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@realDonaldTrump most of your tweets have capitalized letters, time stamps, phrases that include the gematria of [9], many times.

are you practicing black magic, sorcery, manifestation?

is this why both left & right defend [I]srael?

JESUS-CHRIST wins in the end.

#musk #trump #bts #israel
@realDonaldTrump the Book of Enoch speaks of the knowledge fallen angels made known to the "kings" of the earth, incl:
-stargate portal codes
-earths mathematical formulas
-sorcery & manifestation powers over all people, events, things

JESUS-CHRIST will destroy all "kings" soon!

#news #trump
@realDonaldTrump [evil] wants to ride #spacex starlink gateways/portals via the stars

we pray JESUS-CHRIST will destroy the [99] beast system & all who've practiced sorcery, selling their souls for knowledge, riches & kingdoms.

#musk #news #israel #iran #darktolight #bts #trump #china #usa
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@realDonaldTrump @BilldeBlasio with the POWER of JESUS-CHRIST all believers pray that You, God, will expose & Destroy all fake, lying, [I]rate & [I]mmature, followers of satan's beast system. no magick, spells, hex, Jinn, [99] gematria will overcome the POWER of JESUS-CHRIST & his believers. #news #trump #bts
@realDonaldTrump @BilldeBlasio believers pray JESUS-CHRIST will destroy all evil humans, beasts, stans, bots, entities, eyes, ai, sorcerers, demons, jinn, code & hex, especially ones hiding behind sheepskin & weak, failed [9] [99] [1619] [119] [113] [55] [211] [44] gematria..........

#usa #news #bts #trump
@realDonaldTrump @BilldeBlasio the Book of Enoch speaks of the knowledge fallen angels made known to the "kings" of the earth, incl:
-stargate portal codes
-earths mathematical formulas
-sorcery & manifestation powers over all people, events, things

JESUS-CHRIST will destroy all "kings" soon!

#news #trump
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This wheelchair can be controlled by facial expressions.
California’s report on #autonomous #vehicle tests doesn’t tell the full story.…
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Fabio Ciucci on LinkedIn [1/8]: #Putin said "the nation that leads in #AI will rule the world," not that "a rebel AI will rule the world starting with burning the nation that built such AI." #ArtificialIntelligence
Fabio Ciucci on LinkedIn [2/8]: If #Russia and #China lead on weaponized AI (and they could), other nations including the USA (whatever they deny) do it too, like with atomic bombs.
Fabio Ciucci on LinkedIn [3/8]: News: Google AI (#DeepMind #AlphaStar) finally became able to kill every pro-human at #starcraft2 war game too.
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I’m not under any fucking NDA and I’d be glad to tell you how @Tesla laid off my disabled veteran husband then cancelled his sign on bonus and every fucking penny of his 2018 performance bonus. #tesla #ElonMusk
We moved our family from NY to CA because we were thrilled to work for @Tesla and believed in the mission. My husband worked so hard and loved his job. He received high praise every year for his performance reviews. He was so proud of his job.
They laid him off at the end of the day. He was misled that his section, including him, was safe from lay offs. They took his laptop 10 minutes after he found out and he couldn’t save his personal files. They escorted him “walk of shame” to HR like a criminal. He was humiliated.
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2019 will be a critical year for @Tesla - here's what to expect from the automaker…
CEO Elon Musk's all-electric automaker will enter 2019 having produced and sold more vehicles than ever and the company could be well on its way to a half-million in cars delivered by the end of the year.
#ElonMusk will also be facing potential twin headwinds in 2019: An economic slowdown in the US; and the first stages of the 2020 national election. If the US auto market slips into a downturn, then #Tesla won't be spared some pain.
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Perfettamente inutili, dice @Barnard2018, «gli sproloqui di filosofi o intellettuali contemporanei», perché «non sanno nulla del motore che fa vivere o morire 7G di umani». Conclusione: tutto sta cambiando alla velocità della luce, e nessuno ce lo spiega.…
It's Already Too Late. At least not today.
The future we're building -- and boring.
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Elon Musk to be Sued !!

I hope the SEC also checks out #ELONMUSK Tunnel Boring Company too.

#WWG1WGA #Qanon #QArmy #MAGA #Q #QAnon8chan
The SEC Needs to look into his TUNNEL BORING COMPANY too.…
I hope the SEC looks into this company too.

#QAnon #Q #QArmy #Qproofs #WWG1WGA
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So a billionaire can smoke marijuana (supposedly a drug that's illegal to possess in the country) on camera while poor people of color can risk getting killed by cops just because they have loose tobacco cigarettes (a drug legal all over the country). #ElonMusk
I don't begrudge Elon Musk enjoying some marijuana on camera.

The fact is that he isn't risking his freedom by doing so. And Tesla's shareholders probably care far less about his pot smoking than Tesla's CFO quitting unexpectedly.
Under federal law, marijuana possession which impacts "interstate commerce" (which includes pretty much everything) is illegal, period; in theory, a US Attorney in California can indict Elon Musk.
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#SCOOP (thread): 13 rescue pods commissioned by #ElonMusk for the #ThailandCaveRescue have been flown to Thailand. They are designed to transport the boys by floating or submersion, and can also be used as a rescue sled. They are awaiting news about the rescue operation.
2/ Andrew Branagh of the northern California company Wing Inflatables states "The rescue pods are designed so they are like a belt chamber"
3/ Branagh says that when you turn the pods one way it allows them to float, and "when you turn them another way they sink."
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1 of 35. #TRUTH #TwitterStorm PLEASE read, #Share, and #Retweet this Very Important thread. Use it on 1/17/18. I will highlight key developments, based on my analysis of #QAnon and ACTUAL events. Many pointers to this, but original source to dig is here:
2. To interpret things:
- I will reference #QAnon material in these posts with {}.
- I will generally place my interpretations OUTSIDE of {} but will use parentheses within to help. Reference web link in post 1 to SEE original Q content.
3. #QAnon is REAL, VERY REAL. There's a massive effort by #DeepState to discredit or label #QAnon as a #LARP.
Q (1/14/18):
{Boards changed due to statements re: private comms - FALSE.
Boards changed due to failure to IDEN accurately.
Boards changed due to MISINFO…
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