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1 Dr. Colm Kelleher: (CK) "We actually data based several hundred cases where individuals, both here & beyond the United States had encountered #UFOs & had had physiological effects, pathological effects & medical effects, some of which, medical effects, were quite serious. And
2 CK: "to that end, in terms of real-time investigations in medical #UFO effects, we had two physician scientists, & I'm talking MD/PhDs that were consultants w/AAWSAP, and their task was basically to be as a part of a team that would go out & investigate UAP-related injuries.
3 CK: "We had a few that were real time. And normally during a #UFO investigation, investigators may spend a few days with the witnesses. In terms of these medical-type investigations, these investigations went on sometimes for months & sometimes for years. And a lot of
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@alexrobertross : "For all of the research on the unexplained, what is it that convinces you...of benevolence of extraterrestrial life?"

@tomdelonge : "Oh, I never said that. It's not benevolent at all in my opinion. It's indifferent. It's in self-interest..."

"'s sometimes good, sometimes bad, depending on how it affects whatever their strategy may or may not be. There's some really bad elements to it by design, and there's some bad elements to it probably on accident. And there's some good elements to it because it..."

"...worked in our favor, maybe, every once in awhile. But I do not subscribe to #UFOs being benevolent. Not even remotely."

ARR: "Regardless of the potential self-interest or just, sort of, amorality, not immorality, of any sort of other life, it's the way it could bind..."

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1) For clarity on why I used "UFO Debris" in the title; it's because it is a descriptor that fits. As usual, some noisy attackers feel the need to dig in to every syllable I use in order to somehow derail a story. So, without arguing all day about it, here's a thread to justify.
2) It is not in dispute that @TTSAcademy has collected numerous 'pieces' from #UAPs / #UFOs. These were part of their ADAM project, and extended into the CRADA with the Army.

According to Luis Elizondo, here is a slide of some (all?) of those objects:
3) As you can see, these are fragments, pieces, and yes, debris. The word "debris" uses the word "pieces" within its definition. Either broken off of something, or left after the destruction of something; "debris" is described as lying where they fell.
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#pirámide es un #poliedro constituido por un polígono simple (llamado base) y triángulos que tienen un único lado que tiene que ver con uno del polígono base; todos los triángulos tienen un vértice común llamado #cúspide
Los #triángulos se llaman caras laterales.

El lado común a 2 caras laterales se llama #arista del mismo modo que cualquier lado de la base. El número total de las aristas es doble del número de lados de la base. Estrictamente el #poliedro tiene vértices poliedrales es el número de vértices de la base.

#RetweeetPlease 🛸
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Ask and ye shall receive.

What is going on with #UFOs, a thread:
In 1947, Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine crescent-shaped metallic objects in flight over the Cascade Mountains. He assumed based on behavior that these were intelligently-controlled aeronautical craft. When he landed, he told his pals, and then called a reporter.
At some point after that - the record is unclear as to exactly when - he called the local U. S. Army Air Force base. This was late June, 1947. To reiterate, he described the objects as illustrated below. This is Arnold himself.
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(1/6) It's not that ETs & UFOs aren't real. They 100% are, many people like myself have had experiences.
However the government has also known this & has had the tech for decades. They're pushing the narrative for their last hail mary attempt of controlling society to implement
(2/6) a one world government (NWO) by staging the most epic false flag in human history: an alien invasion that will, as Reagan said/knew, would unite the world under a shared threat.

But recognize that fear, hostility, war & division are the tactics of the evil elite

So don't
(3/6) get caught up into the narrative that these ETs who've been watching us for centuries all of a sudden are coming here to destroy us. There are good, neutral, and evil ETs. They interact with society way different than a direct technological flex.

