comprise it.
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10 Jan
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying

Looking at society from an evolutionary perspective, it is clear to me that civilisation perverts & corrupts evolved human nature & that the primary role of the state is to facilitate society's self-exploitation.
To the personal advantage of its elites & favoured (esp. wealthy & academic/formerly priestly) clients at the expense of society at large & future generations. Image
America's founders lacked an evolutionary perspective & could thus have no understanding of this.

They did understand, however, that it would be difficult enough forging a nation from different European peoples of the same race, without trying to include people from other races.
Read 4 tweets

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