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1 I❤️#UFOs! But...IF we're really "trapped" here bc beings use trickery in afterlife process to convince us we have to come back here again? And we can do things NOW to prepare 4 that & call out their bs when we see it? It's extremely important to know. Plus, I love studying it!
2 I'm not saying this explains all aspects of the phenomenon. But, like I said, IF it's true, & can be proven, we need 2 address it together. I know folks have some really strong beliefs in the other direction (we're here to learn lessons & karma is real) but I'm still searching
3 and learning. Are we an energy farm for someone? Or, was Charles Fort right when he suggested we're property? Let's find out and deal with it.

They = Aliens.

Fort: "The greatest of mysteries:

"Why don't they ever come here, or send here, openly?
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1/5 🧵
“We now have the technology to take ET back home”
- Ben Rich

This quote has been taken out of context for many years within the UFO community. Steve Justice worked with Ben Rich, listen to what he has to say about the famous quote.

#ufotwitter #uaptwitter #UFOs #ufo
At the end of his presentation he showed his final slide, a picture of a disk-shaped craft – the classic “flying saucer” – flying into a partly cloudy sky with a burst of sunlight in the background and he gave his standard tagline. It was a joke he had used...
in numerous presentations since 1983 when Steven Spielberg’s "E.T. the Extraterrestrial," a film about a young boy befriending a lost visitor from space and helping the alien get home, had become the highest-grossing film of all-time. Rich apparently decided to capitalize...
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Glad CNN took time 2 interview @jamescfox.

Also glad they did it @ a decent hour so more people would see it. 🙄

Glad that they focused on Varginha. 🙄

James = top notch. I call him an ambassador bc he's so good at getting main points across in a clear & concise way.❤️
2 JF said Fravor recorded Tic Tac on his cockpit recording devices. That's true, radar-wise, but Fravor said he didn't have helmet cam on bc it made him nauseous, didn't have ATFLIR pod on his F/A-18 & didn't record on the HUD cam. Some think he DID record on HUD. @dave_beaty?
3 Why record & then tell us u didn't? In theory, if someone in our gov't, early on, thought it MIGHT be our buried, black tech, they'd NEVER want that info. or vid out. There's no evidence they recorded it, but I asked @DietrichVFA41 about it in 2001.

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1 #ufo 01/19/20 - Daymond Steer (DS): "I fully support what u said to @joerogan about revealing the truth on #UFOs, if u got in. I think that would be great if we got the skinny on that.

@BernieSanders (BS): "My wife would never forgive me if I did not."

2 DS: "I was wondering. These objects that the pilots are, allegedly, seeing..."

BS: "That the Navy has reported, yeah."

DS: "Including David Fravor, from New Hampshire. I was just wondering if you think they might have the key to some green energy, or something to help..."
3 BS: "Let's not jump the gun here (all laugh)! You are assuming...look...I'm not sure we're on the same thing here, but there were some articles, recently, that Navy pilots, I think, had spotted these things & could not explain them, right? Is that what we're talking about?"
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1 R folks just closed minded on the possibility of reincarnation? There's MUCH more evidence for that than there is for #UFOs being from a NHI.

"[Stevenson] went wherever he needed 2 go 4 the research, sometimes traveling over 50,000 miles a year.…
2 "He published individual reports of some of the cases in journals and then began a book series of cases from particular areas. He titled it, 'Cases of the Reincarnation Type' and published four volumes through the University Press of Virginia from 1975 to 1983.
3 "Of the first volume, the reviewer in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, stated: ‘In regard to reincarnation [Stevenson] has painstakingly and unemotionally collected a detailed series of cases from India, cases in which
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1 @OSIRIS_UAP article, 2020:

"The main issue 2 me now was that @mintyhyperspace didn’t seem entirely convinced that the general public should even be told the truth about #UFOs. Sean began a trip down a road where he appeared 2 believe that the phenomena were part of a control
2 "construct designed to entrap & enslave humanity."

That's kind of where I'm at today. And I'm also digging simulation theory, which goes along w/control idea. That doesn't mean other aspects of phenomenon can't be neutral or helpful. Maybe Mantis beings are trying 2 help
3 by waking us up to what's been going on and that reality is so much more rich than what we can even imagine? Is that what the avatars (Jesus, Krishna, etc.) were sent here to do?
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1/US Govt acknowledging #UFOs exist & Earth needs to be defended or reflection of sense of humor?

National Intelligence Manager for Aviation, part of @ODNIgov, integrates intel to safeguard global air community.

Seal on website caught my attention.
2/ Notice the unknown flying craft in lower left corner. Hmmmm.
3/Now I'm all for NIM-A's mission & vision. Can't argue that it's relevant, necessary & important. Has been ever since aircraft were invented & certainly long range missiles.
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1 1988 UM - Excellent! Bob Matthews is a new case 2 me.

"I'm the first one 2 admit how outrageous all of this is."

~The late, Budd Hopkins



"Sometimes I even think it's harder for people like us to believe it, than people that it hasn't happened to."