It's another distraction
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Huig Plug demonstreert voor het AIVD HQ in Zoetermeer #FreeBayBasin
(Note: Baybasin zit al 25 jaar (deels in isolatie) onterecht vast)

Politie Zoetermeer schakelde extra mankracht in om mij te verwijderen bij het gebouw van de AIVD, ik bleef staan. #FreeBaybasin 👇
JOVD was ooit verbijsterd over VVD ex-wethouder Michel Bezuijen die nu burgemeester #Zoetermeer is. Waarom? ’Gang van zaken rond Pioniers stadion was democratie onwaardig!’ Haarlemmermeer 😂 (ze maken ook alles burgemeester🙈)
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FBI: The Vault — UFO Part 1 of 16…

Declassified FBI Document Shows Proof of Aliens From Other Dimensions…

- (legendado portugues)

- Paul Hellyer - History Channel:  (ativar legenda português)

- (ativar legenda português)
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In late 2017 the NYT reported that
-#UFOs are real
-we have pieces of at least one of them in a warehouse
-these pieces have caused "physical effects" to some people in their vicinity
-the Pentagon believes that "science fiction is now science fact"
-we can't compete w/alien tech
per the same story, the only reason we haven't really studied any of this is because the American military didn't want to look like it had gone full Fox Mulder
tbh I still haven't fully recovered from our nation's paper of record reporting that #UFOs are real 28 months ago, but if you're seeing it in the news today it's because the Pentagon has confirmed that the footage leaked to the NYT back then was legit. The truth is out there.
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: Did you know what the U.S. government has done with your tax dollars? It has given over 280 billion of those dollars to the government of Israel, to buy weapons from US weapons dealers.
By: @davidcnswanson
#COVID19 #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath…
Economists tell us that military spending reduces jobs, that you get more jobs by never taxing the money, or by taxing it and spending it on anything else.
#UFOs #COVID19 #TrumpPressBriefing #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath @AIPAC Image
A new book by Grant Smith The Israel lobby Enters State Government: Rise of The Virginia Israel Advisory Board,” recounts how Virginia has created a state agency called the Virginia Israel Advisory Board which uses state funds to launch Israeli companies in Virginia. Image
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Jan Tagler and Cat Hofacker in Aerospace America (Nov. 2019) with a valuable new piece on UFO encounters by Navy pilots: "What we can say for certain is that each explanation explored in this piece should be disconcerting."…
Secret U.S. technology? "But misleading the public, including foreign audiences, is different than misleading the Navy,” says Steven Aftergood, Federation of American Scientists.#UFOs @TTSAcademy @LtTimMcMillan @milesobrien @blackvaultcom @alejandrotrojas @OmniTalkRadio @UfoJoe11
One small flaw in the article: repeats the canard that U-2 sightings explained many UFO reports in the 1950s and 1960s. This claim has been well debunked by authorities with widely variant views on the broader UFO issue.…
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1/6 - If you believe former Senator Harry Reid in his interview with George Knapp, you must accept the huge possibility #AAWSAP/#AATIP was a "sweetheart deal" from the Senator of Nevada to a Nevada corporate donor, Robert Bigelow.

Find here the original "objective" for AAWSAP.
2/6 - It's safe to say what you see here is not a #UFO program, despite what Senator Reid said.

So, what are the odds that the above "objective" was all secret coded language to represent #UFOs, and by chance the ONLY bidder for the contract - was Bigelow Aerospace from Nevada?
3/6 - Though some will argue #AAWSAP is not #AATIP (and that has been reported), you then need to completely disregard Dr. Hal Puthoff's statement about what #AATIP really was, which agrees with the Pentagon stance given to @rogerglassel.

And that is the conundrum...
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There's a co-ordinated plan going downright now, set up and orchestrated by the controllers of The Matrix - the most recenbt being release of 'secret Pentagon' videos showing Navy jets chasing #UFOs
2. Before this we had the appearance of an 'Intersteller Object' in the solar system that, we were told, could have been an alien spaceship #FolllowTheWhiteRabbit
3. And not to forget Elon Musk's very strange tweet regarding his #SpaceX launch
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