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🇮🇷 In #Iran il regime le sta tentando veramente tutte per evitare che le proteste per la morte di #MahsaAmini, la ragazza di 22 anni uccisa dalla "polizia morale" per non aver indossato correttamente il velo, dilaghino in tutto il Paese.
Con scarsi risultati.
È come se a #Tehran si fossero messi in testa di fermare le onde del mare usando le mani.
L'ultima pensata? Limitare l'accesso ad internet, bloccare addirittura #WhatsApp e #Instagram.
Sono le mosse della disperazione di chi ha tirato troppo la corda, fino a spezzarla.
Il contagio della libertà è iniziato, potrebbe rivelarsi inarrestabile.
#AliKhamenei, tornato in pubblico dopo le voci sui suoi problemi di salute, non ha menzionato le proteste.
Ma mettere la polvere sotto il tappeto non servirà. Neanche se il tappeto è persiano. Image
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Regarding @elonmusk's twitter acquisition.

A thread.

@chancery_daily #Twitter #ElonMusk

1. Elon WANTS this deal to close (he just doesn’t want to get f’d over)
2. Elon is NOT one to play games (his online troll person IS NOT a barometer for how seriously he takes SERIOUS matters)
3. Twitter has NOT satisfactorily substantiated their bot/mDAU claims to @elonmusk

Assume above 3 points are true (I am adamant they are) even if you disagree. It will help you think clearly on this matter and see things from my perspective.
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"But the issue does not lie in Dauber’s questioned conflict-of-interest as he would like us to believe.
Despite arguments for the necessity of the OCR compliance review, Dauber has lost the support of The Campanile primarily because of his evasiveness "…
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Desdobramento na Tesla (TSLA34)📊🤔

As ações da Tesla (TSLA34) subiram nas negociações após o pregão desta quarta-feira (24), quando o desdobramento de ações da fabricante de veículos elétricos entrou em vigor📈
Esse foi o segundo movimento desse tipo em dois anos, enquanto a montadora mais valiosa do mundo procura tornar seu estoque mais acessível.
As ações da Tesla começaram a ser negociadas em uma base ajustada após o fechamento do mercado👇🏻
Com cada investidor ganhando cerca de duas ações adicionais sob o último desdobramento de ações, que foi aprovado pelos acionistas no início deste mês🧐
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Although moderating the time they spend is important, equally as important is managing what they are playing to ensure that this is having a positive impact on their digital wellbeing. Choosing games that will help them develop key skills that they can #ElonMusk #wwfc #VicKat… the game is beneficial, these could be puzzle games or games where they have to develop strategy to get through the game. Video games are created using persuasive design to encourage players to keep playing. With the addition of social media in many of… the newest games, interactions with other players is one more reason why players keep playing and want to play for longer. One of the first things to do to help your child balance their gameplay with their offline activities is to have a talk with
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♻️ 🆕 As we're making more progress on #TaraxaEcho, here's a quick explainer of what it does: 🧵👇
1/2 Accessing data and verifying users and data on social is getting out-of-hand:…

#TwitterBots #ElonMusk
2/2 #TaraxaEcho will put threads, chats, and engagement stats on chain:

✅ Accessible
✅ Trackable
✅ Quantifiable
✅ 100% trusted
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How to think in First Principles like Elon Musk🧵 Image
Individuals that employ first principles thinking are one step ahead as they plan and build for the future.

We start with multiple principles in life governed by our values, perceptions, belief system and how we learn to reason.
The principles may be sound when we first started, but questioning if they still apply requires debunking old theories and creating new versions of reality for ourselves.

It requires embracing a new mindset that identifies when our old way of doing things is obsolete
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The speeches about the capital that millionaires contribute in taxes and how much the poor and the middle class receive from this forced generosity, are a whole literary genre … 🙄 the millionaire factory of #myths 🙄
What's more, this genre is cultivated above all by those from below, as the principle of the genius of propaganda Edward Bernays says: “you should never say that what you want to sell is good, but make others say it”.
That the poor and the workers (oh! excuse the redundancy) defend the rich as kind donors, is the direct result of such a publicity strategy and, as Bernays himself knew, it is not just a massive inoculation but an exploitation of the weaknesses of the consumer, as is the desire
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My latest w/ @ordinarytimemag✍️
Betrayed by the Doge King:

The True Story behind Elon Musk's Attempted Buyout of Twitter🤯… #elonmusk #elonmusktwitter #ElonMuskTesla #tesla #tech @elonmusk #technology #news #politics @TaylorLorenz @conor64 @nickgillespie
Some may remember I was supportive of @elonmusk in & hoped his buyout of Twitter would enable more free speech online,

I promised that I would follow the truth as best I can, & after much research, this is what I found
#elonmusk #journalism #truth #tesla #stocks #memes
4months ago, Musk put the fear of God into Big Tech when he said he wanted to make Twitter a free speech platform.

