1/ Federal agencies love to give the illusion they release documents to the public in complete collections.

Often, that's proven wrong.

Take the CIA #UFO documents released via #FOIA. Yes, the CIA has had UFO records online, but their archive appears to be incomplete.
2/ There are different ways to see the UFO document collection on the CIA's website, and you can see, the highest output of files is 415. The Black Vault, added 713.

They give the illusion they have it all online. But when you actually research it; it's not all there.
3/ Using the search term "UFO" yields quite a bit. However, looks can be deceiving. These are some of the "UFO" references in their search.

All unrelated and false hits. There's tons of them.
4/ Filing Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) requests also proves that collections are left incomplete; disseminating outdated information.

For example. An MDR w/ the NSA yielded this release more than SIX YEARS ago. You can see the NSA STILL disseminates the old one!
5/ The Black Vault aims to have the most comprehensive, complete and convenient archive of documents around. This is why I do what I do, as too many times, I've seen looks can absolutely be deceiving with agencies.

And "transparency" is generally nothing of the sort.

• • •

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5 Dec 20
1/ Hey Tim. There is nothing nefarious or sinister here. Should you ever decide to watch it when you are not so busy - you will see I was highly complimentary to @thedebrief for moving the needle forward, and reacted to the information you, as a journalist,
2/ were able to put out there.

As your friend, I was not going to try and pry information (that I could not use) out of you, as I wanted to not take advantage of that. Rather, I reacted like one of your readers, wearing my researcher hat, based on 24+ years of my own research
3/ and observations.

That said, my audience likes hearing analysis based on evidence they can see for themselves. If I, as a friend, could get more information beyond your article - that would be disingenuous to them by saying "I can't tell you but I know more than you."
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3 Dec 20
This is a "leaked" photo of a #UAP / #UFO, according to the new site called @Debriefmedia, which is circulating within the U.S. Intelligence Community.

East Coast general location; 2018 timeframe. The source is anonymous.


Article: thedebrief.org/leaked-photo-s… ImageImage
More context: the UAP photo is allegedly from two classified reports created by the DOD's UAP Task Force. However, no reports have been shown or released, and ALL sources remain anonymous.

This photo is labeled a "leak" by the media site that published it as nothing is official.
The balloon theory is very prevalent out there since this was posted.

This is a solar balloon known as a "tetroon." The similarities are there, and, it's not the first time they've been mistaken for a #UFO. Image
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7 Sep 20
1/4 This past weekend, I posted the below screenshots and contacted the @WorldBank about an oddity that showed #COVIDー19 testing kits, identified by three different product codes, trading as early as 2017.

I wrote 7 different email addresses in hopes someone could help.
2/4 No one has responded yet, though multiple read receipts were received indicating many got my message.

This morning, those three product codes have all changed to a more generic, "Medical Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus" and "Medical Test kits," along with... ImageImage
3/4 .. a note at the top indicating the previous data was tracking other medical devices now used in tackling #COVID__19. They also now offer a link to their "classification reference" showing the connection between the three product codes. Image
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6 Sep 20
- The @WHO named #COVID19 on February 11, 2020.

- The @WorldBank has listed tens of millions of U.S. Dollars in trade value for the "COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Instruments and Apparatus" (product code 902780) going back to 2017.


(I took these screen shots - data is there.)
For those eager to fact check, no problem.

2017: wits.worldbank.org/trade/comtrade…

2018: wits.worldbank.org/trade/comtrade…

2016 (no trade value posted): wits.worldbank.org/trade/comtrade…
Investigating further, there are two more Product Codes (382200 and 300215), both COVID-19 test kit related, all with trade values going back to 2017.
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23 Dec 19
1/8 I am RT'ing this for 1) thread capability but 2) I was unaware my overall stance was such an unknown (pun intended) to some out there. However, reading this, I can understand why given my current skepticism towards the present day #UFO hot topics. So, I am HAPPY to address...
2/8 I wrote a book about how the U.S. government/military has lied about this topic. (Shameless plug, but stay with me). I spent 20+ years of my life researching what went in there, and I feel comfortable stating that a) there is a #UFO coverup. b) I can prove the coverup...
3/8 easier than any other topic I've researched. c) Whatever the phenomena is; it's can be a threat (Yes, I agree w/ you @TTSAcademy and have since you began that narrative) and d) whatever the phenomena is; it's an ongoing potential threat, and the U.S. military needs to take...
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4 Nov 19
1/6 - If you believe former Senator Harry Reid in his interview with George Knapp, you must accept the huge possibility #AAWSAP/#AATIP was a "sweetheart deal" from the Senator of Nevada to a Nevada corporate donor, Robert Bigelow.

Find here the original "objective" for AAWSAP.
2/6 - It's safe to say what you see here is not a #UFO program, despite what Senator Reid said.

So, what are the odds that the above "objective" was all secret coded language to represent #UFOs, and by chance the ONLY bidder for the contract - was Bigelow Aerospace from Nevada?
3/6 - Though some will argue #AAWSAP is not #AATIP (and that has been reported), you then need to completely disregard Dr. Hal Puthoff's statement about what #AATIP really was, which agrees with the Pentagon stance given to @rogerglassel.

And that is the conundrum...
Read 7 tweets

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