~Experiencer 1
2 "I'm as much a skeptic as anybody else. I mean, I wasn't born believing that #UFOs existed. Of course, I get up in the morning and say, 'No, that can't be. It's ridiculous!'"

~Experiencer 2


3 "I can't use those words, 'Abducted by Aliens.' I just don't know what it was. I know that some people came and did some things to me, but where did they come from? I don't know."

~Kristina Florence

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10 reasons why Varginha 1996 happened:

1/10 ⬇️
Object was detected by NORAD, Brazil was warned by NORAD before it even crashed.

#ufob #ufos #UAP #uaptwitter #UAPtransparency #EndUAPSecrecy #ufotwitter
2/10 ⬇️
Crash happened, hours later an unmarked US aircraft landed at Campinas airport. Without AVOEM which is extremely rare. From there two helicopters went to the Varginha Hospital. The same hospital where the beings were taken to, according to witnesses.
3/10 ⬇️
People who came into contact with the beings or debris, died, many animals died mysteriously which was anomalous.
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1 My Delusional Past. Plus, The Skeptics

My delusion wasn't about #UFOs. Although I've been thru that, too, early on, w/some of the channeling stuff I was into.

IMO, some of the skeptics are deluding themselves now w/the psyop/LARP talk. The short version of how I was deluded.
2 In 2014, I was a HUGE @Buccaneers fan. Started going to, and shooting their games in 1990 or so. In 2014, fans and media started talking about who they would draft in 2015. It was between @Jaboowins & Marcus Mariota. Winston had several off-field issues while at @FSUFootball &
3 the most serious one was a rape allegation by Erica Kinsman that was detailed in the doc, "The Hunting Ground," about the prevalence of sexual assaults on college campuses & how universities, athletic departments, and in Winston's case, a police department, look the other way.
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1 In ur 1st part, u said Garth Myers, brother of Kenneth Myers, who owed the ranch with his wife, Edith, before the Shermans, told Frank Salisbury, "...there were never any signs of that [#UFOs & similar activity]. There was nothing, unequivocally nothing. There were no UFOs."
2 You left out what Uintah County, Retired Sheriff, Kris Porritt, said in SOSR. @BrandonFugal told u about this, repeatedly. Porritt spoke about his direct interactions he claims he had w/Kenneth Myers. Why not let ur viewers know about this so they could judge his credibility?
5 Ur Garth Myers quotes were from, "The Utah UFO Display" by Frank Salisbury. You also added these quotes from the book:

Salisbury: "I assumed the authors had interviewed [the Shermans] extensively to get the stories right. [Sherman] didn't even know a book was being written
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‼️ At last, someone points a telescope at a “dot in the sky” — Possibly the best evidence yet, if real.

(#UFOTwitter #UFO #UFOs #UFOSightings #UAPTwitter #UAPs #UAP)
I’m leaning towards LED kite
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‼️ Seems like there was a tornado on the beach - with erratic tic-tacs all over the video.

👀 Watch the tic-tac at the start before it instantly accelerated away.

Aftermath posted in comments.

(#UFOTwitter #UFO #UFOs #UFOSightings #UAPTwitter #UAPs #UAP)
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‼️ Filmed through hospital window in Brooklyn - One if the spheres breaks away from his fleet. Videos of his buddies are in comments.

(#UFOTwitter #UFO #UFOs #UFOSightings #UAPTwitter #UAPs #UAP)
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1 Last 2 days I've been told I have a giant ego, & when it comes to #UFOs, I think I'm better than everybody. Talk to folks who know me well & you'll see that's not something that'll ever come out of their mouths. I don't think highly of myself & I'm still amazed I have followers
2 & people who support my work. TY!

The one thing I think I'm pretty good at is calling out bad takes from some of the pseudo-skeptics in this community. Whether it's the Tic Tac hypersonic missile theory or Wilson/Davis is fake, or a movie script, theory, I enjoy debating that.
3 If I've ever given off the vibe that I feel I know more than anybody else or that I'm on some high horse, I apologize. I don't feel that way & never have. I'm obsessed w/UFOs & remember a lot of details. I also think I'm OK @ analyzing certain situations & people. That's it.
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‼️ An alleged crash from 1942 Louisiana — This crash is referenced in a Majestic document as well.

Take it with a grain of salt, but you never know. It must cost a lot to hoax something like this. Crazy

(#UFOTwitter #UFO #UFOs #UFOSightings #UAPTwitter #UAPs #UAP)
@devgru1980mi thoughts ?
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1 Fine w/NASA & #ufos but SS article is lacking, as usual.

"by seeking to flag anomalous, unexplained occurrences in NASA’s data, scientists are at least as likely to discover new, exotic-but-earthly atmospheric phenomena as they are 2 find any credible evidence of ET visitors"
2 If I could rewrite the SS article:

"...scientists are at least as likely to discover new, exotic-but-earthly atmospheric phenomena as they are to find any credible evidence of ET visitors. However, they may also learn that said earthly, atmospheric phenomena may turn out to be
3 "something totally unexpected, more exotic & paradigm-changing than they bargained for. Last year, former director of the CIA, John Brennan said UFOs, 'could involve some type of activity that some might say constitutes a different form of life.' If Brennan, who obviously had
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Four-tweet thread.