After dodging all obstacles, right as he approached the finish line turned around & flipped the bird at all of his supporters🐦… @Timcast
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SEC' Division of Corporation Finance Office of Mergers & Acquisitions Sends Letter to Elon Musk. Elon Musk, in Letter Dated June 7, 2022, Responds to Comments of Staff of SEC Set Forth in Letter Dated June 2, 2022.
#Twitter $TWTR #ElonMusk
SEC in Letter to Musk Says As of June 2 Have Not Received a Response Clearing Required Legal Comments. #Twitter $TWTR #ElonMusk
SEC to Musk Says "if You Do Not Respond, We Will, Consistent with Our Obligations Under the Federal Securities Laws, Decide How We Will Seek to Resolve Material Outstanding Comments".
#Twitter $TWTR #ElonMusk
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As the world watches the Twitter vs #ElonMusk saga unfold, and questions, “What is happening?”, let’s take look at a question that’s been on many investors’ minds for a while - “What does #assetallocation actually mean, and why should I care?” (1/6)
The short answer (within 280 characters), is that asset allocation divides your investments across different asset classes like #equity, debt, #gold etc., in order to achieve a specific investment goal, at a certain growth rate. (2/6)
Why is this necessary? For starters, it ensures that you stay invested for the duration needed, while also helping you decide how much you should invest in sub-asset classes like #large-cap or #mid-cap equity, low duration funds or liquid funds. (3/6)
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Today is #WorldPopulationDay, which reminds us that while #ElonMusk is determined to contribute to increasing the population, he has also managed to upset the existing one, by backing out of the Twitter deal. Good thing that the markets were more stable, than Musk’s mood. 1/7
Talking about the “impending recession” seems to be the trend. So, it was a surprise last week, when both the #Sensex & the #Nifty went ↑ by almost 3%. Potential reasons? Maybe the cooldown in the prices of #commodities. This helps sectors like #Auto, #Realty, & #FMCG. 2/7
So naturally, both the #NiftyFMCG & #NiftyRealty were ↑ over 5%. #NiftyAuto was also ↑ 3.5%. In fact, every sectoral index was painting the town green. Global indices were also mostly up. The S&P 500 was ↑ 1.94% & the #NASDAQ100 ↑ by 4.6%. 3/7
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$TWTR. Hear me out 🧵. Please retweet. Musk had bought shares from Jan 31st to April 1st. I'm sure his average cost is much lower. At worst his average is 40.96 high of that period. He has roughly 73.5M shares. Now he has buyer's remorse and wants to use "Lemon Law" and back off.
I'm expecting $SPY $430s by Mid/late August. Last time $SPY was $430s - April 25th to May 5th. And $TWTR at it's high same time $51.62. I suspect Elon is going to perfectly time and dump some of $TSLA and all his 73.5M of $TWTR when $SPY reaches 430s and $TWTR close to $50. Image
But what if his average is actually close to like $35 - 2.58B? He can use his 73.5M shares of $TWTR to sell at high of the next rally, let's say $50 - 3.68B. He can actually get his initial investment back AND cover his $1B fine for the deal. Difference is roughly - 1.1B.
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Everyone seems to be surprised that #ElonMusk had backed out of the much-hyped $44 billion Twitter deal.

Remember this tweet? As early as May 2022, he had hinted about abandoning the deal if Twitter bots were not less than 5% of total users.
This is what #Twitter had to say a day before the Tesla CEO pulled the plug on the deal.

As per Musk's ardent fan from India @PPathole, the lack of transparency in the counting of bot accounts is to be blamed for the fallout of the #TwitterDeal.

He also alleged that bot accounts comprised more than 5%, and therefore called for a re-negotiated deal.
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✒️ El @martiesteve vol saber si hi ha cap aplicació per aprendre i millorar l'ús que fem dels pronoms febles. Sembla que n'hi ha una, anomenada Posa'ls. Per què caldria tenir-ne més a l'abast? 👇 Image
1⃣ Qualsevol eina digital que serveixi per millorar i promoure l'ús del #català és benvinguda. @llenguacatalana @gencatdigital @culturadigicat @VIAEmpresa
2⃣ Pel que fa als pronoms febles, em fa l'efecte que molts representants de la societat i institucions, a l'hora d'escriure i parlar, no els fan servir gaire. Per què? En tenim un bon grapat, de pronoms febles. Donen riquesa al català i el fan únic.
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🚨Important thread 🧵

major collection of wisdom

You must dig to apply the knowledge you can gain

#FlatEarth #Christians #Jesus #christ #Truth #Trump #elon #elonmusk #joerogan

Hearts electromagnetic field

Important to understand how valuable this is.

Water 💨🧊💧and frequency amplitude reveal precise geometric expressions ❄️ of the Aether

Sound and light are the same, waves, distorted descriptions manipulate the unity.


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#Frage unter #Followerpower
adressiert an Twitterer, welche nicht taeglich twittern:

Werden Euch auch komplett alle Interaktionen gestrichen, wenn ihr nicht taeglich schreibt?

Oder existiert hier e. algorithmisches Muster für #Ungleichbehandlung?

#Twitter & #SozialeSegregation
Seit 12 Jahren schreibe ich auf #Twitter zu Themen, welche durch eine #Interdependenz gekennzeichnet sind und daher in ihrer #Fragestellung auch nicht so schnell veralten.

