to add another layer; tiktok is a fucked up platform where A LOT of ppl are presenting themselves as educators or speaking like experts when they're just people. Anybody's tiktok can go viral and it's a heady feeling.
so on the one hand you've got these discussions around self-diagnosis being a valid thing, which it is. But on the other hand you've got people self-diagnosing as autistic now speaking on TikTok, wanting to educate others about autism when they themselves are quite new to it
and that can be really frustrating for the more ... how do I say this? 'established' autistic creators? Again; not to undermine the importance of self-diagnosis - its really important to recognize the systemic barriers that prevent people, esp women and BIPOC folks from accessing
diagnoses - but i'm hearing some frustration from the autistic tiktok community around newcomers who are relatively new to autism in general. So that is another layer of a challenge to navigate, partnered with the disjointed medium that IS TikTok (60 second snippets)
that's confounding this whole issue.

• • •

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13 Jan
okay so here's a snippet of what you missed on #neurodiverse TikTok yesterday; there was two things happening at once and they intersected so it got confusing
both things basically involved autistic tiktok vs ADHD tiktok which probably got really confusing for the people who are diagnosed as both. One issue was around gatekeeping and lateral ableism, and the other a more serious issue around research ethics vs. grassroots understanding
I know ppl on both sides of the research ethics debate & it's being dealt w already so I don't want to comment more on what happened there; let's just say that there are a lot of exciting and scientific things that eager ADHD folx are learning that COULD deepen our understanding
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11 Jan
One of the most under-talked about things around #ADHD is what it means to be pregnant, and to go through pregnancy with ADHD.
first of all, the biggest question for pregnant people is often around meds. If they are on them, do they have to stop? can they breastfeed on meds? If they are seeking an ADHD diagnosis at the time, can they start meds?
I'm not here to advise anyone about their medication situation since i'm not a doctor, but here's what I can tell you;

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29 Dec 20
hey so sometimes I don't feel like doing anything and I like to use an #ADHD hack I call the 'reverse pomodoro'. I'm sure I didn't invent this & many others have thought of it too but if you're feeling super unmotivated - read this!
so a regular pomodoro is where you go between work and rest periods, usually like 20-25 minutes on and 5 minutes rest. There are mixed reactions from the ADHD community - on the one hand, breaking hyperfocus helps you check in with yourself and not overextend yourself
or if the work you're doing is super painfully boring, you only have to go 20 mins at a time. On the other hand, if you are in hyperfocus it can be almost painful to stop what you're doing and you can lose your place, making jumping back in a challenge.
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16 Nov 20
#ADHD 101; things you may or may not have known were ADHD things (and yes I know some of these things can be connected to other diagnoses!)

The well known:
- chronic lateness /poor time management
- chronic disorganization/ mess
- forgetfulness
The lesser known things:

- perfectionism
- inability to get started on things unless the "mood" is exactly right
- problems finishing anything
- piss poor self talk (always putting self down or giving yourself shit)
- black and white / all or nothing thinking
- a long "ramping up" period before you can do a thing where it looks like you're doing nothing but actually you're mentally gearing up

- emotional dysregulation; big emotions, being "too sensitive"

- rejection sensitivity

- trouble with relationships due to poor boundaries
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9 Sep 20
hey you know how when you have #ADHD sometimes your thoughts are all swirly and you just keep chewing on the same thought over and over and you can't stop thinking about it and it's distracting you and sometimes even putting you in a really bad mood or making you irritable?
my friend, you are RUMINATING

let's talk about rumination
Rumination is different from normal, healthy thought. It actually is a part of ADHD and a byproduct of poor attention regulation because it's essentially hyperfocusing...on a thought.
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7 Aug 20
hey #ADHD #NeurodiverseSquad. There's some hot button debates going on about the use of certain terms which already have clinically significant meaning, being used in different and new ways to describe our experiences. I'm going to weigh in. Bear with me.
There are two sides to the debate (well, three if you count people who don't care):
- Side 1: Terms that already have a scientific or clinical meaning shouldn't be co-opted to explain other experiences because it muddies the waters and discredits us vis a vis having our experiences taken seriously by medical professionals who are gonna side-eye us
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