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Bagaimana Upah 2021?
~ Serial FBTPI ~
1. bisa diraba bagaimana nasib upah buruh untuk tahun 2021. Dengan menggunakan skema kenaikan upah yang diatur oleh PP Pengupahan, upah buruh akan semakin terdesak tingkat kenaikkannya #COVIDー19 #COVID19indonesia #coronaindonesia
2. PP 78/2015 mengatur kenaikan upah buruh berdasarkan pertumbuhan ekonomi dan inflasi. Kita akan lihat bagaimana tren pertumbuhan ekonomi dan inflasi tahun ini, darimana upah kita kemudian akan ditetapkan. #COVIDー19 #COVID19indonesia #coronaindonesia
3. Tingkat pertumbuhan ekonomi pada tahun 2020 diprediksi oleh banyak kalangan hanya akan mencapai maximal 1%. Sri Mulyani sendiri bilang, "pertumbuhan ekonomi di atas 0%". Sebuah pernyataan yang kita tau arahnya kemana. #COVID__19 #COVID19indonesia #coronaindonesia
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Thread/A Worldview of Race
I . As America burns over the death of #GeorgeFloyd and other African-Americans from systemic racism, reflected as police brutality with no accountability, there’s a connection b/w that reality and poverty in African countries where life is also cheap.
2. That connection is something that scholars have described as “A Worldview of Race”. The black race has been defined negatively by the whitewashing of history-a focus on four centuries of the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism that impoverished and subjugated Africa.
3. But we have had a history of greatness going back thousands of years, well beyond the epoch of the transatlantic slave trade and the colonial experience.
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My week in 13 tweets

This has been a particularly sad and challenging week for me and my colleagues as well as agencies under our ministry @FMHDSD.
On Tuesday May 26, 2020 I was in Maiduguri to commiserate and pay my condolences to victims and survivors of the Muna Albadawy IDP Camp fire
The tragic fire incident which occured on Saturday May 23, 2020 claimed 4 lives and razed valuable property. It was the 2nd such fire in an IDP camp in 2 months.
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Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul to deliver a lecture on "Freedom of Speech in times of COVID-19 - Fake News and Misinformation" for the online lecture series organized by the Madras Bar Association (MBA)
Justice Kaul begins the lecture, says the challenges of this time are different especially with the expansion of technology which has brought with it the problem of fake news and misinformation at a time when people are unable to touch base with each other.

Justice Kaul: Constitution provides for a limited restriction on Freedom of Speech.

Freedom of Speech gives an avenue to express oneself which is bit physical in manner.

It also gives a checking value system which gives power to check those in power
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La #NuevaNormalidad significa que seguiremos conviviendo con el virus durante un rato más, nos guste o no. Seguiremos aprendiendo de él, cuidándonos y buscando cómo defendernos.

Abro #encincominutos para #CuarenCuerna de la @ACMor_Morelos
El SARS-COV-2 está perfectamente adaptado a nuestro medio, somos nosotros quienes después de haber estado en casa por una contingencia inesperada debemos adaptarnos al mundo fuera con el virus, y tenemos que hacerlo paulatinamente. Por eso le llamamos DESescalar.
No sé de dónde sacaron que significaba salir todos de casa a partir del lunes, eso NO es la #NuevaNormalidad. Necesitamos protocolos adecuados desescalar y salir poco a poco, por eso @HLGatell se ha encargado de explicarnos el semáforo.
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The latest @ICNARC report on ICU admissions was published last night, and on behalf of @ICS_updates and @COVID19actuary, please read this thread for an update
There have been 321 new notifications of patients admitted to ICU with confirmed #COVID__19 . (9347 in total) This is largely static compared to last week, but still around 40% of 2 years’ worth of viral pneumonia admissions in ‘normal’ times
The distribution according to critical care network remains unchanged with London and the SE showing the greatest number of admissions. The new admissions this week appear to be concentrated in the London – South ODN
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Ayer dije que hablaría de 💸
Está feo con la #pandemia #COVID19 hablar de #sueldos?
Una dieta de 1900 € libre de impuestos de un diputado son 5 guardias de 24h?
Este mes much@s sanitari@s hemos cobrado menos?
El #hilo viene con curvas?
Poneos el cinturón👇
Antes de empezar y que aparezcan los de siempre con: Bastante cobráis. Yo cobro menos. Vete al extranjero. Etc. Etc.

