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Prof ⁦@CamaraJones⁩ said we have to be *actively* #ANTIRACISM (rather than antiracist).

She said the 4 roots of #RacismDenial are ⤵️

1️⃣ Narrow focus on the individual
2️⃣ A-historical stance
3️⃣ The myth of meritocracy
4️⃣ White supremacist ideology
Roots of #RacismDenial by Prof @CamaraJones

1️⃣ Narrow focus on the individual
▪ Self-interest narrowly defined
▪ Limited sense of interdependence
▪ Limited sense of collective efficacy
▪ Systems and structures as invisible or irrelevant
Roots of #RacismDenial by Prof @CamaraJones

2️⃣ A-historical stance
▪ The present as disconnected from the past
▪ Current distribution of advantage/disadvantage as happenstance
▪ Systems and structures as givens and immutable
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Since this platform is now filled to the brim with Nazis, here's a giant thread of antiracist and antifascist memes and art.

Bookmark, retweet, throw into the gc, stock up, enjoy.

1/69 Text: "Block out the s...The words "support you...A goose holding a black fla...Bernie Sanders in a black b...
3/69 Antifa is good. "Antifa is good"Four panel of frog characte...Antifa chad wojak talking t...Dog from the "everythi...
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Happening NOW!

Follow this🧵for live tweets of the #Barnraising panel discussion feat. @DrCMBoraas @UshmaU @ajeanstevenson Dr. Suzanne Bell & Dr. Siri Suh! @minnpop #abortion #healthequity
Dr. Siri Suh is faculty at @BrandeisU & teaches Sociology of Reproduction.

Last fall after the #Dobbs decision, enrollment in this class doubled. Shows interest but also alarm in the aftermath of overturn of #RoevWade. @minnpop #Barnraising #abortion
Dr. Siri Suh's research area is post-#abortion care in Senegal, which is a country where abortion is prohibited.

Recently, she has focused on use of misoprostol & working to decolonize reproductive health knowledge in Sub-Saharan Africa. @minnpop #Barnraising #healthequity
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1/ Black professors are less than 5 percent of all tenured professors in the U.S. I am a Black tenured Associate Professor.

So read this. A university, which I will name University A (school of public health) expressed interest in me joining as faculty. Image

2/ University A is not ranked in the top 30 of R1s. My current institution is ranked in the top 20.

University A told me that I would not be able to be an Associate Professor or tenured if I joined as faculty even though I already hold that position. Image

3/ University A said that I would “need two R01s” in order to be tenured and and Associate Professor, despite the well established NIH funding gap.

Black investigators are nearly half as like to get funding compared the White investigators. Image
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🚨 @theNASEM have just released a historic new consensus study titled "Advancing #Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI) in #STEMM Organizations". As a member of the committee, here are 8 reasons why I think you should read/share/discuss:…
1) It gives context: Rather than assume knowledge, it begins with the history of racism in the US and how it impacts every system and sector of this country, including science and medicine. Yes it's a scientific consensus study but history needs to be acknowledged & understood
2) Numeric representation is not enough: The report establishes that until #STEMM organizations intentionally make changes to redress disparities and establish welcoming & supportive environments, increases in diversity will not be sustainable and won't truly be equitable.
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Thought I'd share my (working) definition of anti-racism that I've been using in my recent talks. Feel free to use with appropriate acknowledgement.

The reason for my definition is that I found many of the existing ones incomplete or not direct enough.
An explanation of the emphasis. White supremacy is bolded because it is the global phenomenon that organizes racism. Words/phrases that are bold, italicized, and underlined indicate actions/processes that need to occur for antiracist praxis (in my view), and the words
that are only underlined are specific points of emphasis that further distinguish my definition. Specifically, there is a reasonable case that white supremacy "harms" white people but it is indirect and less severe than other groups. I also use the phrase harmed by
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This is something I’ve wanted to say to well-meaning liberal white women who are in senior positions for a while. I’m saying it now because my voice has been freed after winning the book award recently.
Dear liberal white women: I know that often you try to support and promote women of color as part of your commitment to #antiracism. It is great that you do this, but:
You need to understand that women of color are not a monolith, and that white supremacy in many institutions makes some women of color fight against others women of color to gain the attention, validation and praise of senior white people.
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#DavidAaronovitch & the media outlets he works for, which includes #TheBBC & @thetimes, have an AGENDA, which they never talk about, at least, not publicly, & I'm pretty sure that if one broached the issue with any of them they would deny it.
Maybe they are not consciously aware of it themselves. I have no way of knowing. Most of what motivates us lies in the subconscious, which censors what it allows to become conscious.