Daher war es immer wichtig, auf aeltere #Interaktionen & #Threads bzw. Tweets verweisen zu können.

Seit dem Börsengang von #Twitter habe ich erlebt, wie es immer mehr Richtung gelenkter digitaler Kommunikation ging, denn schon vor Jahren begann die Ausblendung von Interaktionen der #Menschen, welche nicht folgen.

Dabei haette ich auch jenen Stimmen geantwortet!

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#Hypothese: Selbst ZDF-Mitarbeiter trauen ihren eigenen Augen und selbst langjährigen, engen Freunden nicht, wenn Dunja Hayali berichtet, sie hätte nur 20000 überwiegend radikale Menschen gesehen.
#Hypothese: das politisch-motivierte #Framing und die einseitige #Berichterstattung haben #Demonstrationen als einem der bedeutsamsten Mittel der #Meinungsfreiheit die Unschuld genommen.
#Hypothese: Wenn sich normale #Polizisten die Einsätze und Altionen ihrer Kollegen während der letzten 2,5 Jahren gegen #Corona-Maßnahmen-Kritiker ansehen, versinken die Meisten vor Schamesröte. Einer breiten Bevölkerungsschicht sind diese Vorfälle unbekannt.
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Reading about the non stop commentary about @Tesla & #India by @elonmusk i share the following.
Given that the Tesla is an expensive electric car i understand why they want to first sell before local manufacture.
However in the same breath when they talk of manufacturing in
#Indonesia i would also give the cold shoulder to these requests. Is the argument that Indonesia is a huge local market for expensive Tesla cars or that it will be a export hub? If the latter then why not India to manufacture? Exports don't entail any taxes including for imports.
Over 30 yrs of working with global companies I have realised this strange but true attitude barring exceptions. Manufacture in India is only when they see a huge market to sell their product in India at #American/#European prices with little or no taxes. They will gripe & groan
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My answer to To what extent do you think personality comes from genetics? Or is it all determined by one's upbringing?… comes 100%from genetics.But one is not alone or individual in this messed-up,world’s cosmopolitan human(?) social systems. One has to
adjust with everyone for existence.Therefore two more man-made factors 1.Nurturing i.e. upbringing and 2.Circumstances too interfere.And personality determined by combination of these three factors.
That is the reason,why human's are hypocrite ANIMALS.
And make right use of genetics,for better,flawless,deprived of crimes,wars,terrorism, atrocities,WORLD’s REAL, HUMAN SOCIAL SYSTEM.
Human_oneness concept Based on knowledge of life science. By Right Use Of Artificial Intelligence,And Networking System.That Will Help Save Last
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El presidente de Brasil, Jair #Bolsonaro, se reunirá este viernes en Sao Paulo 🇧🇷 con el multimillonario #ElonMusk, informó una fuente del gobierno, que negocia con el empresario un proyecto para llevar Internet a la selva amazónica.
👉 Más temprano, #Bolsonaro había dicho que tiene previsto una reunión de carácter "reservado" en Sao Paulo "con una persona muy importante que es reconocida en todo el mundo".
🇧🇷 El gobierno brasileño anunció en noviembre que estaba negociando un acuerdo con Musk para que su empresa Space X 🚀 proporcione internet satelital en la selva amazónica y ayude a detectar la deforestación ilegal.
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Die Affäre #ElonMusk ist übrigens längst nicht mehr harmlos. Habe schon Februar (vor der #Twitter-Kaperung) vor dem antidemokrat. #Dualismus des Rechtslibertären gewarnt. Damals verhöhnte er Kanada 🇨🇦 & #Trudeau durch eine Gleichsetzung mit #Hitler. (1/4)…
Im digitalen #Libertarismus werden Demokrat:innen & Republiken mit dem #Nationalsozialismus gleichgesetzt, im Deutschen z.B. durch #RolandBaader. Plus #Verschwörungsmythen breitet sich derzeit „Extremismus der Mitte“, libertärer #Antisemitismus aus! (2/4)…
In den USA 🇺🇸 begann der Niedergang der Republikaner (GOP) mit d. rechtslibertären #TeaParty-Bewegung, Vorläufer von #QAnon. Genau dorthin driftet nun auch #ElonMusk, wirft US-Demokraten Verschwörung vor, zahlte „Schweigegeld“, um Recht zu biegen. (3/4)…
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Dear World,

Recently a man of much wealth and so undue power & influence, @elonmusk, made a bizarre, senseless attempt to malign a drug, #BUPROPION (aka Wellbutrin/Zyban), which continues to profoundly benefit the lives, the functioning, of myself & others.

The potential implications of this must be addressed.

Of all the drugs on the market — some easy to get as candy (alcohol, cigarettes, vaping), others blithely prescribed, often irresponsibly (opioids, broad-spectrum anti-biotics) &

in some cases even seemingly maliciously (opioids, anti-psychotics) — why would he pick one that´s been in use since the ´80s, never had any controversy, helps a lot of people lose weight, and helps a lot of us THINK, PERCEIVE, COMMUNICATE, LEARN, and MOVE ABOUT.

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