Si algo se ha oído en el hospital durante toda esta crisis ha sido: Por lo menos tenemos trabajo. No quiero pensar en toda la gente que lo ha perdido.

Esa frase, la he dicho yo, y tod@s los compañeros. Varias veces al día.
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1) A thread on #ContactTracing. Yes, it's here. We are watching the #NWO #Agenda21 script play out right in front of our eyes. First we'll show what this is, then I'll share an Anon's opinion of what is really going on. No fear....
2) First, THOUSANDS of #ContactTracers are being hired all over the country. The evidence of this is clear.…
3) Now, who would be attracted to such an invasive job? How EXCITED your neighbor might be to be able to decide the future of your kids and other family members through #ContactTracing! 🙄 Controlling flags, grass length and noisy dogs is just not enough!
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#leyendo Ninguno de los eventos de contagio de #COVID__19 en Japón ha ocurrido en su transporte público, a pesar de su legendaria densidad de pasajeros. La mayoría son trazables a gimnasios, bares y conciertos.… #via @danielegrasso @Marta_Serrano
Esto es consistente con la hipótesis de que el contagio del coronavirus requiere compartir aire con gotículas infectadas con el virus de forma prolongada.
Esto ocurriría más donde
a) hay gran densidad de personas,
b) la estancia es larga,
c) se dan conversaciones entre grupos y
d) hay muchas vocalizaciones o respiración forzada.

El transporte público solo cumple la primera de las cuatro condiciones.
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🍴🥗🥪🍷🍺Bars & restaurants in many countries remain closed because of #Coronavirus.
There are plans across Europe, Middle East, Australasia to open soon.
Israel is among a few who have pressed ahead. Restaurants/bars allowed to open from yesterday so how’s it working? [thread]
There are strict rules for 🇮🇱restaurants.
❌Establishments with capacity or <100 can operate at 100%. >100 must operate at 85%.
❌1.5m distance between tables
❌🪑🧂must be fully disinfected between customers
❌Tables only set after customers seated
❌ Menus must be disposable
More 🇮🇱 restaurant / bar rules as it opens up
❌Antibacterial gel must be available 
❌All 🥪🥗 on display must be covered
❌🤒 customer temperatures must be taken
❌ A staff member in every restaurant must be assigned as being responsible for monitoring regulations are followed
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En la emisión de hoy, la dra. Pilar Fonseca Leal, coord. de la oficina de Posgrados Clínicos de la Fac. de Medicina de @LaUASLP pidió a la sociedad apoyar a pasantes y docentes que prestan servicio en hospitales públicos cumpliendo con la sana distancia.…
La catedrática universitaria apuntó que hay dos crisis que convergen: la económica y la de salud. Por ello exhortó a la población a mantener las medidas de prevención: aislamiento, uso de cubrebocas, lavado de manos y evitar reuniones.
#QuédateEnCasa #YoMeProtejo #UASLP
La Dra. Fonseca aseveró que no se puede cantar victoria aún en la lucha contra el #COVID19 pues no se ha llegado ni a la mitad de la pandemia. Por el contrario, se debe maximizar la prevención, aún y cuando termine la Jornada Nacional de Sana Distancia.…
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My #COVID__19 experience.
2 May➡️Contact with Covid 19
7 May➡️Low grade fever with
8 May➡️Red eyes,
fever and aches.Took my
swab & sent it for testing.
9 May➡️Test came out positive.
                Went into self isolation at
home.Sent swabs of close
Fever settled.Lost sense of
smell and taste.
11 May➡️ Family tested negative
for Covid 19
   Mild dry cough, flu and
localized chest pains.
12 May➡️ Difficulty in breathing but
maintained oxygen
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The Constitution is not a suicide pact. During the unprecedented #COVID__19 pandemic, Congress (and its state counterparts) must be able to continue to play their essential role. It’s sad that we can’t seem to come together even around this basic principle.
The rules Leader McCarthy is suing to overturn do not allow one member to “control” another’s vote, as he argues. They allow the member who is present to cast the vote of the absent member pursuant to the absent member’s specific instructions. Big difference
As @VBass and I argued in a paper released last week, proxy voting isn’t ideal under ordinary circumstances, but it’s an acceptable short-term solution (full virtual session a la the British and Canadian parliaments would be even better)…
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The #COVID__19 pandemic is real and has claimed over 349,273 lives worldwide. Let me help you put that into context. That's enough people to fill 4 world class stadiums to the rafters.