This agenda is the ideology of post-racial multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism.
It's an ideology that arose in misconceived, #NeverAgain, response to the evils of Nazi ideology of racial purity & supremacy, which it goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of. It's a self-destructive ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred.
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I'm @RRHDr, a #healthequity researcher & the Founding Director of @CARHEumn. My work seeks to manifest racial justice & liberation by making the invisible visible. This means that I start from the premise that racism is a fundamental cause of health inequity. #HardemanTakeover
Today I'm taking over @ia4phs to talk about #structuralracism and health from methodological innovation for measuring racism to its manifestations in our society from abortion access to policing. Structural racism as a #populationhealth crisis. #HardemanTakeover
Structural racism is a public health crisis, but it's also a FIXABLE problem!

Earlier this year @CARHEumn & @minnpop hosted an event on the measurement of structural racism. A product of that event was this 🔥 reading list. #HardemanTakeover
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This is why this is an awkward position for Omar Sachedina and an awkward way of beginning his tenure. And that’s how it was played by corporate. Corporate diversity decisions are still based on white supremacy. The fact they can use our identities as chess pieces is that
The Liberals did the same when choosing gender over race for cabinet. Our identities are used as pieces on a chess board as appropriate for corporate branding exercises. It’s still white supremacy as mainly white men are making those decisions #cdnmedia
This is why #diversity is not #antiracism. It’s still a plantation, with white men at 🔝 and the rest of us scrambling for scraps from Massa’s table, putting us in opposition to each other on purpose. The power players lend power to one “faction” over another but can take it back
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May 19, Eva Davis of @JohnHoward_Can #Ottawa came to our #AntiRacism Working Group to talk about project at 500 Lisgar. Several members of #Housing #Affordability Working group joined the meeting and we had a great presentation and discussion on project and supportive housing 1/
@CentretownCCA board voted to sign on #StartsWithHome campaign lead by @OttawaAlliance mid February. We voted May 2022 to continue as a member of @OttawaCBN after signing on as a founding member of LeBreton Flats Community Benefits Coalition #cba4lebreton in 2019.
This project was initiated by @ottawacity under #Federal Gov't #RapidHousingInititiave Major City Stream admin by @CMHC_ca. The 28 units is part of 109 units under 4 projects for $31.9M allocated to #Ottawa to help the Jan 2020 declared #homeless and #housing #emergency. 3/
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🧵At last night's Debate, Doug Ford was directly asked by @MikeSchreiner whether he would support Bill 86 (tabled by the NDP)-London Family Act-to fight Islamophobia and racist hate, notably, by the creation of an Anti-Racism Advisory and Advocacy Council. No response. #ONelxn
The Act developed after a the killing of a London, Ontario family last June. It also calls for a ban on Queen's Park protests that fuel racist, homophobic, transphobic or xenophobic hate, and prevent white supremacy groups from registering as societies. Ford diverted, saying...
that he has helped fund security outside mosques, after the meaningless statement: "there is no room for racism in Ontario." This is nothing without legislative action. #AntiRacism
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Symbolic solidarity or virtue signaling? Major paper alert on #antiracism in #meded 🚨🚨🚨…

Led by @allison_brown99 and with a stellar team of coauthors @auguste_emma912 F Omobhude and N Bakana
We sought to examine the initial statements published by academic medical organizations in response to societal concerns about systemic, anti-Black racism.

Through discourse analysis of statements from US and Canadian medical schools and academic organizations we learned:
There was

tension between what was explicit v implied. a lack of critical reflection

lack of commitment to institutional accountability to specifically address anti-Black racism

Academia expressed “shock” about racism that was hardly shocking for many communities
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According to Wikipedia, "Cultural Marxism is a far-right antisemitic conspiracy theory".

Wikipedia, having itself been captured by cultural Marxist ideology, would, of course, say this.

It would be interesting to know HOW Wikipedia was captured, & by WHOM. Image
It would be interesting to know, but I don't want to get bogged down in concerning myself about it, because ultimately it doesn't really matter. What matters is that cultural Marxist ideology poses an existential threat, not just to the #WhiteWest, but to humanity at large.
The historian A J Toynbee observed that ALL successful civilisations ultimately commit suicide, which is what our own, now global, civilisation is also doing, with cultural Marxism playing a major role in it, which cultural Marxists themselves, of course, fail to recognise.
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The British state & establishment, incl. civil service, #TheBBC & Parliament, are all beholden to the Orwellian & moral-supremacist ideology of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which goes to the opposite & equally insane extremes of Nazism.
That this ideology goes to the opposite extremes of Nazi ideology of #RacialPurity & supremacy is no coincidence, but forms the basis of its claim to moral authority & thus POWER. Anyone opposing it is cancelled as a neo-Nazi, fascist, bigot, xenophobe or RACIST.
This is why a large, rational & democratic majority has been powerless to prevent the madness of mass immigration into our already overpopulated country, & its demographic transformation. All opposition was, & continues to be, demonised as RACIST.
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Be proud of who you are.