Do we have some of this tech that some folks mistake for #UFOs?

Miller thinks…100%, yes.
2 Murgia: “If there has been technology transfer, has it benefited humanity? Should it?”

Will Miller (WM): “Lasers, LEDs, fiber optics, bioengineering, just to name a few that may have ‘off-planet’ genesis.  Yes, it should benefit humanity.”
3 Murgia: “In your opinion, from what you have learned from sources, do you think we (or other countries) have an intact craft, multiple intact craft or just pieces of UFOs?”

WM: “It’s my firm belief that yes, we – the Russians, probably the Germans, &
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October 1, 1977. Tordesillas (Valladolid) Spain

A group of children play hide-and-seek. Two children, Martín Rodríguez Rodríguez and Fernando Caravelos, both seven years old, leave the group in search of a place to hide >>

#ufosightings #ufob #ufotwitter #UFOs
They chose to hide in a ruin (4 walls without a roof) on the edge of Tordesillas, a dark and remote place where the children knew they would not be found. As a precaution, Martín throws a stone over the wall because sometimes bad guys would be there. The stone hit metal >>
The strange sound surprised the two children, because inside there was only an old disused tillage machine and both knew that the sound they had heard did not come from said machine.>>
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1 #ufo - Why didn't @LueElizondo, @ChrisKMellon, Justice & TTSA consider the possibility that Fravor, @DietrichVFA41 & others encountered a secret military test?! Or, maybe the X-43A (tested at 43,000-110,000 ft) unclassified test? Well, they did. Check out a young @BryanDBender.
2 "That's a huge signature, man. Everybody is gonna see that thing for a hundred miles."

~@LueElizondo on the X-43A test
3 The Tic Tac, Secret Military Testing, the Scramjet and #ufos. Full episode (S01 E02) of "Unidentified" that I pulled this excerpt from.

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1 Q from RBS: "Is recent Congressional interest in #UFOs a distraction, or a real issue worthy of attention?"

(Scattered laughter from crowd. What else is new?)

@RepAdamSchiff: "I love questions about UFOs (crowd laughter). You know, actually, I think that it is of a worthwhile
2 Schiff: "subject of oversight for Congress. And I say that, because...there are things that we just cannot explain. When we...well, first of all, you know, for decades, when pilots would see unexplained aerial phenomenon, they would often not report it because if they 𝘥𝘪𝘥
3 Schiff: "report it, the people thought they were a kook. But they did make some...some did make reports. But the reality is, 𝘣𝘦𝘤𝘢𝘶𝘴𝘦 there was so much stigma attached to reporting things, most things 𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘯'𝘵 reported & when they 𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘦 reported, there was no
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1 Last night on Spaces, hosted by @Go_Kick_Rocks88, @ericalukesuap said when she spoke to biologist, Frank Salisbury, author of, "The Utah #UFO Display," he told her he didn't think anything anomalous took place on Skinwalker Ranch. She can correct me if I got that wrong.
2 A few excerpts from Salisbury's (2010 edition) book:

"Before closing this chapter, I want to emphasize that much of 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' is truly excellent. In this chapter, I’ve argued with the authors’ pre-witness history bc it gives a certain perspective to the Basin
3 "UFOs that is not supported by Garth Myers’ version - and I’ve related that the witness (Terry Sherman ~Joe) sees many inaccuracies in the book’s record of his experiences, although he confirms that the events did take place. But as I read the final chapters in [HFTS], I was
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1 Love that ur covering #UFOs but saying "drink the spiked kool aid" is more of the same dismissive attitude experiencers have faced for decades. As far as crash retrievals? Many of us realize there's no proof of that but lots of anecdotal smoke, & we wanna c what's in the USAPs.
2 Many experiencers feel demoralized when they see UFOs finally starting 2B taken seriously but their own experiences r still being ignored. U can't blame them 4 being frustrated. And the folks who took professional risks decades ago are @g_knapp, Puthoff, Davis, Vallee & others.
3 Also doesn't help when mainstream @TomRtweets writes:

"its investigatory elements must follow the facts even where they lead to more boring outcomes."

That goes 4 following the facts, even where they lead to disturbing outcomes, like detailed in, "Skinwalkers @ the Pentagon."
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Friday is the 75th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's sighting. @TheZignal & @olof_rockner have created this amazing cover artwork for my new book, Dawn of the Flying Saucers. @g_knapp kindly agreed to write the foreword. #ufotwitter #uaptwitter #UFO #UAP #ufosightings #books (1/4) Image
The Kindle (& Kindle Unlimited) version is now available for pre-order at the link below: the book will be delivered on Friday 24th June to mark the anniversary. (2/4)
Softback version will be available to order Thursday lunchtime (it shows available but an update hasn't gone through yet, so please wait). Orders made then unfortunately won't arrive on the anniversary of Arnold's sighting. Hardback available now. (3/4)
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