1. San Siro Stadium - 80,018 capacity Image
2. Wembley Stadium - 90,000 capacity Image
3. Nou Camp Stadium - 99,354 capacity Image
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Warning- Long thread but a mut read.

Q. Where was #COVIDー19 found first?

A. China

Q. Then how did it spread across the country ?

A. Travelling between countries

Q. How do you travel between two countries?

A. By plane

Q. Where do they land?

A. Airports
Q. Means #COVIDー19 entered from where ?

A. Airports

Q. How many International Airports do we have?

A. Approx 20

Q. Under whose surveillance do they operate?

A. Central Govt - @BJP4India

Q. Was it not better to lock 20 airports rather than the whole country?

A. Was better
Q. When did the news of #COVIDー19 break out in China ?

A. January

Q. Why were the airports not shut in Jan/Feb/1st 2 weeks of March?

A. Trump was to come in Feb, that’s why. Delhi riots needed engineering. MLAs to be purchased for MP Govt toppling and Gujarat Rajya Sabha MPs.
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Hace unas semanas sentí que mi mundo se derrumbaba. A mis dos padres les dio #COVID__19. Abro un pequeño hilo con algunas cosas que nos ayudaron a salir de esta horrible situación medianamente ilesos.
Mi mamá empezó con síntomas: cuerpo cortado, ojos llorosos y pérdida total del olfato y del gusto. Luego empezó mi papá con dolor de cabeza, fiebre y cuerpo cortado. Sus síntomas fueron completamente distintos, pero dado el antecedente de mi papá las cosas fueron muy distintas.
Una cosa que fue vital para determinar la situación de ambos fue tener a la mano un termómetro y un oxímetro de pulso. El termómetro nos permitía saber la temperatura de su cuerpo y el oxímetro de pulso nos ayudaba a saber el porcentaje de concentración de oxígeno en la sangre.
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[THREAD] Les mots choisis par le Pr. Raoult sur YouTube pour parler de l'étude publiée vendredi dans The Lancet et démontrant l'inefficacité de la chloroquine / hydroxychloroquine contre le #COVID__19 sont intéressants à plusieurs points de vue.
NB : il ne s'agit pas ici de démontrer qui a factuellement raison ou tort entre The Lancet et le Pr. Raoult - ce que je serais incapable de faire. Ce que je sais faire en revanche, c'est ecouter un discours politique et ça tombe bien puisque c'en est un.
Le Pr. Raoult estime aindi que l'étude de The Lancet est "foireuse". C'est son sentiment personnel. Comment démontre-il que cette étude est "foireuse" ? En parlant d'abord de son ressenti : il n'a pas confiance dans les publications scientifiques.
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Flying from Pune to Bangalore today. Going to put up a travelogue of sorts so that procedure becomes clearer to people who travel after us. Cant find anything like this posted before, so hope this helps.
#COVIDー19 #pune #bangalore #indigo6e
2/? Got prints of: 1. Boarding pass 2. Seva sindhu acknowledgement (not approval)
3. Special document ( cert from employing hospital)
4. Medical Council registration
Downloaded arogya sethu app, quarantine watch, apthamitra app.
Carrying passport, 1 check in, 1 cabin baggage.
Forgot to add husband lol. We are hoping home quarantine will be allowed for both of us since I am a healthcare prof. But we are prepared for a 7 day institutional quarantine.
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Titan is a gem in the Tata stable. I had a TAS stint with them and a few pointers stuck with me.