Anyone who calls a socialist an enemy of ordinary people is an enemy of ordinary people – because socialism is precisely about protecting ordinary people.

Lie about that and what else will you lie about?

Anyone who calls a socialist an enemy of the economy is an enemy of the economy – because any fool knows the economy's real enemies are those who strip away its assets and hoard away its wealth.

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The murder of #DavidAmess MP has been officially declared a "terrorist act", but what does that mean?

Was it also a "racist act"?

When a White man kills a non-White it's always "racist" (e.g. #GeorgeFloyd), but when a non-White kills a White person, it never is.

Why is this?
It is because Britain, America & most other Western "democracies" embraced an ideology of White racial self-denial & self-contempt, in a pathologically misguided, #NeverAgain, response to the evils of Nazism, the Nazis having all been White.
How can citizens of a democracy be persuaded to embrace an ideology of racial self-denial & self-contempt?

First, by not being a true democracy, but an Orwellian construct of lies & deceit, supported by a regime of rewards & intimidation.
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Multi-racial society has been imposed on Britain via the Orwellian & moral-supremacist ideology of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of Nazi ideology of racial purity & supremacy.
Just as the Nazis had to hide from the German people what they were actually doing with the Jews, i.e. murdering them, so too must the British state hide what they are actually doing with Native, White, Britons, i.e. replacing & racially mixing them out of existence.
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Starting off #AAP2021 w #PEM #SOMHEI joint session to hear @DrTiffJohnson’s talk on racism and child health - can’t screenshot anything but will try to live tweet!
Some background info: Dr. Johnson’s prior talk @ChildrensNatl Grand Rounds… #AAP2021
More resources about disparities especially in #PEM…

Shoutout to @ElysePortillo and @monikagoyal123 among others in this special issue
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Must listen for anyone involved with #equity #antiracism work in #meded and beyond. #RIME #AAMC21 A few highlights...
It is fantastic to see a growth of scholarship related to inequity, racism, and justice in #MedEd. Research can help us gain a deeper understanding and both papers we featured use innovative methods to help generate knowledge with important implications. /1
First is the paper by Drs. @DrTashaWyatt @DrTarynMD White, and @MCGpharmacprof They explored the effects of #racialviolence on Black trainees/physicians using the concept of #racialtrauma and constructivist grounded theory. /2…
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Apakah itu “bahasa kebangsaan”? Pengiktirafan bahasa vernakular menjadi duri dalam daging kepada politik kebudayaan Malaysia. Adakah mempunyai lebih daripada satu medium komunikasi rasmi satu solusi? Apakah kepentingan bahasa dalam mempromosikan keharmonian kaum di Malaysia?
Kami bersama Imagined Malaysia sedang bekerjasama untuk Projek #TanpaPerkauman: Sejarah Antirasis Malaysia, sebuah kempen yang bertujuan untuk memperkukuh kualiti wacana sejarah Malaysia supaya lebih inklusif, tepat dan majmuk. Projek ini dibiayai bersama oleh @EUinMalaysia.
Kunjungi laman akaun kami setiap minggu untuk infografik terkini!

For the English version of this infographic, visit:…

#KitaBukanKami #Antiracism #Antirasisme
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Let's be clear about #BritishValues: They are the values of a moral-supremacist elite, who dominate British institutions (incl. Parliament, the BBC & academia), much as the medieval church once dominated all European institutions.
The core ideology of these moral supremacists, which goes to the opposite & equally insane extremes of Nazi racial ideology, is that of #PostRacial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism.

It's an ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred.
It's an ideology that is destroying Western Civilisation. Either we put an end to this madness, or it will put an end to us.
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400 years of #WhiteSupremacy in the West which the Orwellian & moral-supremacist ideology of #PostRacial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism is now putting an end to, along with Western civilisation itself.
Except, we haven't just had 400 years of #WhiteSupremacy in the West, i.e. in Europe, but at least 4000 years, Whites being indigenous to Europe.

The question is, why are Whites now being taught to deny & despise their own, European, race?
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