1.) It is adept in creating powerful sub-brands, each with it's own customer segment and internal culture.
To list a few brands
- Titan
- Sonata
- Fastrack
- Tanishq
- Xylys
2.) Each brand has seperate teams across key functions but leverage the Titan brand for all cost decisions.

3.) Very early they knew the power of diversifying into accessories. Higher LTV + more frequent engagement. Skinn & Titaneye+ are great examples within Titan itself. (2/6)
3.) Despite sitting under the same brand, each brand has a distinct internal culture that feeds into it.
Walk into the Fastrack office & you would see a younger crowd, with a tech. startup vibe while the Titan office would be more seasoned operators, old school office... (3/6)
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Hello, after 2 months India has resumed commercial #aviation

My employer has asked me to fly from @DelhiAirport to @BLRAirport and back

I will be tweeting about #NewNormal of flying post during #COVID__19

DEL wears a deserted look with barely 14 flights an hour
Mostly people who have essential needs are taking the flight very cautiously

Suraj, from Noida has an urgent surgery that needs to be done at Bangalore & has covered himself in a hazmet suit

#aviation during #COVID__19
Airlines have placed agents so that you don't get confused about the gate number

Segregation is essential to maintain #SocialDistancing

#aviation during #COVID__19
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In 1996, David Sackett wrote in @bmj_latest ,"Evidence Based Medicine is about integrating individual clinical expertise and tracking down the best external evidence with which to answer our clinical questions."

His BMJ editorial has been cited over 17000 times. 1/3
"It is when asking questions about therapy that we should try to avoid the non-experimental approaches, since these routinely lead to false positive conclusions about efficacy," Sackett warned.

He also wrote how bias and confounders can destroy the validity of studies. 2/3
Today, Sackett must be turning in his grave watching academicians and policy makers citing poorly designed studies—full of fatal flaws— to justify their stand during #COVID__19 pandemic.

Have they forgotten how to interpret and apply a study, he must be wondering. 3/3
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#Ricciardi accusa la #Lombardia per i morti da #COVID__19

A me sembra che il #M5S , voglia scaricare sulle Regioni la responsabilità del contagio da #Covid_19 .

Il tentativo è una truffa e vi spiego il perché:

L’art. 6 lett.b della legge istitutiva del SSN stabilisce la competenza esclusiva dello Stato, in caso di profilassi contro epidemie e pandemie.…

2 segue➡️
Il Governo ammetteva, in un documento ufficiale del Ministero della Salute del 31 gennaio , di aver avuto una informativa già in data 31 dicembre 2019, sulla situazione venutasi a creare a Wuan , supportata dalla nota dell’OMS, del 6 gennaio.

3 segue➡️
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The most idiotic thing that you'll come across as India-China square off on LAC and Sikkim is pathetic, defeatist commentary from Indian 'think-tanks' and 'strategic experts'. They'll have you believe that China is going to win w/o firing a shot!
From 2008 onward, Chinese started pricking India so much that a even a naturally lethargic Indian establishment reacted by raising new -
1) 3+1 Mountain Divisions
2) 3 x Infantry/Mtn Brigade Groups
3) 2 x Armored Brigades
4) Rejigged one more infantry division for north.
- If anything, all this posturing by the Chinese will lead to further hardening of stand by India. And pumping of new resources against the Chinese across the board.
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A diplomatic scandal between #Romania and #Moldova broke out today. The Romanian MFA issued a strong reaction to insulting comments of the Moldovan Prime Minister on Facebook that involved Romanian politicians and implicitly the Romanian authorities (THREAD 1/4):
1. The MPE @SMuresan made a political statement on his FB account criticizing the lacking reforms in Moldova. His statements don’t represent neither the official position of the European Parliament nor of the EU or Romania. He has the right to express such opinions, but they...
have a strong political substance. The MPE Muresan refers to a report published by the @EP_ThinkTank, half of which is descriptive and points out structural deficiencies that exist in Moldova. MPE Muresan attributes The failures in reforms are attributed to the incumbent govt.
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